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Friday, March 20, 2009

Social Security and SSI: RIP 2015

Social Security is now in greater danger than before. It was thought that we would not have to worry about losing the Social Security trust fund for at least a hundred years. When I was much younger, I was told that Social Security would last at least until 2040 under the current situation at that time. Then after 9/11 and the recession we had, I was told, 2025. Now, we are in a worse mess than ever. A war that has dragged on for almost a decade and that has not produced enough results, a broken down housing market, ten trillion dollar debt and plummeting industrial average. Add to this, federal bailouts to supposedly protect our economy and help failing corporations.

During this and the previous recession, the government paid for it by taking money out of social security. The last time this was done, 1.6 trillion dollars, money meant for the weakest members of our society went to pay for BIG government and useless programs that did not work and only served to subsidize those who were lazy and refuse to work. Meanwhile our tax base is dwindling due to the loss of jobs and the influx of illegals.

With this Barack Obama plans to solve our problems with more of the exact same communist policies that got us here to begin with. Barack Obama wants to strangle our business economy with higher taxes and massive regulations. Oh! but Barack is only going to tax businesses that make 250 grand or more! That still will not cover the massive debt we owe and the deficits we have. Also the new spending will be wasted on needless projects.

Then there is the fact that many of these companies will cheat simply by laying off more workers, raising prices and cutting wages. Not to mention hiring undocumented immigrants. Even they will feel it hard.

Social Security and SSI are programs that are in grave danger. It was originally believed that the trust fund would last till 2020 at the earliest. I would like to just stand up and make a prediction... This trust fund will not last that long. I cannot be certain but based on Obama's recklessness we have until 2013 at earliest and the latest being 2015.

Barack Obama's administration has already made plans to take more money out of the trust fund to pay for the national debt and for the federal bailouts as hinted in a speech he made in a joint session of congress. There is also talk of closed door meetings to plunder SS to save corporations. Barack Obama has even suggested that he will even push for welfare reform to find more money for the bailouts.

For myself and my colleagues, we are especially disturbed. As you may know, I have posted articles on this blog and elsewhere concerning incidents where the government has used the SSI program as an excuse to confiscate money and property from innocent people who are disabled and elderly. For those who have already suffered with the loss of what they owned, they will face a new burden of having their only lifeline taken from them. After that. Its all over. More on this in the future.

We have no one to thank for this mess that we are in other than the Democrats. They destroyed our freedoms and our prosperity and substituted it with government infringement and poverty. The only good thing that will come out from it is that Socialism will be seen again as a major failure. Let history show that Democrats who ran our congress, senate and white house, not republicans killed social security sometime between 2013-2015.

To all of you who are elderly, don't bother retiring, get back to work. The rest, get a job while you can sucker.


Kyle said...

How do you know it will last that long? Maybe it might go under next year!

mainestategop said...

Best estimate given how Obama is plundering Social security and how Bush did the same years earlier.

Call it an educated guess.

Lurker said...

Whoa! Hold on! How do you know its going bankrupt in 2015? Educated guess yes but they've been saying these things for decades. Then again, if Obama's budget passes, you can forget about it next year.

mainestategop said...

Correct. I can tell you this. If the few fiscal republicans can't do anything to stop the budget and the bailouts and if we get attacked again, you can kiss it all goodbye!

All in all I say 2012-2015. I give it no later than 2015 to live. Earliest would be 2012 maybe 11.

Obamabinladen said...

That is not good. Say goodbye to retirement. Im going to be toiling for uncle sam till Im put in the grave.

Anonymous said...

All the money is going to go to subsidizing the drug addictions of illegal immigrants and Gen Xers

Anonymous said...

We don't have any money for social security cuz its going to illegal immigrants