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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberals plan to use SSI program to steal from the poor and weak

Been away awhile. Turns out a lot of leftists from DU, Youtube and elsewhere have come on my website to start accusing me of things I never said or meant. Gotta love public school curriculum.

With Obama and the Dems taking control, I thought I should bring up an important topic, private property rights and how Democrats plan to use the SSI program in Social security to strip Americans of their assets, homes and even their jobs.

The SSI or Supplemental Security Program was started by Richard Nixon in 1974 to federalize welfare. The SSI program was administered by Social security but the money came out of the general treasury. Originally it was for people who were severely disabled, blind, elderly, and in need. Over the years it has become far more easier for anyone to receive SSI. Simply for having any mild impairment or diagnoses of any "disorder," it is possible to get on. Up until welfare reform in the 90s, even people with a history of substance abuse could qualify. Simply dope up and you re on your way!

The Heritage foundation has described the program up till that time as a black hole. Most who received SSI assistance were perfectly capable of working at very good jobs. In other cases, it has been found that psychiatrists and government workers have been aiding able bodied and minded individuals to get on the program by making up different diagnoses. The American Psychiatry association also has its fingers in the honey pot. Why do you think they make up all these different disorders?

But Getting back on track here, just how will SSI be used to defraud and cast millions into poverty? You see the SSI program has a catch. To qualify, you cannot own money or property worth more than $2000. For married couples, its $3000. That does not include cars, appliances and other items someone might own. People must spend down their assets and sell off or give away their property. What is tragic is that on some occasions they are coerced by family members, the government or public guardians at a loss to the beneficiary. What is even MORE TRAGIC, is that many in the end don't even qualify still and are cast into homelessness.

The level of people being thrown into poverty through confiscation of property and assets has slowly risen. Mary Howe, an elderly woman was one of these victims. Her legal guardian incarcerated her in an institution in Cambria California. She was held there for a year till her assets were spent down. Afterwords she was thrown into the streets. Greg used to have a good job, an apartment and money to spend. His abusive father forced him to go on SSI. He had a history of being abusive. He told Greg he was stupid, had no social skills and that he was an idiot. He also blamed his son for his being raped and abused in public school. He was coerced to go to a doctor who diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism that includes inability to communicate, failure to socialise and recognize facial expressions. Greg shared none of those characteristics but according to the DSM-IV, the bible of psychiatric disorders, his past history of being ostracized in school was enough of a criteria. The abuse took its toll on Greg. He lost his job, his father succeeded in getting rid of his assets. But in the end he did not qualify for SSI yet and wound up homeless on LA's skid row for 6 months. He currently lives in Lynwood and his life quality has deteriorated since the incident. He has never recovered financially or emotionally.

Emily was another victim. Since her childhood she has fought hard to overcome her shortcomings and adversity growing up in Chicago's south side. Her father died at the age of 11 and she suffered from Attention deficit disorder, depression and borderline personality disorder. When she was 13, her uncle sexually abused her. At a public school in Chicago Illinois she was denied help with her school work and forced to work harder to keep up. She barely graduated. School doctors diagnosed her and recommended to her mother to apply for SSI. Around the age of 21, she learned she would inherit money from her dead father to go to college. Her mother instead kept the money for herself and applied as rep payee. Emily saw hardly a dime of the money, SSI or inheritance. Emily's mother spent the money on illegal drugs and became an addict. Emily had difficulty finding a job since she had no experience working and her learning disabilities got in the way as well.

Emily wanted to press charges but her boyfriend threatened to murder her if she went to the police. Emily ran away to live in Des Moines Iowa. She wound up homeless there for several months. Her Mother was later arrested for prostitution. Social security found out that she had spent nearly all the money from SSI and her father. They were unable to recover it. Emily was given a rep payee based in Des Moines but this payee abused the funds as well. At first Emily got an apartment but the Payee was delinquent and refused to pay her any money for rent or food. Even her Case worker couldn't help her. Social security also gave her a cold shoulder and refused to help. She later became homeless again and moved to Omaha. Still no one wanted to help her and she later commit suicide.

Just in case you think this can't happen to you dear reader, think again! Hillary Clinton has advocated using SSI to confiscate wealth. Barack Obama may even share the same disposition. Clinton said that we need to take things away from you for the greater good. Barack Obama says lets spread the wealth around. What better way to do it than with SSI and legal guardianship. The motto after all is, Isolate, medicate, take away the estate. Its a dream come true for socialist Democrats all around America. Now that Obama and the Dems are taking over they will probably do everything in their power to force ordinary Americans into the black hole of SSI and strip them of everything they own.

America does not help its poor and weak. It only helps the lazy and degenerate who being pampered become a curse for all. Welfare, social security, SSI, Big government, it is a reflection of our loss of morality which has lead to the loss of our freedom.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Battle of Lepanto

This October was the 437th anniversary of a forgotten yet crucial battle in the defense of western civilization called the battle of Lepanto. It is the victory of this battle that is the reason we are living in a free nation rather than an Islamic style dictatorship. It is why we are still Christian and not Muslim. It is the reason for the existence of America as it is as a free nation. (Though now and days it is not that free.)

In 1571, The Turkish Ottoman empire was the superpower of the day. On land, the armies of the Turks, powered by slave soldiers known as Janisaries and with advanced weaponry and artillery carved its way through the Slovaks and eventually would reach the gates of Vienna. On the sea, Turkish galleys, powered by Captured Christian slaves devastated mercantile commerce and raided coastal cities throughout the Mediterranean. Europe meanwhile remained divided and at war over territory and religion. Spain, the leading European power had recently overcome the Moors in the Reconquista and was expanding into the Americas. Venice was the commercial capital of Europe and held a monopoly over Mediterranean trade. At the papal states, Pope Pius V ruled over the Catholic nations of Europe, but it was threatened by the protestant reformation. In France, conflicts were breaking out, Britain was still a poor backward country that had become the cradle of Protestantism and waged piratical war against the Spanish and Portuguese trade in the new World.

What the Pope dreaded more was the spread of Islam by the sword over Europe. Over thirty years ago, Turkey laid siege to Malta and was narrowly driven back by an army of Crusader Knights and peasants. The stories of atrocities committed by the Turks ran shock waves throughout Europe. In 1570, the island of Cyprus was under siege by the Turks and would eventually fall 10 months later. Its commander, the Venetian Marcantonio Bragadino made a truce with the Turks for safe conduct of his army away from Cyprus when defeat was imminent. Marcantonio Bragadino however was unaware of the Islamic doctrine of Al-Taqyat, or lying for Allah. The Muslims violated the truce as soon as the gates opened, and the army of Greek and Venetian defenders were captured.

Michael Novak, esteemed historian and theologian documented what had happened afterwards, that Marcantonio Bragadino was tied to a pole stripped naked and his nose and ears were cut off and was humiliated in various ways. In the end he was skinned alive. It was stuffed with hay and kept in the sultan's quarters as a trophy. the Turks then slaughtered many of the inhabitants, forcing them to convert to Islam. The Men were taken to be slaves on galleys, the women and children taken away to be slaves in the Harem. The old and weak were killed.

Emboldened, the Ottomans repeated this in Greece and elsewhere. Pope Pius V, had attempted to unite Europe against the Turks by forming a Holy League. The League, a precursor to Nato would strive off the Turks. Time and time again he failed but with the fall of Cyprus and increased attacks the League began to come about. In addition to this, spies had uncovered a ghastly plot by the Turkish Armada lead by Ali-Pasha to invade Italy. With the help of Don Juan of Austria and son of the Holy Roman Emperor who would be destined to lead the attack, The League came together. the Holy League consisted of Spain, Venice, Savoy Sicily, Malta and Genoa. The Vatican was the head of the alliance. Admiral marcantonio Colona was commissioned by the pope to run the fleet. Colona had been a veteran of the war in Cyprus and was one of the few to escape. He was ordered by the Pope to set up an armada in the name of the cross. This was to be a holy war. A war to save Europe from the clutches of Islamic imperialism.

But the Holy League did not rely on God alone. In Venice and elsewhere, new innovations in naval warfare were being constructed. Among these was the Gallease, a new galley warship that was large with mounted swivel cannons. Its height made it resistant to boarding and its new cannons made it devastating. The Turks, though outnumbering the Holy League 3 to 1 could not keep up with the European mode of invention.

In the end, Don Juan and Colona orgonized 206 galleys and 6 galleases. This fleet of the Christian alliance was manned by 12,920 sailors. In addition, it carried almost 28,000 fighting troops: 10,000 Spanish regular infantry of excellent quality, 7,000 German and 6,000 Italian mercenary, and 5,000 Venetian soldiers. Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and were able to bear arms adding to the fighting power of their ship, whereas slaves and convicts were used to row many of the galleys in other Holy League squadrons. Don Juan had also promised the galley rowers who were criminals their freedom if they succeeded.

The Ottomans armada consisted of 222 war galleys, 56 galleys, and some smaller vessels. The Turks had skilled and experienced crews of sailors, but were somewhat deficient in their elite corps of Janissaries. They made up for it with 13,000 sailors and 34,000 soldiers. The slaves below were mainly Christian prisoners of War, some from the recent conquest of Cyprus. An important and arguably decisive advantage for the Christians was their numerical superiority in guns and cannons aboard their ships. It is estimated the Christians had 1,815 guns, while the Turks had only 750 with insufficient ammunition. They instead trusted on Bowmen.

The Holy fleet departed from the Greek Island of Corfu and made its way to the gulf of Lepanto. Ali Pasha was very confident of victory and brought with him his entire fortune including his Harem. The two forces met on October 7th 1571. Don Juan began by sailing his Gallease at full speed towards the heart of the Ottoman armada, breaking it in half. The other galleases were placed in the front and used to attack the enemy galleys sinking two initially. The vast majority of fighting however involved boarding other ships. Witnesses stated that the sea was blood red from the fighting. there were also dead bodies and turbans floating in the water. One of the biggest advantages to the outnumbered Christians was the christian slaves aboards the Turkish galleys. Sensing their chance for freedom, most of them joined the fighting, using their chains as weapons.

During the course of the battle, the Ottoman Commander's ship was boarded and the Spanish tercios from 3 galleys and the Turkish janissaries from seven galleys fought on the deck of the Sultana. Twice the Spanish were repelled with great loss, but at the third attempt, with reinforcements, they prevailed. Ali Pasha was killed and beheaded, against the wishes of Don Juan. However, when his head was displayed on a pike from the Spanish flagship, it contributed greatly to the destruction of Turkish morale. Even after the battle had clearly turned against the Turks, groups of Janissaries still kept fighting with all they had. It is said that at some point the Janissaries ran out of weapons and started throwing oranges and lemons at their Christian adversaries, leading to awkward scenes of laughter among the general misery of battle.

The battle concluded around 4 pm. The Turkish fleet suffered the loss of about 210 ships of which 117 galleys, 10 galliots and three fustas were captured and in good enough condition for the Christians to keep. On the Christian side 20 galleys were destroyed and 30 were damaged so seriously that they had to be scuttled. One Venetian galley was the only prize kept by the Turks; all others were abandoned by them and recaptured. The Holy League had suffered around 7,500 soldiers, sailors and rowers dead, but freed about as many Christian prisoners. Turkish casualties were around 25,000, and at least 3,500 were captured.

The engagement was a crushing defeat for the Ottomans, who had not lost a major naval battle since the fifteenth century. To half of Christendom, this event encouraged hope for the downfall of Islam which they regarded as the "Enemy of the Christian." Indeed, the Empire lost all but 30 of its ships and as many as 30,000 men, and some Western historians have held it to be the most decisive naval battle anywhere on the globe since the Battle of Actium of 31BC.

The Ottomans ships were easily replaced, yet it proved much harder to man them, since so many experienced sailors, oarsmen and soldiers had been lost. Especially critical was the loss of most of the Empire's composite bowmen and jannisaries which, far beyond ship rams and early firearms were the Ottoman's main embarked weapon. Historian John Keegan notes that the losses in this highly specialised class of warrior were irreplaceable in a generation, and in fact represented the death of a living tradition for the Ottomans. Convicts also replaced Christians in the galleys.

In Europe, news of the victory was met with great jubiulation. Throughout Europe, church bells tolled and there were great celebrations. The victory had been greater than any had hoped for. Following the battle theren were plans by the vatican to invade Turkey herself, unfortunately, the nations of the holy league once again began to fight amongst each other and plans were abandoned. After Lepanto the Holy League and other nations and alliances fought further wars and conflicts against Islamic Turkey. Some were victories, some defeats.

Efforts by archeologists to dig up the remains of Lepanto have unfortunately met with disappointment. The area where much of the battle was fought had receeded. The coast moved outward. Much of the battle is now farm land. Other coastal sites have been disturbed over the centuries by Greek fishing trollers. Although some wrecks were found by German and Spanish Archeologists.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the man who would later write Don Quixote participated in the battle of Lepanto. He lost an arm in the battle and was captured by Algerian corsairs years later where he spent 5 years as a slave before being ransomed. The events of Don Quixote such as the freeing of galley slaves were inspired by Lepanto.

The Catholic church has declared October 7th as the feast of Lepanto. Many devout Catholics give thanks to Pope Pius V who was cannonised a saint in 1712.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking back on The faulty Clintonesque Bush Administration.

Today I thought I'd spend the last day of the month venting my anger and answering objection from left wing moon bats that I am uncompromisingly supportive of Bush and his policies even though he is the third worst president followed by Clinton and Carter. Well... The liberals have been emailing me on Free republic and elsewhere clamoring, "OH! Look what Bush did to our economy! Its ruined! All because of BUSH! Its Bush's fault!" When is it not?

The left has been jeering as well as cheering. They are claiming that Bush's administration is proof of the failure of conservatism and capitalism and that we need more socialism and welfare state. This despite that those faulty values brought us to this problem. Well I thought I might point out today why Bush is NOT a conservative. Why he is in fact a liberal and that he is a disaster for this country, especially with the new bailout bill coming up that will centralize our government even more and make Karl Marx happy if he were around today.

The warning signs of Bush's liberalism were apparent when he was made governor of Texas. As governor, Bush passed a strong concealed weapons restriction in a state that once had the loosest gun restrictions, and as a result the crime in Texas sky rocketed. Under Bush Texas did not do very well and the liberals took advantage of it. Unfortunately no one took the time to examine his record.

Under his presidency things continued to deteriorate. We had illegal immigration. A conservative president would have demanded an end to it. Instead Bush advocated amnesty, looser borders and even had the nerve to tell Americans without employment that these foreign invaders were doing the jobs we Americans don't want to do. Why would anyone want to do those jobs for fifty cents an hour? If these immigrants were thrown out, employers would have to pay them so they wanted to do them.

Under George Bush, the government grew by leaps and bounds. Its growth was 3 times greater than when Lyndon Johnson launched his disastrous great society. We now have government butting in even more into our lives. Worse yet, we are losing even more of our freedoms.

In the beginning of the twentieth century our forefathers had more freedom than we have now. There was once a time when parents had a choice on how to bring up their children, there was once a freedom to worship Almighty god in the way our conscience deems fit, there was once a time when people could forge their own destinies. Today many of us no longer enjoy those freedoms especially in states controlled by Liberal Democrats. You would think that with control of the senate, congress and oval office, that this would end. Wrong. We are now told we have to give up more of our civil liberties to fight an endless war that is not being fought to win.

This war is being fought the wrong way. We are bogged down in other countries while the terrorists are still at large. We did make progress in many ways but the war is far from over. In fact if we weren't so politically correct and recognized Islamofascism as the true enemy, this war could have been over by now. Instead our soldiers are being given rules of engagement that prevent them from fighting back, our media is lying to us even more, and America's enemies cheer for our demise.

We give up our freedom, we go to fight expensive needless wars which are nothing short of UN mandates meanwhile our borders are wide open and we have Muslim terrorists in our nation as well as traitorous supporters of their actions who are free to run amuck.

All that can be said is that Bush is very much like Bill Clinton. It is my hope that we elect someone of greater capability and principle in the following elections who will do far better than John Mcsame as Obama and George W Bush.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Forbes releases top 50 states for business. (Maine and other blue states still rank bottom)

Forbes Magazine recently released the top 50 states for business again.which ranks state economies especially with regards to small businesses which are the backbone of our economy. To no surprise, red right wing republican free states beat the Democrat liberal left wing socialist paradise states by an overwhelming number. 8 out of 10 states on the top ten were traditionally Republican with Nebraska beating Minnesota for number ten, while 7 out of 10 were traditionally Democratic. West Virginia was once again at rock bottom followed by Louisiana, Alaska and Maine. Mississippi, considered the worst state in the country was 42nd. (and if that state has a better economy than these guys you can only imagine how bad it is.) California, that bastion of amnesty, homelessness and socialism dropped again from 34 to 40. Virginia was once again the best. Texas, a redneck state loathed by liberals as right wing and racist finished at 9, it was ranked 4th last year.

This could change with the coming election however. Many states are already showing signs of changing from red to blue and this change from free market and freedom to socialism could have nasty consequences. Colorado was ranked 4th, 8th in the last two years now it is ranked 6th. It was one of the worst states in America 20 years ago thanks to out of control taxing and spending, the TABOR amendment or Tax payer bill of rights put an end to that and Colorado rocketed to the top. Now with the election of new liberals politicians as well as an influx of illegal aliens, Democrats are suspending Tabor and demanding higher taxes. This could destroy Colorado's economy and cause it to lose its top ten spot. New Hampshire, once known as the free state faces a rampant influx of Democrat voters that are destroying the state's economy. In 2000 it defeated Minnesota as one of the best, this year it is at 20, dropping from 14 last year.

Maine, a state that ranked 48th worst for the past two to three years only budged one notch, mostly due to a small surge in the economy that is expected by experts to decline again. The state is one of the most taxed and regulated in the country and faced three straight years of economic decline and job loss. Only Louisiana and W. Virginia fared worse. Recently it has even done worse than Mississippi. Rhode Island, another liberal fiefdom remained at 45th worst.

Over and over again we are told by the left that taxes and big government are the best solution to a weak economy. We are told that money should be taken from businesses and our best workers and used for programs for the needy. All this does is drive out businesses and jobs along with our best and brightest elsewhere. In the end the only people benefiting are those who are lazy and degenerate. Maine refused to pass TABOR and cut its taxes and regulations and valued the environment more than its unemployed. Now it is forced to make painful cuts to necessary and working programs for the disabled while leaving untouched, programs for welfare freeloaders. More on this in a future article.

The ten best states included places I have been told from Public school on that were the worst. Texas, Utah, North Carolina, Georgia, Idaho and Florida. Wherever I go in Maine when I ask about Nebraska and Texas or Utah the first thing they think of is poverty, slavery, corruption, rednecks and racism. Ironically I find all that here. The ones who usually say this are underachievers and parasites who depend on socialism and hand outs to get by. This proves otherwise. Once again socialism is proven to be a failed system. Score one for freedom.


Overall rank 2007 rank State Business Costs Rank1 Labor Rank2 Regulatory Environment Rank3 Economic Climate Rank4 Growth Prospects Rank5 Quality of Life Rank6 Population Gross State Product ($bil) Five-Year Change (%) Governor
1 1 Virginia 20 7 1 6 26 6 7,747,500 326 3.8 Tim Kaine
2 2 Utah 11 10 19 9 12 8 2,665,300 87 4.8 Jon Huntsman
3 5 Washington 28 2 6 7 2 25 6,509,100 261 3.4 Chris Gregoire
4 3 North Carolina 4 14 2 21 11 34 9,162,300 333 3.4 Michael Easley
5 15 Georgia 23 6 5 10 6 31 9,652,200 343 3.1 Sonny Perdue
6 8 Colorado 35 1 22 14 1 12 4,901,400 204 3.0 Bill Ritter
7 6 Idaho 10 15 29 5 27 15 1,511,400 46 5.4 C.L. Otter
8 7 Florida 34 5 18 1 5 33 18,321,700 625 4.7 Charlie Crist
9 4 Texas 25 24 13 11 4 27 24,064,400 894 3.3 Rick Perry
10 17 Nebraska 13 28 12 25 23 9 1,780,600 66 2.9 David Heineman
11 10 Minnesota 31 7 20 35 21 4 5,218,800 218 2.6 Tim Pawlenty
12 11 Delaware 3 17 27 33 24 29 870,400 52 3.8 Ruth Ann Minner
13 9 North Dakota 8 30 13 22 36 26 641,400 22 3.6 John Hoeven
14 12 Maryland 40 9 26 16 15 14 5,635,500 226 3.2 Martin O'Malley
15 26 New Mexico 9 21 30 18 10 50 1,986,000 65 4.7 Bill Richardson
16 28 Oregon 24 3 41 17 13 36 3,774,100 144 4.5 Ted Kulongoski
17 13 Tennessee 5 36 11 29 38 39 6,189,500 212 3.0 Phil Bredesen
18 18 Arizona 32 22 38 3 3 41 6,408,200 213 5.0 Janet Napolitano
19 22 Nevada 26 29 34 2 8 47 2,598,500 102 5.8 Jim Gibbons
20 14 New Hampshire 41 4 44 36 9 5 1,317,300 50 2.4 John Lynch
21 20 Kansas 30 19 9 43 31 24 2,790,200 97 2.5 Kathleen Sebelius
22 24 Iowa 12 39 22 23 48 13 2,995,900 108 3.2 Chet Culver
23 25 South Dakota 1 32 46 15 41 22 798,900 29 2.7 Mike Rounds
24 42 Montana 21 18 47 8 19 40 964,600 27 4.1 Brian Schweitzer
25 27 Indiana 6 43 15 40 39 23 6,367,800 220 2.3 Mitchell Daniels
26 30 Oklahoma 19 40 8 28 33 37 3,629,900 108 3.0 Brad Henry
27 37 Hawaii 47 10 36 4 22 30 1,285,200 51 4.4 Linda Lingle
28 35 Alabama 22 42 17 31 7 42 4,647,600 141 3.6 Robert Riley
29 23 South Carolina 27 33 3 41 20 43 4,434,800 131 2.6 Mark Sanford
30 16 Missouri 15 41 6 44 45 21 5,894,400 199 2.1 Matt Blunt
31 29 Wyoming 2 38 48 12 27 38 526,300 20 1.9 Dave Freudenthal
32 21 Arkansas 7 45 25 27 18 48 2,844,800 80 3.0 Mike Beebe
33 31 Connecticut 45 13 41 24 29 3 3,504,500 181 2.7 M. Jodi Rell
34 19 New Jersey 48 20 40 20 32 1 8,699,000 397 2.1 Jon Corzine
35 40 Illinois 36 27 28 37 25 18 12,893,500 521 2.3 Rod Blagojevich
36 36 Massachusetts 46 16 24 45 40 2 6,457,600 307 2.2 Deval Patrick
36 32 Vermont 43 12 33 31 44 10 621,600 22 2.9 Jim Douglas
38 33 New York 49 31 21 19 37 17 19,314,800 917 3.0 David Paterson
39 38 Ohio 29 47 10 47 47 11 11,470,100 403 1.5 Ted Strickland

shame rolls

40 34 California 50 25 45 12 14 28 36,736,500 1,557 3.7 Arnold Schwarzenegger
41 39 Pennsylvania 38 34 31 34 42 7 12,450,500 443 1.9 Edward Rendell
42 43 Mississippi 16 48 16 49 35 46 2,926,500 72 2.1 Haley Barbour
43 44 Wisconsin 37 37 37 26 46 16 5,612,800 200 2.1 Jim Doyle
44 41 Kentucky 17 46 35 42 33 35 4,261,100 129 2.2 Steven Beshear
45 45 Rhode Island 42 35 49 30 16 20 1,056,700 39 2.4 Don Carcieri
46 48 Maine 44 26 32 39 43 19 1,319,800 41 2.2 John Baldacci
47 46 Michigan 39 44 4 46 49 32 10,057,100 341 0.2 Jennifer Granholm
48 47 Alaska 33 23 39 47 30 44 686,900 30 1.1 Sarah Palin
49 49 Louisiana 18 50 43 50 17 49 4,308,500 145 2.3 Bobby Jindal
50 50 West Virginia 14 49 50 38 50 45 1,813,800 46 1.5 Joe Manchin III

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Left is sacrificing our liberties for false security

The Roman Empire was founded a republic. The people had somewhat voice in the goings on in the Roman Senate. Although not perfect it provided some liberty to the people. But with massive militaristic expansion into Europe and North Africa along with a slave revolt lead by Spartacus, adding to this corruption ignorance and apathy, it lead the way for Julius Caesar to become its first emperor. From then on, Rome was lead by a series of despots, some wise, courageous and brilliant, others evil, decadent and incompetent. It happened because good men stood by and allowed the state to seize liberty under the banner of a more secure and powerful empire.

After world war I Germany became a republic under former General Hindenburg but crippling economic upheaval, inflation and foreign interference gave way to a dictatorship under Hitler and culminated in the extermination of entire races of people and those who spoke out.

Such are the catastrophic consequences whenever a society allows the state to take away its liberty for security. Neither is gained and both are lost, sometimes permanently. Now as then the threat is more and more obvious in this time when America is under attack from within and without. But let us ask the question...WHO IS REALLY TELLING US TO SURRENDER LIBERTY FOR SECURITY? Is it George W Bush and the Republicans? Is it Rush Limbaugh and the Right? Nope! Not them. For over half a century it has been the far left...

At best the so called right wing in America, what little left of it exists has been complacent about the loss of liberty and the threat of government especially now in this crucial time. The far left in America lead by Democrats is the real force behind the loss of freedom in America.

The founders put in place a bill of rights to defend against tyranny. The second amendment was designed to protect against property crimes and murder as well as to defend against tyranny. A government that fears its citizens will try to take away its guns. the main purpose of this amendment was for the people to overthrow the government when it becomes tyrannical, a time which we may be facing in the coming future. Democrats do not want the people to have any power over their own lives and destinies. They prefer a nanny state that has its long tentacles in our lives, minds and wallets. Democrats use gun control to disarm law abiding defenseless citizens in the name of security and reducing crime. Instead the opposite has happened. Crime in cities has gone up and the people are forced to rely on an overstretched and ineffective police force and even the police couldn't care about the cries of defenseless poor disarmed people.

The founding fathers gave us the first amendment for unrestricted publishing and distribution of news, information and ideas. The first amendment was specifically used to defend unpopular ideas and the majority might deem offensive but is in fact necessary and useful. The left, under the fear of offending and hurting the feelings of certain groups uses political correctness, hate speech laws and the Federal communications Commission to stifle free speech as they do in Europe. Meanwhile, Europe faces internal strife from Islamic radicals and white supremacists. France has criminalized anti Semites yet it is rampant in that nation. In Europe and Canada, it is illegal to deny the existence of the holocaust yet whenever men like David Irving or Eric Zundel face prosecution, they are lionized by Jew haters around the globe. At times this law is selective. the government usually turns a blind eye to hate speech against Caucasians and Christians as was the case of a radical mullah in Britain who was not prosecuted after calling for the killing of Christians and Jews.

Now we are told that we need independent media in light of 9/11. But thanks to liberals and the FCC that is hard to come by. The liberals want to regulate the Internet to stifle opinions. The liberals also try to shut down and hack any website that speaks out against them.

The founders believed that the least amount of government is best. They believed that government was incompetent and that its only function was to move out of the way and remain out of the way. They couldn't convince Democratic liberals of this who now use the heavy hand of government in everything from health care to wealth care. Government is involved in regulating the economy which decreases the number of jobs and affects production and innovation. Government is involved in education, our children are coming out stupid, ignorant and illiterate. They reject the brilliance of our founders as babble from rich white slave masters while embracing a failed and obsolete system that makes everyone poor oppressed slaves especially those of other races. The government decides whats in our own interest rather than leaving it up to we the people. Now its we the sheeple.

Long ago the family and the church were involved in aiding the poor the weak and the infirm as well as those with disability and wrong in the head. That was the social security our founders and our religions advocated. Instead we now have a bloated social security system that fails to do its job, denies benefits to those truly weak and gives to those who are not. Up until recently, the disabled were also herded into institutions and state schools where they were treated like criminals. Places like Metropolitan hospital, Willowreed, Walter Fernald, Napa state and Fergus falls were notorious for abusing and even killing its own patients. The state hospital system was nothing more than America's Gulag Archipelago. Many people were even wrongfully put there because of their beliefs or because they had abusive relatives. They were denied liberty and justice which made this possible. Today there are those, sadly many who claim to be conservative such as Mona Charen who want to bring this back.

Remember the war on poverty? When Lyndon Johnson started this failed socialist policy, the poverty rate was in fact going into decline. Since then it has skyrocketed. The government takes from those who work, denying them the fruits of their labor and giving it to worthless degenerate people who can work but refuse in the name of economic security and welfare. We no longer have welfare or economic security, just a bloated system of government that steals from the hard working and gives to the lazy.

We are told by liberals that the rich are evil and in the name of security put up systems that restrict small businesses, new jobs and crush the middle class while the rich keep lining their pockets. Ask yourself... Where to those Dems get all their funding from and how much do they make a year? HMMMMMM...

Its only now with a republican dominated government that liberals coin the famous phrase from Benjamin Franklin: Those who surrender liberty for security deserve neither.Yet a look at recent history shows that the liberals are to blame for why we have less freedom then our parents and grandparents. Habeus Corpus? Tell that to the girl in Leftist Germany who was involuntarily committed to an institution because she was home schooled and because she was a Christian! Liberals dominate psychiatry and are lobbying to have anyone who wont submit to their communist policies as mentally ill so that they can disarm them and incarcerate them in institutions like they used to do.

The left fawns over terrorists in Guantanamo Bay and over torture, what about detainment and torture in those liberal socialist utopias of Cambodia, China and Russia? What about students in public school in America who are tortured and detained 8 hours a day against the will of parents?

The Left claims that the government is keeping secrets and holding secret hearings. You mean the same government given to us by the left? How about the woman in Santa Rosa California that wonderful blue state who was placed under state guardianship under secret hearings because she had bipolar? The same woman who before that was working and living in her own home, who was no threat to anyone or herself and was detained in a mental hospital, physically assaulted, given toxic drugs that almost killed her and then placed in a group home not to mention others like her? Don't blame us Conservatives! We didn't do it!

There used to be a time where I wish Al Gore really won instead of Bush. The past eight years of hell would have been on HIS head and the media would have no one to really blame. After typing this article I'm glad he didn't win. Had this terrorist attack on 9/11 and on whose seventh anniversary we are approaching happened under a Democrat administration, we would be living George Orwell's worst nightmare. The only reason Democrats are complaining now is that they are not the ones in charge. If Barack Obama does take charge and if we have another democrat senate and congress, were doomed.

In a future article I will be discussing more about the Guantanamo detainees, how the left has used this incident to weaken us and the best solution to the controversy, one that should have been implemented a long time ago and is right in line with the constitution, the Geneva accord and best of all our own interests and security.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Firearms Refresher course

With all the talk about gun control in the news I thought it was time for a firearms refresher course.

a. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

b. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

c. Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface.

d. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

e. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

f. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

g. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

h. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.

i. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

j. The United States Constitution ) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

k. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand ?

l. The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.

m. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

n. Guns only have two enemies: Rust and Politicians.

o. Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

p. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

q. 911 - government sponsored Dial a Prayer.

r. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

s. Criminals love gun control - it makes their jobs safer.

t. If Guns cause Crime, then Matches cause Arson.

u. Only a government that is afraid of it's citizens try to control them.

v. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

w. Enforce the "gun control laws" we have, don't make more.

x. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

y. The American Revolution would never have happened with Gun Control.

z. "...a government by the people, for the people..."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BIG software lobbies for tough regulations on the internet and freelancers

Behind the attempt to regulate the Internet is an attempt at our God given constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and an attempt to suppress the spread of opinions, news, and ideas. For the Multi-national corporations and it's leftist CEO there is a need for greed and to limit our choices they way they do with Television. The chance to monopolize the Internet and the video games industry is met with the support of none other than RINOS the far left. Hillary Clinton, John Mccain and to some extent even Obama have expressed support for regulating our choices on the computer as well as the TV. The latest attempt is to lobby for regulations against software programing, requiring licensing for being able to legally program computer software and websites.

One of the fundamental virtues for a free market economy is for consumers to choose. When Companies compete, it results in greater innovation as well as better prices for consumers. With the internet, consumers of computer software games and applications have even greater choices as well as more compitition for the big companies. What makes this situation more interesting is that many software programers on the internet known as freelancers are giving away their software. Powerful and popular games such as Castle of the Winds, 3056 and others have become popular downloads. Although many of them are simple and based on technology from the 80's and 90's they are still popular and the best part of all they are for free.

In addition to writing software, there is changing current software on the market called moding. Popular games such as Grand Theft Auto, Warcraft ETC are recieving modifications to allow players to create new levels, new scenarios and campaings as well as add fun items to improve playability and provide comic relief known as easter eggs. Even old games such as Super Mario World and Legend of Zelada have mod programs that allow players to add and modify the games for replayability

With this in mind Software companies must compete by spending more of their profits to create additional jobs and promote research into more mind boggling games that consumers will pay more money for. They must offer lower prices for some of their games as well to encourage them to buy. But now Software giants are using their profits for a more wicked end, lobbying to put an end to the freelancers and to limit our choices and at the same time limit our freedom and liberty.

In 1998 during the height of the Clinton sex scandal Hillary Rodham Clinton in a news interview advocated regulations against "conservative voices attacking her." Presidential hopeful John McCain has also expressed opposition to net neutrality and has even appointed to his campaign staff a corporate manager from Microsoft. Although Barack Obama claims to support net neutrality, his opposition towards other liberties such as the 2nd amendment, as well as his fliping on DC's gun laws leaves several questions. Congressman Ron Paul is the only candidate to come out strongly in favor of protecting the internet from corporate and socialist interests.

Stick it to them!

We at MainestateGop support the free market economy and oppose this unjust regulation aginst our right to choose and our rights of creative expression and free speech. To this end we are on the side of the freelancers. If you play computer games we urge you to show support by downloading free games from several places we have found to be of interests

Dwarf Fortress

If you are a big fan of Lord of the rings like I am, you'll love this game. This game is about a group of dwarves setting up their own civilization in the mountains of a fantasy world. Your task is to help them set up their subteranean civilization while providing food and defending against enemy kingdoms and monseters. There is also an adventure mode in the game that let you assume the role of a dwarf, human, or elf adventurer and complete tasks in a virtual kingdom.

You can download the game from bay12 games

Liberal Crime Squad!

No JOKE! This is real! You play the role of a left wing revolutionary leader attempting to overthrow the US government and make the nation elite liberal. The game is pretty gory and has suggestive themes. Also it portrays liberals as freedom fighters when in fact if they had power they would destroy and undermine free speech and the working class.

You can download the game from bay12 games or You can download the game from home of the underdogs The later version is more workable.


3059 is a revolutionary RPG Video game created by a student of UMASS that allows the player to take the roll of a settler of the planet Esperanza in the year 3059. You can go on quests, explore the planet and it's multi-terrain features, construct buildings, spelunking, explore ancient ruins and many other things. This game is built on revolutionary programing that creates randomly generated landscapes in each sector the player happens upon.

You can download the game at home of the underdogs or from the main site, here

We also recommend searching the web for other sites such as games for gamers,

Whether or not if you are not a gamer you should still get involved by emailing your congressman and senator and demand that they uphold net neutrality and stop needless regulations against the internet.

For more information visit save the internet at

Before going I just want to clarify a few things; We don't need the FCC and the fairness doctrine to promote net neutrality. It will do the exact opposite. Conservatives believe that net neutrality can be achieved by preventing corporations from monopolizing ISPs as well as through incentive and profit. When the left thinks of net neutrality, they want to put a choke hold on the world wide web and exclude content they don't agree with. This has nothing to do with fairness, this is about putting their dirty fingers on the scale of Democracy and liberty and silence conservative voices. The left hates when individuals think for themselves. Remember, it isn't news unless THEY say it is.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

defense is criminal and racist say liberal democrats

The democratic left is against the right of individuals to defend their lives and property. They oppose Americans being armed to defend themselves in their communities, they don't like people fighting especially if the victim stands up for himself, they don't even want Americans to have a military. This is mainly because the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in opposition to the leftist ideals of collectivism and group think. Property and life are especially immoral to the left.

Growing up in school I was told that I had to get a teacher if I was being assaulted by another student. If I fought back, I would get punished as well. A friend of mine who went to a rough school in the south had it worse. If he fought back, he got punished and the assailant either got away or got a slap on the wrist. The teachers will usually ignore it. This tells our children that they have no rights and that they must be weak and defenseless and that criminals have more rights than they do. It is a perfect breeding ground for socialists, especially the racist kind (Nazis, black panthers, Nation of Islam ETC) if it involves bullies of another race. It gives bullies and future criminals the message that it may seem that it is not alright to commit crime but if you do you're probably going to get away with it easily, even if it is murder.

Americans are being told by liberals in the state level that they have no right to protect themselves and to depend on government. Thankfully most Americans are not willing to stoop to that level and have chosen to fight back regardless what the left says.

While many have dared to fight back, in places under Democrat control, there is a cost. A woman in North Carolina was sued by a burglar who was injured and won, a man in California whose house was broken into and his son assaulted and given brain damage fought back and killed the attackers. The head of the NAACP of San Francisco a racist black preacher called the victim a racist and called for murder charges to be filed against him. In Howard Beach New York, a white man is sent to prison for fighting of a black mugger who admitted that he was in the neighborhood to steal cars. Our civil liberties are under assault by liberals more interested in protecting the rights of criminals than their victims.

Joe horn, a native of Pasadena Texas outside of Houston shot two men caught breaking into his neighbor's house killing both men. Texas has the castle doctrine, a law which protects crime victims from liability for killing or injuring burglars, rapists and other people on their property. A grand jury decided not to file charges against Horn and he was commended by his community. However not everyone was happy about it.

Quanell X is the leader of the new Black Panther party of Houston. He has been a staunch opponent against the castle doctrine calling it racist. He and several Black liberal racist Democrats held a march in his neighborhood calling for Horn to be prosecuted since the attackers turned out to be Afro-Latino. However the march was met by counter demonstrators who shouted down the protest and they left. Still several left wing and black racist groups on blogs and leftist newsgroups condemned and attacked horn. Here are some quotes:

As we saw with the grand jury yesterday, and as we see in the crime news that bombards us each day in Houston and in this entire metro region, tolerance for cold blooded killing is widespread and fits no profile of appearance, gender or skin color. Mr. Horn had the option to stay in his home, as he was advised to do by the 911 operator, and not kill anybody. He took another course and killed two fellow human beings.

There is not a snowflake’s chance in hell that an African-American man could do what Joe Horn did and get away with it The message that Harris County sent to the entire world is that Houston, Texas is God’s city. There is no longer a need for the criminal justice system, police, judge or jury. You can be all of that on your own. I wonder if Joe Horn were black if he would be free tonight or in the Harris County Jail

Anybody who commits an act of theft of any kind belongs in jail. Similarly, anyone who takes the law into his own hands even after being cautioned by law enforcement not to — and then shoots anyone, including burglars, in the back, “for sport,” unprovoked or just because he thinks he can get away with it (with the aid of public sentiment) is a cold-blooded murderer.

Gee... I wonder why we don't hear this about people who really are murderers for sport?

Texas thankfully is a moral God fearing states that is still American. They had no interest in what the rest of the world thought. Unfortunately not every victim of crime is fortunate to live in such a state. Most states do not have Castle doctrine instead they have something called the kick me doctrine leaving victims defenseless. This regardless of race.

John White is an African American resident of Long Island New York. Despite being a fief under Democrat control, white did carry a hand gun. One day five white teenagers believing that his son Aaron White had made threats against one of their girlfriends on the Internet to rape her marched into White's front yard shouting racial epitaphs and making threats. When one of them attempted to attack White, he took his gun and shot him dead. The rest of them fled the scene. White claimed self defense. The men had trespassed, made threats, and when one of them tried to attack him he shot back in self defense. Long Island law enforcement didn't buy it.

White was charged with first degree murder then it was reduced to manslaughter charges. White had the support of civil rights advocates who called it a legal lynching. The jury was deadlocked in the case but came back with a guilty verdict. White was sentenced to 4 years in prison for manslaughter but due to pressure a city judge threw out the verdict and had him released. Jurors claimed that they were under pressure by fellow jurors to find White guilty even though they knew he acted in defense. The father of the boy who was shot expressed outrage during a press conference claiming they pardoned him because of race and that he had no right to own a gun and defend himself. Excuse me loser but maybe you shouldn't have let your son cruise storm and walk on people's yards to intimidate them. We have the second amendment. If you can't accept it go live in Europe then when some men named Mohamed come to your doorstep to threaten you then you'll know what it's like.

Despite his race however several leftists condemned White. I read a few blogs by some liberals that I came across and lo and behold they were just as upset that he was allowed to have a gun and use it. There were some other nice postings from storm front and a few other places. The socialist racists claim to be for defense but only for whites:

The slimy little prima donna didn't get his way, boo hoo. God bless the other jurors

I believe that Mr. White took this teens life simply because of his ego/pride, and that the confrontation on his property and the use of a derogatory racial term were his justification for doing so.

As a black man I believe Mr. White was wrong to fight back. He should have gone back inside and waited on the police to help him out. He had no business owning a hand gun and should have found some more peaceful way out of his predicament.

That n***er had no business trying to protect his property!

He murdered an unarmed White teenager in cold-blood. It wasn't in his house, it was in the street in front of his house. Send the Negroes back to their African homeland, and we wouldn't be reading a story like this.

Isn't socialism wonderful?

FINAL NOTE: Democratic Hopeful Barack Hussein Obama is also an opponent of Castle doctrine as well as an opponent of the 2nd amendment. Think about that for a minute. For those of you in a blue state, think also about how you and your family will get by if Obama and his supporters get there way.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The racism of marxism

Marxism is probably the most racist ideology to ever rear it's ugly head on the Earth. Although its adherents claims to be anti racists, their ideology is the epitome of racism. Consider it's founder Karl Marx. Marx was an evil white supremacist and anti Semite. Although such people would balk at that notion, claiming Marx was a Jew and go so far as to say the whole reason of his ideology to destroy the white race! The truth is that although Marx came from a Jewish background, he would be right at home with Hitler, David Duke and Richard Butler. Matter of fact, Hitler's National Socialists and the KKK base their ideology on none other than Karl Marx. Nazism is nothing more than an acronym for National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party. That's right. The white supremacists, Christian Identity, skinheads and Nation of Islam are real life socialists. In fact visit their hate sites and see for yourself. International Answer, Code Pink are sanitized versions of what a real socialist is.

Karl Marx did not go to any lengths to conceal his hatred towards non white races. In a letter to a competitor of his he wrote, "... it is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother had not interbred with a nigger. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also nigger like." Engels was also a racist writing in 1887 concerning Marx's son in law, "Being in his quality as a nigger, a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district." He was the Representative of a district that had a zoo.

On Mexicans, Marx and Engels "Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?" They even write, "In America, we have witnessed the conquest of Mexico and have rejoiced at it. It is to the interest of its own development that Mexico will be placed under the tutelage of the United States." Can you believe that!? We have Hispanic Marxists and their supporters in Southern California right now demanding secession, under the red banner and it's none other than Marx and Engels praising the conquest of former territory! Of course it wasn't theirs to begin with. More about that at a later time.

Racism as practiced by Marxism would eventually make it's ugly debut in the USSR under Josef Stalin. During the purges of the 1930's Some of Stalin's biggest targets other than poor peasant landowners called Kulaks, were ethnic minorities living in Russia such as Jews, Moslems, Mongolians and others. Those that survived found themselves impoverished and enslaved, some were sent away to Siberia. Take a look at pictures of the Kremlin during the Soviet hay days and see if you can find women and minorities in the Politburo. In China, racism was practiced against different races living in the nation. In addition to persecuting Tibetans, Christians and Falun Gong there is racism against blacks visiting and residing in the nation. the state tolerates and even promotes racism. And let's not forget about Germany, the most socialist and racist country that ever existed when Hitler and his National Socialist thugs ran things.

One of the reasons that racism is allowed to become prevalent in communist countries is because of a lack of diverse opinions and free speech that can counteract racism. In nations such as Socialist Germany, the USSR and China, the media, publishing, education were controlled by the government. Whenever this occurs or if these institutions are held in a few hands, then racism stands a good chance. Furthermore government steps in and suppresses liberty, critical thinking and free thought which ultimately gives racism the upper hand. In Europe where they have hate speech laws, it is illegal to speak out against minority religions such as Islam that preach hatred and antisemitism. Meanwhile outlaw groups can still publish and propagate their vicious and racist speech no matter what the law says. Europe does not enjoy the civil rights that we Americans enjoy.

Under a democratic and capitalist society, racism can still exist but does not enjoy many of the advantages it does under despotic systems of government such as Marxism. According to black economist Thomas Sewell wrote that under a free market economy, employers who are serious about running business are concerned about one color, green. Under the profit motive employers want employees that are skilled able and efficient. An employer who hires a lazy uneducated white man over a black man who is educated and experienced will regret it later on. That employee then moves on to one employer who will seize that opportunity and gain greater profit over the other. 9 times out of 10, the system works. When it doesn't, government steps in to prevent discrimination. As for hate speech, the propagation of media outlets and educational material made possible by the first amendment debases and refutes racism without costing liberty.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Michael savage almost right on autism

Shock Jock Michael Savage is in hot water again this time for a stating his belief that 99% of Autism cases are fake. He has taken a beating from parents of autistic children and those who lobby for them. However, let us play devil's advocate for a moment... Are Savage's comments mean spirited or could there be some truth to it? Are children who are diagnosed with autism and Asperger's syndrome (Considered a high functioning form of Autism) being over diagnosed? Are the diagnostic criteria for Autism and Asperger's really too broad and too flawed that otherwise ordinary playful children are labeled with this devastating disorder for playful weird behavior?

First, we should put Savage's comments into context. Consider his remarks about minority children with Asthma:

"Why was there an asthma epidemic amongst minority children? Because I will tell you why: The children got extra welfare if they were disabled, and they got extra help in school. It was a money racket. Everyone went in and was told [fake cough], 'When the nurse looks at you, you go [fake cough], "I don't know, the dust got me." ' See, everyone had asthma from the minority community. Now, the illness du jour is autism. You know what autism is? I'll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they're silent? They don't have a father around to tell them, "Don't act like a moron. You'll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don't sit there crying and screaming, idiot." Autism -- everybody has an illness. If I behaved like a fool, my father called me a fool. And he said to me, "Don't behave like a fool." The worst thing he said -- "Don't behave like a fool. Don't be anybody's dummy. Don't sound like an idiot. Don't act like a girl. Don't cry." That's what I was raised with. That's what you should raise your children with. Stop with the sensitivity training. You're turning your son into a girl, and you're turning your nation into a nation of losers and beaten men. That's why we have the politicians we have!"

Michael's comments seemed harsh but when we put it into context, we see that Michael is in reality speaking out against over diagnosing and misapplying labels. He defended his comments well on Larry King live with Glenn Beck. Here are some highlights:

BECK: But, Michael, what did you really mean?
SAVAGE: Ah-ha, very funny.
BECK: Michael Savage, I'm a guy who has been taken out of context all the time. We wanted to make sure we played a full cut. It seems pretty clear you don't really believe autism exists?
SAVAGE: No, no, no, no. Again, you took what they gave you but you didn't take the entire preceding material. Preceding this, Glenn, was a discussion of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has had the nerve to say that children as young as two years of age should be given anti-cholesterol drugs.
BECK: Right.
SAVAGE: There's been not one study about the damage this would do or potentially do to two year-olds, and yet you have had doctors come out and say these drugs should be given to the children. This was in the broader context of the over-medicalization, the over- diagnose of disease, using our children as profit centers. I've spent all day saying what a shame it is that I, as man who has spent his entire life defending the defenseless, mainly children, should have to defend myself from charges leveled at me by men who specialize in hating families and children, namely Media Matters who probably come after you as well, by ripping me out of contest and making me look like the monster that they are.
BECK: Michael, let me ask you this, I am a guy who has been taken out of context. I am a guy who has been called a monster and everything else. I understand context. Talk radio is extremely difficult to do in sound bites because it is a three-hour running monologue, especially with somebody like you. But when you say 99 percent of the cases are brats who should be told to cut the act out and not act like morons, as a dad with a child with special needs, boy that cuts right.
SAVAGE: I understand what you're saying. If you heard the entire show, you would have heard me addressing those comments to the misdiagnosed, false diagnosed and outright racketeers, as opposed to the general category of autistic children. Glen, let me say this again, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that all children be screened for ALD, that's autism, at the 18 to 24 month level. In England, the UK National Screening Committee recommends against screening for autism in this young general population. Why? Because screening tools haven't been fully validated and treatments and intervention lack sufficient evidence for effectiveness, meaning there is no definitive diagnose, no biomedical diagnose, no blood test, no MRI's which will prove definitively that a child has autism. It's become such a gigantic category that overly bright children are being put into this category. why is this happening? How could there be an epidemic that's come out of nowhere, where one out of 150 children suddenly have an illness that hardly existed 20 years ago. You have to use common sense here.

Keep in mind Michael Savage was not denying the existence of autism. Glenn Beck even came out and admitted that he too had a special needs child with disabilities. Savage Had this to say about genuine autistic children:

SAVAGE: First of all, truly autistic children need treatment and help. And they should get all of the money and services that are available. My comments are directed at the falsely diagnosed, misdiagnosed or outright fraudulently diagnosed children who are basically using money they shouldn't be getting. Glen, how often have you seen people pull into handicap zones with blue placards, who get out of their car and look well. The minute they see you looking at them askance, they pull out a cane and start hobbling. Those are the people I'm addressing here. I know there is little time to cover. I say let the truly autistic be treated. Let the falsely diagnosed be treated. Do you know that right now they have broadened the definition of autism to such a thing as called the autistic spectrum. What does that mean? What is the autistic spectrum? Kids with a very high IQ or simply late in talking could fall into that category? Should we take people who where glasses and put them into the blindness spectrum? Should we take people with moles on their face and put them into a category called the cancer spectrum and treat them as such?What I am saying is many parents, unfortunately, have been urged to let their children be labeled autistic. Why? To get money for speech therapy or other conditions from grants that are available to deal with autism.

Shortly after a commercial break Beck interviewed several autistic experts who attempted to refute Savage's claims of fraud and over diagnosis. No doubt, they are looking out for their own interests instead of the interests of children and families. One of these men was Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician who had these comments:

DR. JAY GORDON, PEDIATRICIAN: I disagree very strongly. I think you put Mr. Savage's comments in context, not out of context. In my 30 years of taking care of children, I haven't seen an over-diagnosis of autism and delays, I've seen an under-diagnosis. Because of what he said without any facts to support him, some children will be hurt. As the doctor just said, we need to be aware. We need to diagnose children early and help them. There are children on the autism spectrum that will have trouble in academic settings and in social settings. And the earlier that we identify these children, we can get them the help that we need. There are going to be people who are uninformed enough to believe Mr. Savage and children will be hurt by his comments.

Get this ladies and gentlemen, we've been hearing over and over again about the raging epidemic of autism and Asperger’s in children, how your child is more likely to be autistic than being struck by lightning and so on. Yet according to a quack there is not over diagnosis in fact, there is an under diagnosis! In other words we have not even scratched the surface and millions and millions of children are walking around oblivious of autism and Asperger’s!

The attacks against Michael Savage may have more to do with the pay checks of fraudulent doctors such as Jay Gordon then whether Savage's remarks were offensive. In truth the Autism industry is a profitable industry that destroys the lives of families and individuals while allowing doctors, psychiatrists, lobbyists, government employees and others to line their pockets. The misapplication of Aspergers' and Autism is devastating.

As Michael Savage mentioned in Europe doctors are discouraging mandatory screening of Autism and Asperger's because the diagnostic tools are not all efficient and the screening tools are not readily available! But the American Academy of Pediatrics is more interested in making money for themselves, for schools, for crooked doctors, social workers, case workers, government administration and others. Rest assured that all of this will be done at the expense of not just their victims but American Tax payers as well. In fact many states such as My home state of Maine already require mandatory screening of children entering the school system for Autism and Aspergers. There is not telling how many children have been misdiagnosed and have been subject to painful and distressing interventions and therapies as well as being subject to being followed for the rest of their lives with the stigma of being labeled Autistic. Michael Savage in fact has done us all a service with his courageous stance.

In future articles I intend to further show how BIG Government, psychiatrists, schools and other institutions are using Autism to promote an unscrupulous agenda. I will also introduce you to an old freind of mine from Maine who was falsely diagnosed with Asperger's for being cruely abused and raped in school by classmates, and how his parents abused him using that labeled and caused him to become unemployed and homeless in Los Angeles Skid Row and how he overcame the stigma of being labeled and abused.