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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Principal Joe clark on the problem of public education

Former Principal Joe Clark(Who many of us remember from the movie Lean On Me Staring Morgan Freeman) Discusses his tenure as Principal of East Side high in 1983. He Discusses the incompetence of the Bureaucracy on education and schools. It also exposes the flaws of government education.


Anonymous said...

I wish we had principals in this country as courageous as Joe Clark. I remember the left really gave him a hard time even though he was trying to do his job of keeping East side high safe and making sure the kids were learning. I mean why weren't there enough security guards? Why wern't there magnetic locks on the doors of the school the same way they got all those nice things in rich schools? The left never had an ounce of concern and they wanted to get rid of Clark and go back to the status quo of shootings, drugs and other problems.

I also liked what he said about expelling students. Those damn kids don't want to learn, they are being forced in that school, if you have teenagers that are like that just let them drop out or throw them out! Let them see why they need an education to begin with! He also said that we should let them back in once they get that in their head and to keep those doors of oppertunity open for them. The leftists don't like that.

kyle said...

the teachers and students in these schools, especially the teachers need a good kick in the rear from the likes of Joe Carter. Even though the kids didn't all pass the exams and meet the state's quota, Carter DID succeed in making East side high a safer place and a model school.

Anonymous said...

The vids don't work anymore but I admire Joe Clark. If kids go to school and wont learn they need to be expelled. They weren't going to graduate anyway. Also the teachers like in most schools just didn't give a damn about these kids. Clark fired the ones who were lazy and served notice to the other lazy bums to do their jobs or get out. They couldn't make it but they set a milestone none the less.