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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberals plan to use SSI program to steal from the poor and weak

Been away awhile. Turns out a lot of leftists from DU, Youtube and elsewhere have come on my website to start accusing me of things I never said or meant. Gotta love public school curriculum.

With Obama and the Dems taking control, I thought I should bring up an important topic, private property rights and how Democrats plan to use the SSI program in Social security to strip Americans of their assets, homes and even their jobs.

The SSI or Supplemental Security Program was started by Richard Nixon in 1974 to federalize welfare. The SSI program was administered by Social security but the money came out of the general treasury. Originally it was for people who were severely disabled, blind, elderly, and in need. Over the years it has become far more easier for anyone to receive SSI. Simply for having any mild impairment or diagnoses of any "disorder," it is possible to get on. Up until welfare reform in the 90s, even people with a history of substance abuse could qualify. Simply dope up and you re on your way!

The Heritage foundation has described the program up till that time as a black hole. Most who received SSI assistance were perfectly capable of working at very good jobs. In other cases, it has been found that psychiatrists and government workers have been aiding able bodied and minded individuals to get on the program by making up different diagnoses. The American Psychiatry association also has its fingers in the honey pot. Why do you think they make up all these different disorders?

But Getting back on track here, just how will SSI be used to defraud and cast millions into poverty? You see the SSI program has a catch. To qualify, you cannot own money or property worth more than $2000. For married couples, its $3000. That does not include cars, appliances and other items someone might own. People must spend down their assets and sell off or give away their property. What is tragic is that on some occasions they are coerced by family members, the government or public guardians at a loss to the beneficiary. What is even MORE TRAGIC, is that many in the end don't even qualify still and are cast into homelessness.

The level of people being thrown into poverty through confiscation of property and assets has slowly risen. Mary Howe, an elderly woman was one of these victims. Her legal guardian incarcerated her in an institution in Cambria California. She was held there for a year till her assets were spent down. Afterwords she was thrown into the streets. Greg used to have a good job, an apartment and money to spend. His abusive father forced him to go on SSI. He had a history of being abusive. He told Greg he was stupid, had no social skills and that he was an idiot. He also blamed his son for his being raped and abused in public school. He was coerced to go to a doctor who diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism that includes inability to communicate, failure to socialise and recognize facial expressions. Greg shared none of those characteristics but according to the DSM-IV, the bible of psychiatric disorders, his past history of being ostracized in school was enough of a criteria. The abuse took its toll on Greg. He lost his job, his father succeeded in getting rid of his assets. But in the end he did not qualify for SSI yet and wound up homeless on LA's skid row for 6 months. He currently lives in Lynwood and his life quality has deteriorated since the incident. He has never recovered financially or emotionally.

Emily was another victim. Since her childhood she has fought hard to overcome her shortcomings and adversity growing up in Chicago's south side. Her father died at the age of 11 and she suffered from Attention deficit disorder, depression and borderline personality disorder. When she was 13, her uncle sexually abused her. At a public school in Chicago Illinois she was denied help with her school work and forced to work harder to keep up. She barely graduated. School doctors diagnosed her and recommended to her mother to apply for SSI. Around the age of 21, she learned she would inherit money from her dead father to go to college. Her mother instead kept the money for herself and applied as rep payee. Emily saw hardly a dime of the money, SSI or inheritance. Emily's mother spent the money on illegal drugs and became an addict. Emily had difficulty finding a job since she had no experience working and her learning disabilities got in the way as well.

Emily wanted to press charges but her boyfriend threatened to murder her if she went to the police. Emily ran away to live in Des Moines Iowa. She wound up homeless there for several months. Her Mother was later arrested for prostitution. Social security found out that she had spent nearly all the money from SSI and her father. They were unable to recover it. Emily was given a rep payee based in Des Moines but this payee abused the funds as well. At first Emily got an apartment but the Payee was delinquent and refused to pay her any money for rent or food. Even her Case worker couldn't help her. Social security also gave her a cold shoulder and refused to help. She later became homeless again and moved to Omaha. Still no one wanted to help her and she later commit suicide.

Just in case you think this can't happen to you dear reader, think again! Hillary Clinton has advocated using SSI to confiscate wealth. Barack Obama may even share the same disposition. Clinton said that we need to take things away from you for the greater good. Barack Obama says lets spread the wealth around. What better way to do it than with SSI and legal guardianship. The motto after all is, Isolate, medicate, take away the estate. Its a dream come true for socialist Democrats all around America. Now that Obama and the Dems are taking over they will probably do everything in their power to force ordinary Americans into the black hole of SSI and strip them of everything they own.

America does not help its poor and weak. It only helps the lazy and degenerate who being pampered become a curse for all. Welfare, social security, SSI, Big government, it is a reflection of our loss of morality which has lead to the loss of our freedom.