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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

rebutal of 9/11 conspriacies

A movie rebutting 9/11 conspiracies

A tale of the Roman Empire

An excellent video about the paralells to the founding of Rome and The United States.

JTF Videos about the watered down war and the past elections

Some old JTF videos describing the past election and the watered down war.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Freedom leads to prosperity, control leads to poverty

There is a reason why America and the Roman Empire became the greatest superpowers of their times and why its people became wealthy... Freedom. The American people, much like those of Early Rome had the freedom to innovate, go about their business and earn an honest living with extremely little government intervention. In Early days we did not have to worry about Communist government controls or regulations telling us how to run our lives. Because we had a freedom to run our businesses and our lives the way WE felt was best, our economy flourished.

The people had a right to free speech, freedom to publish, freedom to assemble or protest. They could speak their minds and spread new ideas which not only promoted and protected freedom, but also lead to more profitable business ventures. Many of the worlds greatest inventions came from America, they came about because the men and women who invented them had the freedom to do so and to share their ideas.

Not only do we have a freedom to innovate and use our talents in the way we see fit without infringing the rights of others, we also enjoy the freedom to worship God in the way we see fit and we have not sacrificed our pillars of morality and religion to enjoy a rising standard of living. It is in fact because of those two pillars that we do enjoy them.

The Roman Empire too enjoyed these same freedoms and helped it to become the great empire it was. But Rome much like what is happening now before our eyes faced the loss of this freedom and went from freedom and autonomy, to dependence and bondage.

Rome like all other great nations went through a cycle that the writer Alexander Tyler discussed in Cycle of Democracy and which was brought up again by Edward Gibbon in the rise and fall of Rome:

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a louse fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence:"

From bondage to spiritual faith;

from spiritual faith to great courage;

from courage to liberty;

from liberty to abundance;

from abundance to selfishness;

from selfishness to complacency;

from complacency to apathy;

from apathy to dependency;

from dependency back again to bondage.

As Rome grew the people became complacent and selfish. They began to infringe on each other's liberty and in addition to threats from invading nations and from civil war, Rome declined from a Republic to an imperial monarchy ruled by the Caesars. These men were Mainly ruthless and greedy and ruled with despotic power. Soon the people began to depend more on government to rule their lives and in turn they depended on other nations surrounding them for protection.

It was a recipe for disaster.

As Rome depended on surrounding barbarian tribes for protection, it all fell back on and their former subjects rose up and turned on them. It lead to the loss of culture and knowledge and to the Dark Ages and delayed the advancement of the industrial revolution for over a thousand years.

America is racing down that same path that Rome did. Rome lasted about a thousand years but in the two centuries since America's founding, we have already begun to cut our own throats. America started with Bondage under European imperial Power and religious persecution. Among their ranks were men fleeing to find freedom to worship God according to their own conscience. America was under the influence of the Scotch covenant reformists and the great awakening. The spiritual faith of America gave her great courage and initiative to form revolution against her Imperial masters.

The result of their new liberty lead obviously to great prosperity. The people were moral, religious, adventurous and brilliant. This combination with the liberty they experienced lead to the 13 colonies becoming a great nation. But unfortunately their new abundance made them selfish. They became xenophobic and covetous. They became fearful of outside influence which in turn buffeted their freedom. Racial minorities especially freed slaves and indigenous people were the biggest victims along with new arrivals from other nations.

America expanded into Mexico, the Pacific coast and into parts of Canada. It then expanded to Hawaii, the Philippines, several Pacific islands and into the Caribbean. America betrayed the warnings of her founders not to be entangled in international intrigue or alliances. Soon America went to Europe, became involved in other alliances in the name of security.

Also in the name of national security, our freedoms became eroded and our taxes increased dramatically. It all came to a head during and after the second world war. The cold war lead to national fears of communist infiltrators and how we could have our prosperity and freedoms destroyed. Yet they already were being undermined by our own government.

This intervention and meddling into individual liberty went beyond our shores into Asia, Africa and Latin America. In order to prevent the totalitarian system of Marxism from spreading world wide, we demolished developing democratic nations and replaced them with our own totalitarian governments. This in turn lead to world wide resentment against America and in the nations that suffered under the clash between American interests and soviet aggression, there was civil unrest and carnage.

America was founded under the principles of individual liberty and autonomy and of Representative government yet we denied that to other nations. Meanwhile, our own government was at work denying those freedoms to ourselves yet we did not notice it.

Despite the best efforts to destroy Marxist influence, Marxism already came to America and exploded on stage during the nineteen sixties and came to greater fruition in the following decades. The soviet Union did collapse but the damage was done.

Today America is under greater control of the heavy foot of government than ever before. Government now controls more of how we are to live. We now have government ruling our very lives and lively hoods. We can't start a business without approval from the government. Even if we do get it off the ground, it is burdened down by heavy regulations and taxes. This means loss of tax revenue and loss of employment. The economy and the flow of jobs is in the hands of a privileged few now thanks to government.

Government tell us how to believe, how to think, where to go, we can't home school our children or take them to a church run school, we have to take them to schools that are inadequate and where they are brainwashed and conditioned into believing humanism and socialism. Religious observance and freedom of information are also suppressed.

We WILL see even more of this with the new Democrat government and more into being coerced into dependency with it. From dependency we will no doubt slip back into bondage far worse than what we have experienced under Britain. This time we face submission and oppression under a brutal and merciless socialist regime.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

JTF on Hillary Clinton's healthcare program

JTF Chaim Ben Pesach describes Hillary's attempt to impose mandatory healthcare and how it failed and lead to the 1994 gop takeover.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sebastian Peters:Victim of useless programs

In a previous article we gave you a taste of how grossly incompetent and inefficient government programs are and that they are far too expensive. Programs that are designed not to uplift the poor and promote self sufficiency, but actually do more to leave people dependant and keep them poor. Its not just the taxpayers that suffer, it is those who are forced to depend on them who suffer and who suffer the most.

Consider the story of Sebastian Peters, born and raised in Manchester NH, from earliest moment of his childhood, Sebastian had suffered terrible cruelty under a father who became abusive towards him and his mother. When he was not suffering at home, Sebastian suffered at school where he was tormented by other classmates for being overweight and later in high schools for other reasons.

Sebastian became isolated as a result of the harsh treatment he received at school. The teachers allowed this to continue and Sebastian became isolated. Sebastian's father meanwhile continued to cause trouble for the family. The parents divorced when Sebastian was 12. Sebastian's mother began to become more like the father and abused Sebastian and his older siblings but he bore the brunt of his mother's anger. She ignored and alienated him when he suffered.

Sebastian's father died when he was 15 and his life insurance policy left both Sebastian, his two older siblings and his mother large windfall. Sebastian's mother maintained conservator ship over the funds until they were old enough, except for Sebastian who did not get to enjoy it when he turned 18. His mother continued to hold it for him but very little of it was used to make him independent.

After finally getting out of High school, Sebastian looked forward to applying for work, getting his own place and finally getting away from his burdened past. Unfortunately his mother would not allow it. His mother saw him as being inferior and no good and took him to a psychiatrist for the purpose of having him declared mentally incompetent. Sebastian pointed out to the psychiatrist that his mother had helped keep him in a hostile environment where he was abused by the school and that his mother kept him in isolation. He was forbidden from going outside and only after he was 20 was he allowed but under tight restrictions. He had very little if any social contact as a result.

As you can imagine, the psychiatrist did nothing about it. When Sebastian brought up that he was not allowed outside of the home to do normal adult things and interact, and that his anxiety and depression were caused by being restricted and isolated and not allowed to live independently, the doctor ignored him. The psychiatrist claimed that Sebastian suffered from Asperger's disorder and was emotionally disturbed. Although she said that he did not need a guardian, he did recommend that the mother remain conservator ship over the inheritance and that Sebastian apply for SSI benefits with the mother as rep payee. She also recommended he be referred to government programs. AS for abuse, the psychiatrist downplayed the incidents where the mother was emotionally abusive and that she kept him isolated.

Sebastian and his family moved to Rochester NH when he was 19. He was referred to the Portsmouth based Work Opportunities Unlimited, a government subsidy involved with the ticket to work program. The program was supposed to help Sebastian find a job, preferably a paying job. From the beginning there were many, many problems. First, Sebastian was forbidden by his mother to go out and look for jobs, second, the case workers at WOU had little faith in Sebastian. They told him and his mother at a meeting at their Portsmouth office that they felt he was incapable of working. They recommended menial jobs such as being a janitor at a school. Sebastian refused as did the mother. Then they heard little from them. It took a month after the meeting for them to test his aptitudes and then another month for another meeting to get him to a seminar.

After all this, it was thought that NOW, Finally! He would be in the work force and no longer isolated. That was the last they heard from them for 3 months. From the beginning on, no progress was made. Sebastian mailed them classified ads for jobs but they either ignored him, or said they felt he was incapable of working at those jobs. In addition, the case worker was constantly away on vacations for up to a month. 2 years going on 3 without a job and no work history, Sebastian became frustrated. He secretly went out and looked for jobs when his mother was not around. He applied at several places but couldn't get them since he had no work experience, this thank to the mother and the WOU program.

2 years and 3 months after applying and after being isolated with little chances for going outside, 21 year old Sebastian and his mother agreed to sit in a meeting with WOU staff to demand a reason for the lack of progress. This came after they claimed to have hit new roadblocks. Sebastian's case workers informed him and his mother that there were no jobs around for Sebastian that were suitable for him. In addition they felt he was incapable of working to due to a diagnosis of Aspergers. He was diagnosed solely because of the persecution he suffered at school. They also claimed that he had no social skills or living skills based on the fact that he had no job, and no friends. They also accused him of having no skills in independent living and recommended that his mother become legal guardian to Sebastian and place him in a structured setting in a group home for the mentally retarded.

Sebastian became defiant and the meeting became heated. He told the group bluntly that he was the way he was because of abusive treatment by his mother and that although progress had been made since his graduation from high school, he was still isolated and restricted and forbidden to work at jobs. The money that was intended for him was also being spent down and wasted when it could be used for economic opportunity and independent living. This was the REAL reason behind all the problems. The case workers were not interested and said they saw nothing wrong with what was happening to him.

2 days after the meeting, tension between Sebastian and his mother exploded. Sebastian threatened to leave to go live elsewhere where he could get a job, live in an apartment and apply for programs that ACTUALLY worked. The conflict became even more tense when his mother's girlfriend showed up and partnered with her to stop him from leaving. Sebastian called the police for help but the Rochester police department was unsympathetic. His mother lied to the police officer informing them that he would be a danger to himself if he left home. The police offered a safe place of Sebastian if he cooperated.

He agreed but was not taken to a safe place. Instead the police officers took him to the Portsmouth regional hospital psychiatric ward. While there, he was denied legal representation and was not treated with the dignity he deserved. He was forced by doctors to return to his mother and placed under a strict outpatient commitment that blocked him from getting out of the destructive relationship. He was later placed in a group home in Manchester. The programs he was given were a disaster. They, like the so called Work Opportunity Program prevented him from being independent rather than letting him be independent. The group home assigned him to several other programs that immediately went to work undermining him. He was to take a class on social skills, a class on how to live ETC. ETC. and all of them failed or kept him on the back burner. Here's just how ridiculous it is:

  • It takes about 6 months for government program to teach normal basic things such as mailing out a letter.
  • It takes 6 months to a year to teach social skills.
  • It takes up to 2 years to learn living skills
  • Government programs like the Work Opportunities program in New Hampshire take years to get an applicant a job. Sometimes they fail to even do so.
  • government programs that teach things like how to cook a basic meal can take months.

You get the idea don't you. For Sebastian it was painfully clear. Even if he really needed these classes and seminars, learning that should have taken a few minutes took hours, what took days took weeks, weeks months, months years, sometimes they failed all together. This is what Sebastian Peters experienced during his time on the programs. He spent 3 years under this oppressive regime. It wasn't until sometime afterwards that Sebastian was able to get out of the commitment with help from a legal aid and ran away to Boston.

Sebastian successfully ran away to Boston Massachusetts where he checked into the Boston Rescue Mission. The Mission which was non profit had an array of programs that actually worked. They helped arrange for him to get a job at local temping agencies such as labor ready and referred him to a legal aid for help getting his inheritance back. Non profit programs like those run by the BRM ministry got him back on his feet and helped him get into housing and government assistance.

Unfortunately Sebastian's trouble's did not end... His mother had successfully Spent down his assets and still threatened to hold him under guardianship. The later did not succeed but Sebastian was unable to get back all the money that was taken away from him. He currently lives in Boston where he relies on government assistance and assistance from his relatives. He still works part time at a local retail store and lives in a small rooming house near downtown.

Sebastian Peters paid the price for relying on the government for help even though he didn't want to. A non profit program run by caring individuals would have only taken a few days weeks at most. Instead tax payer dollars were wasted and a bright young man who could be paying into the system must now depend on it.

Isn't it amazing how the left whines about debt and about losing the tax base when they are constantly destroying the lives of ordinary people and making it impossible for them to get good jobs? Isn't it amazing that right wing conservative republicans are the reason for poverty when liberals do more to hurt with their help for the needy the very people they claim to help? With Democrats in charge, expect more of this and expect the government to go bankrupt.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Liberals plan to use SSI program to steal from the poor and weak

Back by popular demand, an essay on how Liberals use SSI to plunder from the weak and helpless.

The SSI or Supplemental Security Program was started by Richard Nixon in 1974 to federalize welfare. The SSI program was administered by Social security but the money came out of the general treasury. Originally it was for people who were severely disabled, blind, elderly, and in need. Over the years it has become far more easier for anyone to receive SSI. Simply for having any mild impairment or diagnoses of any "disorder," it is possible to get on. Up until welfare reform in the 90s, even people with a history of substance abuse could qualify. Simply dope up and you re on your way!

The Heritage foundation has described the program up till that time as a black hole. Most who received SSI assistance were perfectly capable of working at very good jobs. In other cases, it has been found that psychiatrists and government workers have been aiding able bodied and minded individuals to get on the program by making up different diagnoses. The American Psychiatry association also has its fingers in the honey pot. Why do you think they make up all these different disorders?

But Getting back on track here, just how will SSI be used to defraud and cast millions into poverty? You see the SSI program has a catch. To qualify, you cannot own money or property worth more than $2000. For married couples, its $3000. That does not include cars, appliances and other items someone might own. People must spend down their assets and sell off or give away their property. What is tragic is that on some occasions they are coerced by family members, the government or public guardians at a loss to the beneficiary. What is even MORE TRAGIC, is that many in the end don't even qualify still and are cast into homelessness.

The level of people being thrown into poverty through confiscation of property and assets has slowly risen. Mary Howe, an elderly woman was one of these victims. Her legal guardian incarcerated her in an institution in Cambria California. She was held there for a year till her assets were spent down. Afterwords she was thrown into the streets. Greg used to have a good job, an apartment and money to spend. His abusive father forced him to go on SSI. He had a history of being abusive. He told Greg he was stupid, had no social skills and that he was an idiot. He also blamed his son for his being raped and abused in public school. He was coerced to go to a doctor who diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism that includes inability to communicate, failure to socialise and recognize facial expressions. Greg shared none of those characteristics but according to the DSM-IV, the bible of psychiatric disorders, his past history of being ostracized in school was enough of a criteria. The abuse took its toll on Greg. He lost his job, his father succeeded in getting rid of his assets. But in the end he did not qualify for SSI yet and wound up homeless on LA's skid row for 6 months. He currently lives in Lynwood and his life quality has deteriorated since the incident. He has never recovered financially or emotionally.

Emily was another victim. Since her childhood she has fought hard to overcome her shortcomings and adversity growing up in Chicago's south side. Her father died at the age of 11 and she suffered from Attention deficit disorder, depression and borderline personality disorder. When she was 13, her uncle sexually abused her. At a public school in Chicago Illinois she was denied help with her school work and forced to work harder to keep up. She barely graduated. School doctors diagnosed her and recommended to her mother to apply for SSI. Around the age of 21, she learned she would inherit money from her dead father to go to college. Her mother instead kept the money for herself and applied as rep payee. Emily saw hardly a dime of the money, SSI or inheritance. Emily's mother spent the money on illegal drugs and became an addict. Emily had difficulty finding a job since she had no experience working and her learning disabilities got in the way as well.

Emily wanted to press charges but her boyfriend threatened to murder her if she went to the police. Emily ran away to live in Des Moines Iowa. She wound up homeless there for several months. Her Mother was later arrested for prostitution. Social security found out that she had spent nearly all the money from SSI and her father. They were unable to recover it. Emily was given a rep payee based in Des Moines but this payee abused the funds as well. At first Emily got an apartment but the Payee was delinquent and refused to pay her any money for rent or food. Even her Case worker couldn't help her. Social security also gave her a cold shoulder and refused to help. She later became homeless again and moved to Omaha. Still no one wanted to help her and she later commit suicide.

Just in case you think this can't happen to you dear reader, think again! Hillary Clinton has advocated using SSI to confiscate wealth. Barack Obama may even share the same disposition. Clinton said that we need to take things away from you for the greater good. Barack Obama says lets spread the wealth around. What better way to do it than with SSI and legal guardianship. The motto after all is, Isolate, medicate, take away the estate. Its a dream come true for socialist Democrats all around America. Now that Obama and the Dems are taking over they will probably do everything in their power to force ordinary Americans into the black hole of SSI and strip them of everything they own.

America does not help its poor and weak. It only helps the lazy and degenerate who being pampered become a curse for all. Welfare, social security, SSI, Big government, it is a reflection of our loss of morality which has lead to the loss of our freedom.

We will continue to post more incidents on how liberals use the SSI program to confiscate property and wealth from the weak and prevent them from working and abuse them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ISPs are using keywords to filter out important human rights articles

I've just noticed that websites are being filtered out due to certain keywords on my blog. I have gotten reports of words like fascism, stormfront, fascistliberals, liberalnazis ETC tend to be screened out, even though they describe the activities of fascists.

Something I thought I would share in case you own a blog.

Gordon Ramsay proposes communist diet mandates

Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his verbal abuse of employees of his famous London restaurants and of contestants on hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. He is perhaps also best known as a communist. Gordon Ramsay has advocated that government become our nutritionist and dictate what we can or cannot eat. He has also called for prosecution of parents with obese children.

Debbie Schlussel has pointed out as had members of FREEREPUBLIC that Ramsay's other reason is to support his own business.

Read both articles here.

The full article can be read here

Friday, March 20, 2009

Social Security and SSI: RIP 2015

Social Security is now in greater danger than before. It was thought that we would not have to worry about losing the Social Security trust fund for at least a hundred years. When I was much younger, I was told that Social Security would last at least until 2040 under the current situation at that time. Then after 9/11 and the recession we had, I was told, 2025. Now, we are in a worse mess than ever. A war that has dragged on for almost a decade and that has not produced enough results, a broken down housing market, ten trillion dollar debt and plummeting industrial average. Add to this, federal bailouts to supposedly protect our economy and help failing corporations.

During this and the previous recession, the government paid for it by taking money out of social security. The last time this was done, 1.6 trillion dollars, money meant for the weakest members of our society went to pay for BIG government and useless programs that did not work and only served to subsidize those who were lazy and refuse to work. Meanwhile our tax base is dwindling due to the loss of jobs and the influx of illegals.

With this Barack Obama plans to solve our problems with more of the exact same communist policies that got us here to begin with. Barack Obama wants to strangle our business economy with higher taxes and massive regulations. Oh! but Barack is only going to tax businesses that make 250 grand or more! That still will not cover the massive debt we owe and the deficits we have. Also the new spending will be wasted on needless projects.

Then there is the fact that many of these companies will cheat simply by laying off more workers, raising prices and cutting wages. Not to mention hiring undocumented immigrants. Even they will feel it hard.

Social Security and SSI are programs that are in grave danger. It was originally believed that the trust fund would last till 2020 at the earliest. I would like to just stand up and make a prediction... This trust fund will not last that long. I cannot be certain but based on Obama's recklessness we have until 2013 at earliest and the latest being 2015.

Barack Obama's administration has already made plans to take more money out of the trust fund to pay for the national debt and for the federal bailouts as hinted in a speech he made in a joint session of congress. There is also talk of closed door meetings to plunder SS to save corporations. Barack Obama has even suggested that he will even push for welfare reform to find more money for the bailouts.

For myself and my colleagues, we are especially disturbed. As you may know, I have posted articles on this blog and elsewhere concerning incidents where the government has used the SSI program as an excuse to confiscate money and property from innocent people who are disabled and elderly. For those who have already suffered with the loss of what they owned, they will face a new burden of having their only lifeline taken from them. After that. Its all over. More on this in the future.

We have no one to thank for this mess that we are in other than the Democrats. They destroyed our freedoms and our prosperity and substituted it with government infringement and poverty. The only good thing that will come out from it is that Socialism will be seen again as a major failure. Let history show that Democrats who ran our congress, senate and white house, not republicans killed social security sometime between 2013-2015.

To all of you who are elderly, don't bother retiring, get back to work. The rest, get a job while you can sucker.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's happening on the blog

Well, I've decided to no longer post Slice of Infinity by Ravi Zacharious since it wasn't as popular anymore. Also there won't be too many Random thoughts by Thomas Sowell since well, he isn't doing them as much anymore. I will be posting more Youtube videos however.

The freedom river

An interesting and stirring tale narrated by Orson Welles on how we got into the mess we are in now.

AIG Bailout Disaster - Inexperience or Calculation?

More on how liberalism and regulation got us in the mess we are in...

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse in Maine it did.

Just when you thought that Maine had reached rock bottom with all the poverty and oppresion, and just when you think Maine's economy could not be taxed and regulated into oblivion any more, Our reelected General Secretary Baldacci has called for even more taxes as well as fake tax cuts that shift our burdens to even more vulnerable industries.

The plan is not tax cuts which are badly needed in Maine, but tax shifts. In this case, cutting income taxes while shifting the burden on sales taxes. This burden would fall upon the tourist industry, one of Maine's last remaining bastions of taxable income and business in the state. The tourist industry, which produces very little taxable income anyway and which is struggling under the burden of Maine's economy as well as the nation's faces destruction if this sales tax succeeds.

It would mean tourists would look elsewhere for spending their vacations while businesses that rely on tourism would dry up and go bust. It would also mean a devastating loss in tax revenue.

Meanwhile back in Maine, the working poor would face higher living costs then they already pay, many do not have the resources to leave the state to find greener pastures and some are even prevented from doing so under unjust abuses of the law by liberals to keep them stuck and poor in Maine. More on that in a future article.

Its not just sales taxes we must worry about, Augusta marxists also want taxes on energy specifically gasoline in order to pay for more useless and corrupt programs, whose funds are wasted anyway by state administrators. New taxes are also being proposd for tobacco, certain foods, even social security benefits! All to pay the salaries of bureucrats and for handouts to lazy leeches swarming into the state to rob the taxpayers.

The state of Maine is predicted once again to go into economic decline after budging barley a notch last year, Maine went from 48 to 46 worst economy, beating out Michigan, Alaska, Louisisana and West Virginia. It is still considered by many others to be the worst state for employement and small businesses. Small business I should mention are the most common in the state and would be hardest hit by the new taxes. If the nation's economy continues its slide and if the new taxes are passed in legislature, Maine will once again go into economic decline for the fourth year, joining Michigan as one of the few states to lose jobs not affected by natural disasters.

Maine is proof that heavy spending, taxing and regulating lead to economic disaster. It is more evidence of the failure of marxism. Ironically its all happening here in our own backyards rather than in some country in Europe.


Friday, March 13, 2009

What is communism?

Presented here on Mainestategop, A prophetic, scary and shocking reel from the 50s about communist infiltration in America. Herbert Philbrick, a former FBI agent who infiltrated the communist party describes the horrors of communism here and abroad and about infiltration into unions, government and churches and elsewhere. Looking back and looking to the here and now, we see that men like Philbrick, Hoover and McCarthy were not just using scare tactics. They were right all along. And as Philbrick points out, as our Democracy fails, we will look back as to how we went from being the freest country in the world to becoming a third rated socialist dictatorship.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrat Energy tax will slam the poor like an A-bomb

Obama and the Democrat party have begun taking initiatives on the environment. Their plan? Set up an energy tax to discourage people from heating their homes and driving all in the name of the unproven science of climate change.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats are calling for environmental legislation against power plants that produce greenhouse gas, gasoline, heating oil and other essentials with a carbon tax on so called greenhouse emissions. In addition, there would be a cap on greenhouse emissions. The administration and Democrats have also admitted that they aim is to discourage greenhouse emissions by raising expenses.

This along with many of the left's new taxes and regulations can explain a negative effect on the business economy. Corporations are already making plans to leave America and move to Low tax Switzerland and other countries to escape the new communist despotism being established in America today. The new environmental regulations are also oppressive to the rich but no more so than on the working poor.

The working poor, those who have no jobs and those who are homeless WILL be the ones affected the most from this legislation. They spend more of their money than the rest of America since they make less and taxes and fees certainly makes that situation even worse for them.

According to the MERI, Maine's tax burden is so large that the working poor faced the most regressive tax system in the nation. That means that poor people must spend more than those not poor and they are less able to save money and are forced into worse poverty than the poor in other states. Its all thanks to Maine's communist government. And liberals? They don't care and don't want to hear about it.

For the rest of America, they will get a bigger taste of poverty with these new taxes. Although the tax is not set to go into place until 2010 or 2012 at the latest, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, it will hit the poor like an atomic bomb.

It also fits well with liberal scams to stay in power. As Rush mentioned, the left whines and caterwalts over how the right wing is causing to earth to get warmer, that we need to emit less greenhouse gas and then work to stop new oil drilling. So all our resources are being untapped and unused and businesses produce less. They succeed in satisfying, the environmental wackos. Then when winter comes and the poor are freezing and dying on the streets of hypothermia and can't afford to pay rent and buy food, they immediately blame the right wing again for oppressing the poor, destroying the economy and preventing welfare. They satisfy the socialists and the poor. They don't think for a minute that government regulations against business is responsible.

So it is in Maine. Maine which experiences the coldest weather around. The poor are forced to depend on taxpayer gypped programs that can't take care of them. Programs like Penquis cap and others are booked solid and cannot help the poor and needy since there is not enough money, primarily because all the taxpayers either ran away or were plundered into poverty by the BIG leftist government of Maine. The rest of country faces a similar debacle like that in Maine thanks to Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats.

Why is this happening? It is because of one of the biggest lies and scams in history since Galtonian Eugenics. The lie that the Earth's climate is changing and getting warmer all because of power plants and automobiles that emit C02 and methane along with other gases that is making the Earth warmer. We have been told this for 40 years. First it was global cooling, then global warming. Now, just climate change.

The climate alarmists do not account for record cold temperatures in the north and for freezing winters. So, Al Gore and his environazi friends call it climate change. they can't make up their minds. It is hilarious to hear Al Gore complain and whine about the Earth warming while temperatures drop. They hold marches in snow protesting and complaining that the government does not do enough to punish prosperity and force us into becoming like the 3rd world.

the poor are always the ones who suffer the most from environmentalism especially in the third world. Developing countries need access to resources and need infrastructure and energy to rise up from poverty and tyranny. A village of mud huts receiving energy and its first lights are a blessing. Liberal environmentalist Nazis do not like this. They want the poor to remain poor so that they can control and manipulate them and continue to scape goat the opposition for their own wrong doings.

Its ironic that they complain since liberals tend to be among the most wealthy in the world and consume more energy and burn more fuel than the rest of us. Al Gore for example uses 20 times more electric power for his mansion than the average homeowner, but wants everyone to be in the dark and shiver in the cold.

The environmentalists by and by do not care about the poor. Environmentalism is a smokescreen for communist oppression in America and abroad. A convenient way to steal resources, to control us by keeping us all ignorant, uneducated and powerless. The left complains that the earth is burning up from greenhouse emissions while the poor are forced to freeze.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama should take a tip from Subway

Its back again! Subway's 5 dollar footlong menu has expanded for a limited time to include every sandwich except the Subway Feast and Philly Cheesesteak. Just as the first one, sales of Subway sandwiches are expected to skyrocket. The reason is because in times like these when we can no longer afford what we would like to eat or do. With subway giving the oppertunity to purchase a footlong sanwich with choice of any toppings for only five dollars, (Plus tax. Unfortunately the left got us there as well.) is a golden oppertunity for poor families who must cope with higher living costs due to higher taxes and regulations by the government.

It demonstrates how big government oppresion by socialists is flawed and how free market economics is superior. When free markets are able to provide lower costs than their competitors and deliever a quality product, the markets will earn greater profit and in turn produce better products for consumers. Compitition and freedom made this possible.

This author is pleased to be one of Subways many many customers. For five dollars I can purchase a delicious foot long sandwich that will keep me satisfied and full throughout the day. Contrast this to other choices. I might add that inIn Socialist New England, Im sad to say those choices are limited :( I can load up with vegetables and all kinds of goodies wheras you do not have such quality and choice in places such as Quiznos, D'angelos and elsewhere. (I still like to eat the greasy sandwiches they serve in D'angelos though. Very good stuff.)

The moral to this story is clear and one that Barack Obama and Liberals need to pay attention to. In this time when Obama wants to tax us in the middle of economic crisis and ratchet new expenses to the people the consequences could be tragic.