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Monday, November 23, 2009

Reminder about no comments

Just a reminder to readers, comments are disabled for an indefinite amount of time due to liberal nut jobs making ad hominen remarks and slandering me and others on my blog not to mention the mentally ill BS from 13h or whoever it was who showed up on three occasions since coming online.



Bolshevik cartoonist gets it right on Obama

Mark Fiore, a cartoonist for the far left SF Chronicle is known for ridiculous cartoons attacking American freedoms such as gun rights, the right to go into business and freedom from excessive taxes ETC. As well as launching attacks against Republicans. (Then again some of them are deserved attacks)

On this cartoon however, he gets it right. The cartoon, Obama V Obama Describes how Obama at first advocating gay marriage, transparency, Pacifism ETC goes backwards among other things, doing worse than Bush in state secrets and comparing gay marriage to incest.

Its pretty good! Watch!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The stigma of Mental illness and Tyranny

The stigma of mental illness. It is one of the few remnants of a bygone era of eugenics and Nazism. In the early days, it was a sign of shame and disgrace. The stigma was similar to racism, to religious intolerance and eugenics. All of which have since gone but the stigma for mental illness remains. It is no longer a shame to be black, to be Catholic or Quaker, to be Jewish, Moslem, Atheist, to be in a wheel chair or even to be mentally disabled.

It is strange to me that when we think of a child or adult with mental retardation we get fuzzy thoughts about a person who despite being cursed with a tragic disability as being full of love and joy. The family of such a person though at first devastated knowing that their dreams and desires for this person will not come true soon turn into a blessing. We think of people like Rainman, like corky,
like helpless individuals who are bright and cheery. They will never grow up to be fully capable adults yet most become a little self sufficient and they are beloved by family.

This is not so with mental illness. When we think of Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Paranoiac, borderline personalities or hyper mania, the first thought is Charles Manson, The Unabomber, Jeffery Dahmner, The Columbine Killers, Adolph Hitler and other madmen and mad women who murder and cause destruction. We think of psychos, raving disheveled filthy homeless people. Family members tend to hide children with a diagnosis of a mental illness. sometimes they just cast them away in institutions or on the streets. There are countless films portraying insanity and dementia with murderers and mayhem. Think of mental illness and we get the above mentioned stereotypes which are still seen in Hollywood movies in media and in news sensations.

I decided to write about this after watching a series of television ads which are being broadcast to try and combat the stigma. I had first learned about them from an episode of Good Morning America. The ads were by a family that had a mentally ill relative who suffered from Bipolar disorder, a disorder affecting over 5 million Americans yet is viewed terribly by the public.

The ad courageously combats this stigma but there is still a lot that must be done to combat it. In fact all Americans should worry about it. This is because psychiatry and the stigma of mental illness can also be used to target not just those truly afflicted but ordinary Americans by using guilt by association and by lumping those with certain traits with those who are dangerous.

In countries such as National Socialist Germany and Soviet Russia and even in western republics including the United states, opponents and other undesirables were cast as mentally ill and persecuted by the state and the public using this stigma. Nazis used psychiatry to cast Jews, communists, Gypsies and opposition as sub human and mentally ill. Psychiatry was the foundation of Eugenics in Hitler's Germany.

The same was also used decades earlier in Britain and the USA. The Eugenics movement with help from psychiatry became the foundations for racism, Jim Crow, anti semitism and genocide of native indigenous. The stigma of mental illness was also fueled by Hollywood films.

The 1934 film Maniac for example, about a mad scientist featured descriptions about certain mental ailments such as paranoiac and manic depressive that grouped them with dangerous people and sex offenders. Then there were Alfred Hitchcock films such as Paranoiac and Psycho. Movie reviewers advocated that posters of wanted criminals with mental disorders have placards placed that ask why they were allowed outside of mental gulags. Other movies fueled suspicion and bigotry.

Mental health text books and guidelines also made matters worse, portraying all who had mental disorders and any mental lapse as invalid and useless incapable of working or being independent. They were also portrayed as child like and even subhuman.

Despite efforts to curtail the stigma of mental illness, despite ending the gulag system and closing down institutions as well as aiding them in building their lives the mentally ill and the mentally retarded are still deemed as undesirables.

The left especially has used this to attack those they hate. Those who are libertarian, conservative, religious, those who believe in liberty and freedom, all are deemed crazy mentally ill criminals by liberals and by the Democrats. In Democrat states such as California, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut New York and New Jersey ETC psychiatrists brand those with such beliefs as mentally ill and torment and work to ruin their lives.

During the Tea Party rallies, liberal media outlets and blogs categorized protesters as mentally ill radicals. This with the usual grouping together with Nazis and the KKK. The left also attacks opponents of health care, gun control ETC as mentally ill.

Advocates against smaller government and for 2nd amendment rights are also favorite targets. On YouTube for example, those who oppose government management of our very existence are deemed paranoid schizophrenics. Paranoia is a catch phrase used to smear opposition to bigger government.

The religious are also favorites. A Canadian psychiatrist for example wrote a video equating religion with mental disease. He grouped all who believed in God as schizophrenics, bipolar and just about every severe mental illness under the sun. He then finished by stating that religion was a contagious mental disease and that rather regarding someone as religious, they should be regarded as mentally disturbed. It smacks of communist despotism.

These alone are causes for concern. Those who have read my blog over the years know about case studies I have shown of how liberals use psychiatry to destroy the lives of innocent people. As our government grows bigger, and as our freedoms and civil liberties diminish, along with new catchphrases and diagnosis being made up by the APA grows, the danger grows and grows and grows even more. Expect in the future to see defender of human rights, the constitution and liberty against government and the UN a mental disorder along with gun owner, non conformist and others.

In conclusion, aiding the mentally ill is a cause we must all endear ourselves to. It is a civil rights cause that can affect anyone of us. Helping them to build their lives and become self sufficient and stable benefits the community and ourselves. It also takes away power from tyrannical government.