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Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama's 100 mistakes in 100 days

An excellent article by the New York Post. Click here to read

a Story of Obama's first 100 days

The third Prince: A story by Marylou Barry

African Americans are griping against Obama

A growing number of African Americans are starting to not like the idea of Obama as our first black president. I've been hearing from African Americans in New Hampshire, Maine and Mass and found that they do not like him one bit. One guy at a bar told me that He used to support him but that he might change from Democrat to republican because of what he did in office.

A friend of mine in Nebraska was at a church pot luck luncheon and a group of blacks were out on the patio smoking and drinking coffee and calling Obama the N-word and saying that Barack has already ruined America and its not even 100 days yet. Also another friend, this from the Los Angeles area told me about anti Obama grafitti croping up in predominantly black Communities like Skid row, Compton and elsewhere. He has heard black people griping about them in the worst way imaginable. Harsh language was used as well. No need to mention it.

Of course, white leftists still can't stop loving this idiot. In fact a few white Democrats I met said that opponents of Obama were traitors to the government. I'll write more about that some other time.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama and DHS calls conservatives and libertarians terrorists

A Boston resident on Life in Maine

The following came from a blog called sperlings best places concerning a person who moved from Boston Taxachewsets to the communist dictatorship of Maine. Well... Get a load of what he had to say...

The cost of living in Maine is very high. I moved to Biddeford from Boston so we could afford to buy our first home. We had just had a baby and felt it was important to ground the baby in a more permanent home environment and to build a life for her. We had a time constraint of finding and moving into home within a 2 month time period. We have found that the cost of living in Maine is much higher. They tax the residents in so many ways, they even tax a lot of food in the grocery stores. It has been difficult going from a state that has laws in place that don't allow it to tax what are considered basic needs to live. So food and clothing under $300 in value is not taxed. There are other tax breaks including a tax credit on the state income tax form each year. Maine taxes almost everything. And it is not all taxed at 5%. Some purchases are taxed at a much higher rate. The cost of living is so high that I have to buy my daughter's clothes at good will and tag sales. I can no longer afford to buy any thing new and cannot purchase clothing for myself or my husband. And if you own a home there are additional taxes that we hadn't heard of before from our friends in Boston who owned homes. Residents have to leave the state in order to find high paying jobs. I have to work in NH in order to have a job in my industry. It is a 1.5 hr commute each way every day. The cost of gas has risen so much that I can no longer afford to keep my current position. However, I cannot afford to leave it either because my daughter attends preschool in NH and will be attending kindergarten there as well. I want her to have a good education and have not heard any thing good about the Biddeford public school system. The children I see playing in the neighborhoods I drive through regularly including are own neighborhood are rude and loudly cuss at adults in gutter language when they drive up and down the streets to go anywhere. I do not want my daughter to attend school with these children and learn to behave like trash. If you are moving to Maine and care about raising your child to behave intelligently, to act with kindness and to love contributing to the US society, then please think twice before considering Biddeford for your home. For now, I am grateful to have a place to live and a job. I will continue to commute daily in order to keep them and to keep my daughter safe and educated.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The sad end of victims of SSI

As mentioned before, SSI and social security faces the end of its life due to uncontrolled spending and economic deprevations by the government. There is no doubt that coupled with massive debt and spending, the outsourcing of American jobs and the insourcing of undocumented immigrants who take away jobs here, we are looking at the bankruptcy and destruction of American programs including Social security and SSI.

This would no doubt be a humanitarian disaster for those dependant on the two for sustinance espcecially for those incapable of working. It is perhaps an even greater and more horrific disaster for those who have had their livelyhoods taken from them and forced on these programs where they must depend on an unreliable and fianancially drained services that don't work. So it is for those who depend on the government whether or not they have a choice.

We have done several articles on this blog showing how the government steals from the poor and disabled to make them qualify for these programs. For them it is even more devestating. The wealth they acumulated through hard work or windfall is gone. They are forced to rely on a poorly funded and unreliable program that soon will collapse. Their situation is even more tragic because they did not have to be in that situation.

We the American people are in somewhat the same predicament. We had forced on us by traitorous marxists a large bloated government that does not care about the needs and interests of ordinary citizens, only the royal liberal elite and its parasitic immoral and ignorant electorate. The government takes from us all that we work for, undermines our freedom and gives it all too criminals, people who don't want to work. We went from being a free nation and a prosperous nation to being a nation enslaved under 10+trillion debt and communist government regulations.

Soon we too will share some of the fate as those disinfranchised and without support. We basically had no choice.