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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time sure flies when you're struggling under Obama's socialist regime

I am still here folks. Been very very busy. I got two kids, one still a baby and surprise surprise! I got another on the way! Due probably in October or November I believe. The situation at work is also hectic. I had another close call with the IRS who evidently are targeting pro-American folks like me relentlessly. They tried to audit me but  I am spot on accurate with my returns and my lawyers also showed them off. Round 2 ends. Mr. Pro-American 2 IRS socialists and the crack smoking welfare bums who leech off my money, nil.

Business is hectic too. I got a lot of bureaucracy to work around and hoops to jump and my employees are unhappy because the increase in wages they got is now going to pay for mandatory insurance rates that are climbing. All thanks to Obama and idiots who should be banned from voting.

I got a few articles coming up next week about the origin of the food stamp program under Herr Hitler hero of the liberals. It includes a testimony from a Polish survivor of the Nazi occupation and how the Nazis used the food stamp program to starve the homeless and poor. Liberals also want to do the same here.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Castrated, wounded, impoverished and dumped on the streets for having Asperger's Syndrome

Johnny Alton was 25 years old in 2001 and living in Keene New Hampshire. New Hampshire was once a free state and although the influx of patriotic americans from different parts of America known as free staters New Hampshire has fallen under the sway of the communist left. This is all thanks to the swarms of welfare parasites and bums from New York and Massachusetts who come to leech off the state. While many come for the state's prosperous job economy many more come to avoid work all together.

Jeanne Shaheen and other Democratic communists have made the state, the southern part of the state anyway into a gravy train for bums who hate America. Most of them from California, New York, Massachusetts and Maine. All paid for by those who are working and responsible. Southern New Hampshire now bears more and more resemblance to Boston and New York City complete with fascist police and ridiculous unfair victimless crimes all passed by enemies of God and America.

Thanks to these filthy Democraps, Johnny Alton went from working and being independent saving for tuition at University of New Hampshire Durham to being homeless and crippled. The problem started as Johnny saved money for University tuition. He planned on entering law school and becoming a lawyer. He saved for this by working in Dry wall and carpentry. But his parents who were Democrats and who were liberal wanted him to apply for University through government programs such as Voc Rehab. To qualify however he had to spend down his money and apply for SSI.

Johnny had no desire to lose his hard earned money to a government program with a high history of failure. So his parents went to work in destroying his life. One day while at work police arrested him and had him placed under 72 hour hold for evaluation. The hold was because his mother had called 911 and falsely claimed his son was going to commit suicide at work. She also created forged documents clamed to be suicidal letters by John wanting to end his life. John denied this and despite his friends and his employer standing up for him doctors didn't listen. John was held for over a week and forcibly medicated on Seroquel, Lexipro, Depakote and Zyprexa. He was also ordered to sign a behavioral contract that required that he quit his job, enroll in Vocational Rehabilitation and spend down his money.

John was released but refused to spend down his money and quit his job pointing out that he was close to being able to get his tuition and also correctly pointing out that it made no sense to wait and wait and wait years or decades on a government program that never worked and that usually took care of illegals and felons instead of ordinary Americans. After an argument with his mother in which he stormed out, his parents called the police and made false claimed that John said he would go home and kill himself but also threatened to kill them both.

John was arrested at his apartment and taken to the Cheshire county jail and later back to the psych ward at Cheshire medical center. Because John did not follow his contract and take his meds, his doctor ordered him sent to New Hampshire state Hospital in Concord. His parents then told his employers that he could not work anymore because he was crazy. His doctor also informed them while collecting info despite violating the HIPPA laws. He lost his job and the doctors to this day were never punished for violating HIPPA.

John spent a month at NHH where he was proscribed toxic drugs. Zyprexa, Lexipro, Paxil and the drug Risperdal, a drug used by psychiatrists to castrate sex offenders in prison. A drug now being used to treat mental illnesses such as Asperger's syndrome, a mental illness similar to autism and schizophrenia. John was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, ODD, borderline personalities and panic disorder as well as bipolar. According to an evaluation John was also borderline intelligent and incapable of work or self sufficiency. They denied he had ever worked in his life and considered his parents to be very reliable sources of information.

To make matters worse, John's parents were able to get his siblings and a few relatives to sign a witness statement that John was violent and abusive towards animals even though there had never been an incident where John was violent or even hinted at violence. Not once speck of evidence existed that said that John was abusive to animals. But doctors didn't believe it. The false statements which also claimed that John spoke to himself and hallucinated and heard voices (all of which was falsehood) was also used to involuntarily commit John.

The diagnosis was also made based on the fact that he had been bullied as a child in school. Doctors claimed on an evaluation that John's eccentric and strange behavior and "autistic qualities" stopped him from making friends. In realty this had happened as a result of an abusive teacher and bad students who were raised poorly combined with a failing socialist educational system that allowed it. John did make friends when he was in High school but this was ignored.

New information also revealed that John's Christian faith was a triggering and contributing factor to his wrongful diagnosis. Both his parents held him in contempt as did his relatives.

Under John's commitment, he was forbidden to work, forbidden to make decisions in his own interest and was placed under a limited medical guardianship under his parents who had betrayed him. He was forced to apply for Voc Rehab and let them get him into university for him. He was also forced to take meds including Risperdal.

John was on the commitment for 6 years and in 2007 didn't realize that he was being castrated until a doctor informed him of the side effects of Zyprexa and Risperdal. By now he was obese, very lethargic had begun to show symptoms of diabetes and had early warning signs of heart disease. John was in a way an old man in a young man's body. His life was falling apart and deteriorating and was beyond rock bottom. He had been unemployed for 6 years was homelss for 3 of those years waiting for housing and had not attended University or College.

John found out that his mental health records and his insurance records that showed he had been on meds for retards and the mentally ill was not only a barrier to housing and a good career but also a barrier to University application as well. No one wants to hire a psycho on brain damaging meds and so Universities have no need either of so called people like John. John was devastated.

But the fact that John had been castrated without knowledge was even worse. As punishment for embracing Christianity and embracing conservative ideals and for being picked on as a child John was deprived of his livelihood, his rights and his manhood. John sued his outpatient provider and threatened a suit against the state of New Hampshire for his injuries. He was supported by the NHCLU, CCHR, The law offices of Joe Bornstein and legal aid. John' suit was not very successful and was only able to obtain a settlement of $22,000 for the side effects of Risperdal. He had impotence and also suffered gynacomastia, a condition where he grew large breasts. It was not successful because John's parents lied under oath about their son's condition and tried to sabotage the suit. They also took hold of his earnings.

With help from his attorneys John succeeded in breaking out of the guardianship but his earnings left over from corrective surgery to remove enlarged breasts went to a conservator. By the time John was able to get it back in 2008 most of it was gone. John only had less than half of it. About $4400 of it.

John eventually ran out of money and again had to depend on what little he got from SSI. He became homeless in Boston and New York city. He finally got a place to live in Boston but it was temporary. John moved from the east coast to California in the bay area and eventually settled down in Modesto where he currently lives. John Has never worked since and he is still very poor, relying on SSI and at times begs for money to get by.

John's troubles all happened because of his dependency on the government. It was not his choice, it was the choice of irresponsible parents and irresponsible government. Johnny Alton. Another lesson in why never to trust the government and why communism/socialism et al have always failed. Reasons why capitalism is the only rational system for civilization.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

expatriation of liberals and welfare bums would save money

You know... It's a wonder why liberals and other moochers who hate America don't just leave. I mean they can afford to do so. They get big money from government care welfare and SSI they rob and loot and steal from the workers through muggings and lootings as well as the welfare state. The Liberals should love it here. But no they don't they hate America and everything she stands for. They root for the terrorists, Isis, Putin (even though they're all homophobes especially the later) and wish and hope for America to collapse.

Its time we get rid of the haters of America. We can't do it by force because that would mean having to sift through the rubbish. And there are also so many braindead public school grads who believe that the things liberals believe in are right and American as Reagan. Besides that there are just too many. And were not going to violate the constitution to do so either. 2 wrongs don't make a right after all. So what do we do?

The solution is expatriation. Replace the welfare dictatorship with a lump sum payment to leave and not come back. Liberal fascists, bums and so on need money for drug addictions and only God know what. They will line up and take it believe me.

So here's how the program works? for a lump sum of say ten thousand or maybe fifty thousand at most the liberal and his/her family can leave and go live in Europe, China, N. Korea, Singapore, any of these nice liberal countries that they all talk about an love more than America.

Upon payment to an overseas bank account they would be escorted out on plane. They can never return ever again for the rest of their lives even as tourists. No. Not for any reason. If they do they will be put in prison for 5 years and then deported again.

The descendants of those who went on the expatriation program will not be allowed in either. To enter for any reason they must serve in the armed forces. They need to show that the apple fell far from the tree of communist satanic filth and embrace the American paradigm. Immigration and citizenship requires longer service times.

Immigrants do not qualify. Only born and naturalized citizens. Immigrants will be promptly thrown out once their green card expires. Immigrants who come illegally will be severely punished and thrown out. Immigrants who are anti-American or pro communist will also be expelled. We only want immigrants who are responsible and who want to be Americans.

This will save the American people a ton of money in the long run so don't worry. We can fire all these lazy government morons and encourage them to leave as well. Not to mention these fat pig police officers who eat donuts and punish victimless crimes while hoods run wild robbing and killing while making America look bad by killing unarmed blacks.

We will have less crime, less dirty streets, more jobs more money to spend and safer communities. There will be smaller government, smaller taxes, smaller government and more freedom and liberty.
Imagine a nation that is decent and wholesome. Imagine a nation free of drugs and immoral entertainment. That's because people choose to buy pro-family. Imagine a nation where liberalism and homosexuality are back in the closet and AIDS is suffered only by a minority of degenerates and a few of their victims. Imagine a nation where everyone is responsible and pulls their own weight and that only those who cannot work are paid for not working. Imagine a nation better than our fathers grew up in in the 50s. One that truly was more in step with the pleasant sitcoms.

It can happen if we just have the courage to ignore the cries of racist, sexist, fascist and every other ist they hurl at us. If we just put our feet down and yell enough! Notify your representative and senator and tell them this is a good idea.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Three cases of SSI abuse and socialist exploitation by the government

Sorry I've been away but I've been busy since tax day making sure I don't get run over by the neo-Nazis that run the IRS. Today and tomorrow will be different I hope. Well have some stories of liberal fascism and how the IRS runs down minorities and the poor.

Today I will talk about SSI. As you know I am not a fan of SSI or social security, we did stories of SSI ripping off and robbing the poor, innocent people being branded as disabled or borderline retarded because of their race or beliefs and how government confiscates their bank accounts to make them qualify and how it is ruining innocent lives because of liberals.

The following are cases from legal aid groups that I helped work with in New England and California as well as from the Rutherford foundation and from the National Association to stop guardian abuse.

Jodie McWilliams

Jodie had a troubled life. Born into a poor family Schenectady New York which lay outside of Albany. Her father was drunk and abusive towards her, her siblings but mostly her mom. She and her family moved out when her father left them and they lived with relatives and friends in Rochester NY, Coat hill Pennsylvania and eventually moved into Freehold New Jersey when she was 12 where her mother dated an older man who ran a business there and had 2 children of his own.

Jodie had 3 other siblings one brother and two sisters. Jodie was shy and a loner. In school she was picked on and teased and mostly left alone with one or two friends. The bullying was worst in Rochester but in Freehold she was mostly invisible. She never got to go to Prom and never did much mostly keeping to herself and helping her stepfather at work. Unlike her biological father and two of her mom's boyfriends, he took a liking to her and helped her out.

In addition to a problematic family and social life Jodie was diagnosed with ADD, Asperger's syndrome and also had a speech problem. Jodie and her stepdad didn't believe she had them, attributing the diagnosis to bullying and the schools failure to do anything about it. The ADD was no doubt mostly because of distractions at home and at school rather then mental problems. Her speech was another story but she saw a therapist frequently and it improved.

But in 2007 when Jodie turned 18 and was about to graduate from High school, really big trouble began. Jodie and her stepdad had big plans for her. College and a career but her mother and a school psychiatrist didn't think it appropriate. Jodie found herself at the mercy of New Jersey's notoriously abusive mental health system.

She was deceived into going into a mental hospital for outpatient treatment by her mother who claimed that she was taking her to an appointment to see a counsellor for career training. Instead she was taken to Centrastate health center and told that she was to see a mental health professional for outpatient treatment and to force her to enroll on SSI because according to her mother, "It was for the best." Jodie was informed that if she did not cooperate she would be made an inpatient, locked away and unable to go to work costing her job and income.

The doctor proscribed strong meds for Jodie that made it hard for her to stay awake and work. She was not allowed to refuse her meds. Her mother would make sure she took them everyday even resorting to threatening her with physical violence if she didn't. As a result Jodie lost her job at McDonalds and instead of blaming medication blamed her. On doctor's advice her mother even took away her car so she could not move around claiming that she could not drive anymore since she was not taking meds "for being a crazy stupid girl."

Jodie's stepfather at first protected her from her mother but then suffered a stroke and died sometime later. She lost her only protector.

Jodie attempted to run away from her abusive home life and took a greyhound bus out of New Jersey. She did not know what to do or where to go so she choose to leave for New York not knowing the devastating consequences that would have. She also left a message on her mother's voice mail telling her to leave her alone and that she was leaving before her bus left.

Jodie's mother no sooner called police. She guessed that Jodie was running away to a major city In addition to calling Freehold police she called Police in Trenton, Newark, New York, Philidelphia and Baltimore to alert them. She falsely claimed that Jodie was mentally retarded and brain damaged and needed her meds.

Jodie's bus arrived at New York Port Authority building and as she got off she was accosted by transit security officers and NYPD officers who placed her under arrest and had her detained. Under questioning they asked why she came to New York. She informed them of abuse by her mother how she was mistreated by her doctors and that she came because she did not know where else to go. Officers did not believe she was abused and since the NYPD tends to be liberal and believe the government sided with her mother.

The officers told her that it was wrong for her to run away and that she had to be medicated even though the meds caused harm. They decided to send her to Bellevue Hospital's infamous psychward where doctors took down her statements, ignored them and medicated her. Jodie was then transferred to another notorious and abusive psychiatric ward, this one in Rockland Hospital in Orangeburg. She was branded mentally incompetent and in addition to having ADD and Asperger's and Bipolar also had ODD, Panic disorder, delusions of grandeur and Borderline personalities. She was given a choice to go back home to her mother and sign away and give up all her assets or become ward of the state of New York under emergency guardianship.

Jodie did not want to give up her money from work and demanded a hearing but the doctor refused. Emergency guardianships are immediate and last for over a month hearings are not given until usually half way or when they are nearly over and in the case of the later usually result in the guardianship either being renewed for another 30 or 60 days or in longer more harmful guardianships such as plenial ones.

With the stroke of a pen, Jodie's constitutional freedoms, designed and intended to be absolute and irrevocable were revoked thanks to communist mental health laws in the Marxist state of New York. Jodie's mental health records claimed that she had delusions of being abused by her mother and that she was found in New York's transit authority building confused. They also stated that she was irresponsible and incapable of caring for herself.

She spent two weeks of her illegal and unconstitutional guardianship in Rockland's inpatient ward as well as New York University hospital's ward. She was then moved into a group home for mentally incapacitated adults in Albany. While there she was drugged into oblivion even being hospitalized for seizures caused by the meds yet she was still forced to take them.

After six months of being a ward of the state Jodie was let go. She was also on SSI by now and would discover that her money was confiscated by the state appellate. She was unable to get the money back from the state since the courts argued it was legal and necessary for her to be eligible for SSI. She spent a year in the group home and later 2 years homeless in New York and Boston before Jodie was allowed to manage her money. She currently resides in an independent living apartment in Haverhill and has never worked at a job since.

Luiz Campos

A resident of San Jose, Luiz's problems with the mental health system started when he became a born again Christian at the age of 16 and no sooner did he become a babe in Christ that he began to walk on his two feet and become a street preacher. But California is godless. And the sight of one preaching love to the downtrodden and correctly exposing the government idols in Sacramento liberals worship as the source of the states woes was something those in the highly tolerant bay area wouldn't abide.

The problem began before he turned 17. Luiz preached in Downtown SJ where his topic was the death of a homeless man. Luiz blamed it rightfully on the government and liberals. He told as well as showed how high taxes and codling to illegal immigrants who don't belong here were the cause of homelessness and death and he showed marvelously how selfish and heartless liberals were. They must've been convicted by the holy ghost because as soon as he finished, plain clothes officers arrested him on the charge of disorderly conduct as well as sexual harassment. The later charge coming from an angry liberal whore who made a false claim that he pinched her behind as she walked by a charge that witnesses and security cameras from a nearby bank would prove false.

Luiz was released to his parent's custody. The parents were Christian just like Luiz and his father went to work providing legal help for his son. Despite overwhelming proof of innocence a juvenile judge ordered him to be put under a court ordered psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatrist as  Luiz described him pretended to be friendly but wasn't. He claimed that Luiz was a sexual deviant arguing that no one who called the police could ever lie and neither could the police. A sure trait of communism. He also claimed that his beliefs that the government was not always correct and that the government was to blame and that the homeless were people were also bizarre and ludicrous. More traits of communist government worship.

Luiz was forcibly drugged by the doctor with 4 different prescription drugs. Luiz's family sued when he told Luiz that he had no right to worship such a politically incorrect God while also proclaiming luiz to be a traitor and a possible terrorist. The doctor agreed to let him choose his own doctor, a right that was denied by the courts. The next doctor was like your typical liberal government paid stooge. He would talk with him for 15 minutes pretending to give a damn then give him a bottle of pills. That's all. Fortunately there were no more problems and Luiz only had to take one proscription medication instead of the 4 the communist doctor forced on him.

Nonetheless the doctor did not take kindly to Luiz's Christian beliefs. He was rebuked and condemned for being conservative and for his beliefs in the founding father's original intent. This and more would come back to haunt Luiz when he became an adult and when he graduated from  University years later.

At 18 and a half Luiz was again arrested this time for handing out bible tracts. It was alleged that he had trespassed on private property to do so. In reality Luiz had been in downtown San Jose and the man who filed charges had in truth not noticed the presence of the Chick tract until he was on the property in Palo Alto. The charges were dropped but Luiz had been convicted of disorderly conduct and defacing the motor vehicle with the tract. These along with his unsealed juvenile record would have dire consequences for Luiz's career.

In 2005 Luiz graduated from CSU with a bachelors degree. He was 23 years old and looking forward to making a start in the world but despite handing out hundreds of resumes found no employment. It was later discovered that due to the weakening of privacy laws in America corporations were able to get a hold of information that they shouldn't like credit, criminal and medical records. That includes Psychiatric records BTW.

For over a year, Luiz Campos struggled to find work. He sent his resume far and wide throughout the nation and visited offices from LA to Seattle and as far west as Dallas. He was unsuccessful. His frustrations increased when job counselors decided to blame him for his problems. His frustrations gave way to harassing phone calls to businesses that rejected his resume where he demanded an explanation for why he was not hired. This lead to a phone call from a worker in HR from Denver who informed Luiz that he was denied employment because of his psychiatric history.

Businesses he discovered are able to gain access to government records like medical and psychiatric records. The federal government's mental health database, a system intended to stop the mentally ill from purchasing guns by collecting information from insurance companies, clinics and hospitals is also used to stop those who have mental illness or even believed to be mentally ill from being employed. Many big corporations have access to it and those who have been to a psychiatric clinic or have taken meds for crazies are blocked out from hiring.

The HR worker also informed him that this system is also being used to stop people who have taken any kind of medication even for physical ailments as well as mental illness or retardation. Businesses big and small do not want to hire crazies or the weak. Most Luiz discovered do not want to hire bible believers as well.

Thanks to the patriot act and the erosion of privacy by the government since the beginning of the war on terror, many companies even landlords can get somewhat of an idea of whether or not an applicant is crazy stupid by checking their hospital and clinic records. A landlord in an apartment Luiz's parents tried to get for him found out he had been to a clinic after credit union's shared the info.

The addition of Social security's E-hire database also makes things worse. There have been frequent mistakes with people falsely banned from not working due to Social security's laziness and inefficient government.

Luiz was stuck without a home and a job. He did get an inheiretence from his Grandmother for 100,000 dollars but he didn't get to enjoy it for very long. A month later, it was confiscated by the government because he was eligible for SSI and Medical insurance. A judge confirmed this pointing out his psychiatric history as a reason for why he needed SSI as well as his beliefs.

Luiz ended up poor on the street homeless. All because his rights were not respected. Luiz found himself homeless both in San Francisco and on LA's notorious skid row. While in LA, Luiz was forced on involuntary outpatient commitment and forced t take medication. Since then he has been back on the streets 4 times losing his home either to corrupt law enforcement that targets Christians or to corrupt government grabbing things that don't belong to him. Today he currently resides in a group home somewhere in California.

Rachel Suzuki
When Rachel graduated from High School in 2003 she expected to be going on to University and a career. She did not expect the government in California and Washington state to take away all her worldly possessions and abuse her and leave her on the streets. The problem happened because of an evaluation she had when she was 12 years old. Rachel was energetic then and survived sex abuse. But based on that evaluation from way back in a time of distress and a time when her mind was not yet developed she was now seen as a retarded mentally ill stupid person by the state. That BTW was the exact words by a psychiatrist who later evaluated her for money management.

A year after graduation the state of California became her guardian and her money from when she worked for to go to College was stolen and never recovered. Her trust fund was also taken and instead of it going to college education it went to the pockets of her guardian.

The guardian was an attorney named Nicole Bianca, a corrupt attorney who was notorious for defending fraudulent rip offs by the state against poor people. She also worked as a legal guardian and conservator and did her job well... ripping them off. Bianca is also very mean to those who turn to her for help whether or not they want it.

Rachel described how she tried to audit Nicole for abusing her account. "I went to her office and spoke to her and told her she needed to take care of me and that she had to show me the account statement. If she's not doing anything wrong she has nothing to hide. She then snapped at me and screamed that "I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY YOU'D JUST SPEND IT ON DRUGS!" I TOLD HER SHE WAS WRONG and then she said that I was just because the government said so like the government was never wrong. How can that be?"

Nicole wanted Rachel to live in a group home for the retarded in Lancaster. She refused and ran away to Oregon citing abuse by the guardian. She succeeded only in getting her guardianship switched from California to Oregon only because an audit done at the behest of a relative and sympathetic attorney showed that abuse had taken place. She had another guardian who also left her alone and poor. She lived in low income housing and was unable to work because as she found out, being  Low Income housing resident is not popular to many employers. Add to this her psychiatric record made matters worse too. She would later move to Idaho and then to Washington.

The guardianship lasted for 4 years. For Four Years Rachel lived in slums, homeless shelters and was fed sparingly. She got out only to find that all her money was gone. California and Oregon only gave back $4000 dollars of her money. To make mattes worse she was unemployable due to a psychiatric record and was horribly traumatized. From then to now she wound up in poverty and remained in poverty. She currently resides in Tacoma where she lives off her meager SSI and works as a prostitute selling her body for Crack cocaine.


If ever there was a reason to conclude that the government is dangerous its SSI. The government wants us to be poor and unemployed and to do that it will brand innocent people as undesirables just because of anything they can think off. All paid for by taxpayers.