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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New State rankings for business by Forbes (Rhode Island beats Maine in communism)

Forbes Magazine has recently compiled a list of the 50 states and their rankings for business and jobs along with help from Moody's economy, Pollins real estate and a few other companies and organizations. The research based the ranks on costs to run business, costs in labor and taxation among other attributes. The recession is a tough time for many and although many states are suffering from job loss and homelessness (All thanks to the 2006 Democrat congress and the killing of of Bush's tax cuts) The ranks were surprising especially considering the bottom feeders but first lets look at the top.

Not surprisingly, Republican states beat the Democrats again. Virginia, despite massive unemployment from the new great depression was able to clinch the top spot for the third time in a row. Washington state which ranked #2, Colorado, a recent changeover to the Dems at #4 and Oregon at #10 were the only Democrat states. Socialism though is still restrained and many parts of these states still retain good business. Although Colorado might fall down due to the election of Rats and the recent repeal of the TABOR amendment that was responsible for bringing the state from Rags to riches.

Familiar states include North Dakota, Texas and Nebraska. Although Nebraskans did raise taxes especially over in Omaha, the state has held its own and even managed to climb up to 9 from 10.

Other states are not so fortunate. AS IT TURNS OUT THERE ARE SOME PLACES THAT ARE ACTUALLY MORE COMMUNIST AND OPPRESSIVE THAN MAINE!!!Because of this, despite Maine suffering another round of lay offs, higher living expenses ETC. Quite a few states fell over backwards among them, Rhode Island.

The state Of Rhode Island recently ranked rock bottom. Beating out Michigan, another communist bloc state and Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Louisiana, Kentucky and New Jersey. Jersey show no end to taxing and taxing. The state was 7th in state migrations as residents flee to states with lower taxes and less government intervention and planning. Still, Alaska is expected to make a reversal of fortune and Louisiana is fighting back strong from Hurricane Katrina. West Virginia also went from bottom to 46th

Rhode Island ranked at bottom because it has now replaced Maine as being the meanest toward small business. It has even become more poorer than Maine and businesses have fled in waves as RI legislatures continue to pass unjust and unconstitutional legislation to rob the people. Recently RI has raised taxes including sales taxes and even shut down over 1200 businesses over unpaid sales taxes! In addition, illegal immigrants have swarmed into the state to steal jobs for the unemployed and housing costs have jumped to epic proportions!

Rhode Island is also very very left wing. There is currently a vote in the legislature to change the state name because some feel it is connected to slavery! (LOL!) Not only this, but the Tea Parties are banned from parades in Bristol simply because they handed out copies of the constitution. Yup its true! Liberalism is fascism and there really is a state that beats out Rhode Island as communist!

Still, Maine beats Rhode Island in tax burdens, regressive taxes against the poor and Rhode Island as far as I can tell doesn't try to use DHHS to keep people from leaving and paying taxes the way Maine has in the past. No knowledge either about how they practice SSI scamming against the disabled.

The top50 list shows us yet again that free markets when not burdened down work, and that communism fails. The author is not surprised except for Maine getting knocked up a few notches. Score one for Free markets over government planning and Marxism.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Metrolink should take a tip from Subway (restaurant)

Metro link, Southern California's commuter rail for the Greater Los Angeles areas is in tough times in this recession, unfortunately, they are controlled by unionized taxpayer funded liberals. Just like other liberals, they don't learn a damn thing. In every scenario where funding is down and profits are low, they do the worst thing. In this case, raising rates. All while the worst recession in 70 years is taking place.

Metro links problems are largely connected to the economy. With people out of work or earning less, they are not able to afford tickets to commute to LA, San Bernardino county, Antelope Valley, Oxnard, Santa Barbara or other locales of interest. Those who commuted to work are now out of work and cannot even budget to take the train to find work outside their locality, there's little to spend for leisure like going to Hollywood and with fees rising, many will probably turn to using their vehicles. Bad news for Environmental nuts as well.

As the public sector once more fails, the private sector is getting things done right in Subway restaurants. Subway's 5$ footlongs are offering customers with little money something generous at a low cost. for five dollars, customers can buy a spicy Italian, Tuna and more. In this recession, that all adds up. Subway has experienced an uptick in profits. It shows that when costs are lower, customers are more eager to buy.

And the subs are worth the cost. Dense foods that are healthy and worth more and that fill up and keep them satisfied for most of the day. Subway's Veggie De lites are also good.

Not everyone in the private sector though has learned this. McDonald's is scaling back its value menu. Double Cheese Burgers and other goods have seen and increase in costs and with it, a lack of customers. Other establishments such as Burger King and Quiznos have not learned. Still others are making an effort.

Liberals in government however do not have the motives and incentives to reduce their costs and promote quality. Since Metrolink is mainly run by the government, they are not motivated to lower their costs and provide better services. the Metro is also run by Unions. This means that if they aren't paid for doing little they will strike. Another example of government failure. Score one for the private sector and another strike for the public sector.