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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts on Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson the King of pop died recently. I thought I'd share what I know about this. Jacko as some of you know faced accusations of child molestation. Did it really happen? The answer is no.

You see several years ago I worked for an organization based in Boston called the Liberty Task force. It was a human rights anti terror group. We studied Michael Jackson's case. It turns out that the problem was not sexual deviancy but a psychological problem brought on from an abusive and non existent childhood. At best it could be called inappropriate behavior.

Michael Jackson grew up working with his brothers in the Jackson 5. Their father Joe Jackson pushed the boys to the limit. There have been allegations of abuse such as an incident where Joe Punched Tito, and locked Latoya in the closet. Michael did not get to enjoy a normal childhood. It was something he regretted all of his life.

Michael tried to recapture it by becoming like a child. He opened the Never land Ranch in order to pursue this goal. His transformations that he underwent over the past 20 years was to change himself into Peter Pan, into a young boy like adult. Michael also had weird pets such as a monkey. I don't remember the exact disorder's name but Michael was affected by it.

It turns out that Michael took his fantasy of being Peter Pan and being a child way over the edge. For example it was alleged that they swam in a pool naked, that they played inappropriate games ETC. These are similar things that children experience. This brought about accusations and eventually charges. Michael Hornsby, the founder of Liberty Task Force predicted that the only way Michael Jackson could get out of his situation was to play the race card and claim that racism was a motive for accusations.

Michael was right. With the help of older Jackson 5 member Germaine, a convert to Islam, Michael's attorney's convinced jury members that racial hatred was a factor in false accusations and he went free.

Throughout the world Michael Jackson has been interpreted in different ways. In Los Angeles and more urban Area's Michael is still the King of Pop. In more rural, white and suburban places like in New England where I lived, Jackson was considered a deviant and an abomination. Growing up one of the worst things you could call someone was Michael Jackson molester. Even African Americans joined in condemning Jacko.

His death however may change all that. Rather than investing energy and money in a comeback tour, his death may have propelled him to super stardom and to a similar status to Elvis Presley. Even in places where he was despised, many are starting to change their thinking and look upon him in a more positive light.

In closing it should be noted that Michael Jackson's death over shadowed the deaths of celebrities Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and Billy Mays. I wonder...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes folks Im still around

Sadly moving and getting business established in New Hampshire from Maine has been time consuming. Its all worth it but sadly I have been neglecting going to my blog. Of course I have found that there is not a whole lot of activity lately either. I got a few emails asking if I was around. One guy was a freeper, another was a good friend of mine from Texas, YES FOLKS! IM STILL HERE.

One thing is that I do have a few drafts that I intend to get rolling. A good one about the federal legal aid program, another about 4th of July and another about government and some of the insane things happening in Maine. Whew! Glad Im outta there!

Dad's new business is doing alright too. I got one going myself in Somersworth. I'll tell you all about it when it works out. Today or next week I will publish something good.