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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Liberal bigots

A word that liberals like to throw at those who disagree with them in the tiniest of disagreement to be bigots. Conservatives are considered bigots because they won't vote for Obama or because of certain viewpoints. Christians are considered bigots because they teach that faith in Christ is the only way to heaven and because of their belief in moral absolutes and because of exclusive beliefs. Of course every religion is exclusive and has a fixed set of morals. They also teach that they are the only way. The Buddhist is exclusive, the Muslim is exclusive, the Jew is exclusive, the Hindu is exclusive. The liberals however never accuse them of being bigots with a tiny exception of hard core atheists. Then again, they are also exclusive in their beliefs.

If you question someones beliefs or motives you are considered a bigot. But what IS a bigot? Lets see what the Merriam Webster Dictionary has to say:

Main Entry: big·ot
Pronunciation: \ˈbi-gət\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, hypocrite, bigot
Date: 1660
: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
— big·ot·ed \-gə-təd\ adjective
— big·ot·ed·ly adverb

So as we can see, a bigot is anyone who is extremely intolerant of anyone Else's views of their own. With that in mind, lets take a look at the people throwing this word around...

Consider that liberals oppose the first amendment. They believe that anyone who does not agree with their world view promotes hate speech. In liberal Europe, hate speech is illegal. If a Muslim blows himself up and kills children and then someone points to intolerance in the Koran, it is a hate crime. No one attacks anyone however for saying anything about Christians. Christians are constantly ridiculed in the media and vilified. Why are they not bigots for doing this?

Another example is the homosexual agenda. To point of health concerns no matter how intellectual or how concerned. It is hate speech! Liberals will run around whining and complaining. Meanwhile, homosexuals say some of the worst things towards those who are heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are called derogatory names such as breeders. In addition, hate crimes are made against churches and other places. There have been calls by homosexuals to poison the world blood supply with AIDS for example.

Liberals do not like it when other people express their views. In addition take a look at the Internet and the media and we see more intolerance of all things American, Christian, Jewish, European, Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran ETC. If you make a video on YouTube promoting European culture or Christianity, expect trouble. Either you will see nasty comments praising terrorism and Marxism and condemning you as a Nazi or your video will be banned outright. Own a website promoting conservatism, small government or national security? NOT FOR LONG!! Liberals work to ban websites and flag them as spam or as hate speech websites.

Liberals are intolerant of American freedom and capitalism. They want communism, totalitarian control and atheism. Homeschooling, free markets ETC are favorite targets of the left. They want to impose their sick twisted views on others. We saw this up front when California tried to ban Homeschooling. Parents are not allowed to teach their children, they must be herded into government indoctrination centers or what we call schools and force fed political correctness, Darwinism, whiteness studies (the belief that all white people are evil and that white European culture and history is revolting)atheism, Marxism and blind obedience to BIG Government.

Speech isn't only under assault, the press is also under attack. In Universities and schools throughout the nation, radical leftist students attack presses run by conservative students. Think back to what happened in Columbia 2 years ago... Radical left wing student supporters of illegal alien law breakers shut down a speech by Jim Gilchrist. They even tried to trump him on false charges of assault, never mind that they assaulted him as well as college republicans that tried to defend him.

This is not the first time we have seen the hatred of liberals. In a future article I intend to share the stories of counter-revolution in the sixties by veterans of that struggle. Think hippies were vegans long haired pot smokers who preached peace and let it hung out? You are wrong. These people were intolerant of any view and were violent. They said they were going to tear down the establishment. They used violence and intimidation.

Liberals as we have seen are huge bigots. They are intolerant of just about everything. Forget what you heard about Christian right wing bible thumpers, creationists or politicians. If you want intolerance and hate, go to a work shop by socialists or an anti war rally. So much hate that even the KKK wouldn't want to touch it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maine Left wing legislators consider bans on gun ownership and homeschooling

Poverty, unemployment, homelessness and a budget deficit are not the only results of Maine's communist welfare state. The attraction of a loosely regulated and generous hand out from BIG government has brought with it criminals and other undesirables who not only continue to strain the system but bring with them their lack of morality and work ethic. Crime in Maine has soared over the years. Gang related crime has also become alarming. Gangs from Boston, Providence and New York have found it easy to sell dope on Maine's cities. Thanks to a relaxed law enforcement, that job has become easier. Even rural backwoods towns find themselves under the grip of violent gangs who are poisoning our youth and committing violent crimes. The city of Bangor Maine even faced an alarming number of murders, some of which were drug related.

In 2006 and 2007 the property crime rate rose higher than that of Lubbock Texas as did its violent crime rate. There were more homicides in the Bangor Metropolitan area than Lubbock, a city with a far larger population and that ten years ago was notorious for having a higher crime rate. Crime in Texas metroplexes like Lubbock have dropped but in Maine, they got higher. Property crime has especially soared.

What is the state to do? A friend of mine told me about a Korean deli owner in New York City who faced similar problems. If the Chicken salad starts to turn, don't throw it out, just add more mayo. When Communist welfare policies attract felons from the inner city, add more communism. Higher crime, poverty, MORE COMMUNISM! This is how Maine has handled all of its problems in the past so we should not be surprised to hear that things have gotten worse.

And its not just crime, services have been burdened among them, schools. Despite massive spending on state and federal levels, Maine's youth are falling behind the rest of the country. Of course with a population influx of new welfare recipients we should not be surprised. The education system was one of the major influences that prevented the successful passing of TABOR in 2006, that along with votes from welfare hogs and Marxist college students.

So what is the solution to these two major problems of crime and education? Taking away the rights of innocent citizens. Maine's Demonrat state legislature wants to strip honest law abiding citizens of their rights to own and keep arms. The good news is that Maine's blue collar Democrats are adamantly against gun control laws. Maine also has hunters come all around the nation. Although leftists have tried to restrict gun possession, they have had little success.

Consider the following:

If gun control advocate believe that guns kill people, I must infer that they also believe the following: Cameras create pornography. Blenders create margaritas. Automobiles drive themselves while intoxicated. Baseball bats hit home runs. Computers send email. Pens write stories. Stoves cook meals. And following their logic of banning guns to stop crimes, we must also: Ban sex to stop rapes. Ban cars to stop car accidents. Ban swimming to stop drowning. Ban computers to stop computer virus. Ban credit cards to stop credit delinquencies. Ban children to stop SIDS. Ban politicians to stop stupid laws. Wait, that might not be all that bad an idea!

Concerning education there have been two points, one of course is raising taxes. (AGAIN) But what is also shocking is an idea that is even worse... Ban homeschooling.

It has been something that has been considered by the Maine legislature for several years. Although rarely discussed there have been murmurings. The state of Maine has been for several years a haven for home school parents. But given its liberal leanings, that could change. Several editorials in Left wing anti American newspapers In eastern Maine, in particular the Bangor Daily news and the Ellsworth [anti] American have criticized homeschooling and have either advocated restrictions against home school families or that it should be outright abolished. Not only that, but even private schooling in a parochial or private institution is considered unlawful and unacceptable!

Though few, activities by the left to intimidate and persecute home school families have taken place. In Augusta Maine, a school superintendent wrote a letter claiming that Homeschoolers were less likely to find a job. This is simply not true. In fact Homeschoolers were over 73% more likely to be employed than those who were dumbed down in public school. They are also more likely to go on to college or university and become employed at a highly qualified job. In another incident, a superintendent at another district began mailing letters to parents of children including home school children demanding confidential information. The Home school Legal Defense fund put a stop to that.

Perhaps two incidents were found to be more alarming. One was an incident involving a man who made phantom phone calls to parents asking them about corporal punishment and if they attended church. In another incident, a man impersonating a truant officer approached a mother and her home school daughter in public and threatened to arrest them.

Let us ask ourselves, our schools are failing, they cannot teach, they turn our students into morons and low wage earners, the schools are expensive and overburdened and overcrowded so we keep hearing from the left, so why? Why do we want to take away parent's options? Why do we want to prevent parents from teaching their children at home? Why burden down the school system even more?

None the less, There have been few incidents and in fact over the years there have been progress. Even the most leftist politicians have sided with home school families. Governor Baldacci signed several bills protecting the rights of homeschoolers yet there is still a long way to go. We the few conservatives left in Maine must stay vigilant and keep our eyes peeled.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Battle of Lepanto

This October was the 437th anniversary of a forgotten yet crucial battle in the defense of western civilization called the battle of Lepanto. It is the victory of this battle that is the reason we are living in a free nation rather than an Islamic style dictatorship. It is why we are still Christian and not Muslim. It is the reason for the existence of America as it is as a free nation. (Though now and days it is not that free.)

In 1571, The Turkish Ottoman empire was the superpower of the day. On land, the armies of the Turks, powered by slave soldiers known as Janisaries and with advanced weaponry and artillery carved its way through the Slovaks and eventually would reach the gates of Vienna. On the sea, Turkish galleys, powered by Captured Christian slaves devastated mercantile commerce and raided coastal cities throughout the Mediterranean. Europe meanwhile remained divided and at war over territory and religion. Spain, the leading European power had recently overcome the Moors in the Reconquista and was expanding into the Americas. Venice was the commercial capital of Europe and held a monopoly over Mediterranean trade. At the papal states, Pope Pius V ruled over the Catholic nations of Europe, but it was threatened by the protestant reformation. In France, conflicts were breaking out, Britain was still a poor backward country that had become the cradle of Protestantism and waged piratical war against the Spanish and Portuguese trade in the new World.

What the Pope dreaded more was the spread of Islam by the sword over Europe. Over thirty years ago, Turkey laid siege to Malta and was narrowly driven back by an army of Crusader Knights and peasants. The stories of atrocities committed by the Turks ran shock waves throughout Europe. In 1570, the island of Cyprus was under siege by the Turks and would eventually fall 10 months later. Its commander, the Venetian Marcantonio Bragadino made a truce with the Turks for safe conduct of his army away from Cyprus when defeat was imminent. Marcantonio Bragadino however was unaware of the Islamic doctrine of Al-Taqyat, or lying for Allah. The Muslims violated the truce as soon as the gates opened, and the army of Greek and Venetian defenders were captured.

Michael Novak, esteemed historian and theologian documented what had happened afterwards, that Marcantonio Bragadino was tied to a pole stripped naked and his nose and ears were cut off and was humiliated in various ways. In the end he was skinned alive. It was stuffed with hay and kept in the sultan's quarters as a trophy. the Turks then slaughtered many of the inhabitants, forcing them to convert to Islam. The Men were taken to be slaves on galleys, the women and children taken away to be slaves in the Harem. The old and weak were killed.

Emboldened, the Ottomans repeated this in Greece and elsewhere. Pope Pius V, had attempted to unite Europe against the Turks by forming a Holy League. The League, a precursor to Nato would strive off the Turks. Time and time again he failed but with the fall of Cyprus and increased attacks the League began to come about. In addition to this, spies had uncovered a ghastly plot by the Turkish Armada lead by Ali-Pasha to invade Italy. With the help of Don Juan of Austria and son of the Holy Roman Emperor who would be destined to lead the attack, The League came together. the Holy League consisted of Spain, Venice, Savoy Sicily, Malta and Genoa. The Vatican was the head of the alliance. Admiral marcantonio Colona was commissioned by the pope to run the fleet. Colona had been a veteran of the war in Cyprus and was one of the few to escape. He was ordered by the Pope to set up an armada in the name of the cross. This was to be a holy war. A war to save Europe from the clutches of Islamic imperialism.

But the Holy League did not rely on God alone. In Venice and elsewhere, new innovations in naval warfare were being constructed. Among these was the Gallease, a new galley warship that was large with mounted swivel cannons. Its height made it resistant to boarding and its new cannons made it devastating. The Turks, though outnumbering the Holy League 3 to 1 could not keep up with the European mode of invention.

In the end, Don Juan and Colona orgonized 206 galleys and 6 galleases. This fleet of the Christian alliance was manned by 12,920 sailors. In addition, it carried almost 28,000 fighting troops: 10,000 Spanish regular infantry of excellent quality, 7,000 German and 6,000 Italian mercenary, and 5,000 Venetian soldiers. Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and were able to bear arms adding to the fighting power of their ship, whereas slaves and convicts were used to row many of the galleys in other Holy League squadrons. Don Juan had also promised the galley rowers who were criminals their freedom if they succeeded.

The Ottomans armada consisted of 222 war galleys, 56 galleys, and some smaller vessels. The Turks had skilled and experienced crews of sailors, but were somewhat deficient in their elite corps of Janissaries. They made up for it with 13,000 sailors and 34,000 soldiers. The slaves below were mainly Christian prisoners of War, some from the recent conquest of Cyprus. An important and arguably decisive advantage for the Christians was their numerical superiority in guns and cannons aboard their ships. It is estimated the Christians had 1,815 guns, while the Turks had only 750 with insufficient ammunition. They instead trusted on Bowmen.

The Holy fleet departed from the Greek Island of Corfu and made its way to the gulf of Lepanto. Ali Pasha was very confident of victory and brought with him his entire fortune including his Harem. The two forces met on October 7th 1571. Don Juan began by sailing his Gallease at full speed towards the heart of the Ottoman armada, breaking it in half. The other galleases were placed in the front and used to attack the enemy galleys sinking two initially. The vast majority of fighting however involved boarding other ships. Witnesses stated that the sea was blood red from the fighting. there were also dead bodies and turbans floating in the water. One of the biggest advantages to the outnumbered Christians was the christian slaves aboards the Turkish galleys. Sensing their chance for freedom, most of them joined the fighting, using their chains as weapons.

During the course of the battle, the Ottoman Commander's ship was boarded and the Spanish tercios from 3 galleys and the Turkish janissaries from seven galleys fought on the deck of the Sultana. Twice the Spanish were repelled with great loss, but at the third attempt, with reinforcements, they prevailed. Ali Pasha was killed and beheaded, against the wishes of Don Juan. However, when his head was displayed on a pike from the Spanish flagship, it contributed greatly to the destruction of Turkish morale. Even after the battle had clearly turned against the Turks, groups of Janissaries still kept fighting with all they had. It is said that at some point the Janissaries ran out of weapons and started throwing oranges and lemons at their Christian adversaries, leading to awkward scenes of laughter among the general misery of battle.

The battle concluded around 4 pm. The Turkish fleet suffered the loss of about 210 ships of which 117 galleys, 10 galliots and three fustas were captured and in good enough condition for the Christians to keep. On the Christian side 20 galleys were destroyed and 30 were damaged so seriously that they had to be scuttled. One Venetian galley was the only prize kept by the Turks; all others were abandoned by them and recaptured. The Holy League had suffered around 7,500 soldiers, sailors and rowers dead, but freed about as many Christian prisoners. Turkish casualties were around 25,000, and at least 3,500 were captured.

The engagement was a crushing defeat for the Ottomans, who had not lost a major naval battle since the fifteenth century. To half of Christendom, this event encouraged hope for the downfall of Islam which they regarded as the "Enemy of the Christian." Indeed, the Empire lost all but 30 of its ships and as many as 30,000 men, and some Western historians have held it to be the most decisive naval battle anywhere on the globe since the Battle of Actium of 31BC.

The Ottomans ships were easily replaced, yet it proved much harder to man them, since so many experienced sailors, oarsmen and soldiers had been lost. Especially critical was the loss of most of the Empire's composite bowmen and jannisaries which, far beyond ship rams and early firearms were the Ottoman's main embarked weapon. Historian John Keegan notes that the losses in this highly specialised class of warrior were irreplaceable in a generation, and in fact represented the death of a living tradition for the Ottomans. Convicts also replaced Christians in the galleys.

In Europe, news of the victory was met with great jubiulation. Throughout Europe, church bells tolled and there were great celebrations. The victory had been greater than any had hoped for. Following the battle theren were plans by the vatican to invade Turkey herself, unfortunately, the nations of the holy league once again began to fight amongst each other and plans were abandoned. After Lepanto the Holy League and other nations and alliances fought further wars and conflicts against Islamic Turkey. Some were victories, some defeats.

Efforts by archeologists to dig up the remains of Lepanto have unfortunately met with disappointment. The area where much of the battle was fought had receeded. The coast moved outward. Much of the battle is now farm land. Other coastal sites have been disturbed over the centuries by Greek fishing trollers. Although some wrecks were found by German and Spanish Archeologists.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the man who would later write Don Quixote participated in the battle of Lepanto. He lost an arm in the battle and was captured by Algerian corsairs years later where he spent 5 years as a slave before being ransomed. The events of Don Quixote such as the freeing of galley slaves were inspired by Lepanto.

The Catholic church has declared October 7th as the feast of Lepanto. Many devout Catholics give thanks to Pope Pius V who was cannonised a saint in 1712.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What happened after God's funeral (Let my people think)

The first choice you are forced to make if there is no God, you are forced to mistake man to be God.

Ravi Zacharias in a two part series, "WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE FUNERAL OF GOD?" examines the consequences of living in a philosophy of atheism and relativism. Based on Luke 12:13, We learn the end results which we are experiencing today.

Welcome back Carter 2.1 (music video)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama staff send secret service thought police after opponent

Take a good look at this new video out on YouTube about obama messiah. Its another example of fascism in America under the Democrats if Obama is elected God forbid!

This woman from Lufkin Texas recieved a phone call from a campaign supporter who asked her to support the Obama campaign. She spoke her mind telling her no, that Obama was a socialist who murders babies. Which of course he is. The next day, secret service agents came to this woman's door to accuse her of making death threatst towards Obama! They had no evidence, no tape, but they did have a file on her! A file! One of these agents was rude and accused her of being rude and then demanded to know what she thought of Obama.

This is just a taste of what's coming to America if Obama is elected, fascism pure and uncut.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barak Obama's healthcare plan.

“We now face an opportunity — and an obligation — to turn the page on the failed politics of yesterday's health care debates… My plan begins by covering every American. If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums. That will be less. If you are one of the 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance, you will have it after this plan becomes law. No one will be turned away because of a preexisting condition or illness.”

— Barack Obama, Speech in Iowa City, IA, May 29, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic candidate for president along with his running mate Joe Biden have a new health care plan for America. Obama has tried to quell fears of higher taxes, socialized medicine and unregulated insurance companies denying coverage in a commercial where he called them both extremes. The truth is that Obama's plan is a milder extreme than say Hillary Care. Hillary Clinton you may remember opted for a mandatory health care system in which nearly all Americans, even Americans making 25000 a year would be required to have health insurance or have their wages taken away even if they could not find health care. Mitt Romney had a similar program in Massachusetts which was a disaster for the states economy and middle class.

Health care costs are skyrocketing and Health insurance premiums have risen 4 times faster than wages over the past 6 years. Too little is spent on prevention and public health: The nation faces epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases as well as new threats of pandemic flu and bio terrorism. Yet despite all of this less than 4 cents of every health care dollar is spent on prevention and public health and companies are out of control.

Barack Obama's plan sounds nice at first, coverage for all, no being denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, cheap, affordable coverage for all. But then you get down to it there are hidden costs...

Obama and Biden's health care plan would require mandatory coverage for children. Obama would raise taxes to pay for coverage, which would destroy our already faltering economy. It would pay for socialized medicine. Obama however plans to expand the SCHIP program which would require new spending. We the people would pay for it. Higher taxes, more spending, more waste. Fewer jobs, fewer economic opportunities for the already poor.

Obama's plan is rumored to also entail mandatory mental health care and screening for all. Those who hold to differing political viewpoints or beliefs or who are of certain standing could be branded mentally ill and subject to forced drugging with toxic psychmeds or incarceration in institutions. They would also be banned from owning a firearm to defend themselves and families.

It is another big step towards national health care coverage similar to those in Canada and Europe. These national health care groups lead to overwhelming burdens on the sick, through an obstructive, bloated and ineffective bureaucracy. Many have been made sicker. There have been many horror stories of people left in long lines to die, the weak, elderly and sick being euthanized rather than leaving them to be treated. (Its cheaper too!) In addition, abortions of weak and sick babies in Spartan fashion. (Cheaper to kill them then bring them up!) Worst yet is that obama's plan along with his other plans is another step in the direction of socialism for America.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The burdens of our journey(from slice of infinity)

You probably are all wondering why I have not been writing my own articles...

I have unfortunately been busy at home and the job as well as several other things of private matter concerning events in Maine and elsewhere. Not to worry, as I have promised several new articles coming.

Margaret Manning writes of the times we live in using the climax of Lord of the Rings. The young hobbit, Frodo, laments the world he sees around him with all the tragedy and darkness that has befallen him. Looking at the difficulty in continuing on his quest to destroy the Ring. Frodo is overwhelmed. Gandalf the wizard his wise mentor, consoles him with these words: "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought."

Frodo's journey is to destroy the ring in Mt Doom to defeat Sauron by tossing the Ring into the fire to save the Middle Earth. This is a difficult quest for Frodo and his companions. If you recall in the book and especially in the movie you see the burden in Frodo's eyes as he fights to save the world from Sauron and preven the ring from being lost to Sauron.

At the same time we are reminded of the prayer of Jesus in John 17 15:18. Jesus Christ is burdened with the task before him and his fate. So to did the followers and new converts. Manning then writes "Like Frodo and the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring, we can so easily look around us and see the peril of the journey in this world. Our desire to avoid difficulty and pain, and our longing for another kind of world often distracts us from doing God’s work in God’s world, regardless of the times at hand. Yet, our longings for what is good, beautiful, and right for our world do not have to lead us to flights of fantasy, or to wishful thinking. Rather, our longing for a better world should compel us to action as witnesses to the gospel as the force of good for our world. Indeed, our longings can lead us to decide what we can do to make the best of the times we’ve been given.

Indeed how we are all burdened and yet distracted by the distractions of the world as well as our tasks. One would like to hide from evil in fantasy and in indulgences of the world. In this time we face the evil of terrorism, of liberalism. Whether its al-qaeda, Barack Obama, Code Pink, ETC.

Only God almighty can heal us from the burdens of our tasks whether in daily life or from our mandate to witness and rescue the poor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More videos on loans: Obama hires fannie mae CEO!

Another one! Obama hires Former CEO of Fannie Mae!

Another video about affirmative action loans

A video from the website Jews against Obama about the root of the crisis.

Keep note that some of the rhetoric is controversial but as Chaim mentioned Affirmative action IS racist. Its not because of race its because of socialism. A lot of minorities are suffering thanks to Obama and Clinton and this loan scam.

Shocking video on what caused the recession!

A new video on youtube shows the root of the current reccesion:

the Clinton administration admitting their policy of "BANK AFFIRMATIVE ACTION". Secretary Cuomo admits they forced banks to make BAD LOANS. In addition there is a clip that also shows Obama's tie to the problem.

Pass it all on! We must stop Obama!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The cause of the economic crisis

This video is an informative look at the factors that are causing our current financial and economic crisis. It discusses policy changes 13 years ago that unleashed the sub-prime mortgage-backed securities market, which accelerated prices erratically, inviting speculation and loose lending practices which were both condoned and encouraged by existing regulation and carried out by risk-blind executives and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It also exposes a welfare law passed during the Carter administration and that was expanded during the Clinton years. Its called the Community investment act. It was a law that involved the government forcing banks to give loans to poor people, most of which were minorities to buy houses. These are people who have little or no credit. In fact in the following video you will see how This lead to the crisis

The community reinvestment act was enforced through pressure by protests, sit ins by pro affirmative action and so called anti poverty groups as well as government legislation. Thanks to this the economy went into meltdown.

The problem is though that the liberal media refuses to report on it. Furthermore, the left is using intimidation tactics on YouTube and elsewhere to silence this message which shows that the economic recession is not caused by conservatism or capitalism, but buy socialism and liberalism.

I urge everyone to log into Youtube and start voting for movies that expose this. Don't forget to refute leftists who make racist anti American comments on them. Also contact radio talk shows and email on blogs and start getting the message out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Democrat Senate candidate Mark Warner calls our freedoms unamerican

Virginia Sentate candidate Mark Warner recently shared his views and what Democrats really think about American values and then added his own take on what is American.

Here, you'll hear Democrat Senate candidate Mark Warner tell a group:
you're going to see a coalition that has just about completely taken over the Republican Party in this state and if they have their way, it's going to take over state government. It's made up of the Christian Coalition, it's made up of the right to lifers, it's made up of the NRA, it's made up of the homeschoolers, it's made up of a whole coalition of people that have all sorts of different views that I think most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American.

So Christianity is threatening to what it means to be an American?

So living out one's faith as if it really mattered is threatening to what it means to be an American?

So protecting innocent human life is threatening to what it means to be an American?

So defending the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is threatening to what it means to be an American?

So parents teaching their children, to preserve their moral center and ensure a quality education, is threatening to what it means to be an American?

Well, I guess I've been wrong all these years about what it means to be an American

And apparently the people who founded America were also wrong about what it means to be an American.

Because the kind of things Mark Warner finds repugnant and threatening to what it means to be an American...these are the kind of values the Founders held to be so deeply important.

It's interesting to know that people like me and people like the Founders didn't understand that being an American is really about total sexual license, denial of the Creator who gave us our rights, and total subservience to the state.

I'm glad Mark Warner set us straight on that.

It is very, very rare indeed to see a Democrat with the courage to tell us what they really believe, and set us straight on "what it means to be an American."

The Democratic party and Barack Hussein Obama plan to outlaw our freedoms. They want to replace our constitutional republic with a dictatorship run by marxists where no one is free and where the people are slaves to the Big government.

Another reason to Vote McCain Palin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Jewish Task Force and Chaim Ben Pesach

Recently I was asked if I could post articles from Jewish Task Force and Chaim Ben Pesach. Due to controversy Im not sure if that is possible. None the less we will be posting articles concerning Israel and America from JTF. I also plan to write an article about Chaim Ben Pesach.

Slices of infinaty with Ravi Zacharias

Per request by one of our writers, I have decided to post articles concerning the works of the great Christian apologist and scholar, Ravi Zacharias. I cannot post the articles directly due to copyright restrictions however I can post information about them with the link. I will do this now and again.