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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking back on The faulty Clintonesque Bush Administration.

Today I thought I'd spend the last day of the month venting my anger and answering objection from left wing moon bats that I am uncompromisingly supportive of Bush and his policies even though he is the third worst president followed by Clinton and Carter. Well... The liberals have been emailing me on Free republic and elsewhere clamoring, "OH! Look what Bush did to our economy! Its ruined! All because of BUSH! Its Bush's fault!" When is it not?

The left has been jeering as well as cheering. They are claiming that Bush's administration is proof of the failure of conservatism and capitalism and that we need more socialism and welfare state. This despite that those faulty values brought us to this problem. Well I thought I might point out today why Bush is NOT a conservative. Why he is in fact a liberal and that he is a disaster for this country, especially with the new bailout bill coming up that will centralize our government even more and make Karl Marx happy if he were around today.

The warning signs of Bush's liberalism were apparent when he was made governor of Texas. As governor, Bush passed a strong concealed weapons restriction in a state that once had the loosest gun restrictions, and as a result the crime in Texas sky rocketed. Under Bush Texas did not do very well and the liberals took advantage of it. Unfortunately no one took the time to examine his record.

Under his presidency things continued to deteriorate. We had illegal immigration. A conservative president would have demanded an end to it. Instead Bush advocated amnesty, looser borders and even had the nerve to tell Americans without employment that these foreign invaders were doing the jobs we Americans don't want to do. Why would anyone want to do those jobs for fifty cents an hour? If these immigrants were thrown out, employers would have to pay them so they wanted to do them.

Under George Bush, the government grew by leaps and bounds. Its growth was 3 times greater than when Lyndon Johnson launched his disastrous great society. We now have government butting in even more into our lives. Worse yet, we are losing even more of our freedoms.

In the beginning of the twentieth century our forefathers had more freedom than we have now. There was once a time when parents had a choice on how to bring up their children, there was once a freedom to worship Almighty god in the way our conscience deems fit, there was once a time when people could forge their own destinies. Today many of us no longer enjoy those freedoms especially in states controlled by Liberal Democrats. You would think that with control of the senate, congress and oval office, that this would end. Wrong. We are now told we have to give up more of our civil liberties to fight an endless war that is not being fought to win.

This war is being fought the wrong way. We are bogged down in other countries while the terrorists are still at large. We did make progress in many ways but the war is far from over. In fact if we weren't so politically correct and recognized Islamofascism as the true enemy, this war could have been over by now. Instead our soldiers are being given rules of engagement that prevent them from fighting back, our media is lying to us even more, and America's enemies cheer for our demise.

We give up our freedom, we go to fight expensive needless wars which are nothing short of UN mandates meanwhile our borders are wide open and we have Muslim terrorists in our nation as well as traitorous supporters of their actions who are free to run amuck.

All that can be said is that Bush is very much like Bill Clinton. It is my hope that we elect someone of greater capability and principle in the following elections who will do far better than John Mcsame as Obama and George W Bush.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lefist Tree huggers mourn for nature, support abortion

I was on Freerepublic the other day and came across this video that has circulated through several websites. It is a sick video that shows Liberals crying over trees that have been cut down or died. This is sick! These same people support abortion, the murder of unborn babies that will never get a chance at life as well as support terrorism against innocent civilians yet trees and animals somehow are of great value! We dare not hurt a tree but we will murder a human being.

It is thanks to these envirowhackos that millions are dying from famine and disease because countries in the developing world and elsewhere cant use land for farming or use pesticides to kill disease causing insects or insects that devour crops. Much of the reasoning behind this also has to do with UN population reduction as well. They are mainly targeting minorities and the poor in the developing world. The developing is hamstrung because of environmentalists.

I am reminded of another video of how Al Gore wants to prevent ordinary people from using electricity. Al Gore uses 20 times the amount of electricity than others. It is a blessing when a village in South America or Africa receives electricity and running water. For environmentalists, that is not so. It is THEIR hope that they remain primitive and impoverished. They wish the same for the rest of the world including the US while the elite lives in luxury.

Environmentalism has a real agenda, Marxist fascism. Taking power from the masses and forcing them into poverty and ignorance while the elite like Al Gore lives in luxury.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Forbes releases top 50 states for business. (Maine and other blue states still rank bottom)

Forbes Magazine recently released the top 50 states for business again.which ranks state economies especially with regards to small businesses which are the backbone of our economy. To no surprise, red right wing republican free states beat the Democrat liberal left wing socialist paradise states by an overwhelming number. 8 out of 10 states on the top ten were traditionally Republican with Nebraska beating Minnesota for number ten, while 7 out of 10 were traditionally Democratic. West Virginia was once again at rock bottom followed by Louisiana, Alaska and Maine. Mississippi, considered the worst state in the country was 42nd. (and if that state has a better economy than these guys you can only imagine how bad it is.) California, that bastion of amnesty, homelessness and socialism dropped again from 34 to 40. Virginia was once again the best. Texas, a redneck state loathed by liberals as right wing and racist finished at 9, it was ranked 4th last year.

This could change with the coming election however. Many states are already showing signs of changing from red to blue and this change from free market and freedom to socialism could have nasty consequences. Colorado was ranked 4th, 8th in the last two years now it is ranked 6th. It was one of the worst states in America 20 years ago thanks to out of control taxing and spending, the TABOR amendment or Tax payer bill of rights put an end to that and Colorado rocketed to the top. Now with the election of new liberals politicians as well as an influx of illegal aliens, Democrats are suspending Tabor and demanding higher taxes. This could destroy Colorado's economy and cause it to lose its top ten spot. New Hampshire, once known as the free state faces a rampant influx of Democrat voters that are destroying the state's economy. In 2000 it defeated Minnesota as one of the best, this year it is at 20, dropping from 14 last year.

Maine, a state that ranked 48th worst for the past two to three years only budged one notch, mostly due to a small surge in the economy that is expected by experts to decline again. The state is one of the most taxed and regulated in the country and faced three straight years of economic decline and job loss. Only Louisiana and W. Virginia fared worse. Recently it has even done worse than Mississippi. Rhode Island, another liberal fiefdom remained at 45th worst.

Over and over again we are told by the left that taxes and big government are the best solution to a weak economy. We are told that money should be taken from businesses and our best workers and used for programs for the needy. All this does is drive out businesses and jobs along with our best and brightest elsewhere. In the end the only people benefiting are those who are lazy and degenerate. Maine refused to pass TABOR and cut its taxes and regulations and valued the environment more than its unemployed. Now it is forced to make painful cuts to necessary and working programs for the disabled while leaving untouched, programs for welfare freeloaders. More on this in a future article.

The ten best states included places I have been told from Public school on that were the worst. Texas, Utah, North Carolina, Georgia, Idaho and Florida. Wherever I go in Maine when I ask about Nebraska and Texas or Utah the first thing they think of is poverty, slavery, corruption, rednecks and racism. Ironically I find all that here. The ones who usually say this are underachievers and parasites who depend on socialism and hand outs to get by. This proves otherwise. Once again socialism is proven to be a failed system. Score one for freedom.


Overall rank 2007 rank State Business Costs Rank1 Labor Rank2 Regulatory Environment Rank3 Economic Climate Rank4 Growth Prospects Rank5 Quality of Life Rank6 Population Gross State Product ($bil) Five-Year Change (%) Governor
1 1 Virginia 20 7 1 6 26 6 7,747,500 326 3.8 Tim Kaine
2 2 Utah 11 10 19 9 12 8 2,665,300 87 4.8 Jon Huntsman
3 5 Washington 28 2 6 7 2 25 6,509,100 261 3.4 Chris Gregoire
4 3 North Carolina 4 14 2 21 11 34 9,162,300 333 3.4 Michael Easley
5 15 Georgia 23 6 5 10 6 31 9,652,200 343 3.1 Sonny Perdue
6 8 Colorado 35 1 22 14 1 12 4,901,400 204 3.0 Bill Ritter
7 6 Idaho 10 15 29 5 27 15 1,511,400 46 5.4 C.L. Otter
8 7 Florida 34 5 18 1 5 33 18,321,700 625 4.7 Charlie Crist
9 4 Texas 25 24 13 11 4 27 24,064,400 894 3.3 Rick Perry
10 17 Nebraska 13 28 12 25 23 9 1,780,600 66 2.9 David Heineman
11 10 Minnesota 31 7 20 35 21 4 5,218,800 218 2.6 Tim Pawlenty
12 11 Delaware 3 17 27 33 24 29 870,400 52 3.8 Ruth Ann Minner
13 9 North Dakota 8 30 13 22 36 26 641,400 22 3.6 John Hoeven
14 12 Maryland 40 9 26 16 15 14 5,635,500 226 3.2 Martin O'Malley
15 26 New Mexico 9 21 30 18 10 50 1,986,000 65 4.7 Bill Richardson
16 28 Oregon 24 3 41 17 13 36 3,774,100 144 4.5 Ted Kulongoski
17 13 Tennessee 5 36 11 29 38 39 6,189,500 212 3.0 Phil Bredesen
18 18 Arizona 32 22 38 3 3 41 6,408,200 213 5.0 Janet Napolitano
19 22 Nevada 26 29 34 2 8 47 2,598,500 102 5.8 Jim Gibbons
20 14 New Hampshire 41 4 44 36 9 5 1,317,300 50 2.4 John Lynch
21 20 Kansas 30 19 9 43 31 24 2,790,200 97 2.5 Kathleen Sebelius
22 24 Iowa 12 39 22 23 48 13 2,995,900 108 3.2 Chet Culver
23 25 South Dakota 1 32 46 15 41 22 798,900 29 2.7 Mike Rounds
24 42 Montana 21 18 47 8 19 40 964,600 27 4.1 Brian Schweitzer
25 27 Indiana 6 43 15 40 39 23 6,367,800 220 2.3 Mitchell Daniels
26 30 Oklahoma 19 40 8 28 33 37 3,629,900 108 3.0 Brad Henry
27 37 Hawaii 47 10 36 4 22 30 1,285,200 51 4.4 Linda Lingle
28 35 Alabama 22 42 17 31 7 42 4,647,600 141 3.6 Robert Riley
29 23 South Carolina 27 33 3 41 20 43 4,434,800 131 2.6 Mark Sanford
30 16 Missouri 15 41 6 44 45 21 5,894,400 199 2.1 Matt Blunt
31 29 Wyoming 2 38 48 12 27 38 526,300 20 1.9 Dave Freudenthal
32 21 Arkansas 7 45 25 27 18 48 2,844,800 80 3.0 Mike Beebe
33 31 Connecticut 45 13 41 24 29 3 3,504,500 181 2.7 M. Jodi Rell
34 19 New Jersey 48 20 40 20 32 1 8,699,000 397 2.1 Jon Corzine
35 40 Illinois 36 27 28 37 25 18 12,893,500 521 2.3 Rod Blagojevich
36 36 Massachusetts 46 16 24 45 40 2 6,457,600 307 2.2 Deval Patrick
36 32 Vermont 43 12 33 31 44 10 621,600 22 2.9 Jim Douglas
38 33 New York 49 31 21 19 37 17 19,314,800 917 3.0 David Paterson
39 38 Ohio 29 47 10 47 47 11 11,470,100 403 1.5 Ted Strickland

shame rolls

40 34 California 50 25 45 12 14 28 36,736,500 1,557 3.7 Arnold Schwarzenegger
41 39 Pennsylvania 38 34 31 34 42 7 12,450,500 443 1.9 Edward Rendell
42 43 Mississippi 16 48 16 49 35 46 2,926,500 72 2.1 Haley Barbour
43 44 Wisconsin 37 37 37 26 46 16 5,612,800 200 2.1 Jim Doyle
44 41 Kentucky 17 46 35 42 33 35 4,261,100 129 2.2 Steven Beshear
45 45 Rhode Island 42 35 49 30 16 20 1,056,700 39 2.4 Don Carcieri
46 48 Maine 44 26 32 39 43 19 1,319,800 41 2.2 John Baldacci
47 46 Michigan 39 44 4 46 49 32 10,057,100 341 0.2 Jennifer Granholm
48 47 Alaska 33 23 39 47 30 44 686,900 30 1.1 Sarah Palin
49 49 Louisiana 18 50 43 50 17 49 4,308,500 145 2.3 Bobby Jindal
50 50 West Virginia 14 49 50 38 50 45 1,813,800 46 1.5 Joe Manchin III

Thursday, September 18, 2008

PBS Bill Moyers smears conservative talk radio over shooting.

As some of you may know, a man named Jim David Adkisson, an unemployed truck driver went berserk and shot up a Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville Tennessee. He murdered 2 people and injured about 5 others while they were performing a musical called Little orphan Annie. Adkisson claimed he did it because he was angered by liberalism and in particular, homosexuality.

According to a sworn affidavit by one of the officers; "During the interview Adkisson stated that he had targeted the church because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country, and that he felt that the Democrats had tied his country's hands in the war on terror and they had ruined every institution in America with the aid of major media outlets. Adkisson made statements that because he could not get to the leaders of the liberal movement that he would then target those that had voted them into office. Adkisson stated that he had held these beliefs for about the last ten years."

Of course anyone who is around the political scene and who lives in liberal states like Maine, New York, Massachusetts, California or DC, knows that liberals have ruined everything nice about America. If you've been on our blog long enough you will also know this as well. Despite this, everyone knows that killing them is not the answer. It will just make them martyrs in the eyes of the media as this tragedy already has done. Had the shooting taken place in a conservative church you can count on it the media and everyone else would be dead silent.

Such is the case with attacks on conservative activism and protests by left wing agitators like the incident in Philly where anti gay activists were locked up and threatened with 12 years in prison under bogus charges while the gays were breaking the law and obstructing sidewalks and signs. Such was also the case during counter demonstrations at anti war rallies where conservatives braved harassment and even assault while the media portrayed the counter demonstrators as bigots and screaming fanatics. Liberal moon bats like those cows from Code Pink disrupt speeches and events. Had this been done by conservatives they would have been maced, beaten and locked away. When another deranged man shot up a church in Colorado, 10 years ago, the media was largely silent as well.

The incident in Knoxville was even worsened by allegations that conservative talk radio was the culprit. Even though liberal news outlets have acknowledged that there is no info on what really triggered the shooting, (Many even acknowledged that Adkisson was a nice man who no one imagined would do such a thing.) Many Leftists such as Bill Moyers and others pinned the blame on conservatives based on the fact that he had books by conservatives such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Mike Savage. Immediately the liberal media went on the attack against conservative talk radio. The most shameful of these attacks were on Tax payer funded Public TV with Bill Moyers show Bill Moyers Now.

Using the funds of taxpayers, Bill Moyers and several others launched ad hominem attacks against radio "shock jocks" for their views on homosexuality, gays, the war in Iraq and others. Mike Savage was especially a target with his view of liberalism as a mental disorder and his view that Autism is being over diagnosed. Many of these remarks were taken out of context and instead of stating the facts based on some of these remarks, (See Also my previous article on Savage and Autism) and painted them as foaming at the mouth racists and extremists. The left is also making allegations that Adkisson hated minorities, in particular blacks and hispanics. Despite there being no evidence of this, the left has begun to parrot this about on the Internet and elsewhere.

Bill Moyers show also interviewed liberal radio jocks such as Al Franken and others claiming that Conservatives have too much power over the media and that they were responsible for hatred. Emails to Moyers program also advocated the so called fairness doctrine which would suppress free speech even possibly the Internet as well as hate speech laws. These so called hate speech laws which are used in Europe and Canada make it illegal to so much as criticize a certain group. These laws are also selective and they at times ignore attacks by groups such as black supremacists and Muslim extremists. Despite these so called laws, anti Semites and racism are common in Europe as well as Canada. All that has happened is that there is less free speech and less liberty.

The fact is that the reason conservative talk radio and publishing is strong is because of the fact that they are popular. The majority of Americans want to hear the truth, the facts and want to know about taking back America. They are not interested in socialism, atheism and other liberal garbage. This is why conservatives are strong and why liberals do not have that advantage. Despite this there is still available plenty of leftist garbage, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA times, The SF Chronicle ETC. Therese also PBS NPR and Internet sites that cater to liberals such as Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Storm Front, Brady campaign, Code Pink and ANSWER.

Before closing I should want to mention that liberals are even more guilty of inciting violence than liberals. Take a trip to certain liberal forums and you will find them advocating violence everywhere. At Democratic Underground for example, there were posts advocating the assassination of Bush, as well as the murder of columnist Michelle Malkin. They even posted her address and a satellite photo of her residence. Go to liberal rallies and see the violence for yourself. They advocate killing anyone who disagrees with them. (Also view my past article stories of left wing tolerance in Maine) A friend of mine went to a peace rally in Portsmouth NH that advocated violence against those who were pro American and pro Israel. One of the participants was a skin head he had gone to school with who stated that 9/11 was orchestrated by the Mossad and that Jews flew the planes in the WTC.

In addition Liberals advocate abortion, the murder of unborn children, they advocate environmental laws that restrict economic growth and cause famines and poverty in the developing world, they advocate restricting the sale of firearms to defenseless victims making them even more defenseless. Criminals regardless get guns anyway. Liberals support Our enemies and support our surrendering the war. Clearly liberals are a true threat.

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I got some complaints the other day that it was difficult to make comments. I fixed that so now it is more easy especially to those who are not members of blog spot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Thoughts from Thomas Sowell 11

They say that man cannot control the weather. But every time I buy photographic equipment, it rains.

Who says that there is no difference between the political parties? When Democrats are criticized, they counter-attack. When Republicans are criticized, they whine that they are innocent.

We all enter the world knowing nothing but, by the time we are teenagers, we know it all. Sometimes it is decades later before we know enough to realize how little we know.

Nothing is called "second-hand" any more, except "second-hand smoke." Why is it not called "pre-owned" smoke?

Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same. But today some people are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered to be discrimination.

Some people seem to think that we live in more "liberated" times, when all that has happened is that one set of taboos has been replaced by another and more intolerantly enforced set of taboos.

If people had been as mealy-mouthed in centuries past as they are today, Ivan the Terrible would have been called Ivan the Inappropriate.

Sometimes you need a vacation just to recover from all the preparations you made before going on vacation.

Why would a boxer agree to a match in another boxer's home town?

Whatever the political benefits of making decisions by committees, the need for consensus virtually guarantees the lowest common denominator. A bipartisan committee with people of widely differing views has to paper over these differences and issue mushy pieties, like those of the Baker-Hamilton report on Iraq.

I don't feel any different as I get older. However, I do notice that, when I am out biking, a lot of other bikers seem to be passing me and I don't seem to be passing anybody.

What is especially disturbing about the political left is that they seem to have no sense of the tragedy of the human condition. Instead, they tend to see the problems of the world as due to other people not being as wise or as noble as themselves.

The next time somebody says that the government is forced to intervene in the economy to protect the poor, ask why the government is forcing taxpayers to subsidize municipal golf courses, the ballet, opera and -- the biggest subsidy of all -- surrounding affluent communities with vast amounts of expensive "open space."

Some days I don't seem to have much energy. Perhaps worse yet, I don't particularly want much energy.

One of the scariest aspects of our times is how easy it is for glib loudmouths to turn us against each other, weakening the whole framework of society, on which we all depend.

Despite the shameless propaganda of the environmentalist zealots about the loss of animal habitat, more than 90 percent of the land in the United States is undeveloped. Animals already have vastly more habitat than human beings have. How much is enough?

As much as I have enjoyed traveling, the older I get the sooner I become homesick.

The Detroit "big three" top automobile manufacturers in America have already become the "big two," as Toyota replaced DaimlerChrysler as the third largest seller of cars in the United States. An internal memo from the Ford Motor Company indicates that they expect Toyota to replace them in the number two spot.

It is hard to think of any word that has confused more issues than the word "rights." Nowadays, almost anything that anybody wants is called a "right" -- a magic word that does away with the need for evidence, logic or even common sense.

Many of the same people who are urging us to get out of Iraq are also urging us to go into Darfur. They say we should "do something" about the murderous horrors in Darfur. But you cannot simply "do something." You have to do something specific. Those who are urging intervention won't take the responsibility for specifying what we are to do -- and at what cost in American lives.

Compact disks are especially valuable to people who listen to classical music. Through CDs, they can now enjoy the music without having to watch the antics and rituals of classical concerts.

We can only hope that the rumor that Israel is going to take out Iran's nuclear weapons facilities is true. If they do, Israel will be widely condemned by governments that are breathing a sigh of relief that they did.

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking back on 9/11

The past weeks have been a time of recollection. A time to look back at the day of infamy that took place. For the first time since the war of 1812, we were attacked on our own soil. I thought about Pearl Harbor as well. My grandfather was going out to eat at a Diner when he was 15 and saw everyone listening to the radio. He asked what was going on, he was told that Japan had bombed Hawaii in Pearl Harbor. That night they thought about what would happen next... Would my Great Grandfather be shipped of to fight? Would the war drag on long enough so that when Grandpa turned 18 he would also be drafted? When he graduated at the age of 18 he joined up with the service but was kept at home service for most of the war. he would have gone to Japan had the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought an end to the war.

All this time there was fear of an attack. I also feared that we would face more attacks especially as I saw our media and even our politicians dismiss Islam as a religion of peace and downplay the severity of what we were up against. Over the years I feared that we would be nuked. I thought living in Maine I would be safe but then again maybe not. A friend of mine who was involved in anti terrorism told me that any nuke going off anywhere in America would devastate us. It was a lot easier to smuggle the bomb into Bangor Maine than New York City especially since we have wide open borders with Canada.

Seven years later I am thankful that Bush and our brave men have kept us safe from terrorism and radical Islam. I hope and pray that McCain and Sarah Palin, though not the candidate we desire will none the less defeat Obama and Biden in the elections so we do not surrender. We can choose to surrender or press on to victory which may be just ahead.

Although I think there are better things we can do. For one thing we are so obsessed with Iraq we forget the threat of Iran. We also forget how terrorists are sneaking into our own soil everyday through our open borders. We are still vulnerable. We may have won the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan but there is still a long hard war to fight. This war is also on our shores. Bear in mind it is not just Terrorists, there are enemies within, a fifth column that hates us and want to tear down the liberty and freedom our founders gave us and replace it with socialist slavery. Just go down to youtube dailykos and the rest to see just how evil the fifth column is.

The majority of Americans do not want to be defeated and I am convince if we keep fighting the culture war as hard as the war in Iraq we can win. We can win if we want. We can win if we disregard those who would rather snatch victory from the Jaws of defeat.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Left is sacrificing our liberties for false security

The Roman Empire was founded a republic. The people had somewhat voice in the goings on in the Roman Senate. Although not perfect it provided some liberty to the people. But with massive militaristic expansion into Europe and North Africa along with a slave revolt lead by Spartacus, adding to this corruption ignorance and apathy, it lead the way for Julius Caesar to become its first emperor. From then on, Rome was lead by a series of despots, some wise, courageous and brilliant, others evil, decadent and incompetent. It happened because good men stood by and allowed the state to seize liberty under the banner of a more secure and powerful empire.

After world war I Germany became a republic under former General Hindenburg but crippling economic upheaval, inflation and foreign interference gave way to a dictatorship under Hitler and culminated in the extermination of entire races of people and those who spoke out.

Such are the catastrophic consequences whenever a society allows the state to take away its liberty for security. Neither is gained and both are lost, sometimes permanently. Now as then the threat is more and more obvious in this time when America is under attack from within and without. But let us ask the question...WHO IS REALLY TELLING US TO SURRENDER LIBERTY FOR SECURITY? Is it George W Bush and the Republicans? Is it Rush Limbaugh and the Right? Nope! Not them. For over half a century it has been the far left...

At best the so called right wing in America, what little left of it exists has been complacent about the loss of liberty and the threat of government especially now in this crucial time. The far left in America lead by Democrats is the real force behind the loss of freedom in America.

The founders put in place a bill of rights to defend against tyranny. The second amendment was designed to protect against property crimes and murder as well as to defend against tyranny. A government that fears its citizens will try to take away its guns. the main purpose of this amendment was for the people to overthrow the government when it becomes tyrannical, a time which we may be facing in the coming future. Democrats do not want the people to have any power over their own lives and destinies. They prefer a nanny state that has its long tentacles in our lives, minds and wallets. Democrats use gun control to disarm law abiding defenseless citizens in the name of security and reducing crime. Instead the opposite has happened. Crime in cities has gone up and the people are forced to rely on an overstretched and ineffective police force and even the police couldn't care about the cries of defenseless poor disarmed people.

The founding fathers gave us the first amendment for unrestricted publishing and distribution of news, information and ideas. The first amendment was specifically used to defend unpopular ideas and the majority might deem offensive but is in fact necessary and useful. The left, under the fear of offending and hurting the feelings of certain groups uses political correctness, hate speech laws and the Federal communications Commission to stifle free speech as they do in Europe. Meanwhile, Europe faces internal strife from Islamic radicals and white supremacists. France has criminalized anti Semites yet it is rampant in that nation. In Europe and Canada, it is illegal to deny the existence of the holocaust yet whenever men like David Irving or Eric Zundel face prosecution, they are lionized by Jew haters around the globe. At times this law is selective. the government usually turns a blind eye to hate speech against Caucasians and Christians as was the case of a radical mullah in Britain who was not prosecuted after calling for the killing of Christians and Jews.

Now we are told that we need independent media in light of 9/11. But thanks to liberals and the FCC that is hard to come by. The liberals want to regulate the Internet to stifle opinions. The liberals also try to shut down and hack any website that speaks out against them.

The founders believed that the least amount of government is best. They believed that government was incompetent and that its only function was to move out of the way and remain out of the way. They couldn't convince Democratic liberals of this who now use the heavy hand of government in everything from health care to wealth care. Government is involved in regulating the economy which decreases the number of jobs and affects production and innovation. Government is involved in education, our children are coming out stupid, ignorant and illiterate. They reject the brilliance of our founders as babble from rich white slave masters while embracing a failed and obsolete system that makes everyone poor oppressed slaves especially those of other races. The government decides whats in our own interest rather than leaving it up to we the people. Now its we the sheeple.

Long ago the family and the church were involved in aiding the poor the weak and the infirm as well as those with disability and wrong in the head. That was the social security our founders and our religions advocated. Instead we now have a bloated social security system that fails to do its job, denies benefits to those truly weak and gives to those who are not. Up until recently, the disabled were also herded into institutions and state schools where they were treated like criminals. Places like Metropolitan hospital, Willowreed, Walter Fernald, Napa state and Fergus falls were notorious for abusing and even killing its own patients. The state hospital system was nothing more than America's Gulag Archipelago. Many people were even wrongfully put there because of their beliefs or because they had abusive relatives. They were denied liberty and justice which made this possible. Today there are those, sadly many who claim to be conservative such as Mona Charen who want to bring this back.

Remember the war on poverty? When Lyndon Johnson started this failed socialist policy, the poverty rate was in fact going into decline. Since then it has skyrocketed. The government takes from those who work, denying them the fruits of their labor and giving it to worthless degenerate people who can work but refuse in the name of economic security and welfare. We no longer have welfare or economic security, just a bloated system of government that steals from the hard working and gives to the lazy.

We are told by liberals that the rich are evil and in the name of security put up systems that restrict small businesses, new jobs and crush the middle class while the rich keep lining their pockets. Ask yourself... Where to those Dems get all their funding from and how much do they make a year? HMMMMMM...

Its only now with a republican dominated government that liberals coin the famous phrase from Benjamin Franklin: Those who surrender liberty for security deserve neither.Yet a look at recent history shows that the liberals are to blame for why we have less freedom then our parents and grandparents. Habeus Corpus? Tell that to the girl in Leftist Germany who was involuntarily committed to an institution because she was home schooled and because she was a Christian! Liberals dominate psychiatry and are lobbying to have anyone who wont submit to their communist policies as mentally ill so that they can disarm them and incarcerate them in institutions like they used to do.

The left fawns over terrorists in Guantanamo Bay and over torture, what about detainment and torture in those liberal socialist utopias of Cambodia, China and Russia? What about students in public school in America who are tortured and detained 8 hours a day against the will of parents?

The Left claims that the government is keeping secrets and holding secret hearings. You mean the same government given to us by the left? How about the woman in Santa Rosa California that wonderful blue state who was placed under state guardianship under secret hearings because she had bipolar? The same woman who before that was working and living in her own home, who was no threat to anyone or herself and was detained in a mental hospital, physically assaulted, given toxic drugs that almost killed her and then placed in a group home not to mention others like her? Don't blame us Conservatives! We didn't do it!

There used to be a time where I wish Al Gore really won instead of Bush. The past eight years of hell would have been on HIS head and the media would have no one to really blame. After typing this article I'm glad he didn't win. Had this terrorist attack on 9/11 and on whose seventh anniversary we are approaching happened under a Democrat administration, we would be living George Orwell's worst nightmare. The only reason Democrats are complaining now is that they are not the ones in charge. If Barack Obama does take charge and if we have another democrat senate and congress, were doomed.

In a future article I will be discussing more about the Guantanamo detainees, how the left has used this incident to weaken us and the best solution to the controversy, one that should have been implemented a long time ago and is right in line with the constitution, the Geneva accord and best of all our own interests and security.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Media bias against republican convention

Been away for awhile, busy at work. I wanted to point out today some observations I made about the republican convention. The news media and Katie "Koran" Couric have presented the Democratic convention in glitz and glamor with touching family scenes with Obama and his little girls and with big talk about the past 8 years being crap. (never mind that the 8 years previous with Clinton, the fact we are at war, and the rat congress are mostly to blame. Especially Clinton and the Dems. Lets not forget the RINOS.) All the Democrats are bringing up how their policies of taxing and spending will make things all better again, that is exactly why we are in this trouble right now, Bush's tax cuts are getting ready to expire causing the market to have a hernia and the fact is that spending is at an all time high! Government has also grown bigger! That is why the past 8 years were drek! Bill Clinton could not even get away with doing what the Democrats and the RINO republicans have done. Its ridiculous! Now they want more!

Well the media ignored it and when the republican convention was televised it wasn't all glamorous and spectacular as I described the Dem convention in my last article. When Sarah Palin and others made their speeches I was thrilled but then I remembered how John Mccain flip flopped and his opposition to tighter borders and the first amendment. Once again I give thanks to God almighty for the Internet and independent media. (By Indy media I mean real objective media like freerepublic) as well as history to stand by. The fact is we may have to elect him anyway despite his massive short comings. I am very happy however for Sarah Palin and for her courage in confronting the smear attacks by the far left.

But perhaps the worst media bias I saw and what I had originally based this article on was what happened during hurricane Gustav. The republicans and several of their lobbyists were holding a decadent celebration in downtown Minneapolis. Pink Champagne, amuse bouche, and creamy deserts were all the scene as well as limos of corporate lobbyists. That's what I saw on the MSM as they asked why they were celebrating while poor minorities in New Orleans were dying.

The truth is that the celebration they were holding was a charity ball and that most of these rich folks came from all backgrounds donating not for the RNC but for the displaced victims of Gustav. Michael Moore tried the same stunt in his stupid movie when George W Bush went to the Al Smith Charity ball benefiting children's hospitals. Al Gore and Ted Kennedy were also there, but all we saw were rich white people in tuxedos and Bush saying how much they matter more to him. That... is why we need independent media not because Bush is in charge, but because the left wing corporate media distorts the facts to promote an agenda which brings me to my next point.

At the RNC convention we saw up close and personal the similarities between the ideologies of fascism and the far left. A group of anarchists called the RNC welcoming committee were planing to dump buckets of urine on people visiting the convention, they also planned to vandalize local storefronts and even kidnap delegates to the convention! This was not a peaceable assembly as protected under the Bill of Rights this was terrorism. They should be lucky that they are not considered such. That didn't stop leftist whiners like Amy Goodman of Democracy now, a taxpayer funded anti American anti Semitic radio show, and others from causing trouble and equating police officers with the gestapo. Apparently they are now also in trouble for suspicion of rioting. Don't know if it is true or not but no doubt the liberals will have sympathy for them and under public pressure will release them.

Meanwhile during the DNC convention in Denver, the Democrats rounded up the cities HUGE homeless population and tucked them away while setting up protest zones far away from the convention. We also forget how people like Michael Markavich of Repent America and Alex Jones from Infowars are constantly harassed and arrested by police. Markavich was even threatened with 11 years in prison while the gay activists obstructed his rights! The Gathering of Eagles also faced hardships during their counter demonstrations of left wing events but The MSM remains silent to the plight of liberty. Amy Goodman of Democracy Never gets arrested, the MSM throws a fit!

There were peaceful protesters but there were disruptor's. Some of them were even in the convention when McCain was there. Code Pink managed to sneak in and disrupt the speech. Didn't see any right wingers disrupt Obama's speech. If they did they would have been brutally treated maybe even branded racists and charged with a hate crime.

Amy Goodman and PBS shortly afterwords lectured how we needed independent media in this crucial age we live in. Of course to them any left wing anti American program or show that is funded with taxpayer funds is independent. We need objective media like that in Worldnetdaily, MRC, freerepublic and so on. Bloggers like us can also do our part to expose the real enemies and real crooks.

Welcome Back Carter

Welcome back Carter

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around, But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around.

Who’d have thought they’d lead ya (Who’d have thought they’d lead ya).

Back here where we need ya (Here where we need ya).

Yeah we tease him a lot cause we’ve got him on the spot, Welcome back,.

welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Thomas Sowell posts...

I got a couple emails thanking me for the posting of Thomas Sowell posts. The one I just posted was the most current. Some people complained that I posted the old ones from last summer. None the less they are all relevant and useful. We will continue posting the rest up as well as future commentaries. I was also asked by one of our writers to include writings from Ravi Zacharias and this one other guy. I will give it thought. Thanks again to all who read our blog and email our support.

Random thoughts from Thomas Sowell 10

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

If you took all the fraud out of politics, there might not be a lot left.

The reason so many people misunderstand so many issues is not that these issues are so complex, but that people do not want a factual or analytical explanation that leaves them emotionally unsatisfied. They want villains to hate and heroes to cheer-- and they don't want explanations that do not give them that.

Has anyone noticed Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain's facial resemblance to Babe Ruth? If he can be anywhere near as good a pitcher as Ruth was, he will have a great career. The Babe could have made the Hall of Fame if he had remained a pitcher and never hit a home run. He still holds a couple of pitching records.

Although you can block unwanted phone calls from commercial sources, you cannot block automated phone calls from politicians, which will be inundating us this election year. Apparently the courts think that the right of "free speech" includes the right to impose that speech on an unwilling audience. Maybe we need a new Constitutional Amendment, guaranteeing "freedom from speech."

One of the problems with successfully dealing with threats is that people start believing that there is no threat. That is where we are, seven years after 9/11, so that reminding people of terrorist dangers can be dismissed as "the politics of fear" by Barack Obama, who has a rhetorical answer for everything.

There are countries in Europe that would love to have their unemployment rate fall to the 5.7 percent unemployment rate to which ours has risen. Yet those who seem to want us to imitate European economic and social policies never seem to want to consider the actual consequences of those policies. "Unacceptable" is one of the big weasel words of our time-- almost always said when the person who says it has no intention of doing anything, and so is accepting what is called "unacceptable."

Republicans won big, running as Republicans, in 2004. But once they took control of Congress, they started acting like Democrats and lost big. There is a lesson in that somewhere but whether Republicans will learn it is another story entirely.

When we hear about rent control or gun control, we may think about rent or guns but the word that really matters is "control." That is what the political left is all about, as you can see by the incessant creation of new restrictions in places where they are strongly entrenched in power, such as San Francisco or New York.

Now that the Senator with the furthest left voting record in the Senate and the Senator with the third furthest left voting are the Democrats' nominees for President and Vice President, there will be great expressions of indignation over being "negative" if anyone dares call them "liberals." Actually, leftists would be more accurate.

G.K Chesterton said: "I defy anybody to say what are the rights of a citizen, if they do not include the control of his own diet in relation to his own health." But California citizens and citizens of New York City have tamely accepted their politicians' decisions to forbid restaurants to serve certain foods, even when citizens want those foods.

The recent death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn should make us recall what he said when he was awarded the Nobel Prize: "The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles." What would a Barack Obama presidency mean, other than more concessions and broader smiles, while Iran goes nuclear?

Right after liberal Democrats, the most dangerous politicians are country club Republicans.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that what he admired about FDR was his willingness to experiment in order to help the economy. That experimentation helped prolong the Great Depression, since people tend to hang onto their money when the government creates uncertainty by constantly changing the rules.

At one time, it was said "The truth will make you free." Today, there seem to be those who think that rhetoric and hype will make you free. It might even be called the audacity of hype.