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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Portsmouth elects evil leftist to City Council

Meet Esther Kennedy. Esther Kennedy was born and raised in Rural New York and moved to the Dover Portsmouth area to work in public schools. She is currently the owner of a Marina called Esther's Marina on 41 Pickering AVE in Portsmouth. She has worked in the special education department in The school systems of Dover and Guilford. She has also worked in Marine affairs and several state wide task force.

Yes! We should believe a typical city politician in a large growing New England city. There is however a dark side.

Esther Kennedy was an employee of the school district of Dover New Hampshire, one of the most corrupt education bureaucracies in America. Dover New Hampshire's schools in the nineties became among the worst in America, despite being majority white and middle class. To this day the school system is one of the worst in the region. One of the ways it became that way due to an influx of failing and delinquent students from Concord and Boston. Perhaps the root of the problem is the corruption of the teachers and staff and the very essence of government funded compulsory education.

This is a system where parents have no say in what goes on or they don't care, where there are no checks and balances and where by law our children are herded like cattle to be indoctrinated, dumbed down, chewed up and spit out! The faculty themselves are out of control and tyrannical. In schools like the ones in Dover, not only are students subjugated to bullying and persecution by other students but the faculty as well. If they ever make it to graduation without being expelled, dropping out or killed, they leave with inadequate skills and knowledge making them ill equipped to enter the real world where they find themselves on welfare or in menial jobs. In the middle school for example, there have been violent incidents. in 1991, a student went around the cafeteria stabbing other students with hypodermic needles.
The biggest victims are those students who suffer from disabilities and who are troubled.

The special education department in New Hampshire schools especially in Dover and surrounding areas leaves much to be desired despite government legislation. It was in this department where Esther Kennedy worked as a special education teacher and it was where she caused great harm to many who she was supposed to help.

One student who we will call Greg was one of those students who suffered. He was victimized, bullied and persecuted by other students and even the teachers such as Esther. He was assigned to special ed because he had ADD. Instead of giving him the help that he needed, she placed him in situations where he suffered harassment. When students on the bus bullied him and spread rumors, a teacher was willing to give him a ride home instead of being subject to danger. Esther Kennedy later forbade them and told Greg he had to ride the bus everyday. She went as far to tell Greg he had never been bullied in his life and that it was his imagination. Two months later, the situation escalated and Greg was thrown off the bus after a violent confrontation with another student. He was later given rides by a family friend. Greg continued to suffer torment as a result of Esther Kennedy's actions until senior year.

Another student was groped in the school store by a homosexual student who worked there. When he attempted to write a letter about it, Kennedy intervened and threatened blackmail by telling other students if he wrote it. Sexual harassment is common in schools such as those in Dover and Portsmouth and the faculty cover it up by attacking the victims. When a scandal was going to erupt concerning yet another incident, Principal Pederson, the former principal transferred Esther Kennedy to the Guilford school district. It is not known what actions she took there.

Unfortunately, no mention of her scandalous past was brought up. The faculty covered it along with other actions, many former students had either left the region or were too scared to bring it up. None the less with New England rushing towards communism it probably would not have made a difference. Hopefully her first term as council woman will be her last.

Esther Kennedy and corruption in our schools is another reason, one of countless others why parents should not put there kids into public school but to choose home school, the loving and merciful option. Unfortunately for many current and former students of violent schools, it is too late.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving! May God Bless us all and May we and America bless God once more!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Liberal Democrats are waging covert war on the working poor.

The Democratic party. We are told that they are here to stand up for the little guy. We are told that they are here to stand up for the oppressed poor and oppressed masses. They support raising taxes on the wealthy and middle class to pay for programs for the poor. (Programs that are generally useless and promote apathy and dependence) They advocate forcing employers to pay more through minimum wage hikes regardless whether or not they can pay for it. Liberals also want to take taxpayer funds for free food, housing, insurance Ad Nauseum in the name of the greater good. Liberals like Hillary want our homes and property taken away for the greater good.

The reality is that whether or not they know it, (believe me they do know) They are doing more to hurt the very people they claim to help. The Working poor. Not only by theft of money but also for theft of freedom and our jobs. They not only want our property, they want our freedom lest anyone would dare speak out.

Look no further than the new communist dictatorship we have in our own US of A than Maine. In Bangor Maine, a socialist fiefdom in central east part of the state, we have those who think its the government's job to take care of everyone, that it is the duty of the government to tell us what to do and how to live our lives. Here there is tolerance for every form of perversity but little tolerance for religious values, for liberty, for guns and for the values of the founding fathers. Portland, Lewiston and Augusta as well to some extent as Brunswick are the only other blocs that rival its liberal agenda. That's not to say there are those who are starting to wake up. But there is much to be done.

The Democrats in Maine like the way things are and want to keep it this way. Maine has the worst business climate in the nation, has lost jobs, has its living costs skyrocket, and has had its liberty trashed. Our jobs have gone overseas and over the state line to New Hampshire, that low tax free state the libs keep saying is a bastion of conservative fascist bigots that no one want to live in despite that it is superior in every way to Maine. Maine is also the poorest state in the region and is 4th poorest in the nation. Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia and one other state are the only states behind and trails behind Tennessee and Mississippi. Of course liberals like it that way. They can always blame Bush.

But don't you dare speak out as one hard working member of the working poor had done in Bangor. The man who we will call Charles worked at the Edwards Shopnsave in Hampden. He was fired from his job for complaining about the economy and the high tax burden we have. Despite earning food stamps and earning less than $184 a week part of the check is taken out in pay roll taxes. Charles would be making $220 a week but was employed for 32 hours rather than the 40 he used to get since his employer can't afford it thanks to the Democrat tax economy. His wife was unemployed and his kids couldn't get a job either. At customer service where he picked up his check he was conversing to his co-workers about how bad things were. He complained about Baldaci and about the taxes and the economy and how hard things had become.

Well, a woman who had overheard the conversation and who was a Democrat was not too happy with what was said. She decided to leave a message to the manager complaining how offended she was of all that talk about lowering taxes and smaller government and freedom. Sounds just too republican! Well She complained and whined and the next week his manager brought him in and informed him that because he offended a customer with his talk, he was fired. This guy is already dirt poor and receiving hand outs from charity and welfare, now he has no job! Good job liberals! That'll help!

So as we can see, liberals don't care about the poor and the weak. Maybe if this man and his wife were unmarried crack fiends in housing projects and 12 bastards and maybe if he refused to work they'd be more sympathetic? They always are!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liberals plan to use SSI program to steal from the poor and weak

Been away awhile. Turns out a lot of leftists from DU, Youtube and elsewhere have come on my website to start accusing me of things I never said or meant. Gotta love public school curriculum.

With Obama and the Dems taking control, I thought I should bring up an important topic, private property rights and how Democrats plan to use the SSI program in Social security to strip Americans of their assets, homes and even their jobs.

The SSI or Supplemental Security Program was started by Richard Nixon in 1974 to federalize welfare. The SSI program was administered by Social security but the money came out of the general treasury. Originally it was for people who were severely disabled, blind, elderly, and in need. Over the years it has become far more easier for anyone to receive SSI. Simply for having any mild impairment or diagnoses of any "disorder," it is possible to get on. Up until welfare reform in the 90s, even people with a history of substance abuse could qualify. Simply dope up and you re on your way!

The Heritage foundation has described the program up till that time as a black hole. Most who received SSI assistance were perfectly capable of working at very good jobs. In other cases, it has been found that psychiatrists and government workers have been aiding able bodied and minded individuals to get on the program by making up different diagnoses. The American Psychiatry association also has its fingers in the honey pot. Why do you think they make up all these different disorders?

But Getting back on track here, just how will SSI be used to defraud and cast millions into poverty? You see the SSI program has a catch. To qualify, you cannot own money or property worth more than $2000. For married couples, its $3000. That does not include cars, appliances and other items someone might own. People must spend down their assets and sell off or give away their property. What is tragic is that on some occasions they are coerced by family members, the government or public guardians at a loss to the beneficiary. What is even MORE TRAGIC, is that many in the end don't even qualify still and are cast into homelessness.

The level of people being thrown into poverty through confiscation of property and assets has slowly risen. Mary Howe, an elderly woman was one of these victims. Her legal guardian incarcerated her in an institution in Cambria California. She was held there for a year till her assets were spent down. Afterwords she was thrown into the streets. Greg used to have a good job, an apartment and money to spend. His abusive father forced him to go on SSI. He had a history of being abusive. He told Greg he was stupid, had no social skills and that he was an idiot. He also blamed his son for his being raped and abused in public school. He was coerced to go to a doctor who diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism that includes inability to communicate, failure to socialise and recognize facial expressions. Greg shared none of those characteristics but according to the DSM-IV, the bible of psychiatric disorders, his past history of being ostracized in school was enough of a criteria. The abuse took its toll on Greg. He lost his job, his father succeeded in getting rid of his assets. But in the end he did not qualify for SSI yet and wound up homeless on LA's skid row for 6 months. He currently lives in Lynwood and his life quality has deteriorated since the incident. He has never recovered financially or emotionally.

Emily was another victim. Since her childhood she has fought hard to overcome her shortcomings and adversity growing up in Chicago's south side. Her father died at the age of 11 and she suffered from Attention deficit disorder, depression and borderline personality disorder. When she was 13, her uncle sexually abused her. At a public school in Chicago Illinois she was denied help with her school work and forced to work harder to keep up. She barely graduated. School doctors diagnosed her and recommended to her mother to apply for SSI. Around the age of 21, she learned she would inherit money from her dead father to go to college. Her mother instead kept the money for herself and applied as rep payee. Emily saw hardly a dime of the money, SSI or inheritance. Emily's mother spent the money on illegal drugs and became an addict. Emily had difficulty finding a job since she had no experience working and her learning disabilities got in the way as well.

Emily wanted to press charges but her boyfriend threatened to murder her if she went to the police. Emily ran away to live in Des Moines Iowa. She wound up homeless there for several months. Her Mother was later arrested for prostitution. Social security found out that she had spent nearly all the money from SSI and her father. They were unable to recover it. Emily was given a rep payee based in Des Moines but this payee abused the funds as well. At first Emily got an apartment but the Payee was delinquent and refused to pay her any money for rent or food. Even her Case worker couldn't help her. Social security also gave her a cold shoulder and refused to help. She later became homeless again and moved to Omaha. Still no one wanted to help her and she later commit suicide.

Just in case you think this can't happen to you dear reader, think again! Hillary Clinton has advocated using SSI to confiscate wealth. Barack Obama may even share the same disposition. Clinton said that we need to take things away from you for the greater good. Barack Obama says lets spread the wealth around. What better way to do it than with SSI and legal guardianship. The motto after all is, Isolate, medicate, take away the estate. Its a dream come true for socialist Democrats all around America. Now that Obama and the Dems are taking over they will probably do everything in their power to force ordinary Americans into the black hole of SSI and strip them of everything they own.

America does not help its poor and weak. It only helps the lazy and degenerate who being pampered become a curse for all. Welfare, social security, SSI, Big government, it is a reflection of our loss of morality which has lead to the loss of our freedom.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama wins, now where do we go from here?

Obama's victory came to me as no surprise. The Republican party has drifted away from its base and from its core values for over a decade. Over the years there was progress but very little. Abortion, homosexuality and socialism still loom over our heads, taxing and spending is out of control and illegal immigrants still invade our wide open borders. America is still being lulled and slowly killed by political correctness. Terrorism by radical Islamists still threaten us.

2006 and 2008 we lost seats. Now we are really hurting. But who cares? Republicans in office have done next to nothing and do not care about the needs and values of ordinary citizens. Under the republican party, we go downhill slower as they are now a lighter version of the Demonrat party.

There should be a silver lining in this though. Now that Democrats control our house senate and white house, all eyes are on them and it could be useful for them to become a visual aid to what happens when they rule the roost. American voters who are not as privileged as I am to live in a blue state can expect a taste of what life is like under communism.

The signs of fear have already become noticeable. According to an ABC news report, the sales of guns especially assault weapons have skyrocketed. Although Obama claims to support the 2nd amendment and the recent DC V Heller, he also supports assault weapons bans. Many also are not convinced because of a previous voting record in the Senate as well as a questionnaire where he stated he supported gun control. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to lock and load for the counter revolution to depose a leftist dictatorship that may come about as well as a revolution of our own to return America to its founding values of Christian faith, equality and liberty.

I personally say good ridens to the RINOS who lost as well as McSame as Obama. Unfortunately he's still going to be in the senate. Maybe this will jolt some sense into them. However a word of warning to the other RINOS and the Demonrats, there's always 2010.

Those still loyal to republican principles and to the vision of the founders have begun to look forward to the elections of 2010 and 2012. Sarah Palin is already being groomed to run again in 2012 against Obama and Biden and already has a support base. My hearts felt desire is to see her run for the presidency and perhaps see some other men with enough sand to stand up against name calling and political correctness.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Liberal Love letters to me

To give people a better understanding of what we are up against if Obama wins, I thought I'd give people a glimpse at some of the wonderful replies I've received from those tolerant open minded inclusive liberals. To the rest of you who gave me the majority of messages, all great BTW, thanks!

Some of the following messages came from Youtube, my email and my blog. I deleted a few of them since they were greatly offensive.

Here is one from a nice wonderful liberal no doubt from Daily Kos or Democratic Underground from


No doubt he's been off his meds. As for the accusation of nazi fascist it should be pointed out that fascism is a left wing ideology. Note that he wants to deport anyone who isn't liberal.

Heres one I got from youtube from an Obama supporter. Either that or a Go Pat Go fan named grinko259

You are not a Christian! I visited your blog, you are not a Chrisian, your some kind neo-con Jew Bastard. Go away K**e!

I Am a Christian and My Savior was Jewish. I responded in a similar manner but then he told me:

Jesus was not a Jew! Jesus was an Israelite! He called the Jews sons of Satan which they are! You obviously are Jewish! I can fit your grandma in my ashtray K**E! Not Christian

Well that was the last I heard of him. He probably went back to Stormfront

This next one is pretty, its from another youtuber, a Muslim rag head named MuslimGhost:

I flagged your stupid blog. Death to Jews and Americans! Allahuakhbar!

See, Islam is a religion of peace. They want a piece of all of us!

Heres an email from a kid named Fred Saffouripa from

I can't understand why you neo-cons continue to support Bush after all the trouble he's started? I am sad that you would support murdering Arabs and take away our freedom and support a racist state like Israel. Thanks to Bush we have more poverty and and umemployment. Shame on you.

Ignorance is bliss... Its liberals that destroy our freedoms and our economy. BTW Its spelled Unemployment.

And now a liberal message from a terrorist supporter. Unfortunately I lost her name but this moronic liberal loves our enemies.

You are totally ignorant about Iran and your facts! U Need to be educated better! Ahmedinijad is a great man unlike Bush and his racist war mongering supporters! I support him and what he stands for!

I then got another response from one of her friends...

Glad you right wingers are all angry! Ha! Hail Ahmejinidad! I hope Iran kills Bush and then wipes out Isral!

Smell the treason America, expect more if Obama is elected.

Here's another from

You need to grow up all of you!

And on to another letter from a canadian from youtube. nuloyvoyal

I just want you to know i agree with Bill Moyers, Hate speech like what goes on in American talk radio and your blog should be outlawed and punished. You should have no right to say the kind of things you say about people's political views. Its one thing to criticise government, its another to attack other people's character. I support Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Just get a gander at the hypocrisy. Dissent against the war they say is going to be made treason but dissent against government? Don't you dare. Also note how he condemns me but supports Obama's racist pastor.

Here's one more. Its from (NICE!)

Im gonna rob and kill you b***H!

Really? How is that? You don't believe in carrying guns but I do. What are you going to use? Harsh Language?

Thats just a taste of what I found in my mailbox and on youtube. Hope you enjoyed it because if Obama gets in your going to see much more of it.