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Thursday, February 26, 2009

California leftists block efforts to fix budget problem.

The California budget deficit could go away easily if liberals removed some of its unnecessary environmental regulations. California holds deposits of many resources including oil and gas that could be leased to companies for over 50 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, the elite are blocking those efforts with shrieks of global warming and the fear of more people using cars and depending less of public transit, not to mention fears of oil spills and all this mumbo jumbo about animal rights. (Which take precedent over the rights of human beings every time, especially if they are not yet born.)

Rich liberals and others with shore property do not want to live next to oil rigs parked off the cost of Santa Barbara or Half moon Bay. They say, "Who cares about poor people who have to spend more and work harder to make ends meet?" The truth is that they can be harvested with land based rigs with slanted piping. That still hasn't satisfied the left which still considers the environment to have a higher precedent over the poor in California who pay some of the highest living costs in the nation.

The budget deficit is causing major problems in the state. Government workers face being fired, welfare checks and tax refunds are coming to a halt, add to this, Californians are making plans to borrow more money for a new 80 billion dollar transit system that is supposed to hook up every major city in the state. California faces becoming the state with the worst credit rating in the nation and its economic growth has decreased rapidly. This year, California, a state once considered the 3rd strongest economy in the world and one of the wealthiest, found it became the tenth worst economy, trailing behind Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Arkansas and Connecticut. It is only a few notches ahead of Rhode Island, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Kentucky. (Maine ranked 46th. Up from 48th but that will change for the worst soon.)

California can become the best state again. Simply by reducing taxes and business regulations, caring more about new jobs and revenues than bugs rats and spotted owls along with enforcing immigration laws, the state can pull itself out of its problems. But Liberals never listen. They want us to believe that they care but in reality do not. Instead they continue to follow the same failed policies that got them there to begin with. Its what Benjamin Franklin called the definition of insanity.

It won't be long now before California goes dry and starts to become as terrible as Maine, Michigan and Massachusetts. Yes, California is on its way to becoming a west coast version of Maine and Massachusetts.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More SSI Scams by liberals and psychiatrists

Several months ago, we did an expose on how innocent people are having their money taken away by unscrupulous loved ones and by Left wing Democrat government probates in the name of making them qualify for SSI over a perceived disability or dysfunction. In many cases the SSI payments went over to the perps of this atrocity as well.

Well, a friend of mine involved in human rights has recently brought to the attention of several other victims. The saddest part is that it is considered legal in most cases and there is little that can be done to recover any of the stolen money.

The two victims and their situations are a shining example of how terrible things in this country have become. A reflection of the loss of private property rights and the loss of rights to dignity and independent living. The two victims, one labeled mentally ill, the other elderly had their property confiscated by abusive family members or by government. Greg, Mary Howe, Sylvia Klieber, many others but these two also take the take.

85 year old Sarah lived in her own home in an Oklahoma city suburb. Her estate included 300,000 dollars that she inherited from her deceased husband. After receiving it, her son and daughter in law conspired to take it away. Attempts were made by her son and relatives to take advantage of her. Despite their best efforts, she was deemed to be right in her mind. She lived independently relying only on residential care services that came to her house to help her keep it clean and to make sure she was safe. But then after being injured in an accident, her son used this as an opportunity to move in and made a power move that made him guardian of his estate. Also with the help of a psychiatrist, Sarah was wrongfully branded with senile dementia. A judge gave guardianship of her estate to her son.

Before the ink dried on the papers, her son placed her in a mental hospital. Sarah went from being an independent adult living in her own home, able to travel around, shop for food, clothing and other luxuries with little help from some attendants to being isolated in an institution with nothing but the hospital gown on her back. Meanwhile there was trouble brewing with the family. There were disputes as to how to handle the estate. With their greed apparent, judge intervened and appointed a legal guardian from the state.

The guardian as it turned out was just as abusive. Sarah remained in the state hospital. In addition, the guardian with help from staff prevented her from contacting her attorneys, preventing her from seeking justice while keeping her isolated. Meanwhile, the guardian continued to steal money from her. The guardian sold her home and threw away and sold most of her belongings including an urn carrying her husbands ashes and a photo album. The guardian claimed she did so to qualify her for SSI benefits.

After spending 6 months at the hospital, she was moved to a nursing home. While there she was sexually assaulted by another resident. Attorneys working on her behalf got her out after spending over a year in hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately her money and all she owned was gone. Discarded in a large dumpster or sold off by her guardian. The public guardian who was responsible has never been held liable for damages and neither have her children. He has also received immunity from the courts. Sarah currently lives in an independent residential care facility and is under the guardianship of her niece where she now receives 650$ in SSI a month. Very paltry sum compared to what she used to have.

John also suffered terribly. 22 year old John suffers from Aspergers syndrome, borderline personalities and brain damage from an accident he suffered as a toddler. He lives in Columbus Ohio. When his father died a year earlier he suffered another blow. John, his mother and 2 older sisters received about 135,000 each from a life insurance policy John's father held. But John did not get to enjoy it for very long. His case worker from Department of health and human services filed to have John placed under emergency guardianship. Although John was capable of being independent and volunteered 3 days a week at the salvation Army and a local homeless shelter, with the help of a psychiatrist, John was placed under legal guardianship. He was taken away from his family and placed in a group home.

Meanwhile, the guardian spent his inheritance money on luxuries for himself and charged 300$ an hour. His family fought hard and got him back home but almost all the money he held on to was gone except for $1200. The guardian claimed that he was trying to get John to qualify for SSI benefits. After a costly lawsuit they were only able to recover 3500$. Money that could have been used to provide a home, Independence and other necessities was taken away from poor John all in the name of qualifying for SSI.

The left wing of America supports these and similar atrocities committed against their victims. Private property rights, the right to be independent in the community and self sufficiency don't go very well together with communism. The result is poverty and injustice.



We are now over 100 posts and going strong at MainestateGOP! Praise the lord!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Maine's many wasteful programs

Other states in America have jobs, homes that are affordable, opportunities for climbing the economic ladder and friendly down to Earth people who are good and righteous individuals. Then there are Liberal Democrat states colored in blue which reflects how blue things are there like in Maine.

Maine has the distinction of being the worst place to set up a business and has like Michigan the worst job market in the country. It is the 3rd poorest state in the nation, it has the largest state government rivaled only by California, (pending the cuts to their budget of course) and the 3rd highest tax burden in the nation.

Maine does not have jobs or affordable housing, Maine only has Big government and programs funded by its expensive and massive bureaucracy. Programs for teenage whores and their bastard litters, programs for homeless drug addicts that refuse to drop the pipe get help and move to another state to get a job but rather keep them homeless and programs for disabled adults which generally do very little to make them independent. Since Maine does not have jobs or economic opportunities, the disabled can forget equal treatment and being balanced on the same level as normal healthy adults.

I and a few of my associates got in touch with Maine Department of Health and human services and found that there are more programs than imagined for different groups. Going down the line through the disabled adult section there were only 3 programs that were at all efficient. The Phoenix employment program, OHI and The Community Living Association.

Before going into them in detail, I should note that the Main reason they are in any way efficient is because these programs started out as non profit charities that relied on donations and volunteer activism. It is commonly known that social programs that are privately run and owned without government strings attached run far better than those funded through taxes and administered by the state. Their efficiency is generally much better if they are sectarian rather than secular.

The reason is because though they get no profit, they donate and volunteer because they have a heart for those who they serve. Government is not interested and has no heart. It simply pays out to the piggies squealing at the tax trough for more liberal votes while at the same time reaching its tentacles around to promote control and oppression over its subjects. Government programs are administered by bureaucrats who do not care and wish only to line their pockets and bribe the voters. These programs tend to waste the money intended on pork projects and bloated salaries. They are also lax in their work since they are not motivated.

The Phoenix employment and rehabilitation program is a temping agency that teaches job skills and employs those who suffer severe physical or mental disabilities or mental illness. In addition to job skills, they employ clients to various work duties. Their pay is supplemented from donations and tax dollars. Many of the clients also receive SSI and SSD benefits.

AJ, who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of those clients. He is also a client at OHI. AJ works four days a week doing various tasks such as breaking down boxes and putting labels on wine bottles. Mike is another client who suffers from severe mental illness and does custodial work at the police station in Brewer. Despite having disabilities, the clients work very hard and diligently.

OHI, or occupational Health Incorporated, was founded by a former special education teacher to rehabilitate disabled adults, specifically adults with mental retardation and mental illness. The first clients were former inpatients at a state school that abused those they were supposed to take care of. In response groups such as OHI were formed after the school closed down in the 70s. Today, Ohi now is involved with other clients from different backgrounds including the elderly. Unfortunately due to the Maine economy, the personal growth of its clients is also hindered.

The Community Living Association was founded in Houlton Maine in 1967 by fa miles with disabled children. It was a private initiative to make their children independent in the community. At first they did an excellent job, but now that they have been incorporated into the BIG government, they are not as efficient. Also, northern Maine is not really one of the best places to be independent,

Looking down the list the other programs offered some but little results. The most wasteful of them all involved families. These generally paid out middle class wages to mothers of bastard children while the taxpayers that support their poor decision making must have their meager earnings taken to support this. A good friend of mine told me of how one such individual, a 19 year old girl with three children received about 2100$ a month and rent free housing. She also received food stamps. When offered employment she turned it down saying, "why do I need to work for? I get $2100a month!"

That's Socialism in Maine. Out of the mouths of the poor and weak, into the pockets of government and welfare queens.

The saddest part of the story is that many disabled are unable to climb high and soar high thanks to the Maine economy. What's worse is that while hard working

Lots more Liberal ignorance

Well the letters it seems has stooped. I told him I don't want to hear anymore of Normalais' BS so I blocked him. Not once did he give any intellectual arguments. All he did was scream, "YOU CONSERVATIVES SUCK! BLAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

I told him if socialism was so good for the economy that he should explain why Maine and Michigan are the worst places in America for jobs.

His response was that the economy in Maine was great and that it was one of the richest in the nation.

He couldn't have been more wrong. Maine has the worst business economy in the nation and is the 47th poorest state in the nation. Only Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee and West Virginia are poorer and the state trails behind, Mississippi, Alabama, Rhode Island, Alaska, and Kentucky. Our factories are closing down, life is becoming more expensive and unbearable, the youngest best and brightest are leaving for New Hampshire, New York and elsewhere out west in those low tax states of Nebraska, Georgia and Kansas and our government becomes bigger, sluggish and oppressive. Normalais could not give us one example of how Maine was one of the best. All he said was, "YOU CONSERVATIVES SUCK! REAGANOMICS RUINED THIS COUNTRY! BLAAAAHHHHHH!"

Socialism ruined this country, and it has completely ruined the Northeast, specifically Maine and the above mentioned states.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prediction of Obama election in 2004.

Chaim Ben Pesach of the Jewish Task Force made several videos in 2004 on his Queens public television show predicting the candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008. Now normally I don't post things from JTF since they tend to be a little controversial. There have been accusations that he is a racist. None of them are true though.

I Just want to say to black readers, I apologize if I offend. Not my words, his. I just thought it would interesting to post.

Revealing even more liberal ignorance

If you recall, I last shared a letter I received from a liberal youtuber named normalais. Well, he's back again! This time, more ignorant and more obnoxious than ever! Here is what he had to say.

conservatives want to turn USA into a religious dictatorship. Sounds like fascism to me. right wing fascists amaze me. your hopes for a religious dictatorship ended 1-20-2009;-)

Once again, more stupidity from the left. No talking points, only empty accusations of wanting a religious dictatorship.

Of course when it comes to morons like Normalais, whenever they take control, we have atheist dictatorships like the ones we had under Stalin.

Also he had this to say.

haha oh wow empty talking points and stupidity? if it wasn't for empty talking points and stupidity you right wingers would have NOTHING to talk about. I mean, the only solution you can come up with for anything is tax cuts. And helping the middle class and giving children health care according to you is "communism". HAHAHAHAHA GET THE F**** OUTTA HERE L-U-N-A-T-I-C

And yeah, replacing the rule of law with blind religious ideology is a religious dictatorship.

My response:

You want to tell me why Maine has a worse economy than Mississippi, has the third worst economy in the nation which is only rivaled by Louisiana and West Virginia? (And keep in mind Louisiana unlike Maine suffered natural disasters like Katrina. If not for that they would still be better than us.)

Maine Has the distinction of being the worst place for business and employment. We were the only state not affected by hurricanes or earthquakes to lose jobs along with Michigan. We have the 3rd highest tax burden in the country, we care more about trees, rats insects than making jobs for unemployed workers, our best and brightest leave the state for low tax red states that are creating new jobs while we take in welfare recipients, drug addicts and bums from all over. Other states have jobs, we have programs for bums, welfare queens and other losers. We have a biggest government, the biggest welfare state and we are the poorest in the northeast. All thanks to liberals and their policies.

Just a couple weeks ago, yet another factory closed down and moved over to the deep south. 1000 jobs eliminated because they can't afford the environmental regulations.

You don't like Reaganomics? You don't like deregulation and low taxes? You think so called climate change and birds rats and bugs have more value than the poor? Why don't you come to Maine? I think you would be very happy there.

His response:

Reaganomics RIP: 1981-2009

Btw, FDR's new deal did work. Our GDP grew every year since the New Deal was implemented in 1933 except 1937, because 1937 FDR listened to the IDIOT party and cut spending.'re boring me....michigan is the victim or reaganomics that sends manufacturing jobs overseas...

if you honsetly think the idiot party can run a country go ahead and support them. but I think people like you are the biggest threat to america. not al qeada or iran. or russia. idiot conservatives will destroy this country if we let them.

under bush and his tax cuts we created 3 million jobs in 8 years and experienced the slowest GDP growth in decades. under clinton we created 21 million jobs in 8 years. Nuff said...

You conservatives SUCK. I would not trust you to run a jiffy lube let alone a country. You were in charge for 8 years and we have NOTHING but problem after problem to show for it.

And back to me.

More BS. And you didn't explain to me Why Maine and Michigan are the worst states for jobs. They didn't listen to the IDIOT party and now they are S**T. The same with most other blue states that soaked the middle class on the state level while Bush cut taxes on the federal level. The states negated that tax cut when they raised it. Also Bush the first raised taxes and we had a recession because of it.

I should also like to point out that the problems under Reagan were inherited by him from the Carter Administration. Reagan's policies were what ultimately gave us those 8 years of prosperity. Bill Clinton took credit for Reagan's work. Meanwhile, we are reaping the whirlwind from Clinton's economic policies of Marxism as well as those of the current Democrat Congress.

But you can't convince old Normalais of this. Here is what he had to say...

what do I need to explain to you? i've never been to main how should I know. explain to me how come after 8 years of Bush and nearly 3 decades of reaganomics the whole world wide capitalism economy is going down the toilet?

how come after 28 years of reaganomics it is harder than in a loooong time for the average american family to put their kids through school, afford health care, pay off their house and car?

it's because you right wingers SUCK. they only thing you care about is more welfare and giveaways for the super rich-elite-billionaires and multi millionaires. those are the only people republicans care about. everyone else who makes under $250,000 a year and supports them is a brainwashed monkey

Well that about wraps it up there for now. I expect to hear more socialist dribble from him in the future. PS: I left in some of the spelling errors he made. Love that Government education!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Liberal Racists stiring hate in Maine

Maine may be one of the whitest states in the country but it is also one of the most liberal. Its economic status as third poorest in the nation and worst place for business shows it well. But despite being colored true blue in nearly every election, the left has a difficult time explaining something else, why is it racist? I mean I thought Republicans and conservatives were the only ones who could be capable of such a thing? Not those loving tolerant Democrat Socialist liberals!

Well we saw it in full bloom in Bangor maine last Christmas when 75 year old Kendrick Sawyer, a senile old veteran decided to make a threat to the local NAACP to demand it not meet in a local church. He threatned to shoot the members if they went ahead with their Kwanza celebration.

Kendrick Sawyer, 75, whose doctor at a veterans hospital in Augusta reported it to the police. Mr. Sawyer also said that Maine “should be a ‘white’ state,” according to court documents, and that he owned a .45-caliber handgun. No criminal charges have been filed, but law enforcement officers removed the gun from Mr. Sawyer’s home in Brewer, across a river from Bangor, and the Maine attorney general’s office filed a civil complaint against him.

“This man’s threat was shocking in its specificity and the anger it contained,” said Thomas Harnett, the assistant attorney general for civil rights education and enforcement. “It’s not often you see something articulated so clearly and so filled with acknowledged prejudice.”

But why in Maine? I mean Maine isn't even remotely capitalist and although there are small pockets of resistance to communism in Some parts, I certainly don't recall hearing any murmurs of race hate around. The states hate groups such as World church of the creator are mainly centered in Portland Maine, which is essentially an east cost variant of San Francisco. I certainly have never seen any racism amongst my republican collegues, many of whom are also African American.

Sadly it is not the first time such an event took place. Two years earlier, a crazy man from Ellsworth kicked a pregnant black woman in the stomach while shouting racial epitaphs.

There is a reason. Because liberalism is by its very nature a racist philosophy. We must not forget that Southern Democrats were the ones who promoted racism in the south from slavery to Jim Crow and that These same people though claiming to mean well have established welfare traps and systems to prevent the African American community from climbing up the ladder. They enforce victimhood status and the belief that racism is still as strong as it was 50 years ago.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Evil selfish republicans help a disabled man recover social security benefits

That's right folks, Evil Republicans, you know, the kind of people who don't care about the poor, who are always making trouble and promoting racism, fascism and capitalism to oppress the brown and poor, they just took part along with a conservative GOP politician in helping a man who was being defrauded by his former Rep Payee and by the social security administration to recover retroactive funds and keep the administration off his back when they wanted to make his former payee payee again.

Its like this. The man is someone we talked about before. He had been defrauded by his father for social problems in the past. He had been raped as a child and his left wing father blamed him for it. He stole his life savings, made him lose his job and made him homeless on LA Skid row all because he was a victim. Well he got social security benefits and retro active funds but there was a problem... Even though his evaluations said he was perfectly capable of managing funds, a quality control board decided to give him a payee anyway. In this case it was the abusive father who spread nasy rumors about him to the board.

It took 3 months to undo the damage with lot's of help from Legal aids and case workers who had to help him cut through all this red tape and to refute lies told against him. Lies for which there was not one shred of evidence for but chose to believe anyway. Despite becoming his own payee it took another grueling 8 months to get back the retroactives. Social security and the far left once more did nothing about it. They did not care. Of course liberals in reality oppose the idea of someone being self sufficient and independant. Partly because then they are less likely to become anti american communists like themselves.

Enter Nebraska's Legal Aid society, which I might want to add is sympathetic to the Grand Old Party! The society helped him put everything back together again. One man who saved the day was conservative Congressman Lee Terry. Allegedly according to the liberal media, Terry is this big wig congressman who takes money from big oil and wants to cut social secutiry benefits for the poor. None of which was true. This man was one of the men who not to mention being a former legal aid who helped low income and disabled people who were suffering helped save the day. This while Social Security leftists wanted to side against the victim.

Congressman Lee Terry's opponent Jim Esch also doesn't like the disabled very much. Esch wants to tax social security and enact laws that would increase living costs and create burdens for the poor.

New Random thoughts from Thomas Sowell

Long ago I would post some random thoughts from Thomas Sowell. For awhile all was quiet but now its back again. Looks like there are some real good ones that I thought ought to be shared. TO see the rest click here.

Maybe the current bailout fever is Congress' way of getting into the spirit of the season— saying in effect, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." They will undoubtedly also be saying, "Yes, New Jersey, there is a Santa Claus... Yes, Ohio, there is a Santa Claus. . ."

A reader suggests that members of Congress should wear uniforms, like NASCAR drivers, so that we will know who their corporate sponsors are. Many of those in Congress should also wear logos representing the teachers' unions, environmentalist extremists and other special interests.

They say we live and learn. Often what we learn is what damn fools we have been.

If there are still any educators or others who think that both sides of an issue should be presented, the non-profit Heartland Institute has put together Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" and the British Channel 4 program "The Great Global Warming Swindle" in one package with two DVDs.

People who are impressed by how many of Barack Obama's advisors have Ivy League degrees seem not to remember how many people with Ivy League degrees mismanaged the Vietnam war and how many people with Ivy League degrees mismanaged economic policy during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The fact that sales at Starbucks are going down, while sales at McDonald's are going up, shows that people are adjusting to economic adversity by cutting back their spending. Only in Congress do people adjust to economic adversity and growing deficits by spending more money.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke seems to be pretty popular thus far. My own preference is for Federal Reserve chairmen who are unpopular. When Paul Volcker was chairman of the Fed back in the 1980s, he was hated like poison, but his policies finally broke the back of the inflation that had been out of control for years— not without some painful costs, but few benefits can be gotten without costs.

It is fascinating to see that politicians whose interventions in mortgage lending have created a disaster in financial institutions are now moving on to intervene in the automobile industry.

Wal-Mart has done more for poor people than any ten liberals, at least nine of whom are almost guaranteed to hate Wal-Mart.

Ronald Reagan had a vision of America. Barack Obama has a vision of Barack Obama.

One of the signs of how easily we are bullied by small and vocal groups is how many universities, among other institutions, dare not even refer to the Christmas vacation but instead refer to "the winter holiday."

As American incomes have risen over the years, liberals have kept changing the definition of "poverty." Otherwise, the dwindling numbers of people who could be called "poor" would take away the liberals' main claim to influence and power.

If you didn't know that Governor Rod Blagojevich was a Democrat, you are unlikely to find out from the mainstream media. But, if you didn't know that recently convicted Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was a Republican, the media made sure to tell you.

An e-mail from a reader whose job requires him to take urine tests, to make sure he is drug-free, wonders why he is taxed to provide money to people on welfare who are also on drugs. He thinks they should have to take urine tests too, before they get his money.

When a person has a handgun in the home that they use for self defense, the hope is that the gun will never be used for its intended purpose. Kind of like when you buy life insurance with the hope that it won't ever be needed.

Comparing this to homeland security, we as a people want our national home (ie- homeland) to be safe and we are anxious to defend our country from invasion. For this purpose, we have the armed services, both full time (Army, Navy, etc) and part time (National Guard). The hope that we have is that we never have to use our Armed Forces, but they are there anyway as insurance against external threats.

In both cases it is sometimes necessary to take our defense outside of the home or homeland. We do not always stay at home, it it is important to be secure no matter where you go.

Neither individual gun ownership, nor an army should be treated lightly. Where neither is available, anarchy and chaos ensue. Where either is used to excess, again the result is anarchy and chaos.

The adage "follow the money" will be hard to apply in the current administration, when there is so much money going in all directions that it is doubtful whether anybody can follow it.

I hate to hear about "partnerships" between government and business, or between government and other organizations. When there is a partnership between an ant and an elephant, who do you suppose makes the decisions?

There are too many people, especially among the intelligentsia, who will never appreciate the things that have made this country great until after those things have been destroyed— with their help. Then, of course, it will be too late.

How can a President of the United States be re-elected in a landslide after four years when unemployment never fell below 15 percent for even one month during his first term? Franklin D. Roosevelt did it by blaming it all on the previous administration. Barack Obama may be able to achieve the same result the same way.

Can you name the only baseball player to bat .382 in his last year in the major leagues? The first five readers who can will receive a free copy of my new book, "Applied Economics."

Do you want to have to jump through bureaucratic hoops when you are sick? If not, why would you be in favor of government-run medical care?

Anyone who wants to understand the housing crisis without getting a headache from reading economic jargon should read the new book "Financial Shock" by Mark Zandi.

Human beings are going to make mistakes, whether in the market or in the government. The difference is that survival in the market requires recognizing mistakes and changing course before you go bankrupt. But survival in politics requires denying mistakes and sticking with the policies you advocated, while blaming others for the bad results.

The great sense of urgency of the Obama administration to get legislation to authorize slow-moving spending projects may seem inconsistent. But the urgency is real, even if the reasons given are not. The worse case scenario for the administration would be to have the economy begin to recover on its own before this massive spending bill is passed, reducing their chances of creating the kind of politically directed economy they want.

War should of course be "a last resort"— but last in terms of preference, not last in the sense of hoping against hope while dangers grow, and wishful thinking or illusory agreements substitute for serious military preparedness— or, if necessary, military action. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "If you wait until you see the whites of their eyes, you will never know what hit you."

Hollywood is going the way of Detroit. The actors are programmed and pretty rather than interesting looking and unique. They, of course, are overpaid (they do to films what Lehman Brothers’ execs did to stocks), mediocre, and politicized. The producers and directors are rarely talented, mostly unoriginal — and likewise politicized. A pack-mentality rules. Do one movie on a comic superhero — and suddenly we get ten, all worse than the first. One noble lion cartoon movie earns us eagle, penguin and most of Noah’s Arc sequels. Now see poorer remakes of movies that were never good to begin with. I doubt we will ever see again a Western like Shane, The Searchers, High Noon, or The Wild Bunch. If one wishes to see a fine film, they are now usually foreign, such as Das Boot or Breaker Morant. Watching any recent war movie (e.g., Iraq as the Rape of Nanking) is as if someone put uniforms on student protestors and told them to consult their professors for the impromptu script.

California is now a valuable touchstone to the country, a warning of what not to do. Rarely has a single generation inherited so much natural wealth and bounty from the investment and hard work of those more noble now resting in our cemeteries — and squandered that gift within a generation. Compare the vast gulf from old Governor Pat Brown to Gray Davis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. We did not invest in many dams, canals, rails, and airports (though we use them all to excess); we sued each other rather than planned; wrote impact statements rather than left behind infrastructure; we redistributed, indulged, blamed, and so managed all at once to create a state with about the highest income and sales taxes and the worst schools, roads, hospitals, and airports. A walk through downtown San Francisco, a stroll up the Fresno downtown mall, a drive along highway 101 (yes, in many places it is still a four-lane, pot-holed highway), an afternoon at LAX, a glance at the catalogue of Cal State Monterey, a visit to the park in Parlier — all that would make our forefathers weep. We can’t build a new nuclear plant; can’t drill a new offshore oil well; can’t build an all-weather road across the Sierra; can’t build a few tracts of new affordable houses in the Bay Area; can’t build a dam for a water-short state; and can’t create even a mediocre passenger rail system. Everything else — well, we do that well.

Andy G is on his 4th deployment in Iraq. Aside from his wife and kids he loves his country more than anything else. When he returns from Iraq he is planning on challenging a liberal for the congressional seat in District 8 of Arizona in 2010. In his “Random thoughts and observations” , he makes it very clear the “the county he left is not the one he is returning to”

Monday, February 9, 2009

civil commitment of homeless who are mentally disturbed already on the books

On several forums and blogs such a freerepublic, there have been debates about civil commitment and expanding laws and state hospitals and hospital psyche wards. What is disturbing is that many, even Conservatives and libertarians are more than willing to sacrifice civil liberties and safeguards against government tyranny to clear the streets of the homeless mentally ill and other similar individuals.

But the truth is that there is on the books in nearly every state, provisions that allow the involuntary commitment of those who are unable to care for themselves due to so called mental illnesses that they suffer from are already on the books. They have even been approved of as constitutional by our courts so far and have not been hampered by the ACLU and others.

A good example is projects launched by the administrations of two former New York Mayors; Ed Koch and Rudy Guiliani. In the 80s, Ed Koch launched a program to involuntary commit New York's many disturbed homeless. They ranged from drug addicts to those who suffered from brain trauma. They were to be placed in involuntary treatment and then placed into shelters and transitional housing as well as being assigned case management and other services. One of these homeless known as Joyce Patricia Brown AKA Billie Boggs, with help from the ACLU, nearly succeeded in derailing Koch's efforts. Despite suffering from psychosis brought on from drug addiction and family abuse she succeeded in escaping her treatment and won a settlement. Still, the Koch administration and project care were able to take many homeless of the streets and get them of their feet. Similar efforts by the Guiliani administration also succeeded though not as well as Koch's.

The attempts to involuntarily commit them were deemed as constitutional provided that they were done properly and that the patient was mentally ill and that it prevented them from providing themselves food or clothing and other necessities.

39 states including DC allow involuntary outpatient commitments. One of the most known and effective is California's Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act, which had been expanded for outpatient commitment. It did not just encompass those who were a threat to themselves or others but those who as a result of severe mental illness were unable to feed or cloth themselves. I have seen much of this in places like Portland, Boston and New York. Crazy people who are not allowed in homeless shelters because they assault or act belligerent towards others there and the staff, but if offered food or donation will reject and even attack those who help them. They are like wild animals only much worse. Demon possession is a good way of putting it I think.

Remember the Virginia Tech Killer Cho Seung Hui? Virginia residents want to sacrifice more of their freedom to the big government by making involuntary commitment easier. But Cho was already deemed mentally ill, was even deemed mentally incompetent and was even recommended for involuntary commitment! Virginia statutes allowed it but it was never done! For whatever zany or scatterbrained reason, the judges, the medical staff whoever was in charge and the family for that matter allowed this dangerous young man who WAS in fact an imminent danger to run along back to school and then slay his fellow classmates!

It is the opinion of this author that the government deliberately allowed this to happen as a measure of getting the American people to sacrifice more of their precious liberties to the state while as a bonus, gutting the 2nd amendment. So far neither have stopped any killing sprees.

Instead of using the laws already on the books, we let the government set up more laws and more iron chains around the necks of its citizens. Still they will not fair well.

Meanwhile it has come to my attention that several people living with so called mental illness who are perfectly capable of caring for this selves with very little help from taxpayer funded programs are being blocked from independence through unnecessary commitments. Examples include a bright young man named Nate Tseglin of Orange California who was incarcerated and drugged into oblivion for having Asperger's, another concerns Sylvia Klieber, a 29 year old woman with Bipolar under the guardianship of her mother, yet very capable and independent who is currently incarcerated in a hospital in Modesto for no reason. We will commit, drug and restrict even kill innocent people because of minor peculiarities, but we won't commit psycho killers, homeless invalids and others who truly need treatment.

In Conclusion I would just like to also opine that I in no way support the psychiatric industry or the unnecessary use of commitment. We need to be extremely careful with how it is applied.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Firearms refresher course

With all the talk about gun control in the news I thought it was time for a firearms refresher course.

a. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

b. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

c. Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface.

d. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

e. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

f. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

g. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

h. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.

i. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

j. The United States Constitution ) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

k. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand ?

l. The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.

m. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

n. Guns only have two enemies: Rust and Politicians.

o. Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

p. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

q. 911 - government sponsored Dial a Prayer.

r. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

s. Criminals love gun control - it makes their jobs safer.

t. If Guns cause Crime, then Matches cause Arson.

u. Only a government that is afraid of it's citizens try to control them.

v. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

w. Enforce the "gun control laws" we have, don't make more.

x. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

y. The American Revolution would never have happened with Gun Control.

z. "...a government by the people, for the people..."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ronald Reagan's soviet jokes Hammer and tickle

Ronald Reagan during his time in office told jokes about life under communism in the old USSR. We will share a few and some clips.

Its hard to get an automobile in the soviet union. They are owned mainly by elite bureaucrats. It takes an average of 10 years to get a car. 1 out of 7 families owned automobiles. You have to go through a major process and put the money out in advance. so this man did this and the dealer said "okay in 10 years come get your car."
"Morning or afternoon?" The man replied.
"well what difference does it make?" Said the dealer.
"The plumber is coming in the morning."

In another car incident, Gorbachev was late from getting to the Kremlin from his house. He told the chauffer, "Look we are running late so let me drive. I insist." So He told the Chaufer to get in the back and he drove. Meanwhile the police were given strict orders to ticket anyone speeding no matter how important. So they were speeding down Moscow and two motorcycle cops pulled them over but didn't ticket him after he saw who it was. He goes back to the station and talks about it and was asked, "Why didn't you ticket him?
"Too important."
"Who was it?"
"I didn't recognize him, but his driver was Gorbachev!"

Two men, an American and a Russian were argueing. One said, in my country I can go to the white house walk to the president's office and pound the desk and say "Mr president! I don't like how you're running things in this country!" The Russian said "I can do that too!"
"Yes! I can go to the Kremlin, walk into the general secretary's office and pound the desk and say, mr. secretary, I don't like how Reagan is running his country!"

Two guards were patroling at night and one of the guards told a man to halt, he started running and he shot him. The other guard asked, "why did you shoot him?" He replied, "curfew"
"But Curfew doesn't start for another hour."
"That's okay, he's my freind, I know he wouldn't make it.

Castro was making a speech to a large assembly. Someone out in the crowd said, "peanuts popcorn crackerjack." This happened about 4 times. So Castro gets annoyed and says, the next man who says that gets deported to Miami. The entire crowd stands up and yells, "POPCORN! PEANUTS! CRACKERJACK!"

3 men, A Frenchmen, a Brit and a Russian are at a museum looking at a portrait of Adam and Eve. The Brit says, "Adam and Eve are British. They wear fig leaves and blush so they must be modest." The Frenchman says, "no, they are French because they are naked and in love." The Russian said, "You're both wrong. They are obviously Russian. They are naked, have only an apple to eat and yet they are told they live in paradise."

An excerpt from an interview between Sam Donaldson and Reagan:

Sam:About the contunuing reccesion you have blamed mistakes of the past and the congress. Does any of the blame belong to you?

Reagan: Yes because for many years I was a Democrat.

The Commisar came to the collective farms to see how the harvest was doing and asked a farmer and the farmer said "Oh commrade commisar! If we took all the potatoes, they would reach the foot of God."
"Comrade farmer, this is the Soviet Union. There is no God."
"Thats okay, there are no potatoes."

Two Russians were walking down the street, one asked the other, "Have we really achieved full communism?" The other said "oh no. Things are about to get worse."

A judge was laughing in his office over a joke he heard. The secretary asked "what's so funny?" He replied "I just heard the funniest joke ever." "what was it?" "I can't say. I just sentenced a man to death for telling it."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liberal messages of tolerance, open minds and love (hate mail)

Over the past several months I got quite a bit of love letters from Liberals. Most from Youtube and a few emails.

Here is an email from

I was very offended by your post about the battle of Lepanto. It incites violence against Muslims and makes them appear to be mean and evil. That should not be allowed. Historical reference is not an excuse for hatred. Shame on you for being racist!

So promoting history is intolerance? Talking about a war that Muslims lost is intolerant and racist but not other wars and battles that were lost by Christians or others?

And another from


Bravo! More liberal talking points!

Here a youtube anti gun nut, cryptler 9

Fu***in *****. Go get a dictionary and read it, or a gun and shoot yourself!!!! Tool!

And another good talking point from another liberal nut: nrf91

Could you please explain the correlation between booing and giving people the middle finger, and silencing them? As far as tolerance goes, I used to have a lot of tolerance for "your kind". But after 8 years of watching you crap all over poor people, brown people, gay people and anyone else who doesn't fit into your elite Republican club, and after watching you support and condone war crimes done in my name, I am flat out of tolerance for you. Have a nice day.

Gee, so why are so many brown people voting conservative?

Here is one from a nazi named Whitecollarcriminal. A former zionist once named Samantha the cat turned white supremacist whose real name might be Alan T.

Lets just hope the Palestinians and Iranians rid the world of this menace. [Jews]

Another Nazi named smoknjoe1971

You are a dillusional jew tool. The jews are destroying your religion right now because they don't need it anymore. They have the t.v. to control us now. They don't need your stupid jew book(bible) Tell jesus he can kiss my gentile *&^#@.

From aliens created humans:

F*** OFF!

And from White collar Criminal (Alan T)

That's the dumbest ******ng thing I've ever heard. Fortunately, idiots like you are a weak minority and have no political power. Besides typing bullshit on youtube YOU ARE NOTHING. therefore, I won't even bother erasing your post...go ahead and VENT YOUR FRUSTRATION LOSER :P


He also wrote:

F**** YOU MOTHER F******R!

Here's a comment from Ghassan81 a fanatical muslim

F*** you filthy jew u can't even spell chattanooga, and for the rest of the **#@ muslims love women thats why they marry 4 women, unlike your kind and stick that cross up ur **** wasn't king james that...

A 22 for the skull of every Jew! ALLAH AKHBAR!

Finally, one from a hispanic millitant crazy4oldies

f*** u i dont no if u are a n****r or a $%#(* flat face but u can suck my big mexican &^** hispanic is a race...

Unfortunately there are few more but they are not for the faint of heart. Just more rabble from Liberals, socialists, terrorists, nazis ETC.

new video: best bible study videos.

Public domain Bible study videos about Obama and Bible prophecy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

revealing liberal ignornce

On Youtube, there was featured a Fox News clip with Jonah Goldberg discussing in a book the similarities between fascism and liberalism in America. I got this nice message from a naive liberal. Probably just a teenage college student dabling in marxism.

LIberal fascism? sounds like someones been watching fox noise channel too much. liberalism stands for individual rights and small government. fascism is a dictatorship that does not care about the rule of law and does whatever it wants: like torturing people. putting innocent people in secret prisons, wiretapping its citizens illegally, starting illegal wars. gee sounds like a certain party called the GOP to me.

Jonah Goldberg and the whole right wing cronie crew are a bunch of fucking retards

And I have not heard a single democrat say that not agreeing with Obama makes someone racist. Calling him upitty, saying he won only because of affirmative action and putting out songs called "barack the magic negro" makes you a racist.

and you don't even know what socialism means. every country in the world has public school and public road systems, tax payer funded military, tax payer funded police and fire departments, and every developed country except usa has tax payer funded health care.

I guess you right wing losers think every country in the world is communist? you need to go a check yourself into a mental health facility.

Yup. Anyone who doesn't agree with him needs to be placed in a mental health facility. Shades of Fascism all over. Here was my response:

Uh huh... Riiiiggght. You've been watching CNN too much boy. Fascism is defined as state control over all aspects of our lives. As well as suppresion of civil rights. EXACTLY what you liberals have advocated.

Long ago we used to be allowed to own guns to defend ourselves and our freedom, you liberals are taking them away from us while felons are able to get illegal handguns and victimize unarmed law abiding citizens.

We used to educate our children in Christian schools, homeschools where they were taught proper education and morals, now you force us to ship them off to these dangerous schools run by the state that do not educate but dumb down and program to become socialists. It is illegal to educate them the way we want and we have no say. Meanwhile rich white liberals can send their kids to wealthy schools. That is fascism All thanks to you liberals.

We used to have free speech. It was meant to speak out against oppresion and wrongdoing. But no. That's not good enough for you people. Whenever some God fearing American stands up and speaks out you suppress them. Jim Gilcrest speaks out against law breakers that steal jobs, you come along and suppress it. David Horowitz stands up and speaks out against Muslims commiting terrorism against Christians and Jews, you shut it down.

You liberals also advocate hate speech laws that let the government decide what we can or cant say or hear. The state ultimately makes that decision. It doesn't end hate. It just eliminates liberty. That law is selectively used the same way hate crimes are selective. Black on white hatred is not illegal the way white on black hatred is. A black man who beats up a hispanic is not as much a criminal unless he's white. Otherwise, why is it that communities like Howard Beach have to hold civil rights marches to demand equal protection?

We used to have a free press and media. You liberals restrict it and treat freedom of a press as a privilage. Thanks to you, we have presses and media outlets run by big business elitists that hate this country and hate our freedom and the rest are tax payer funded left wing media like NPR and PBS. Obama and Hillary also want to regulate the internet just because some welfare queens are offended by activists saying they need to enter the workforce instead of wasting our money.

States rights are gone, religious liberty is gone, we are slowly losing our freedoms thanks to you.

Why do liberals resort to tyranny? Because as you have demonstrated in your message, you can't argue, just whine. You say Goldberg and his supporters are retards, you also say that MainestateGop should be institutionalized. Name calling and fascism are all you can do to impose your will over the people's will

Oh BTW, Nazism is an acronym for national socialism. So once more you prove my point and Jonah Goldberg's.

In the end however you to will suffer once our liberties are completely gone. Thanks for sharing your ignorance. I will post this on the MainestateGOP Blog and freerepublic to share.