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Monday, July 25, 2016

JEWISH CONSERVATIVE: Herbert Bowler's family proof that communism is a disease!

Conservative libertarian Reuben Ben Abraham back again to talk about Herbert Bowler and his abusive liberal family which proves the failure of the left.

My name is Reuben Ben Abraham. I live in Los angeles and work as a businessman and political activist. I am here today to talk about Herbert Bowler, his situation and his abusive family which shows the failure of socialism and liberalism et al.

For those of you who may not remember, Herbert Bowler who lived in Appleton Wisconsin and later Keene New Hampshire was ward of his family and the State of Wisconsin. Herbert was forced against his will to participate in programs and go to a psychiatrist and take medication intended for the incompetent and retarded. Meds that made him sick and prevented him from functioning as a normal human being.

Herbert was a ward of his abusive family and Wisconsin from when he was 16 to when he was 26. For over a decade, his family and the state had every chance to help him. They had every chance to give him a job, a place of his own, a chance to support him and they failed.

Instead Herbert's family verbally and mentally abused him and the state made false claims he was too stupid to be independent and work. They did this to make him the scapegoat for the government's failure to help him and provide for him.

Herbert Bowler was unfairly victimized by both the state and his family. Comments made in the articles about Herbert illustrate not only how abusive and evil this family is but also what a liberal is like and how evil and bad socialism is. Not only this it shows that government control never works.

You see, the government when in control isn't interested in helping those it depends on but is only interested in looking after number one. Its only interested in itself. The government exists not to help but to leech of the working and aids only those other parasites that depend on it and in turn promote its parasitism and failure.

To hide the government's failure, psychiatrists (all of whom are socialists) blamed people like Herbert by claiming they're mentally ill and stupid. For example, doctors claimed that Herbert was unlikely to work that he was incapable of taking care of himself and liberals including his abusive family lined up and agreed. Anyone who doesn't agree with the government according to all of them is a retard or is crazy.

To the socialist, the state is God. The state is never wrong and professionals are never wrong neither. They believe that any human being given a certificate of profession by the state or any apparatus of the state is now endowed with divine magic powers in that they can never error or never be dishonest. This is why Democrat states are corrupt, poor and crime-ridden wastelands.

Herbert's parents are also socialists. Socialist in the same stripes as Stalin and Hitler. They despise their son for being labeled with a disability even though the label is false, they believe that no one has the right to control their own life and do what they believe is right as long as it is done in a moral context, they believe that the state is a better decision maker, they believe that doctors are always right no matter what and that regardless of 10 years of failure and no progress government is still right.

Two plus Two always equals four but if liberals and their government say otherwise we must step back and nod our heads. If The state says 2 and 2 equal seven or one hundred or the meaning of life then they are correct regardless.

2 + 2 = 4. It does not equal anything else regardless what a doctor says or what a politician says. But liberals never agree.

So we shouldn't be surprised when Herbert after a decade of communist governent control and family control is unemployed, living in a nursing home, is suffering from obesity and other health problems related to forced medication and is distressed.

Herbert's family also show their abuse and their communism by agreeing with the state and siding with them against their son without  regard for their son's well being. Despite government failure they take out their frustration on their son the victim.

This also shows that socialists make lousy parents. They love their government more than their son and blame their son for why the state can't get them a job and why the family can't support him. Herbert Bowler suffers anguish, health problems and slowly dies on meds while all they do is kick him when he's down.

Herbert does not have a disability or a mental illness. Herbert has a problem with being controlled and abused. That's the problem. Period. 2 + 2 = 4. Not 5 not 100 not anything else. But Herbert's stupid and abusive family wont see reason.

Herbert's new living situation where he is working living in his own apartment is a major improvement and yet again proves the state is not always correct. It also proves again that socialism is a failure and that capitalism, despite whatever shortcomings are alleged works.

This also shows that psychiatry is flawed. The existence of mental illness should be taken with a grain of salt or less. 99 times out of 100 it is an invention by liberals to justify the failure of socialism.

 Congratulations Herbert on your independence and freedom! Welcome to the United States of America!