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Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberal troll reveals communist manifesto's agenda for the future.

Well folks I was on Freerepublic the other day and what should I come across but a post by a snivveling little troll. It was the communist manifesto. A more truthful version of it and what Obama and the Democrats have in store for us. This article states that anyone who supports freedom or liberty is a racist white slave owner that should be killed and that the state should control our lives. Here is what it says:

As the Constitution of the United States of America was drafted solely by racist, slaveowning members of the capitalist class, it is time to acknowledge that the document is morally corrupt and must be scrapped. In its place, a new order based upon the will of the oppressed worker's class will be drafted and enacted.

1) The "right" to "free" speech must be destroyed. The propaganda of the white christian capitalist class must be censured and silenced, violently if neccessary. To this end, ALL communication advocating religion, private property, and opression of the workers must be punished by execution. All forms of communication - verbal, print, and electronic - will come under the total regulation of the State. Any citizen known to be holding capitalist views despite education to the contrary will be executed.

3) The "right" to parenting must be destroyed. The dictatorship of the parent is the single greatest reason for the continuation of the capitalist oppression of the human race, and it must be overthrown. All minors, present and future, will immediately become wards of the State at birth or as soon as found. Biological parents will be permitted no contact with their offspring until compulsory anti-capitalist education is complete. Birth control will become compulsory, and any unregulated pregnancies will be subject to immediate mandatory abortion.

2) The "right" to religion must be destroyed. As the ultimate mind-control tool of the capitalist class, religion has always opposed the destruction of private property, advanced the exploitation of workers, and upheld the dictatorship of the parent. All clergy must be immediately executed, and all religious literature must be destroyed. Any parents who have subjected their children to religious indoctrination of any kind must be executed. Those who are found to be covertly practicing religion will be executed.

4) The "right" to profit must be destroyed. All business and industry of any size will be immediately siezed by the State, and all currency will be immediately nullified. All current capitalist "owners" will be immediately executed. All persons will be assigned occupations by the State based on aptitude testing. Wages will be replaced by simple distribution of vital consumables, and any display of conspicuous consumption will be punished by execution.

5) The "right" to freedom of association must be destroyed. In place of voluntary, class-discriminatory "friendship", all persons will be randomly assigned to Worker's Groups of 10-20 individuals. All recreational time will be spent with this group, which will engage in guided anti-capitalist thought exercises. Any person who evades participation or attempts to fraternize outside of their Worker's Group will be executed.

By these principles, the power of the self-serving capitalist class will be destroyed, and the vision of our courageous forerunners Marx and Engel will be at last realized.

Down with capitalism. Long Live the Workers!

Of course this blathering moron has obviously never worked a day in his life. So he has no concept of what his policies will do to workers. He also fails to realize that workers are not the ones who are responsible for communism but would be dictators. Expect this to happen if Barack Obama gets his way.


kyle said...

I think it was just parody made by a bored freeper, maybe even by the unknown freeper comic. This IS what the left will do to America and the world eventually if we do not wake up.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Scary! Its like the Obamunist manifesto!