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Friday, September 4, 2009

Maine Envirowackos call for green jobs, more poverty and unemployment

Yesterday at monument square in Portland, liberal envirowackos from all over Maine rallied to shrill for lower standards of living for Maine residents in the name of the greenhouse myth, not to mention helping the government grow bigger and take away more of our hard earned money.

The rally, which featured city council members, teamsters, America hating communists and others also circulated petitions calling for green energy in Maine, cap and trade and green jobs. The truth is that Maine is already strangled by environmental regulations against the economy. WE told you a year ago about a plan to build a Lowes department store in Ellsworth Maine, located in Hancock county, the second poorest county in Maine and one of the poorest in America. Lowes would have meant nearly a thousand new jobs in retail as well as construction. The problem was that the proposed site was on top of a filthy mud puddle which the leftists considered a wetland, the site was to be next to a bird sanctuary and then there were shrills about higher traffic and higher greenhouse gas.

The impact has been heavy on factories, mills, small businesses and others. Several factories in Maine including two important ones in Millinocket and Old town shut down due to the increasing strain of government. They moved their jobs to low tax right wing states that liberals call jobless conservative hell holes. (Thanks to Obama now every state is a jobless liberal hell hole.) Entire cities have been devastated. In addition, factories and mills in Calais, Bucksport, Skowhegan, Farmington, Portland and else where have had to lay off many of their workers.

This, is all because Democratic liberals are more concerned about birds rats and bugs as well as a myth that man is somehow connected to the warming of glaciers than they are about families plunged into poverty, unemployment, homelessness ETC. And if things weren't bad enough, they want to punish and oppress the poor even more with more government regulations and even higher taxes!

The rally which was one big unamerican communist demonstration promoted nothing but Orwellian double speak. With one side of their mouths, they whined about the poor using electric grills to heat their homes, a lack of subsidies for heating oil, not enough jobs and a perceived view that conservatives are manipulating workers and with the other side, they advocated higher economic penalties, higher living expenses and confiscation of property for the construction of wind mills and solar panels.

The energy proposal by liberals, similar to one proposed by Their Messiah in the White house will as one person put it, will hit the poor like an atomic bomb. Perhaps even those people with fireplaces, electric grills ETC. will find next winter they wont even have that to heat their homes and with less subsidized oil for the poor.

The rally along with Maine's system of economics proves that Marxist American liberalism which is fascism is a death kneel to freedom and prosperity. More so especially for the lowest ranking members of society and those who live in poverty. Liberals continue to blame republicans for the mess that they caused while the rich liberal elite get richer and the poor even poorer.



Anonymous said...

Kill the liberals! Overthrow the socialist regime! Death to the left!

Anonymous said...

You make playing the blame game look so easy; you must be a natural.

mainestategop said...

No one is calling for killing anyone 13Heathens you dumbass. Go take your medications.

Kyle said...

KNOCK IT OFF YOU LOON! No one is killing liberals except for liberals. (Through abortion)

UKconservatives said...

THe minute liberals start making false accusations and resort to name calling and things like Kill the liberals and Obama and scream about conservatives being Hitler, it means they have lost the debate.

Take a hike loser, no one is killing anyone. You may as well go jump off a cliff you looney tune.

ObamabinLaden said...

Blame game? Look who's talking! Bush is gone yet you blame him for what is going on even though he is no longer the president!