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Friday, August 21, 2015

Ronald Reagan predicts the future

Ronald Reagan slams the hippies

REAGAN Slams the hippies down!

the accounts still work

Got some complaints that the accounts are not working. Well no they are working. Its just that there have been down times on the internet lately. That's either government screwing everything up again like I talked about in one of my previous posts or too many people online at once. The YT account still works, This blog still works the email works everything works. Yeah. Everything is fine.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Videos against Donald Trump

And now for the opposition to Trump. Again excellent arguements. Is Trump to good to be true? Is Trump still a New York Liberal or has he grown a brain? I report you decide. Remember to vote 2016.


Pro-Trump Videos

Hi All! I got two posts here. For and against Donald Trump. All very excellent and gives credence to both sides. So lets look at them... I REPORT YOU DECIDE.

And remember lets keep the debate clean on the blog if you want to comment or argue.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A email response from a Trump Supporter

Here now a email from a supporter of Donald Trump.

I read your article about the Donald and I want you to know that while I respect your beliefs and I think you are a good conservative and America your article was full of S**T. Donald Trump is the only electable candidate in 2016 and if you love America and desire a return to the America of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness you MUST VOTE FOR DONALD!

Rand Paul and his Father are a joke. SERIOUSLY? You think those two clowns and what they stand for will win? HA! No one wants Rand Paul for president! The Zionists hate his guts and the majority of republicans don't want a tiny government like we had under Washington! Anacrho-capitalism doesn't work and neither does strict libertarian anti-government conservatism friend. I agree that the government is too big and that we need to scale it down a whole lot but we can't get rid off the baby with the bath water. The Pauls want to outlaw the CIA and the FBI. We need to CIA to overthrow and keep in check socialist and Islamist governments that threaten us and the economy and the FBI to track down Muslims. Without the FBI how will we eliminate illegal immigrants and subversives? RAND PAUL EVEN OPPOSES BORDERS WITH MEXICO LIKE HIS FATHER!

If Rand Paul becomes the candidate for the GOP Bernie Sanders will win. The majority of Americans don't want an isolationist. They don't want a tiny government either. That goes for GOP voters as well. Its unrealistic anyway. It would just create a power vacuum for some faction to fill in. Maybe even a socialist faction.

Again I agree with you that the government can be bad and that it is too big but you and the other Ron Paul fanatics go way overboard. Don't worry about Bernie Sanders. Trump can handle him. No one wants a socialist nation either. Sanders won't last through primary. The only people who back this loser are government union thugs and underachieving youth from Occupy wall street and homeless shelters.

What I am trying to say is you must vote for Trump or any GOP candidate that stands against Hillary, Bernie and Biden. We can't have another 8 years of socialism like we had under Obama. We need a conservative government that will keep things as smooth as possible, keep taxes and government small as possible and keep America safe. That's another thing I want to say. We are at war. Bush can't help it if the government has to have this NSA TSA stuff. It wasn't his decision.

Anyway I like your blog I like what your doing but no matter what happens we can't have Democrats in charge anymore if we are to save this country from Terrorism and socialism.

Thank You for reading and God Bless

So... This guy is all... Yeah well I like your blog BUT... Then this guy says the Democrats are the problem while ignoring backdoor socialism in the GOP.



Dear sir... Let me be as clear as I can be. I would be happy to have Donald Trump as the GOP candidate if forced to choose between him or someone as evil and undesirable as Sanders or Hillary Pillary.


I tell you right now the American Majority do not want a government that is small as possible but a government that will govern least. They want our government to be transparent, small and hardly seen or heard. A government that does not butt in. But this is what most GOPers are willing to have. But these governments are a threat.

A government that is larger than 5% its normal size a government that robs the fruits of our labor is a government that is a dangerous threat. This kind of government is a threat to national security, a threat to social order and a threat to the economy. 

Every time in history there are tax increases or government increases the weakest among us suffers. This problem painfully works its way from bottom to top. All poverty, all homelessness all unemployment is caused by the government. No matter what happens no matter how intended, every time we have higher minimum wage, welfare state, food stamps poverty increases. Indeed the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I don't remember who said it but it might as well been a welfare recipient.

I was once on welfare when I was in College. The government let me down. I lived in Maine, I had to work harder eat less while bums in the projects didn't do any work. While the government got bigger and bigger and screwed everything up even more.

The majority of Americans oppose this. They want a small government that will not rob them blindly and pass unfair laws that cause all these social problems like mass incarcerations, racism, poverty, school bullying and shootings and high crime. The FBI and CIA can't make us safe from Socialism and Islam. They failed to protect us on 9/11 and they failed to stop the attacks on Boston. We need to scale it back. No more CIA and a smaller more efficient FBI. Socialism? If another country wants to kill themselves by voting for Socialism let them. Venezuella did and they suffer for it. They made their nest they can sleep in it. Islam? Ban it in America and have Christian missionaries go to the Mid-east and convert them. Most of these muslims will leave their religon if given a choice.

One thing is certain well never get anywhere if Trump turns out to be as liberal as Obama or worse as Hillary or Sanders. And we will be worse off voting for a big government socialist in the GOP like Rick "freedom should have limts" Santorum or Chris Jersey Turnpike Christie. We don't need that. The only Democrat that doesn't make me sick is Andrew Cuomo. If he becomes the Democratic Candidate then well see what happens.

One thing is certain the GOP has strayed from its intent and if the GOP candidate will not conform to that intent and give me and my family freedom to breathe then we must oppose the GOP. If the GOP gives us a candidate who is socialist like The Democraps the GOP must be taught a lesson. The GOP needs to be held accountable. They need to hear from us that we demand tight borders, no more immigration, no more welfare, no more government and no more taxes. If they wont vote for that then they will not recieve any funds or any vote. Its our country not Wall streets, not Putin's not The clinton's or Bernie Sanders. We cannot have freedom economically or socially or politically if we elect a socialist like Christie or Santorum. 

Rand Paul is unelectable because the GOP is conditioned to think its extreme to have freedom and small government. That's not extreme its common sense. But we've been conditioned by mass media and public schools not to accept that. We need the government we are told and many republicans have also gotten that entitlement mentality that the Democrats have. They want their cake and eat it too. The Gop is becoming a lighter version of the Democrats. If Christie or any similar socialist is the candidate then GOP is lost. A vote republican would be a vote for Democrat then. We can't allow it so the GOP needs to be disciplined. Give us either the America of our founding fathers or go blow.

I will gladly put forward for Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker or any other GOP candidate that stands for the principles of America that the GOP once stood for but if a backdoor socialist or hypocrite or border activist like Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Santorum, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or any other. I will cause a ruckus. I don't care if Bernie Sanders wins. Give America a hard lesson. They'll need it. 

If 8 years of the school of hard knocks under Obama wont work, I guarantee you only a couple years under the pinko Sanders will. Elect Sanders and well never have a socialist government ever again.

I know you mean well but you've obviously never lived under the yoke of the Democrats and failing welfare like I have. You've never had to sit in line and wait to eat while whores with bastards are ahead of you gobbling up what little there is.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weighing in on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now announcing his candidature for president.For real this time he says... and I think it would be prudent of me to weigh in on what I think of it.

First off I hope you all Donald's speech which you can view above. It was a stirring speech an inspiring speech I didn't agree with everything he says but it was a fine speech none the less. Youtube already has shown 1.2 million hits alone so no doubt the sheep in the republican party have been attracted like moths to a flame.

But there in is the problem. Ever noticed how something is too good to be true and usually is? Remember all the other promises we've gotten, those stirring speeches by Reagan, Nixon, Obama and the like? Obama claimed that the economy would clean up if we dumped the free market and adopted european style socialism. Obama promised us jobs and change. Well we got change alright. Loose change. End of story.

George W Bush made a similar speech. He claimed to be a born again Christian, a conservative and said that under his tenure government would not increase. Well none of that happened. Bush is a member of skull and bones, an anti-christian occult secret society, he bends over defending Christian murdering muslims and while we may have been at war Bush none the less presided over the biggest increase in government in history since Roosevelt. Not just with regards to homeland security but with social programs and social spending. In fact studies showed that Bush's spending in social welfare ETC was higher than Reagan's. So much for less government is better eh? He supported loose borders and amnesty for undocumented illegals despite the danger of terrorists sneaking in as well.

So The Donald may be touching every republican talking point and saying feel good things but in the end his speech will mean nothing. Why? He doesn't like illegal aliens he says. He says he'll close our border but no. He wont.

There is just so much wrong with this guy. The whole thing with him. He is just a showman and always has been. Like Phineas Barnum who said a sucker is born every minute and lord help us we may all be suckers for the Don. This is a billionaire real estate agent. He may have traveled the world over he may have been rich with economic experience but he has no real political experience. He is untested and untried.

Not only that he has some liberalism of his own. He was known to support liberal justices on the supreme court for instance. And he had also supported Hillary for senator of NY. Also according to GOP rep Carlos Curbelo of Florida he has had a liberal past. In fact he was once known as a liberal's liberal. On meet the press in 1999 he described himself as pro-choice and supportive of universal healthcare and while abhoring gun control did support  a ban on so called assault weapons.

The Donald now and days will say that was then. And no doubt he may be right but... There is that possibility. The two party system is a failure. Its either tweedledee and tweedledum and nobody wants the American candidate. Nobody wants someone like Ron Paul or his son Rand who is the better choice for 2016. Everyone wants a candidate who will supply the goods.

If there is one thing that really disturbs me is polls showing that Socialist Bernie Sanders would beat trump like a drum if it came to picking these two. God help us.

Well I don't know what you think but its up to you. Remember to vote responsibly next november for the sake of our children otherwise may our children and children's children forgive us if we elect a disaster.