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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Iowa debates are over but the battle is just beginning!

Ted Cruz to no one's surprise took the Iowa debates by storm in an awesome victory. This made even more possible by Donald Trump throwing in the towel and refusing to participate in the debates because of grudges held against Megan Kelly. Trump acted arrogant and held his own rally and spent his time debating himself.

This is not a good time for the Donald to do this with his polls suffering especially after launching into vicious attacks against Ted Cruz. Among other things making offensive name calling against him, repeating what a woman in New Hampshire said about him. I wont repeat it here BTW I am already in trouble with liberals as is.

Donald Trump even made remarks that some considered sarcastic but others offensive when he said he didn't care if his voters were killed driving home in a snow storm on the way home.

Donald Trump is preferable to most of the other GOP candidates including the socialist Marco Rubio and his comrade, Jeb Bush but his arrogance and bad behavior have negative implecations for himself and for the GOP. This kind of New York rude behavior in the long run could hurt Trump and stymie his chances for election.

Even if he were to clinch the GOP nomination which still seems likely, this behavior and sarcasm could come back to hurt him when he goes up against Hillary or worse, Bernie Sanders.

Despite all this Donald Trump maintains a strong lead. He is number 2 in the polls despite reneging on the Iowa debates. He is still beloved by the GOP and is considered a second choice to Ted Cruz who we here at Mainestategop and The New England Alliance for Liberty and Free markets support.

In spite of Cruz's victory in Iowa which was apparent it is only the beginning. Iowa is not the last word in the elections for GOP nomination. Both Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012 also came out on top in the Iowa debates and both lost to John McCain and Mitt Romney respectively.

Stay tuned for more news on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Be Sure to read Cruz news sponsered by conservatives4TedCruz.com below this post. Together we can make America great again.

Cruz newz for February 2016 this week

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Psychiatry and industry of Death (full video)

Several Years ago Mainestategop posted a video done by the Citizens commission on Human rights, a law firm that helps needy people being persecuted by the government called PSYCHIATRY: AN INDUSTRY OF DEATH

The movie was flagged and deleted several times by communists, liberals and other enemies of America.

CCHR while having many followers who are scientologists also has followers who are born again christians who are against abuse by psychiatry which is ungodly, socialist and evil. CCHR is run by people of many faiths with branches all over America and other parts of the world including one in Boston funded with help by the New England Alliance for liberty and Free markets and their HQ is in Hollywood California.

Liberals and their allies nazis and communists support Psychiatry because it justifies attrocities against their victims. Atrocities such as genocide, forced sterilization, guardianship, child abuse, communism, discrimination and others.

The video has been banned time and time again by liberals who hate freedom and dignity and want everyone to behave the same way. Our mainestategop youtube channel was almost banned from Youtube for posting copies of this video and others like it that expose mental illness as a myth to justify atrocities against opponents of liberals.

We urge you to click the link above and share this with as many people as you can. The truth must get out!

Homosexual LGBT advocates wage war on Martin Luther King and civil rights in Oregon

Today on the start of what is called black history month, a time to honor brave heroic African-american men and women many of whom we would bill as conservative, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the interests of America, equality and human rights, the queer transgender community decide to wage an all out war on blacks to advance queer rights.

Before continuing I need to emphasize, this is not a parody or a satire. This really went on in University of Oregon...

In the University of Oregon, gay LGBT activists and their supporters want the statue of Martin Luther King on campus which was scheduled for remodeling to have the plaque with quotes from MLK's I have a dream speech removed.

Why? Before telling you why let's see what this plaque said. The plaque read from the I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH that Martin Luther King wanted his children not to be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. What could be wrong with that you ask? Well local queers, in particular the transgender cross dressers say its not inclusive of gender identity.

According to the gays and trannys, Martin Luther King Jr's dream was not inclusive of homosexuals and people of different genders. And By the way, these people think there are more than the two normal genders available. Kinda reminds me of the entrance forms of Berkeley University that offer six different gender identities to choose from.

The queers either want The plaque removed or to have a statue of Caitlyn Jenner commending gay rights with LGBT inclusive quotes on a plaque erected  next to the Martin Luther King statue. The LGBT students wish for a statue of the infamous transgender celebrity, real name Bruce Jenner, former Olympic athlete and Hollywood movie star and actor to be erected nearby.

Not surprisingly, The local student unions have supported this initiative! Student union director Laurie Woodward known for her far left views and support for communism believes that MLK's dream is not inclusive and that Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement is obsolete and not relevant today. REALLY?!

But fortunately U Oregon isn't as far down the relativistic PC brick road as most campuses in California are. Many thought it was the student union and the gay community that was not inclusive and going to far.

To top it off, black advocates for civil rights fought back with gusto. What the gays don't count on is that many blacks including leftists and civil rights leaders hold some conservative Christian views and don't consider queer rights to be the same as civil rights.

Furthermore, no one has a choice to be born black. While it is true that there are techniques and make up available to alter ones pigmentation and hues such as skin lighteners, negroplasties ETC. no one has a choice what their race or ethnicity is so to discriminate or persecute based on that is an abomination. Blaming them is blaming God.

But being gay, being queer, being a tranny is a choice. A very sick lifestyle choice that should not be tolerated in any civil and moral society. It is unatural, unhealthy, sinnful and unrighteous. Further more homosexuals tend to be racist, violent, deviant and immoral. This is further evidenced by the homosexual's attempt to tear down Martin Luther King's legacy and the legacy of civil rights.

Monday, February 8, 2016

What caused the water problem in Flint Michigan?

It can be summed up very easily why the water is bad in Michigan.

Before showing what it is, let is show what it is not.

First, it has nothing to do with the tea party governor, elected after Michigan voters got fed up with union thugs and Democrat filth ruining America and most of all ruining Michigan with unemployment, crime, corruption and communism. It has nothing to do also with attempts to balance the woefully terrible budget in Lansing thanks to liberal unions fleecing Americans.

The problem is simply put like this...

The state of Michigan has run out of other people's money to spend.

Yes indeed. We can all thank Michael Moore and his marxist Grandfather who promoted union bums who over the decades have drained the state of jobs and funds for bums and idiots.

Liberalism is cancer and Michigan is overcome with it. Higher and higher taxes, a population that doesn't want to work plus a broken market where no profit can be had make for bad news for American workers who are out of work in Michigan.

Starting in the nineteen thirites with help From Michael Moore's grandpa and other liberal thugs and hooodlums who didn't appreciate how good they had it during the great depression, union labor out of control and government labor, lazy and spoiled have fleeced the business sector and the taxpayer.

Leftists like Moore and others have made things worse as well, demanding that the government provide more and more services for bums and crack addicts while workers work harder and businesses sacrifice profits.

Finally it all came to a head in the nineteen-eighties. GM, lead the way. The auto industry, the back bone of Michigan had had it. A combination of over taxation, union corruption and shiftlessness along with an influx of Japanese auto imports had broken the company's backside. No longer could Buick, General Motors, Ford and other great  autos make a car Americans could afford. No longer could they get along and profit. It was time to move on.

With no support from the big government state and federal it was time to get up and move. GM and others send their factory jobs to Mexico and China and began to invest in other more profitable industries such as national defense contracting and Aerospace. With the auto industry also went the steel industry and many other industries at that. The unions were powerless and broken as a result. They had gone to far and now the well was dry.

Michigan continued and to this day continues to decline. Every year the state lost jobs, every year the state has gotten worse. Hillbillies and trailer trash dependent on handouts from Uncle Sam and Lansing occupy rural Michigan while in Detroit and Flint, the brothers in the hood occupy the blighted urban areas left open by white flight and live on welfare and gang banging.

Hmmmm... Sounds like the state of Maine where I am from. Of course its still very white and they do all the gangbanging and drugging. Most black people wouldn't last in that state which is heavily racist and was and still is Ku Klux Klan dominated.

The responsible workers of all races find no chance in Michigan. The arabs and Somalis on the other hand remain behind in Dearborn getting freebies from Uncle sam just by being refugees. No need to worry about work. JUST LIKE IN MAINE!!!

But the left blames governor rick Snyder for the problems created by the left. With no credit and no money left to tax, Snyder is left to cut and snip freebies and pensions from bum workers in Lansing and cut welfare checks to the bums in Detroit and Kalamazoo who wont work. Now the state can't afford clean drinking water.

There is only one way out. One that Snyder has been forced to do despite objections by the Tea Party. He is now asking the Federal government for assistance.

But who can blame him? Ladies and gentlemen Snyder has no alternative. Flint needs clean drinking water there is nothing wrong with certain government services like Fire Police and some utilities ETC its constitutional and locally funded but Michigan has run out of other people's money so its now up to the fed to bail them out.

That being said, it may be wise to keep government out of certain aspects to avoid this situation happening again. The police certainly need to be kept private since too many communists now work as policemen as I intend to demonstrate in a future video.

And lo an behold as Worldnetdaily's Armstrong Williams demonstrates the crisis was already in full swing thanks to corruption in Lansing. Democrats failed to invest in their needs like water treatment pushing it instead towards government salaries and pensions and welfare for crack addicts in Detroit!

This crisis in Flint is not the fault of the tea party or the GOP. It is the fault entirely of the Democrats, the Unions, Michael Moore and the left. They have drained the state and now have run out of other people's money. They depend on their government and now disaster strikes.

Flint Michigan: Proof again that socialism has always failed.

Total survivalist Blog with James Wesley Rawles

The author of the patriot Rising novels and former special services veteran James Wesley Rawles has a great blog that every American should subscribe too.

Be prepared for civil war, natural disaster, urban riots and Islamic jihad with James Wesley Rawles and his total survival blog.

visit survivalblog.com and keep yourself and your family safe and learn also about our american beliefs.

Yes its the blog that all liberals hate. The blog the government hates and doesn't want you to listen too. They would rather you listen to Washington and Obama who give you soothing lies that all is well and pay no attention to that raghead with the bomb. Pay no attention neither to the failing market and economy.

The blog that is hated by liberals and communists everywhere for speaking up like it is. Whether your an officer in the NYPD who wants Americans to be disarmed sheep, vulnerable as a black man in Rikers Island or a San Francisco Yippie who thinks everyone owes you everything they got and that supply and demand means you demand it the government should supply it.

Most of all it is hated by pro-government loyalists left wingers who consider criticism of Obama to be treason and believe that Born again Christians should be sterilized.

All the more reason to support James Rawles and his awesome blog.

Be sure to order from his blog and to order his books as well. They are a treat to read and chock up with educational material no liberal wants you to know.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

This week on Mainestategop

What to expect this week and next week on Mainestategop

  • exposing the real truth behind what's causing the poisoning of Flint Michigan's water. (HINT: ITS NOT BECAUSE OF THE TEA PARTY GOVERNOR) 
  • A look  at the Iowa Debates and what to expect next for Ted Cruz in the fight for the GOP nomination
  •  Historic articles by my PHD historian friend on The Great Siege of Malta and how Christendom was saved by this epic battle
  • We go back in the day and unearth popular articles from our first year of blogging in 2008
  • we look at Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and see what's in store and we answer, is it over for Palin's political career?
  • We expose Hollywood's Number 1# communist!
  • New Youtube Videos made by me and my friends about Bernie Sanders, Welfare, WIC, taxes, the Dixie Chix, Bruce Jenner and also staring Chaim Ben Pesach!
  •  How government rules and regulations are destroying and ruining the lives of innocent people!
  • The loss of civiliberties and human rights thanks to Democrats.