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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rush and Free Speech V Democrats and Socialism

Doug Powers from his Blog the Powers that be wrote an interesting article about the Hush Rush Campaign. A campaing to stifle free speech and destroy American freedom in the name of attacking controversial shock Jock Rush Limbaugh. Powers exposes the left's hypocrisy in this by pointing out that while they consider the right to abort an innocent baby sacrosant, they do not feel the same towards free speech. Also, in a time when Islamofascism and tyranny threaten our existence, they are more threatned by Rush and others like him.

The article, "Don't you wish" can be found here at this link Here are some exerpts:

Don’t you wish Democrats felt as threatened by Islamofascism as they are by Rush Limbaugh?

Don’t you wish Democrats recognized the right to free speech with the same enthusiasm they recognize the right to an abortion?

Don’t you wish Democrats criticized what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hamas say half as much as they criticize what Rush Limbaugh says?

Don’t you wish Democrats wanted to balance the political makeup of university professors and mainstream media reporters as badly as they want to balance the political makeup of radio talk hosts?

Don’t you wish Democrats would be as blind to race cards as they are blind to the irony in trying to convince people that Rush Limbaugh must be silenced because he’s a threat to free speech?

Don’t you wish Democrats would stop pretending that if Obama fails it will be because Rush Limbaugh wanted him to?


Calstategop said...

Yup. I really do wish. Why can't liberals just stop being hypocritical. We know what's really on their mind.

Anonymous said...

I believe the old saw about living in a glass house and throwing stones might apply here. Also, your sentence should have ended with the word minds, not mind. And when you leave a comment like that one Calstate, please refer to the post "Liberals reveal ignorance" and try to keep that in mind before you write something and reveal yours.

mainestategop said...

I think you are the one who really needs to refer to the post.

UKconservative said...

Ditto on that.

Anonymous said...

The only Free Speech Liberals will ever support is their own.

The Only form of dissent liberals will ever tolerate is dissent against freedom, capitalism and America.

The only rights you have under liberalism is the right to murder your children, the right to die and the right to be silent.