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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More SSI Scams by liberals and psychiatrists

Several months ago, we did an expose on how innocent people are having their money taken away by unscrupulous loved ones and by Left wing Democrat government probates in the name of making them qualify for SSI over a perceived disability or dysfunction. In many cases the SSI payments went over to the perps of this atrocity as well.

Well, a friend of mine involved in human rights has recently brought to the attention of several other victims. The saddest part is that it is considered legal in most cases and there is little that can be done to recover any of the stolen money.

The two victims and their situations are a shining example of how terrible things in this country have become. A reflection of the loss of private property rights and the loss of rights to dignity and independent living. The two victims, one labeled mentally ill, the other elderly had their property confiscated by abusive family members or by government. Greg, Mary Howe, Sylvia Klieber, many others but these two also take the take.

85 year old Sarah lived in her own home in an Oklahoma city suburb. Her estate included 300,000 dollars that she inherited from her deceased husband. After receiving it, her son and daughter in law conspired to take it away. Attempts were made by her son and relatives to take advantage of her. Despite their best efforts, she was deemed to be right in her mind. She lived independently relying only on residential care services that came to her house to help her keep it clean and to make sure she was safe. But then after being injured in an accident, her son used this as an opportunity to move in and made a power move that made him guardian of his estate. Also with the help of a psychiatrist, Sarah was wrongfully branded with senile dementia. A judge gave guardianship of her estate to her son.

Before the ink dried on the papers, her son placed her in a mental hospital. Sarah went from being an independent adult living in her own home, able to travel around, shop for food, clothing and other luxuries with little help from some attendants to being isolated in an institution with nothing but the hospital gown on her back. Meanwhile there was trouble brewing with the family. There were disputes as to how to handle the estate. With their greed apparent, judge intervened and appointed a legal guardian from the state.

The guardian as it turned out was just as abusive. Sarah remained in the state hospital. In addition, the guardian with help from staff prevented her from contacting her attorneys, preventing her from seeking justice while keeping her isolated. Meanwhile, the guardian continued to steal money from her. The guardian sold her home and threw away and sold most of her belongings including an urn carrying her husbands ashes and a photo album. The guardian claimed she did so to qualify her for SSI benefits.

After spending 6 months at the hospital, she was moved to a nursing home. While there she was sexually assaulted by another resident. Attorneys working on her behalf got her out after spending over a year in hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately her money and all she owned was gone. Discarded in a large dumpster or sold off by her guardian. The public guardian who was responsible has never been held liable for damages and neither have her children. He has also received immunity from the courts. Sarah currently lives in an independent residential care facility and is under the guardianship of her niece where she now receives 650$ in SSI a month. Very paltry sum compared to what she used to have.

John also suffered terribly. 22 year old John suffers from Aspergers syndrome, borderline personalities and brain damage from an accident he suffered as a toddler. He lives in Columbus Ohio. When his father died a year earlier he suffered another blow. John, his mother and 2 older sisters received about 135,000 each from a life insurance policy John's father held. But John did not get to enjoy it for very long. His case worker from Department of health and human services filed to have John placed under emergency guardianship. Although John was capable of being independent and volunteered 3 days a week at the salvation Army and a local homeless shelter, with the help of a psychiatrist, John was placed under legal guardianship. He was taken away from his family and placed in a group home.

Meanwhile, the guardian spent his inheritance money on luxuries for himself and charged 300$ an hour. His family fought hard and got him back home but almost all the money he held on to was gone except for $1200. The guardian claimed that he was trying to get John to qualify for SSI benefits. After a costly lawsuit they were only able to recover 3500$. Money that could have been used to provide a home, Independence and other necessities was taken away from poor John all in the name of qualifying for SSI.

The left wing of America supports these and similar atrocities committed against their victims. Private property rights, the right to be independent in the community and self sufficiency don't go very well together with communism. The result is poverty and injustice.


Holly said...

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Lurker said...

Let me guess. The hippa laws won't let you disclose the full names.

MSG, I think you need to post more articles that actually name names like hte articles about Esther Kennedy and the ones mentioning Sylvia Klieber and Mary Howe. The liberals will just claim your making things up to attack them.

mainestategop said...

I did not get the names of the guardians. The court actually gave immunity to Sarah's guardian and we were unable to get it anyway!

mainestategop said...

I have a couple of new articles coming out next month dealing with Sylvia Klieber and a few others.

Mainestateliberal said...

SSI scams? What do you mean? I think your just trying to shut down the program so the poor and disabled have nothing.

Anonymous said...

No, he is pointing out what happens when you let government take over or when you let it give power over someone's victim.

Mainestateliberal said...

You mean like when Bush and the Neo-cons suspended habeus corpus and began attacking and harassing civil liberties groups?

My son gets SSI which supplements what he gets on the job. He's getting an apartment next month. Without SSI we would not be able to help him out. All you want to do is take that away from him and give it away to some corporate criminal in the form of bailouts and taxcuts.

Anonymous said...

So tell me about how Barack Obama is encouraging us to shill our hard earned tax money to rich people like the ones who promote your socialist ideas in government? Your son wouldn't need SSI if raised him better and didn't put him in a school where he was bullied and let him sit around playing D&D and World of Warcraft.

CSG said...

Pretty soon, all the money will be gone. No more SSI. What then? Obama is throwing away our money faster than a drunken player in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

So Maine state Liberal? What is it you are going to do when your son's SSI is gone because it was wasted on bailouts and lazy crackheads who don't want to work? Maybe your going to just label him as well?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can just make up some other dumbass label the same way you did with labeling him Asperger for why you and your school F***KED up?