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Friday, April 29, 2016

Donald Trump had me Baker acted and stole my home and my bank account!!

Stodie Coleman from Newark New Jersey Didn't have it easy. Born in 1994 to an unmarried couple, his earliest memory was at age 5 watching his father beat his mother over the head with an empty beer bottle. He went to prison and he never saw him again. He would go on to be repeatedly incarcerated in prison in other states.

He lived in Newark then went to Trenton and then to Windsor township to live with relatives. At school Stodie was a loner. He was also deeply traumatized by abuse by his parents especially his mother who would hit him out of anger for no reason. His mother was mentally ill and would later also go to jail while Stodie had to live with his uncle and aunt who also didn't look kindly on him, seeing him as a burden.

Nonetheless he made friends at school and even got a part time job. His aunt and uncle would force him to pay most of what little he earned for rent but he did have some money stored away. Later Stodie went to live with his mom in section 8 housing in Trenton where he continued to work and go to school. Stodie had dreams of going to college to become a scientist. But trouble started just before he turned 18.

Stodie's mother filed a guardianship against him claiming he was mentally ill and mentally incompetent. She got help from his aunt and uncle. The origin of the conflict was an inheiritence of ten thousand dollars Stodie was to receive from his Grandfather. Stodie's mother however wanted the money for herself and with help from his aunt and uncle EVEN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, Stodie was forced into mental health all based on allegations that were false.

Stodie was also required under New Jersey law to receive mental health evaluations. These evaluations going back to when he was 10 were also to be used against him. Stodie went to the psychiatrist at 17 and after only 5 meetings in the span of 2 months doctors diagnosed him with being mentally disturbed and with having Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental retardation and mental illness who's existence is questionable. It was not questionable to liberals in New Jersey who always believe the government and professionals without question.

The diagnosis was confirmed by evaluations from long ago. Based on old forgotten buried bones they just dug up from his past, Stodie was branded mentally ill and mentally retarded. He was officially diagnosed as having PTSD, ADD and Asperger's syndrome. The wrong diagnosis of all of these disorders was based on first, false and biased allegations made by his school guidance counselor when he was bullied at school in Newark (ignoring that he had a perfectly okay social life in Windsor BTW)that he had a traumatic early childhood and that his mother had mental illness.

Interesting, the infallible socialist people's government of New Jersey having to go all the way back to childhood, a traumatizing childhood years and years ago. Digging up an old long buried bone that had been long buried and forgotten about that had no relevance to be used in a current mental health evaluation when Stodie was 17 going on 18. This same evaluation omitted important facts about Stodie we want you to know...

  • Stodie was able to make friends in his new school and was well liked
  • Stodie worked part time saving money for adult education
  • Stodie volunteered at the Salvation army base and also one summer went to work at a VA hospital volunteering his time to help veterans of the War on Terror and Vietnam
  • In a social skills test and IQ test, Stodie received high scores with an IQ of 112 and a social skills test of 90 out of 100 showing that despite what the government said and what the parents said Stodie had good social skills
  • Stodie was a B student. He did get a couple of A's but despite problems he had at school, the few he had compared to Newark, Stodie did well
  • According to his Grandfather's will, Stodie instead of his mother was to receive the money because he was trust worthy and good while Stodie's mother had a history of being unscrupulous and had a criminal record with crimes such as forging checks, shoplifting and drugs use.
  • Stodie went to church frequently with his aunt and uncle and even volunteered one summer for an outdoor event for disadvantaged children with disabilities hosted by his church
Despite all these things the doctors conveniently swept it under the rug. They instead focused on Stodie's childhood and times of turmoil. This is a selection of excerpts of the evaluation Stodie had:

 At 9, Stodie was often seen biting his nails and rocking back and forth while mumbling to himself by teachers. He has a history of social problems and made no friends while at school indicating that Stodie has very poor social skills and may be mentally disturbed.

...Stodie claims to be a Christian and goes to church regularly and that he talks to a holy spirit which gives Stodie instructions on how to conduct daily living. He claims that "Jesus is the only way and that all other ways are false." ...Stodie seems to hold in contempt other cultures and religions because of his religious upbringing.

...Because of Stodie's alleged conversations with God through a "holy spirit" and reports by his mother and teachers that he was frequently disheveled and disorderly and talked to himself indicates a possibility of undifferentiated schizophrenia or Bipolar with schizophrenic episodes.

 ...Evaluations of Stodie's childhood show either a possible diagnosis of Autistic spectrum disorder (Asperger's syndrome)or of an undifferentiated form of schizophrenia. Stodie has made no accomplishments in his life and refuses to take responsibility for his behavior. He does not have hindsight into his illness.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS!? Despite Stodie showing and demonstrating these things, the doctors ignored it and made only negative comments about Stodie. They refused to talk to his pastor or friends to demonstrate his competence. To make matters worse, they relied on his crazy mother as a source of information...

Mrs. Coleman was well dressed and appeared very kind and well mannered. She gave reports on Stodie's childhood behavior indicated that he was very disturbed and very poorly behaved. She is currently employed she says as a sales representative at Marshall's shopping center. She should be regarded as a good source of information on Stodie's behavior and childhood upbringing.

FACT: Mrs. Coleman has always been miss Coleman. She never married in her life.

FACT:She had been unemployed during the time, holding work mainly at Walmart or at a local restaurant as a waitress. She never worked at Marshall's shopping center and in fact she had been arrested for shoplifting over $800 worth of goods there.

FACT: Stodie's mother Miss Coleman [not mrs.] was unscrupulous and lied so she could get Stodie's money.

FACT: She has rarely held down a job and rarely dressed well or behaved well, frequently lashing out against Stodie and others.

But despite all this the doctors listened to her and paid no heed to their "patient" Stodie Carmichael. In a neuropsychology evaluation performed in a clinic in Trenton NJ, doctors had this to say:

Stodie suffers from autistic spectrum disorder Asperger's type and is deeply emotionally disturbed. He has poor social skills, poor verbal skills and is very credulous. 

...It would be beneficial if his mother were his conservator or possible legal guardian in order to take care of the money he received from his Grandfather's will.  

...In our opinion Stodie's condition and prognosis is guarded and of question. He may need a legal guardian to make decisions for him and to manage his money. Stodie also qualifies for SSI. However; since he is vulnerable to exploitation and too trusting of others and because of his difficulties in mathematics and paying attention, Stodie should not be counted on to manage his own money. he would benefit from having a Rep Payee...

TREATMENT PLAN: Recommend Stodie be placed under a limited form of legal guardianship under the least restrictive settings possible.  Recommend Stodie be placed in behavioral health treatment, job skills training and social skills training. Recommend Stodie's mother or another trust worthy relative be appointed conservator over Stodie's estate. Recommend Stodie receive medication for symptoms of generalized anxiety, Depression, autism and ADHD.

Stodie was proscribed by doctors over four to six different kinds of medication at one time. Seroquel, Lithobid, haloperidol, Zyprexa, ritilan Hydroxizine, Lexipro, Fluphenazin, and the dangerous drug risperdal. Just to name some of the meds. Meds that made him sick and weak and lead to hospitalization on several occasions.

But fortunately, Stodie had a lot of friends. When it was learned that Stodie's faith was a factor in the diagnosis, his church and other local churches in the New Jersey area went into an uproar. The outrage and strong public will slammed the brakes on attempts to force guardianship over Stodie. Unfortunately Stodie's mother  was able to find a lawyer and judge corrupt enough to take over Stodie's money that he received from grandpa.

As soon as Stodie was 18, he fled the coop. Stodie still had a savings account with money from work and he was able to settle in Miami Florida. Stodie lived in an apartment he rented with two other men and they bothed worked in the Hollywood Florida area. He didn't have it easy though. The job didn't last long. But Stodie was always able to get a place to work at. This went on for a two years and Stodie despite tribulations and rising conflicts such as times of unemployment and so on, he took care of himself. But disaster loomed around the corner and at the head of that disaster, was Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was planning to build upscale housing in the neighborhood that Stodie and his roomates lived in. The apartment they rented was slated to be demolished. Trump forced the landlord and owner of his apartment to sell to him under eminent domain. Although Florida has fought eminent domain for years since the Kelo decision to terminate property rights in America, it was an uphill fight full of loopholes all thanks to liberals south of the state. Not to mention Southern Democrats in the north.

Several of the building's tenants balked and tried to resist among them Stodie but Trump played every trump he had against them literally...

Donald Trump forced the residents out with help from Miami's corrupt police force. They were forced to choose between jail time for obstruction and criminal trespassing or leaving without another word. Nearly all the people caved in but Trump had even bigger plans for the ringleaders mainly Stodie one other man and four elderly people who lived in the building. In revenge, Trump did not merely threaten them with arrest, he had them Baker acted.

The baker act is a communist mental health law established in Florida that gives the police, social workers and any doctor unlimited power to detain anyone for any reason in a psychiatric hospital for evaluation for no reason at all for up to 72 hours. It is also possible with doctor's consent to hold for longer periods. At times doctors with a communist sympathy have used the Baker act to seize property from the elderly and those accused of being mentally ill (usually based on hearsay)as well as punish dissidents and opponents of government tyranny.

It wasn't just the Baker act that did Stodie and the others in. Trump used the corrupt mental health system to drive them out and even enlisted the help of abusive relatives. the four elderly women who opposed trump were placed under emergency guardianship and forced into nursing homes, three of them with help from Trump and relatives who with bribes forced them into the nursing homes. The man who with Stodie stood against Trump was held and later forced into the notorious Florida state hospital in Chattahoochee for over a month. Stodie meanwhile was placed in Golden psychiatric center's violent ward where he spent over two agonizing weeks of abuse and injustice by staff and other patients.

According to doctors at the center, Stodie was declared incompetent and needed a guardian. They based this on his being unemployed for nearly a month at the time and based on false allegations made by police and doctors at Jackson memorial hosptial's so called "crisis unit." A lawyer representing Trump contacted Stodie at Golden and offered to pay him compensation in exchange for being allowed to talk with his aunt and uncle who would also help. He didn't know that they betrayed him. With their help Trump played his final trump against Stodie. Stodie had no idea that they would go to his mother and side with her against him.

His mother contacted the staff at golden and in violation of Hippa spoke of his condition. Using vague loopholes in the Hippa laws they got a hold of his psychiatric records going back to when he was 7. Using these old outdated evaluations with its false allegations against Stodie, doctors were able to nail him and declare him incompitent. Again, his accomplishments were omitted, his positive traits swept under the rug and again, it was claimed that Stodie made no accomplishments.

Also, the evaluations claimed that Stodie was dishelved, was unemployable and had poor social skills and no friends, never mind all the friends he had in Miami!

With help from Trump, the Coleman family placed Stodie under six months of involuntary commitment and forced him to give his entire estate away to his mother. He was later flown back to New Jersey and forced to live with his mom in Newark. Thanks to Trump, thanks to Florida and thanks to New jersey, Stodie lost all that he accomplished and lost his friends.

Things would have been even worse had it not been for Chris Christie who's office intervened on behalf of Stodie and others accused of having disabilities who were threatened with incarceration in institutions. Christie and the GOP in NJ succesfully deinstitutionalized much of the state.

As for Trump's gambit in Florida it all fell apart. Trump later sold his unjustly accquired posessions to another real estate developer in Fort Lauderdale.

From then on its been down hill for Stodie. The medication regimen he was forced on even after his commitment was expired destroyed his health and his mental well being. Without his money, his mother blackmailed him and forced him to remain in the new Jersey and new York area. since 2015, Stodie has been homeless in Newark an New York. He is not allowed to go beyond those areas otherwise his mother will take away his allowance from his inheritence and the money he worked for in Florida and give him nothing. To this day no one has been punished for this atrocity or for the abuse inflicted on him.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Donald Trump's history of eminent Domain has made New Jeresy a communist nightmare

Today We present brief articles on Donald Trump's history of eminent Domain and a few words on the despicable practices of Donald Trump

In meeting This morning and afternoon, the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets held a meeting at the HAMPTON INN & SUITES conference center in Downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire to condemn Donald Trump for his continued Stance on Eminent Domain. Another meeting will follow a few days from now where we will possibly discontinue any support for Donald Trump whatsoever and in the event he becomes the GOP candidate to support a third party in his place.

Trump's history has always been shaky. In the 90s, Trump supported leftist and communist policies such as eminent domain, gun control, hate speech legislation and speech codes and has shown contempt for the US constitution.

Trump's refusal to condemn KELO V New London and to repay damages to victims of eminent domain in the US and UK continues to pose a threat to the GOP. While we still condemn Colorado for its refusal to hold elections as dictated in the Constitution, Trump poses an embarassment to the GOP and a threat to America and property rights if elected.

In addition we have received word that as late as 2012, Donald Trump used eminent domain and social security to steal money and property from an innocent African American in New Jersey which lead to him being homeless. We will have his story out later this week.

Cruz Nuz, Articles concerning Ted Cruz

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Click here to check out this awesome new article by Josh Painter of conservatives4Tedcruz attacking Trump.

Is Trump a phony, is he still a commie? I report you decide! We'll have more on Friday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Black lives never mattered to Democrats

The so-called black lives movement has been a major force in the Democratic party elections. Bernie Sanders only recently has harvested its potential to take on Hillary who in her youth supported Barry Goldwater who opposed the civil rights act of 1964.

Understandably the Black lives matter movement has reasons to be perturbed such as killings of innocent young blacks by communist pig policemen and low life incompitent cops who think anyone with a black face is a criminal. Black lives like white lives, hispanic lives, Asian lives and other lives also matter but the movement has become monopolist and exclusivist much like a Klan rally. Black lives matter acts as though at times that Only black lives matter. Though that isn't the man consteration.

The real problem is that the Black lives matter movement is against a political party that opposed slavery, lynching, jim crow, hate crime legislation and discrimination while it panders to a political party that supported slavery, lynching and segregation while opposing anti-lynching laws and civil rights laws. This same party also supported the so called Great society of LBJ, a racist former Texas Governor who joined Pappy O'daniel in supporting lynchings in Texarkana who also created the worst thing to hit the black community; WELFARE.

Thanks to the welfare state created by the Great society measure (more like Grate society) black people no longer relied on their own labors and strivings but instead went to stick their hands out to the government for a handout. While many white southerners condemned him for doing this since they had to pay for it, they really like it. It kept blacks in their place and kept them complacent through bribery by the federal government.

To put it the way Johnny Rebel and Col. Sharcroper said it or sang it I should say: "They waits with the rests, the ones at Lyndon's Breast, Will there be any checks in the mail?" And that's all black people did. No more sitting in, no more non-violent resistance, no more working and studying to be equal with the white man, just go on welfare, sit around on the corner and eat a can of beans for dinner or fried chicken.

Add to this, the incentive it created for black women to have out of wedlock children just to get more money and avoid having to work and go to school. For nearly 50 years, the Grate society has contributed to the explosion of illegitimate births in black households. Before this, only 3% of blacks were illegetimate. Family values were important at a crucial time in civil rights. Now 83% of them are illegitimate. Young black men growing up without a male role model, becoming sucked into drugs, gangs and a life of dereliction. Black women, learning that they don't need a diploma, just get pregnant and have a baby with some "playa" and you're all set for life!

It was all intended on purpose by the Southern Democrats to destroy black lives and make sure they don't matter. Whether you're black or white or brown, when you go on welfare and drop out, you're life no longer matters. As one southern liberal Democrat and Klansmen once said, its worth the price!

Ah yes! Lets not forget that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democratic party! Lets not forget how Occupy Wall street was supported by the KKK and the American Nazi party! Lets not forget it was the Democrats who stood for the Klan!

Yes indeed! In the Democratic Party, Black lives never mattered, but they wont tell you this. No sir! Yet were the ones who is racist even though we're the ones who fought for them.

Reagan on Johnny Carson 1975 about the budget

Monday, April 25, 2016

two stupid liberals

The following are emails received by two of the stupidest liberals I have encountered... well... this year I suppose. Yeah... here are two emails by two dumb liberals. One from Boston, the other from St Louis, both of them are communists, both of them support Obama, both of them want to the government to not only cater to them but to control and manipulate them seeing that they are so stupid they need someone to remind them to breathe. So here they are in Bolshevik red...

NOTE: The emails have been edited for content

First Email: This is from Andrew Cummings who claims to be from Boston.

If you hate it here in New England so much get out and move man. I'm sick and tired an I'm sure everyone else who has seen your stupid blog cover to cover like I have is also sick and tired of you whining I mean this whole blog is just whining whining whining whining. I think you're either two kinds of people. One, your some one percenter who is whining because he doesn't want to pay his fair share to people who don't have it as good as he does and doesn't have as many priviliges as he does or your some incomptent poor white trash inbred who was branded mentally incomptent by New Hampshire or Maine and is now unable to leave or get a job so you blame everyone but yourself and go against what's in your best interest and everyone else's interest by advicatin the same failed policies that made you poor and made most of America poor under Bush and Cheney. So if that's the case and you can't move to Texas to go flip burgers for 3 dollars an hour then tough! I look at this blog and all you talk about is either taxes being too high when they've been the lowest in 50 years (and at that time we didn't have a recession going on in the fifties when corporations paid 90% of their taxes) you whine about the government being in everyone's business and then you go on about mental health professionals being communists and on and on its like these articles about people who have their money taken and are forced on SSI and that ruins their lives. Its reading like its the same person almost. Some guy or girl gets diagnosed with a disorder 99% of the stories its Asperger's syndrome for whatever reason, they're forced on SSI by mean abusive parents, the victim ends up homeless on the streets and miserable and poor, he or she is the victim and either dies or lives in miserable poverty. COME ON! That's ridiculous. Either this is phony or its the same person probably you or some other right wing nut burger. I am on SSI and I had to spend down some money I had so I can qualify and it was the best thing since sliced bread. I now qualify for free insurance, it's opened doors to healthcare, to mental health professionals, to programs and to housing for me. If it weren't for SSI I would either be dead or homeless. I don't know if you're trying to take my benefits to save money on taxes or if your some redneck who is embittered about being made to go on SSI cuz your incomptent but you need to let it go. Its for your own good.You were probably branded an incompitent by the state of Maine or New Hampshire and now you can't work because no one will hire you or you can't move to where you want because you'd be stupid enough to settle for a minimum wage job at a dead end postion in Oklahoma. Would you be that Herbert Bowler person by any chance? I don't know who you are but you're whole blog is terrible and that so many people have been on your blog shows that there may not be much hope for America if so many people take you seriously. Obama is doing a good job. He's had a lot to work through, he's been overwhelmed he had to do things that he and his voting base people like me may not like but its for the best and he's doing great with what he has to work with. The real blame is the GOP congress and idiots like you who enable them and further their agenda by promoting lies and misinformation to the uninformed. The reason people like you couldn't make it in places like New England and find a job is because of your imcomtence you failed to fidn a job in Maine, you can't find work in New England don't blame us you did something wrong you're prbably handicapped. I work at a good job in Boston part-time I had no problem getting it. I don't see anythingwrong with Boston compared to what you claim to see. Don't give up but get help. You need it.

 So lets see what this guy had to say and break it down, first of all my blog is full of critical thinking against the liberals and the government and that's whining. Oh! But those liberals when they shrilled over Bush that's not whining at all! That's dissent and DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC we have been told! But I am a whiner for condemning Obama's failure and the failure of socialism! Then we have him praising SSI and acting like there is nothing wrong with property being taken away and people being forced to live in shitty no job poverty states like Maine and Massachusetts. he also praises taxation making the false analogy that we are very low when he only counts federal taxes. When one factors in all the taxes fees ETC on federal local and state and even county levels in Democrat controlled areas like the communist cesspit of New England, taxes are far higher than they've ever been and its worse for those least able to pay.

Then, just when he can't get any lower and cowardly he does. He takes a swap at anyone who lives in New England who is poor and unable to find work. The government fails to help them and its now their fault. There's no doubt that this man is lying about the part time job since getting SSI means you're too stupid to work. This is you're typical communist government worshiping piece of crap. There's no telling just how left wing this snake in the grass is.

 Oh! And all the intelligent responsible taxpaying Americans who view my blog and are sick of the government fudging up their data, lying and ruining their lives, all of you guys are retards and inbred white trash who don't know anything. GEE WHIZ!

When confronted with these errors Andrew had this to say...

SSI does not mean too stupid to work but I have trouble because my disability keeps me from doing that. I have bipolar with schizophrenic episodes. I take strong meds and it makes me unable to work well. I work at a recycling center 3 times a week near Chelsea. My job is to sort through bottles and cans and arrange them then take them to trucks and bins. Its a good job, easy pays a little bit to supplement my SSI.  People who I see unemployed generally are either too old or they are doing something they shouldn't be doing that keeps them from getting a job. There are people who just aren't fit to work like me. As for people who struggle and who say its not their fault, they really need to do a self audit. No one needs to live in the mid-west just to be able to work. As for places like Maine, the poverty problem there is because its a rural state with little resources. I am all for letting people move from there to say Boston but moving to Omaha, or Wichita or any of these other places you mentioned its like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. So these people on SSI who you claim to support, these people probably were mental and in need of help so it was neccesary for their family to compel them to empty their accounts so they could qualify. My mom got me a trustee account and she and my brother manage it. They give me money if I need it but there wasn't much anyway. I needed SSI and I could not hold a job. I got fired from 5 jobs in one month. And in another job I went off and even took off my clothes. I was working at Burger King and began to take my clothes off in the back room and yell "I AM ART! I AM ART! I AM A WORK OF ART!" They had to call the police and they took me to the hospital. I think it was even on Youtube one time. It got deleted thankfully. That was when I was diagnosed as Bipolar with schizophrenic episodes. I am not saying this to put down the unemployed I am just saying you don't need to move to Texas to work at any job. There's plenty here in Massachusetts. Just look!

And Again he goes off attacking the unemployed. If there was ever a reason to reject liberalism this is it. The Democrats couldn't make a job if they were forced too they are so stupid but we never blame them or Obama. They all blame the unemployed. Then he falsely claims that there are actually paying jobs available in Massachusetts. No, there are not. I know this for a fact! I have employed two people who looked for work in the Boston Metro areas for over a year and could not find work. They didn't find work until they moved to New Hampshire. Proof again socialism is a crock of Shit.

Well anyway that was the last response I got from Andy the communist hatemonger. Schizo nut job liberal fascist. Lets move on to this jewel. More like a jewel in the snout of a pig rather. A biblical outlook of a woman with no discretion That is the way to describe our next number.

Meet Lanaqua Robinson, a resident of one of the most communist cities in America New York who is currently a student at MIZZOU University of St Louis. She loves Obama and expresses her communistic views eloquently:

Look why you gotta hate Obama, he's the president he can't do anything wrong. He aint like Bush or Raygan or any of these other devils that be ruining America. We need govment to get our lives in order and to keep the rich white people from making us all slaves! The government all be wanting us to get good jobs and you guys be trying to stop all that! Why? I looked at the blog its all stupid and racist! You making fun of muslims and mexicans and saying that we gotta work hard and shit. Why?

I take clases at school I know all about this stuff and when I go back to Brooklyn I gonna do for that city what Obama did for Chicago and help people. I think like him and unlike you I aint gonna be a racist and support rich white people who are messing.

I believe that America is a racist country with too much money. We live this decadent life while the whole world is going hungry and dying. America needs to confiscate the money from the rich people and give it to the poor people here and in countries like Africa and new Swahelia.

I believe that guns should be outlawed, guns are racist and are used by white people to keep blacks from uniting with everyone else to demand the rich man give it up.  Guns are used to promote crime in places like Chicago so blacks and hispanics murder each other and to kill people who stand up to bad rich white people

I believe that Free speech should be outlawed. Certain speech that is offensive like white supremacy, religious preachers, terrorists, hatemongers and conservatives ETC should be prosecuted for being offensive. 

I believe that religion should be regulated and kept private, 9/11 happened all because of religion and so did Oklahoma city and all terrorist acts. Religion is the cause of all misery and suffering in the world and it needs to be kept down. I'm not saying that it should be made illegal like I go to church sometimes but it should be kept indoors. You want to hear the bible preached do it in your own home or in church. Don't bring it out here.
I believe that people should be licensed before they have children, certain people should not be allowed to have children because they're psychos or are addicts or something. I know if that were the case I would not be born since my mama was mentally ill when she had me. I still think this is important. People who want children need a license by the government and until then everyone needs to have their tubes tied. 

I believe that jobs and housing should be a right for all. The right wingers want there to be poverty so they can exploit and control the masses. We need to get rid of these people who support capitalism because its the reason we have these problems.

When I asked her to clarify what part of my blog was racist and how its racist to stick up for people who were being abused by the government she told me that as far as she was concerned everything about it was racist and that she didn't need to answer.

There goes the future President of the United States of America.