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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why welfare recipients and bums vote Democrat?


Red Rhode Island: A Former welfare slave testifies

My name is Regina Immersio, I'm 34 years old, I live in Fort Collins Colorado. I am originally from Cranston Rhode island. My story is sad to tell because my government took away my rights and my dignity and took away from me my right to have children and live a normal life.

I was born in 1982. My father was Aaron Immersio a former factory worker and small businessman who ran a shoe store called Off court solemates. He later became the co-owner of a Payless Franchise out of state. My mother was a waitress. Both my parents by the way are flaming liberal and loyal Democrats. When I was a child, my childhood seemed to be normal. Everything was fine until I started going to middle school when I was 13. I had problems with developing, I became very tall and very fat at the same time flat chested. I lost my friends and became the butt of fat jokes and other taunts.

I also have an older brother BTW. He is a drunk and a racist. He used to pick on me relentlessly. He also told me I should be locked up forever and that I was a disgrace to humanity. Meanwhile he would drink and get in trouble and get fired from every job he had. He once held 9 jobs in a span of 2 months. he got fired from everyone of them for showin up intoxicated, attacking employees and employers or even threatening to or he would walk off the job to get drunk. Mom and Dad loved him more than me especially my dad despite his bad behavior whilst I was the stupid and worthless one in the family.

My social life went downhill and my parents acted like it was all my fault. They told me to stop letting everyone run me down and make some friends. Things got worse when I hit High school. I was ridiculed even  more for my weight and two things that happened made it even worse. First, my teacher demanded that I wear a maternity dress because my weight distracted the students, second, other classmates distributed a pornographic video of a fat woman having sex with a black guy and they all claimed the fat actress was me. Everyone believed it.

I wanted to sue the school and sue the class for spreading it around. The school did nothing even though it was sexual harassment. The boy who started the whole thing was moving out of town and the principal told me he could do nothing, the other boys who spread the tape and spread the rumor got a slap on the wrist. I wanted to sue the school but in Rhode island minors couldn't access the justice system without parental consent and my Parents, the government worshiping liberals they are told me no.

I was not allowed to sue. My mother told me that if I wanted people to stop making fun of me I should stop eating so much and lose weight and my father threatened to beat me up if I ever contacted any lawyers. I couldn't stop eating because of my stress and emotions and because of medication I was taking. My mother and father was forcing me to go to a psychiatrist since 8th grade because as my mom told me she was sick and tired of hearing me have problems in school and that I was probably a retard who needed help.

The doctor didn't really give a damn about my problems all he did was push the pill to give my bastard parents quiet. He gave me seroquel, a medication for anxiety and depression and lexipro. It didn't help me. It just made me tired and made me want to eat more. He also claimed that I had panic disorder and Asperger's syndrome which was supposed to be a form of autism like Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman. I was given a poor prognosis and I was told that I had failed to socialize with my peers. In other words its all my fault I was bullied and abused.

After the porn tape incident, I became more worse off and became buliemic and vomited often. I would make myself puke after large meals and usually after taking the stupid meds. In addition to losing weight it took away from the stress that the meds were causing. The Seroquel really messed me up in the head and made me have worse panic attacks.

After months of barfing and puking I began to lose weight and the ridicule stopped but they still circulated the porn tapes of fat women and claimed it was me. They even circulated it on the internet. The school did nothing and my parents didn't care. My parents didn't care until I graduated...

At graduation, my guidance counselor introduced me to several great programs that would let me go to learn a new skill and even land me a job. But my parents broke that up. I couldn't qualify because I had been seeing a psychiatrist and was taking meds. And they had signed me up for SSI. Because of this i did not qualify for the program.

I have been told time and time again that Asperger's syndrome is not retardation, I have been told time and time again, Asperger's is not bad, it's high funtioning and that people who are mentally ill/retarded can live full and normal lives with dignity. Well, what happened then and what happened next is proof that this is not so.

After being told by my guidance counselor I no longer qualified for the program since I was taking retard meds for psychos, my parents applauded. Even though I was 18 now I still didn't have any rights. I told my guidance counselor that I would discard the meds if I was allowed in the program but i was not allowed to. Even if I did get off the meds I'd still not be allowed in. My parents wouldn't let me. When I tried to to protest the bad treatment I got they called the police and the Cranston Police threatened to have me incarcerated in a mental hospital if I didn't resume the meds for stupid psychos. This despite not being a threat to myself or others...

The police in Rhode Island BTW are very crooked and corrupt and very very intolerant. They are also very liberal just like my parents school and government. I had no choice. I was forced to keep taking meds and stay with them.

I wanted to move out and live on my own but I had no money and my mother and father wouldn't allow me to work. At 18,  they told me that I was not allowed to look for a job because it would jeopardize my chances of getting SSI and section 8 which they said I needed because it was "For my own good." I wanted to know why I had to go on SSI, they told me because I was a worthless and stupid. They told me that I would have no chance at making it and that I should accept being on welfare and not having a career or a life. I didn't.

My psychiatrist was doctor Pamela Bochiechio. She always took my parents side against me and didn't really care about my problems at all. She told me that I had to listen to my parents and let them and the government provide for me. Which they didn't but she always said it was good.

To make things worse my parents dumped me into a homeless shelter for women in North Kingstown that was nasty and disgusting. I was informed that the reason for being there was to help me qualify for SSI and section 8 housing a lot more and help the psychiatrist see what a crazy b**ch I was. since dad said homeless people are mentally ill and stupid. So said my mom and my dad. When Dad dropped me off at the shelter he even told the case worker right in front of people outside nearby watching that I was a nut job and that I should be kept watch on.

That year when this happened 2002 was the most miserable year of my life. And let me tell you that is quite something considering all that I've been through... It was also the year that doctor Bochiechio began giving me more and more drugs including Benzos such as Klonopin which would have serious problems for me later on. More on that in awhile...

So 2002 and 2003 were rotten years. I tried looking for work but no one was hiring. The local newspapers and web listings all had classified ads that were over a month old. Add to this, people in Rhode Island are just the most awful people you could ever meet. To even call them people just makes you want to gag. I'd also say most people in New England are like that too.

So anyway, I spent my free time at the public library. I was mostly reading books and was on the internet. My desire was to find out more about the world and why I, as an American am not allowed in what is supposed to be the freest country there is, why I cannot go out and look for work and why Rhode Island is such a miserable hell hole. I looked also for legal and civil rights advocates. No one was able to help me with my situation BTW. All I had on my side were mental health advocates who's only function was to either assist me in getting housing or SSI. None of them wanted  to help me leave Rhode Island or get a job or anything meaningful.

To make matters worse, my parents took away my EBT card. I was not allowed to use it without their permission. My dad held on to it because according to mom, I was mentally incapable of being responsible for anything. So most of the time I had little to eat and no money to spend. I only used it when my dad was around or my mom was around and I was with them to go to the doctor or something else like that. It was used mainly to pay for my "crazy meds" as dad called them or for clothes or something else like hygiene. But that was rare.

My parents always accompanied me to the doctors to make sure I went there and where Pamela found out how I was doing and then talked down to me like a cockroach then write more prescriptions for more useless meds. I later found out she only did it to get kickbacks from the Pharma companies.

The shelter was hell. The women who stayed there were mostly junkies or whores or has been whores who were all nasty and used up. Many of them were not nice at all. The only person there I liked was Angela, she was this sweet girl from Brooklyn who's parents were nasty people. She ran away and spent her time in the youth shelter then our shelter when she turned 18. She introduced me to things like make-up, boys and of course faith in God.

I went to Faith baptist church up in Warwick. They introduced me to all kinds of things up there. They introduced me to America's founding values, our christian foundations and told me about my rights. I also began to read books by David Barton of who introduced me to all these things. I realized that I was a person and that I had rights.

My parents however were not happy with my new life and were determined to bring me back down. For instance they chided me about my friends, Angela and my other friend Julia who was black. I was driving down to the doctors with my parents from the shelter and they saw them and when I told them about it they weren't happy. Mom told me that I was even more mentally ill than she imagined because my friend was black and called her a racial slur. Dad told me that Angela looked like a whore and told me that I need to start making some better friends than that.

When I told Dr. Bochiechio about this, she told me that as someone with Asperger's syndrome it is not uncommon that I should make friends with people who were undesirable. She also said that people in homeless shelters including those who were domestic violence survivors were the sort of people who do not fit in like me.

In late 2003 I turned 21. It was that year I ran away because I just couldn't take it anymore. I did this by panhandling for bus money. I ran away first to Exeter New Hampshire, then to New York. I wanted to get an attorney to help me out with my problems with my parents. While in new York they found me and I was arrested. My legal sources were not able to do much to give help for me. They told me that psychiatrists in Rhode Island were protected from immunity and that a lawsuit against hospitals took 2 years to form which was the statutory limit for patient abuse.

The NYPD arrested me because according to my parents I was nuts and suicidal. I told the officer that they were abusive and that I had legal protection. They refused to listen instead pointing out that my shoes and clothes were worn out and shabby. I informed them that this is because I had no money and my parents stole my EBT card. that if they left me alone to get cash assistance in NYC and food stamps I'd get better but not if they sent me back to Rhode Island or locked me up in a hospital. Let me stay at the shelter, let me get my affairs in order, I WILL GET BETTER! I told them.

They didnt' believe me. The officers, George Croake and Mcpole I think the other one was were crooked officers and I later heard that they were always making trouble for other people. They told me they didn't believe me and thought I was crazy. They told me that I came across to them as someone who was not respectful to authority figures and not grateful to my parents. When I tried to refute their false and baseless allegations as false, Croake shouted at me that I was a liar! He then began to shout at me that I was a psychotic and that I needed to take responsibility for my behavior and my condition. I was distraught by this and told them I will never take responsibility for a condition I do not have and that it was not my fault my parents were abusive.

Croake than told me that if I raised my voice at him again, he would take me to jail instead of the hospital. I apologized and told him that the lies and accusations he made made me stressed out and that I had rights. Croake then told me that I didn't have any rights and that  "I don't give a sh*t if you had a good lawyer! You better start getting responsible for yourself missy. You're parents want to help you and are worried about you. They're giving you a chance and you need to show some gratitude!"

I told him that I was responsible for myself and that my parents have never helped me and are only worried that I will expose their abuse and succeed in taking care of myself. I will get out of this situation, I will get a job, I will be as good as everyone else I told him. It took a lot to keep from shouting at this pig. Croake then told me, "You really are crazy. I should haul your butt to Bellevue maybe I'll take your stuff away and dispose of it while I'm at it." "That wont be necessary officer, I will be responsible, I will take care of myself, I will get my EBT card and I will succeed."

Croake then told me I had two choices, I could either go back to Rhode Island and have him take me to the station to contact my mom and dad or I could go to jail for disorderly conduct. I asked what disorderly conduct I commited, he told me that i raised my voice to him. I told him that was only because he raised his to me and began making false and offensive insinuations against me. I told him that my Lawyer would back me up. I then requested to speak to his supervising sergeant. He instead arrested me and took me to jail. My back pack with all my clothes was taken from me and thrown away in the garbage.

I was then booked on disorderly conduct and at my arraignment granted preliminary bail. I then informed my attorney who was able to get the charges dropped but nothing happened to Croake. He was not disciplined for his actions against me. I was later told by my attorney that usually the most they'd get was a reprimand. After that my older brother came to see me and demanded I come with him. I told him I'd have him arrested for harassment. he then threatened to have me locked up and committed and sent back to RI in F'ing chains if necessary.

I had to run away again. I got my EBT card and I bought new clothes and ran away again this time to a women's shelter in Princeton New Jersey recommended to me by a friend. It was at this time that I discovered with horror what the meds had done to my body...

I had discovered that the Benzos and drugs had caused me to have seizures and that although they were for anxiety so I was told, they were in fact Anti-psychotics. The meds not only made my anxiety worse, I developed seizures, I had vomited a lot, I was told It left so many free radicals in my system that I would probably get cancer very soon but worse, the drug Klonopin left me sterile.

The first warning I had about this came from a documentary I saw on TV at the women's shelter in Rhode Island, it said that the Singer Stevie Nicks had been taking Klonopin during drug treatment at the Betty ford center that the psychiatrist was this evil woman kinda like Dr Bochiochio who I saw. It scared me and made me freak that they would proscribe this kind of garbage to innocent people!

I had always wanted to have kids, I wanted a family, a boyfriend ETC but I found out that I had been sterilized. The doctors told me it was likely I would never have children due to my screwed up hormonal levels. I was distraught and I could no longer feel love, or have the will to live. I guess two things stopped me from killing myself then and there, first, I was gonna die young from the cancerous free radicals in my system, then there was this desire to warn others about the dangers of Klonipin and psychiatry. I knew very little about the anti-psychiatry movement and thought I was like the only one at the time against psychiatry.

My only desire at that point was to get out of the east coast. There was no one who could help me so I needed to go someplace else. I wanted to go to Los Angeles where CCHR, the Citizens Commision for Human Rights was, that and because Winter was coming and it was getting cold, but I didn't know at the time that California was full of abuse by psychiatrists. I mainly went to avoid winter but I didn't have enough money for the bus fare to get to California so I took drastic and terrible measures that I sometimes regret doing.

See, I had been a Christian for sometime but I had lost faith because of the trauma I went through. I didn't think God was looking after me. I decided to try and become a prostitute. Several of the girls at the shelter had been involved in prostituting so that was a start. I went to a truck stop outside Trenton and asked if any of the drivers there were going to California. I offered them what little cash I had and even my body if they got me to Cali. I had lost weight and wore makeup so it helped me out a bit.

I asked three people, two drivers, one said he was going to Chicago the other was going to Oakland but refused to take me and he wasn't polite neither. The owner even threatened to call the police on me just for asking. I left and as I walked out of the area a man ran up to me and offered to take me in his truck to California. We'd have to stop at a couple of places on the way though but I didn't mind. There was one condition, I had to be his whore.

So, I got into his truck and we rode off west. He took us to Indiana, Tennessee and a few places I don't recollect. I don't want to. I rode with him for 2 weeks all over the mid-west. He was disgusting. He even had me dress up in slutty clothing even when we were in public. I said nothing. All I wanted was to get away from The east coast and go somewhere warm. It was in Falfurrias Texas that he dumped me off and even took my back pack and suitcase with him. He left me in a truck stop there and drove off with all my stuff. I was told to wait there and he left. Even my papers and ID was taken. My ID card, My social security card, everything I had was in there. GONE...

There i was, in a slutty outfit with no money or ID or anything. In the middle of some small town in Texas all alone. I was afraid to report him too the authorities because then they'd blame me for it. Say I brought it on myself and I was even dressed up in a nasty slut outfit.

So, I went to the police station and told them my boyfriend (I gave a fake name BTW) ditched me in the middle of nowhere and was lost and needed help. They agreed to take me to a battered women's shelter in Hebbronville in the next county over. They couldn't help me much. I had no ID. Again I had to whore myself to a truck driver who then took me instead of California to Chicago! I begged him to take me anwhere in Southern California. No he said to me... I left.

Again, I was stuck, worse still in Chicago in Winter 2003. I had no ID card, No money. I went to the police, gave them the same story, boyfriend dumped me, I then got sent to a women's shelter but I had no ID so I couldn't get in. I was desperate. The police said they could help but I had to be booked for a crime. So, given that I already had a criminal history as well as a psychiatric one, I agreed.

I was booked for trespassing. the charges were later cleared but it was neccesary to get some kind of paper work. CPD then dumped me off in a filthy women's shelter in the West side of town.That was where my brother found me. He came with CPD and claimed that my mother and father had obtained legal guardianship over me from a judge. They had me arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward at NorthWest memorial. I found out that the guardianship was fake. At the time I didn't know everything going on. I was told by my parents that I had a choice, go back to Rhode Island and apply for SSI and let them take care of me or be trapped in Chicago and be ward of Illinois which I knew and was told was terrible. I had no choice, I went back to Rhode Island.

My parents found me because of a missing persons report they filed with police. They tracked me down thanks to the trumped charges that were needed to get the ball rolling so I could get my ID card and Social security card.

I found out that the papers they used were faked. Dad claimed he had a friend who was a judge who signed them and informed me that should I run away again, in reality they were forged. He later told me that it was costly and time consuming to do it for real. Also, I didn't know at the time he would come down on me and obtain Emergency then Plenial guardianship no matter the cost. I didn't know what to expect from mon and dad anymore they were so mean.

When I got back they took me to see a neuropsychiatrist Dr. Hallard to be enrolled in SSI. I was also forced again to go see another doctor regularly, this time it was Gabor Keitner who was not nice to me at all. After two months of testing I qualified for SSI. In other words, both doctor Hallard and Dr Keitner said I was stupid. I had lied on the tests about where I had been, I also exaggerated here and there, I said I was working at some jobs, I lied through my teeth but even though they believed me, I was still worthless and stupid.

According to Dr Keitner who probably did most of the damages,My vocational history was meaningless. In other words, he didn't care.It didn't matter... According to Gabor Keitner, I had Asperger's syndrome, Bipolar, Panic disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Borderline Personality disorder, Major depression, mood imbalance disorder and possibly a host of other disorders that stupid retards who never get to work get. It shouldn't have happened. Each label put on me felt like a hot serated knife in my guts.

Keitner along with another doctor made up all these false diagnosis' just so he could get kickbacks from big pharma. He proscribed me 8 different meds. The combination made me sick. I could barely walk, talk or do anything. When I informed the doctors that the meds made me sick and that I could not complete tasks I was told it did not matter. I was mentally ill with Aspergers, I was stupid, I would never become an independent adult. According to Keitner, the fact that I had Asperger's shows that I wont need to do anything.

His words, "You wont be making any accomplishments in your lifetime with Asperger's or Borderline personality. You need to learn to accept your limitations and that you have limited abilities. From now on, your parents and the government will take care of you and do everything for you." But what limitations?

The only limitations I have are those being set by Dr Keitner, Dr. Bochichio and by my abusive parents not to mention the failing abusive run by communists in Providence state legislature. That, and the limitations forced on me by the meds.

I was forced again to see dr Bochiochio and another psychiatrist. They all talked down to me and were only concerned about drugging me up.

My brother would often make fun of me for being on the meds. Whenever I felt sluggish, or agitated, whenever I was so worn out I drooled and mumbled or tripped or if the meds made me feel like I was in a rush or anything like that, my brother and sometimes my parents would ridicule me. I felt worse. Whenever I told my mom or dad to stop making fun of me and saying mean things, they would say, "Well that's the way things are stupid! Get used to it!"

In 2005, a little under a year after I was dragged back to nasty lousy Rhode Island I was put in a section 8 apartment in the south side of Providence. It was a filthy run down apartment with no heat and full of ants and roaches. The people were the worst part. Most of the people were mentally ill, psychotic and alcoholic. Many of them criminals. I was scared of being there but I was not allowed to go anywhere else and I had no money. I was also forced to be medicated by my brother and father who watched me to make sure I took the meds. ALL THE MEDS

My Mother, father and brother were joint payees. Later when they refused to help me I tried a state run Payee service but they were just as awful. I got only $5 a week in allowence. I had to do laundry at Crossroads, which is a day center for transients and poor people. I hated Rhode island and everything about, living there especially at the apartment. I wanted to live elsewhere but it was not allowed. My parents threatened me and threatened to have me locked up in a mental ward if I even thought of leaving the state. I was there from Autumn till Spring. It was hell. My parents BTW refused to help me or provide things for me at times. They argued that I was the government's  responsibility and that they didn't want to hear about it.

For example, I needed new clothes and some blankets because of the cold weather. I asked mom and dad and they told me no. The government can take care of you. I told them they weren't Dad replied. I DON'T CARE! You're a nut! It'd save us money if you DID freeze to death! STUPID!

I later asked why they would have me if they would just dump me on the lap of the government? They replied that they didn't know and that when I was at school it was all my fault I was fat and that I was picked on. They also told me that when doctors say your stupid with mental illness, they never lie. Doctors are always right. Just like the government.

On New Years eve 2005 I was attacked and nearly raped outside my apartment building by another tenant who was drunk. One of the neighbors saw it and stopped it from happening. the drunk fled and is still a fugitive. I was taken to the hospital with minor cuts and injuries. My parents were indifferent. My brother asked what the hell I was doing to make him want to rape him and what I was wearing. You must've done something. I had two goals on my mind, get out of Rhode Island or kill my parents and brother.

I had gotten back together with Angela who lived in a similar apartment in Woonsocket. She said she was tired of Rhode Island and just hated the place. It had gone to hell. She was working part time folding sheets at a Motel in East Providence and we thought of leaving the state and going out west. Her friend Katherine also wanted to move. She found a good place out near Denver Colorado. We planned to go there in the Spring. I couldn't get a job so I had to rely on SSI. I needed to become my own payee.

I had tried to but my parents were in the way. They told me that the disabled and mentally ill should never have any freedom or rights whatsoever especially money management. Again, jobs were scarce and even labor ready had no hiring.

I also tried to donate blood but because I lived in section 8 I was not eligable. I had to panhandle all over again. It was hard because people in Rhode Island are very very selfish and mean. When I got a little money it all went to my needs such as clothing.

It became apparent that there was a small possibility that I would have to go back into whoring again just to get a ride out of town to go west.

But my good social skills that I had been told I would never have saved me. My friends helped me out. Katherine and Angela agreed to help pay for my bus ticket to Denver in march. In march 2006 I left for Denver with Angela and Katherine. We abandoned the nasty section 8 apartment, we abandoned Rhode Island, we abandoned socialism and the failed welfare plantation we were living on. Katherine also had her brother leave a threatening message for my family that there would be reprocussions if they pursued me or tried to find me.

We stayed at a nicer place, a women's transitional housing apartment run by a ministry for women that was in Boulder Colorado. They took care of us and loved us dearly. They worked on getting me to manage my money by arranging for me to go to a money management evaluation which gave me good reviews. I WAS however forced to go to mental health as  it was a requirement. Fortunately the doctors who ran private practices were nice to me! I got a far better prognosis than I got from Bochiochio and Gabor Keitner.

It was wonderful there! It was like Christmas everyday. I was safe, I was happy. The only sadness I felt  is that I will never be able to have my own children.

To become my own payee and finish with hopefully getting of SSI forever, I had to let my doctor contact my parents. My father, on condition of letting me be my payee and giving me my retroactive funds in the mail had two conditions, the first he speak to me on the phone where he demanded to know what right i had to leave Rhode island? I told him as I said before, I don't want to live there and that forcing someone to get section 8 and go on welfare doesn't make any sense.

He told me that I had no right to live where I want to and that there was nothing wrong with Rhode Island, the economy he said was great, people were wonderful, I was the only thing wrong. This despite overwhelming evidence our economy had failed, our government was corrupt, our rights were being lost ETC. and that people there the majority of them like my father were society dregs.

I told him this BTW and he lashed out at me, cursing, swearing and saying I was a b**ch and a traitor and that I should burn in hell. He then told me the one and only condition left he had. I was never to have contact with anyone in the family ever again through any medium whatsoever, he told me never to come back to Rhode Island if I hate it so much. he also said that if I ever came anywhere near him, he'd have me raped and killed.

I asked why he hated me so much? He told me that I was an accident, that he hated the mentally ill and disabled, he told me that growing up he was taught by my grandparents and by his teachers and his priest that those with mental or physical defects were an anathema to the church and the state, they vote republican, they don't respect authority figures, they contribute nothing,  they do not conform.

I should tell you now that my father in addition to being flaming liberal and a Democrat worshiped our Democratic leaders and government, he was also a union organizer in the 70s as was my Grandfather. Dad also taught us that people in places of authority were always right, that the government never does anything wrong when Democrats were in control and that people who criticized the government like you see on the internet a lot of these days were either psychotics or traitors who needed to be prosecuted or locked up in institutions.

So, my dad told me this and added that he was angry at me for being diagnosed with a mental illness and even more angry for questioning the government. I told him they were wrong and that the reason I am not a democrat like you is because you failed to protect me and take care of me and so did the government. he then lashed out at me it was all my fault I was poor and that I should kill myself and again told me never to speak to him again. He slammed the phone down and so my family disappeared from my life.

Since then I have considered myself to be a libertarian and conservative. I am also a committed Christian working in women's ministries I also work as a human rights advocate warning of the dangers of mental health. I live in Fort Collins Colorado now. I work part time. I have been unable to get off SSI and being on it keeps me from getting a good job but I have been working. I also have made many many friends. Something that never would've happened in Rhode Island.

I thank God for all he has done for me in getting out of welfare which is slavery and improving my life. I also thank him for giving me a reason to live. It is my hope that someday I will be able to have children and marry.

This was the testimony of Regina Immersio, formerly a resident of the dangerous and failed state of Rhode Island and now free and living a full and godly life. Psychiatry is dangerous. There is no such thing as mental disorders or Asperger's. It is all make believe and communism. Psychotropic meds exist to restrain and control innocent people and ruin their health and lives. For more information on the dangers of Klonopin and other drugs visit the sites below

Views expressed by Aaron Immersio and his wife and son are those of Hillary Clinton and all her supporters, especially those in Rhode island.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Youtube's new monetization guidelines stiffle creativity and political activism

BIG GOV'T INC Socialism and tyranny are profitable to liberals and destructive to individuals

Well, you've no doubt heard the arguments made by socialists against private property, against corporations and the profit motive. We are taught that profit is a form of theft from the workers rather than being positive influx of cash resources payment of wages, dividends and investments in expansion. The concept of owning property is also in of itself theft to socialists, for the earth belongs to us and everything belongs to everybody.

Profit and property has another meaning, it is what sends signals to our economy on where resources and assets must be placed in order to achieve further productivity and prosperity. While it does have a negative and selfish overtone, in the long run profit will benefit all, rich and poor.

Property is also important, it is the means from which  we as humans can function normally as individuals, a family unit and a community. Without property or profit we are slaves to a collective master state that defines the greater good as to its own best interests rather than our own. This master collective is either a dictator, emperor, a political party or even a small group of powerful elitists in government such as an aristocracy or political party or a monopolist corporation.

That kind of system has never worked. In places such as France under the Bourbon kings, Zimbabwe under Mugabe, south Africa under both the Apartheid and post-apartheid regimes and in China and the USSR of course. Just to name a few.

The greater good can only be acheived when we are not a collective but a society of indivuduals responsible for ourselves as well as each other and community but this personal responsibility and personal self determination must be given higher priority over collective good. Without it, there can be no good.

But moving on lets talk about the definition of a corporation, Webster's dictionary defines a corporation as two different things:

1. a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law. 

2. a group of people elected to govern a city, town, or borough.

Its very simple, a group of people acting as a single body or entity IE: a business, a firm, a government, an association, even a street gang can be considered a corporation.

The word itself is derived from the word corpus or latin for body, also the word corpse originates from corpus. Liberals would all have us believe that it means a bunch of rich white people in suits who control the economy from K Street and Wall Street. They also use this orwellian newspeak twist to slander supporters of capitalists as nazi barbarians. Case in point, Benito Mussolini and his speech on corporatism...

Fascism [NATIONAL SOCIALISM] should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power."

INTERSTING NOTE: IT does not appear in Enciclopedia Italiana 1932, although often cited to this source. It is not an accurate quote. Mussolini in fact never said this...

The quote was actually made sometime in the turn of the century by the founder of the Italian National Socialist party AKA the Fasces party, named after the bundle of sticks that symbolized ancient roman nationalism and militantism, Giovanni Gentile. Here is what he said...

Corporationism is above socialism and above liberalism. A new synthesis is created. It is a symptomatic fact that the decadence of capitalism coincides with the decadence of socialism. ... Corporative solutions can be applied anywhere.

Corporatism also known as corporativism is a plural of corporation. To be somewhat more precise, it is the unification and coming together of corporations, be they business, political parties, criminal syndicates, fraternities ETC to unite as an organic body. It should be no surprise that the fasces, the bundle of sticks chosen by the Italian National Socialists, destined to influence Adolf Hiter and Francisco Franco among others symbolizes just that. Strength through unity and the abolishment of the individual. Liberals will associate fascism [national socialism] with capitalism but in reality, fascism like all other forms of socialism are anti-capitalist for this reason.

So... We have established that the true definition of corporation is not a large business entity made up of very wealthy mostly white men but an organic body of individuals forming an association for purposes that could be either, political, criminal, economic and so on.

With that in mind, we can now establish that the government is essentially a corporation. What sets it apart from our traditional and Orwellian view as defined by liberals is that it is operational in principals that go beyond rational control. An business corporation can only buy or sell. In a fully functioning capitalist society with few regulations this is as is intended but in socialistic environments where there is no outside restraint from a vigilante people, the government corporation can operate outside the bounds of set laws and inflict tremendous harm.

The government can do more than buy or sell, it can take away or accquire you, your property, your loved ones and freedoms and make you an asset of control. This is done in the form of guardianships, Representative payees and conservatorship as well as eminent domain, suspension of Habeus Corpus ETC.

The government is in reality the most dangerous corporation there is. Not, Microsoft, not, Wal-mart, not Target, Not, Apple, not Time-Warner, Not good old GE, the US Government. For as George Washington has stated and as I have emphasized time and time again on this blog, government is a raging and dangerous force like fire that must be controlled. But America won't listen to the message. We trust in the government and its employees too much and it will be our downfall...

We are the assets and resources of the company, taxpaying americans are its resources which it exploits to feed its consumers, welfare recipients and illegal aliens and other parasitic groups and entities that vote  Democrat to keep receiving more and more of the fruits of our labor. Ironic how Liberals complain that profit is theft of the fruits of a worker's labor while the DNC INC reaps a harvest on the backs of everyone's hard work, rich or poor.

Whenever the government makes accquisitions, it is not done the way businesses do in conference rooms high atop glass and steel towers in major cities, it is not done in smokey backrooms or at the diner table at a nice restaurant in some gentrified borough, it is done through force either through probate courts seizing money and land from those "alleged" to be too inferior to care for themselves because they do not fit in, because they are unpopular or different or hold beliefs that are unpopular or different. It is done from the legislative benches of city halls, state capitols or Washington DC. Other times it is done at the point of a gun by a police officer, mercenaries, criminals or dare I say, our own brave soldiers god love them and open their eyes.

The government corporation also practices a perverse version of the wall street stock exchange. Instead of buying shares, you buy politicians. Campaign finance and special interests replace shareholding, tender and dividends. Politicians instead of shares. Dividend payouts come in the form of subsidies, welfare and a leg up against competition. other corporations, Labor unions and welfare bums and those who support them tend to be the biggest share holders. Instead of a Chairman and board, its lobbys and unions.

America is no longer a free nation today, it is more of a business. A business run by fat cats by business interests, by liberals, beatniks, by freeloaders and parasites. We the American majority, apathetic and ignorant allow ourselves to be robbed and we don't even know it.

We will not enter the fight until we have lost everything. Let me repeat that, we will not enter the fight until we have nothing left to lose.

The government IS a big business. Its unique in certain aspects of course but our government under Obama and the Democraps is really a giant corporation. Again, all socialistic government's are corporations but they represent everything negative they project about capitalism and businesses under capitalism. In capitalist markets, corporations can only buy and sell.

They can't hurt you, but socialism changes things differently. Example, you hear from lefties that profit is a form of theft. Well Big Government INC. profits by stealing your money through taxation and distributes it to its executives and managers (Bureaucrats, case workers, social workers, teachers ETC.) and gives a dividend cut to its investers, in the form of SSI and welfare.(Democrat voters IE: Welfare queens, drug addicts, illegal aliens, bums, ETC.)
You can't run a government like a business and have a free nation or a free market. It's not possible. They accuse Trump of wanting to make the government a business, too late, under Democraps like Hillary it is. We're they're biggest resource.

We will continued to be exploited as a resource until we rise up and stop letting the government treat us as an exploitable resource and make our land a free land with the chains taken off our necks and back on the government where it belongs.

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