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Friday, December 3, 2010

Barking moonbat atheist explodes on youtube

On youtube I was repudiating a video by Rachel Maddow where she calls Americans stupid because there still resides in this once free land a small but growing majority of people who embrace Judeo Christian values and do not believe environmentalist propaganda. Well, I got into sort of a debate with one of the liberal God haters there. He claimed that religion was BS and that America was not supposed to be Christian that the founders were atheists. (funny, 10 years ago they called them bible thumping rich white folks now they are socialists and god hating hippies.)

Well After repudiating all of his points and throwing in some scripture, I was rewarded with a nice liberal diaglogue as follows:[NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS EDITED FOR CONTENT WITH SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ERRORS INCLUDED]

YOUR **** RELIGION IS B****T AND YOUR GOD IS *%*&*% MAKE BELIEVE! I have exactly ZERO FEAR of what exists only in your rasist narrow simpleton mind. Your god is NOT AN OBJECTIVE REALITY and yet you keep pushing him on us. You are nothing but a bunch of stupid retarded bigots and hypicrites, PLEASE **$# OFF AND DIE. I am sick you your STUPID JEEEEEEESUS *%*&%* hijacking the legacy of the founding fathers to promote your controlling agenda. $&*^* YOUR STUPID &$&$* OF A GOD [long screed of swearing and curing and liberal slogans] ON YOUR IDIOT BI-BULL, IT BELONGETH IN DA TOILET! Are you so STUPID that you think quoting from theidiot BI-BULL will do anythimng besides make me LAUGH HYSTERICoLLY. The bi-BULL is a [more screaming and gibberish] that is good for nothing except wiping %&*^#. It is fiulled with STUPID, RIDICULOS errors and silly moronic fairy tales. It is the product of hateful rasist people. Its god is exclusive, racist, genocidal cunt of a monster whop loves only those who willingly ignore rational thought and become his sheeple. HE DOESN'T EXIST!

As you can see ladies and gentlemen, the liberals are still made that the Adults now control one half of one of the branches of government.

Proverbs 23:9 Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words.

Proverbs 29:9 If a wise man goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace

Proverbs 26:1As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool.

Proverbs 26:4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

proverbs26:7 The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.

Proverbs 26:9 As a thorn goeth up into the hand of a drunkard, so is a parable in the mouths of fools.

Proverbs 26:10 The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calstate Dems involuntarily commit the innocent and let homeless psycho killers run free

Two days ago, An elderly woman was murdered in front of her sister and onlookers on LA's metro gold line station in Little Tokyo. The station, recently opened a year ago under the new gold line extension into east LA now has its first big incident. An insane drug addicted and mentally ill homeless woman is now in custody for committing the murder.

The killer, a woman named Jackkqueline Pogue committed the offense has a long history of mental illness not to mention an even longer criminal history. She had been thrown out of just about every shelter and welfare housing in the city (which is surprisingly not uncommon given that these shelters and other facilities turn a blind eye to drug use and crime) and had a history of roaming LA's metro stations and trains panhandling and causing trouble.

Under California law including a newly expanded version of the LPS act, she was supposed to have been placed in involuntary commitment, institutionalized for a short period and then required to take medication and attend peer counseling.

That never happened.

In fact at least a year previous she assaulted an elderly man at Pershing square station and a Hispanic woman on the metro red line at Hollywood and Vine. The police did nothing. In fact on LAPD officer commented that nothing could be done anyway since she was mentally ill therefore she would get off easy. That still is no excuse. A woman is now dead thanks to their neglect. This should never have happened.

But the innocent are punished still...

This of course brings me to yet another tragedy. This week or maybe next when I get to it, I intend to publish an article on my blog and elsewhere about a high school graduate who was ready to start her adult life only to have it taken away from her by the state of California and mental health professionals.

Melinda Lee, The granddaughter of Chinese refugees who fled Mao Tse Tung's communist upheaval in China to Taiwan, then America and whose parents wound up embracing him had her whole life ahead of her when all of a sudden it was snatched away just a month after she graduated from High School. This woman had her whole life ahead of her... not anymore.

Melinda was forced into involuntary psychiatric commitment by her parents because according to them, she was awkward and peculiar. Doctors labeled her as having Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental social retardation that is also said to be related to autism. Doctors claimed she didn't fit in and was incapable of becoming an independent adult. All of this was conjecture and hear say. They based it on lies by the parents as well as their own biased opinions just because she was said to be nerdy.

Plenty of kids who are nerdy go on to accomplish great things! Think about people like Bill Gates for example. But no. Liberals want the government to butt in. To that end they make up a stupid disorder and then the government comes in, cancels the God given rights of our constitution and forces them to go through things THEIR way. As a result, poverty and disaster which is what always can be expected evertime government is in control.

Melinda had her whole future destroyed. She was not harmful to herself or anyone, she was an A student, she was a bright intelligent young woman ready to enter the world but instead she had that taken from her. In the coming week You will learn more about how liberalism destroyed her.

Meanwhile Jack Pogue gets to sleep on the streets of skid row, she gets thrown out of every shelter and SRO in the city, she goes around making trouble and nobody does anything! Add to this, California gives away several hundred dollars of your taxes to these people like Pogue for doing no work and they spend it on drugs. It all comes down to her killing an innocent old lady at a train station and only then is she arrested and detained. Unlike Melinda and others who are detained because liberals hate freedom and hate successful people.

Now of course I expect more debates to surface about terminating more of our God given liberties in the name of safety against mentally ill criminals. This despite as I mention already in a previous article Laws to that end already and always have existed, even if Hogue wasn't violent, the fact that she is mentally ill, homeless and unable to care for herself would have been enough for the state o come in and place her in the least restrictive setting possible. This as opposed to Nancy Pelosi putting Melinda Lee in an institution and drugging her into oblivion not to mention Nate Tseglin, a high school student who was institutionalized for being ostracized at school and because his parents were anti communist Russian refugees. Tseglin had a bright future but was drugged into oblivion and now suffers brain damage all thanks to Orange County Liberals.

Until we eject the liberals from the 3 branches of government and from the state assembly in California and other states, we will continue to suffer. So will innocent victims like melinda Lee and Nate Tseglin, and so will the victims and loved ones of violent psychotic homeless.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The liberal war on Veterans

If there is one group of people liberals hate more than conservatives and libertarians, it has to be Veterans. These brave men and women have risked their lives many becoming maimed or injured in the process of protecting our God given freedom and liberty. Is it any wonder that liberals hate them so much?

Returning overseas these days veterans wont come back to find grateful godly Americans but instead America hating hippies and socialists who will spit on them and curse them for daring to fight against a nation that murders its own people for the public good and that promoted what they view is the only working ideology.

These days however as these same deranged enemies of God and of freedom and liberty take their place of power and increase the government, they are finding newer and more wicked ways to enforce their godless socialism and to persecute and oppress veterans who they view as being guilty of war crimes against socialist and Islamist despots that they support. By using the power of the state to confiscate the fruits of their labor and their home all for the public good.

Just as liberals target the elderly and disabled to take away their trust funds, their freedom, their pensions ETC and throw them on streets and institutions, liberals love to target vets. Here are just a small yet telling example concerning the tragic end of Army Chaplin Reverend Bill Henry Wadell...

Born in Brazil and the son of missionaries, he had worked hard all his life in the United States as an Army Chaplain's Assistant during the Vietnam war, then as a Social Worker in Illinois and finally as a Presbyterian minister in rural congregations. Bill had carefully planed for his retirement. When Bill Fell Ill with Alzheimer's his wife Mary gained power of attorney over him along with his brother from Maine and his wife's sister. They had also received a small inheritance.

But trouble began while Bill was at Jefferson Barracks hospital in Missouri. A social worker from Illinois named Amy Suydam followed him there after speaking to his brother's attorney and told hospital staff and social workers that his wife was a poor care taker. After this, Amy held a secret unconstitutional trial with Madison county judge Nelson Metz to have his wife stripped of power of attorney and placed under the control of a guardian named Sharon Mehrtens. Mehrtens was not an approved guardian ordered Wadell to be placed in a nursing home and threatened to fine his wife $35 an hour if her name was not put on both hers and Bill's bank accounts and safe deposit box.

Bill's life savings along with that of His wife's was plundered by Sharon who was appointed temporary guardian. Bill Wadell was held in a nursing home where he was abused and denied proper care.

On December 13 2007 Bill's health deteriorated. Mary attempted to have him taken to the ER but was prevented by his guardian who had temporary control (until the money ran out anyway) due to secret hearings by Judge Metz and Amy Suydam. The next day Bill died. His death was believed to have been preventable but under the care of liberal government.

This is how His Wife Mary related to tragic murder of this brave US soldier and soldier of God in his last hours as the socialist state of Illinois murdered him...

Bill was very upset by the fact that someone else was guardian. (I don't think he had Alzheimer's.) Bill asked me, "Please, can't I go home to die?"

And I had to tell him I was powerless to take him home. Our last words together were, "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another." And I told him, "I will always love you." He died at 8:48 AM December 14th, 2007. While he was dying, the rest home could not reach me at our home because, following my brother in law's instructions, I was trying to get a lawyer. The guardianship system was used to take away the man I loved, to harass him until he lost the will to live.

But Bill did not die in vain. As a committed Christian, Bill is with our Lord Jesus.

All during our 38 years of marriage, Bill would tell me how much he loved Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. So I have established the William H. Waddell scholarship there. It was funded with the $33,000 of Waddell's money his brother and his brother's wife wanted.

The $33,000 dollars Mary spoke of was only a fraction of the original money he had and all they recovered from the greedy hands of the Illinois guardian system. The system of the home state of our current ruler and master Barack Obama and the worst. To this day, Neither Judge Metz, Social worker Amy Suydam or Guardian Sharon Mehrtens have been held accountable for their crimes against Bill Waddell.

Judge nelson Metz

Judge Nelson Metz is a shining example of why liberals must never be allowed to become judges or practice law. Aside from trampling the constitution and undermining civil rights in the name of public good, they are open to bribery and generally do not care about justice which is a vice according to liberalism. Nelson Metz has been responsible time and time again for undermining justice and siding against victims with their perpetrators.

Other than the secret unconstitutional hearing that killed Bill Waddell, Metz presided over a child abuse case involving an 8 year old girl who was burned with cigarettes by her mother.

"It's not my job, really, to decide what's in the best interests of the children," Associate Judge Nelson Metz said on March 9, according to a hearing transcript.

Although the mother pleaded guilty to not protecting the child from being repeatedly burned with cigarettes, Judge Metz thought it was in the child's best interests. The girl was taken into the custody of relatives.

As one foster parent of another child commented, "Madison County seems to be a special "black hole" of the judicial system. Funny that Metz felt it was in our son's best interest ...he feels it's not his job to decide "best interest". Isn't that Ironic?"

This... is what you get when liberals are put in charge of America's justice system.

Amy Suydam

Amy Suydam has been involved with a large number of incidents involving guardian abuse not only in Illinois but all the way in St Louis Missouri as well. She lives off the taxpayers as well as a cut of the victims, er... ward's estate. During the secret hearing along with the conference she had with St. Louis social workers, Suydam indicated that Waddell's religious faith was a sign of mental incapacity.

She also rationalized the taking of money that he was war criminal who took part in the killing of North Vietnamese children, never mind that Ho Chi Minh and his communists murdered 10 times the number of civilians in South Vietnam that they or the Americans did in the North which unlike the communists was unintentional.

Sharon Mehrtens

Sharon Mehrtens works for Illinois Adult Protective services as both a guardian and esate manager. Bill Waddell is just one of many of her victims. She runs a company called Sharon Mehrtens INC and with the help of corrupt liberal judges like Metz involuntarily deprives her wards of their needs, many of whom are dumped in nursing homes and institutions as she spends their money for herself.

An example of how the elderly and disabled are treated can be found in an article Here concerning veteran Archie Sorth, And here are some excerpts...

Archie Sorth can't buy food or go to the doctor without asking for money from his court-appointed guardian, Sharon Mehrtens.

Sorth, 76, wakes before 6 a.m. most days in his downtown Belleville apartment above the Oregon Trail Roasting Co. coffee shop. He helps his landlady, owner Andrea Cox, by pulling chairs off tabletops and sweeping the sidewalk.

A former steamfitter and welder and a U.S. Army veteran, Sorth walks to Belleville pantries for food, Cox said, and does odd jobs for small amounts of money.

Mehrtens declined to discuss Sorth's case specifically, citing confidentiality. But, when speaking generally about her cases, she said, "When you have people with mental illness, you can't hand them cash."

Sorth slept on an old mattress on the floor beneath a leaky roof and sort of came with the building when Cox bought it in 2007.

Cox said that after she submitted a complaint to the Southwestern Illinois Visiting Nurse Association, Mehrtens brought him a bed. She said Sorth's teeth were rotting, and that needed dental work was done only after calls and e-mails to Mehrtens.

Cox said she believes guardians should care for their wards the way parents do their children.

"Because Archie's 76, people don't care," she said. "The point is, whoever is the guardian needs to do the job. The state said Archie isn't capable of taking care of himself."

Mehrtens, who handles the roughly $7,000 Sorth gets each year in interest income and his "old age pension," charges $35 an hour to open his mail, make and receive phone calls and pay his bills. His $430 per month rent is often late, Cox said, adding Sorth's utility bills often are past due, resulting in late fees.

Sorth said he has a card with Mehrtens' phone number on it, but he doesn't have a telephone and doesn't want to call her anyway because he's afraid she'll charge him for the call.

Archie's case is typical of all guardianships especially in the state of Illinois which ranks dead last for human rights for the elderly and disabled. Despite support from his landlady and from attorneys, he remains in dire straits. Note also her bigoted belief that people labeled with mental illness (many of whom by the way are not really mentally ill.)must never be allowed to handle money.

Archie Sorth's mental health diagnosis in fact shows signs of being fraudulent and may be based mainly on different circumstances in his life, perhaps even his personal beliefs as is the case with Rev. Waddell as well as attempts to resist abuse by his guardian.

Archie Sorth has had many of his belongings confiscated and taken away by his guardian. According to Sharon, he had too much junk and charged him $2000 for a unspecified fee and for storage. Mehrtens said she sometimes files reports late because even though the current judge requires annual reports, previous judges had her on a three-year filing schedule, and she forgets when a report is due until the court sends her a late notice.

When Mehrtens put Archie Sorth's estate in Bourbon, Mo, up for auction, he tried to burn it down. Also According to a 2002 News story, he ran from Mehrtens and police when she had him evicted and tried to put him in an institution. He lived on the run for 16 months.

Archie Sorth's brother, Dan Sorth of St. Louis has not been supportive for Archie and said Archie Sorth has always had trouble getting along with people. Dan Sorth said he hasn't talked to his brother in years and said that he and their other brother worked to have Mehrtens appointed guardian in 1995 because Archie allegedly frequently gave his property away. In reality it was the exact opposite. Mehrtens as it has been found has actually been confiscating property FROM him and getting away with it by alleging his mental illness and that he hoards trash.

She has not been prosecuted.

This is just an example of how liberals treat our heroes. I have mentioned time and time again how liberals use the government to attack the elderly and disabled especially with the use of SSI to scam them and dump them in institutions and nursing homes. Veterans are probably even bigger targets because liberals continue to hold a grudge against them for their actions in stopping the spread of socialism world wide and further promoting the American ideas of liberty freedom egalitarianism and individual rights and responsibility, not to mention capitalism.

Happy Veterans Day.

UPDATE: Mary Waddell has informed us that they were successful in getting back the money from Greedy Mehrtens. She has also informed us that Bill's neurologist shredded his military records in an attempt to hide his accomplishments

Furthermore we wish to add a correction, Bill Waddell was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War. He was not in Vietnam at the time and fought in world war 2. We wish him and his family well. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New 2010 rankings on states best for business and careers (guess who's last)

Forbes Magazine recently released its annual statistics on best states for business and careers for 2010. In this tough economy and when looking for a place with good employment, it is a useful tool. The statistics were compiled by several business organizations including Moody's Polling Corporate Real Estate Pacific Research Institute Tax Foundation Sperling's Best Places Better Government Association Census Bureau SBA FBI Dept. of Education and of course Forbes.

Both Private and public sectors came together and compiled this listing. The criteria used included the following: educational attainment, net migration, projected population growth, regulatory and tort climate, incentives, government integrity, transportation and bond ratings job income and gross state product growth as well as unemployment and presence of big companies, projected job, income and gross state product growth as well as business openings/closings and venture capital investments. The quality of schools, health, crime, cost of living and poverty rates were also included.

Those of you who are familiar with the listing on forbes as well as those who have read it on my blog will see some familiar faces both at the top and bottom of the list. Below is the ratings. The numbers on the left are current ranks, the right ones are last years rankings:

1 3 Utah
2 1 Virginia
3 5 North Carolina
4 4 Colorado
5 2 Washington
6 10 Oregon
7 8 Texas
8 6 Georgia
9 9 Nebraska
10 15 Kansas
11 7 North Dakota
12 11 Idaho
13 14 Iowa
14 12 Maryland
15 17 Minnesota
16 34 Massachusetts
17 16 South Dakota
18 29 Missouri
19 19 New Hampshire
20 21 Delaware
21 32 New York
22 23 Tennessee
23 36 Arizona
24 13 Montana
25 28 Alabama
26 18 Florida
27 22 Wyoming
28 31 Nevada
29 30 Indiana
30 33 Pennsylvania
31 43 Kentucky
32 26 Arkansas
33 20 Oklahoma
34 25 South Carolina
35 27 New Mexico
36 35 Connecticut
37 24 Illinois
38 37 Ohio
39 38 California
40 45 New Jersey
41 46 West Virginia
42 42 Alaska
43 48 Wisconsin
44 44 Louisiana
45 47 Vermont
46 39 Hawaii
47 49 Michigan
48 40 Mississippi
49 50 Rhode Island
50 41 Maine

The state of Utah beat Virginia out as best state for business. Salt Lake City and the rest of Mormon Country in particular the city of Provo have enjoyed a great deal of economic prosperity. Virginia's decline was probably due to the lost of manufacturing jobs along with upticks in violent crime in Richmond. Utah, with its pro capitalist business climate and strong foundations of moral, family and religious values were no doubt essential in its climb to the top. Say what you want about Mormon beliefs in general, its emphasis of family values without a doubt made this possible.

And just like in previous years, low tax small government republican conservative states such as Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Carolina ETC. have retained the top ten despite shrills from socialist Democrats that those are bad states with no taxes or programs for lazy slackers. Minnesota, Washington state and Oregon were the only Democrat states to remain on top. Don't expect it to last much longer.

The free state of New Hampshire remains at 19 near the bottom of the upper bracket due to an influx of communist Democrats fleeing the messes they made in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island New York, California and elsewhere. They brought their anti freedom anti business beliefs with them and put them to practice, pulling The Free state downhill.

Surprisingly, The Peoples Socialist republic of Massachusetts made a steady climb up due to reforms by counter revolutionaries no doubt. All they need to do now is chuck out the unconstitutional insurance mandate and all will be well.

At the bottom of the list as always were the liberal states. All those states where liberal mantras of government knows best, for the children and for the greater good (always at the expense of your children and their greater good BTW) are put in practice and were liberty and freedom are disdained as racist Nazism, where socialism is all that's allowed and where your rights don't matter. Alaska is the only state of any kind of conservatism at the bottom. California which has embraced the European model is close to the bottom 10.

Not surprisingly the State of Maine which also embraces European leanings was dead last, bumping Rhode Island, another model of Europeanism in America off. Mississippi, long considered worst state in the union was behind that followed by the Europeanized state of Michigan which was the home state of Michael Moore.

Maine's decline is no doubt due to voter initiatives from Democrats asking for more taxing spending and borrowing. The value of the dollar has declined greatly in the state that has close to the biggest tax burden not to mention largest government administration in the nation due to constant borrowing to keep the mega beast alive. That, and demands by Maine's immoral majority to allow illegal aliens to vote, raise property taxes and the defeat of the Tabor (tax payer bill of rights) amendment last year for the 2nd time. Add to this, a lack of welfare reform and generous handouts to teenage moms with litters and dope fiends.

In addition, a growing number of gangs especially around the Portland Metro area, a massive increase in homelessness, even new taxes against vacationers such as what to do with your row boat!!

There is hope for Maine. The recent elections of republicans have given Maine and opportunity to come out of its hell hole and return the the traditional values of America and the free market. Let us hope and pray that this so. Its up to us to make sure our newly elected republican leaders have a backbone to stand for their convictions of freedom liberty and free markets against the tyranny of the socialist left.

Friday, November 5, 2010

march of liberal nazis or fascist moonbats protesting on parade

Yes folks, its what it is. Hitler would be proud.

Barack Obama New Deal economic stimulus Fail

The UN rights of the child in a nut shell and the coming UN police state

The truth behind the UN RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. What it really entails

1. First of all, the government (unelected in this case)will be the parent not you. Dont like it, you lose them.

2. Your child has a right to be forced to go to a communist indoctrination center (school) to be dumbed down, and conditioned to be a loyal marxist who will never question authority and grow up to be an illiterate factory worker

3. Your child has a right to grow up in a marxist country with no freedom of speech, freedom of the press and has the right to be sent to a holocaust style camp if he/she is suspected of evil thoughts like freedom or religion.

4. Your child has the right to be indoctrinated into becoming a pervert by other perverts and being forced to be brainwashed that that promiscuity and prostitution are acceptable.

Your child has a right to be a drug addict.

5.Your child has a right to be free of any mention of the word God other than a curse word. The right to be forced to remain godless under penalty of death

6. Your child has a right be forced into mandatory mental health screening run by communist doctors who will brand him/her mentally incompitent if does not agree with tenents of socialism in addition forced to take toxic drugs.

7. Your child has a right when they grow up to loose all the fruits of their labor for the greater good.

8.Your child has as right to grow up enslaved to the whims of the state in the name of the greater good and live in squalor and poverty just like all the other nations that are in lock step with the Socialist United Nations

9. Your child has a right to earn little while those in charge live off of them. They have the right to be euthanized by force when they become to old to work or are crippled.


Just remember folks! If government can give it to you it can take it from you.

New videos by lee Doren Howtheworld works HTWW

Here are some fantastic videos by HTWW which BTW include a debate against cenk from the Young Turks. Despite being interupted by the moderator who is obviously a biased libtard, He did really well against his oppenent. Much to the dismay of liberals.

WE WIN!!! Almost!

Well we took back congress but we have a long way to go to take back america. If possible.

new videos of interest

GOP = the party of civil rights. Democrats = the party of white supremacy

I was recently emailed an article by Frank Ross called 15 questions for Democrats. It demonstrates some of the lies being told that republicans are racist. Reality check. Its the opposite. Liberals are racist

Which is the Real 'Racist' Party: Fifteen Questions for Democrats
Big Journalism
Posted by Frank Ross Feb 8th 2010

Once upon a time former Governor, Presidential candidate, and Chairman of the Democrat National Committee called the GOP the "White Party." CNN commentator Lou Dobbs took Dean to task for his language.

So was Dr. Dean, and those among the Left who share his understanding of history, accurate? Is the GOP the party of white people? Let's test the good doctor's diagnosis.

QUESTION: During whose administration did the signature of an African-American first appear on U.S. currency? During that of a Republican or a Democrat President?

ANSWER: In 1881, Republican President James A. Garfield appointed Blanche Bruce as Register of the Treasurer, making him the first African-American whose signature appeared on U.S. paper currency. In 1880, at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, when he received 8 votes for nomination as the party's vice presidential candidate, Bruce became the first African-American to win any votes at a major party's nominating convention.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American diplomat appointed by a Republican or a Democrat President?

ANSWER: In 1869, Republican President U.S. Grant appointed Ebenezer D. Bassett (1833--1908) as the first African- American ambassador representing the United States. He was Ambassador to Haiti.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American popularly elected U.S. Senator a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: In 1966, Edward Brooke was the first African-American elected by popular vote to the U.S. Senate. He was a Republican Senator from Massachusetts.

QUESTION: During the late 1950's, William Monroe "Willie" Rainach, Sr., a Louisiana state legislator, led the "Massive Resistance" to desegregation in his state. Was Willie a Republican, or a Democrat?

ANSWER: "Willie" Rainach was a Democrat.

QUESTION: In 1957, nine African-American students attempted to enroll in Little Rock's Central High School. When they were barred entry by Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus, the President of the United States ordered federal troops to the school to assure their access to an education. Was Faubus a Republican, or a Democrat? Was that President a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: Orval Faubus was a Democrat. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a Republican.

QUESTION: In September 1962, U.S. Air Force veteran James H. Meredith enrolled as the first African-American student at the University of Mississippi. Governor Ross Barnett strongly opposed his entry into the school. Was Barnett a Democrat or a Republican?

ANSWER: Ross Barnett was a Democrat.

QUESTION: In 1965, the nation's eyes were focused on the Selma Voting Rights Movement and three Selma-to-Montgomery marches. Marchers were opposed by the White Citizens' Council and the Ku Klux Klan. On "Bloody Sunday," March 7, 1965, about 600 civil rights marchers left Selma and walked east. At the Edmund Pettus Bridge they were confronted and attacked by state troopers and sheriff's deputies. During this time, Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor, Alabama Public Safety Commissioner, became infamous for his brutal tactics against Civil Rights activists. Was "Bull" a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: "Bull" Connor was a Democrat.

QUESTION: A sitting U.S. Senator once held the position of Exalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan. Although he never served in the Armed Forces, he once wrote, "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side." Of which party is he a member, Republican or Democrat?

ANSWER: Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator from West Virginia, is the longest serving Senator in U.S. history. Once upon a time he wore the white sheet and hood, but has since repented.

QUESTION: In the U.S. Senate's passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, which political party had the highest percentage of its Senators vote for the Act? Republicans or Democrats?

ANSWER: 82% of the Republican Senators voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while 69% of the Democrat Senators voted "Yes."

QUESTION: Was the first female African-American Cabinet member appointed by a Republican or a Democrat President? (Trick question.)

ANSWER: Patricia Roberts Harris, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and then Secretary of Education, was appointed to Democrat President Carter's Cabinet.

QUESTION: When you compare the makeup of the Cabinet members who served under Democrat President Jimmy Carter with the Cabinet members appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, which President appointed the highest percentage of African-Americans to his Cabinet?

ANSWER: Just 1 of the 21 persons Carter chose for his Cabinet, Patricia Harris, was an African-American, or 4.7% of his appointees. Of the 33 persons appointed by Bush to his Cabinet, 4 were African-Americans, or 12.1% (the same percentage reflected in our population). Bush's cabinet also included several other persons of color.

QUESTION: Was the first African-American popularly elected Governor a Republican or a Democrat?

ANSWER: Democrat Lawrence Douglas Wilder was the first African-American popularly elected as governor of a U.S. state. Wilder served as the 66th Governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1994. (Fair is fair.)

QUESTION: When was the race barrier broken with regard to the position of Secretary of State of the United States? Under a Republican or Democratic administration?

ANSWER: During the Republican administration of George W. Bush, Colin Powell became the first African-American Secretary of State. He was followed by Dr. Condoleezza Rice, also appointed by Bush, who was the first female African-American Secretary of State.

QUESTION: When was the race barrier broken with regard to the position of Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces? During a Republican or Democrat President's administration?

ANSWER: Republican President George H. W. Bush appointed General Colin Powell as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1991. Earlier, Republican President Ronald Reagan appointed Powell as his National Security Advisor.

QUESTION: When the first African-American member of the U.S. Armed Forces engaged in action for which he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, was the President at the time a Democrat or a Republican?

ANSWER: Sergeant William Harvey Carney (1840-1908) of the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Civil War Battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863. The action of the 54th that day was depicted in the movie "Glory." The citation for his medal read:

"When the color sergeant was shot down, this soldier grasped the flag, led the way to the parapet, and planted the colors thereon. When the troops fell back he brought off the flag, under a fierce fire in which he was twice severely wounded."

The President was a Republican named Abraham Lincoln. Let's hope Dr. Dean was a better physician than he is an historian. As well as those who think like him.

"I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."
-President Lydon Baines Johnson, Democrat

"These negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they've never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness."
-President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981), Democrat

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."
-Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat

"I think one man is just as good as another so long as he's not a nigger or a Chinaman."
-President Harry Truman, Democrat

If you want You can read it here for yourself And lets not forget about several other beloved Democrats, Al Gore SR, who was also pro segregation, Strom Thurmond, who was Democrat at the time but upon having his eyes opened switched over and even admited that these southern democrats were hard core socialists. Then there FDR, the most beloved liberal president of all time and who interned the japanese and supported lynchings.

Aren't liberals tolerant and wonderful? THe mosquitos seem to think so...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In 2010 elections, childish Democrats have only one response to opposition

That response is F You tea party. The F word is probably the only thing they come up with for anything!

A group calling itself the Agenda project wants to start a counter revolution against the Tea Party movement and stifle its attempts to bring back freedom and liberty. Their movement is called F Tea. Basically all they do is shout the F word at tea party protesters and make death threats.

With that in mind, and remembering what happened to Kenneth Gladney Not to mention other incidents of violence by the intolerant Democratic left, its no wonder Carrying firearms is such a necessity at Tea Party rallies, especially in blue states.

Liberals are incapable of explaining why their system of tax spend and immorality is better. Instead they resort to tantrums, cursing, threatening and violence. All while vilifying the opposition by spreading evil lies.

They do so again in 2010 elections. Embracing Hurling F Bombs and wearing hats and t-shirts using the F Word against tea party goers and their views. I got a first hand look myself while in Boston some time ago. I saw a teenager walking around with the F Tea T-shirt and asked him about why he wears it and how using the F word is a legitimate argument.

This is sort of how he responded:

The Tea Parties are nothing but a bunch of [expetive]! They want us to go back to the way things were with Bush with lost jobs and tax cuts for the rich! Its all because of Bush and the republican nazis that were in this war and this mess! Bush started this war by stealing oil from the middle east and that lead to 9/11. Then he took money away from the poor and gave it to the oil companies!

When I pointed out that the average unemployment level under Bush in the middle of his term was half of what it is now he responded.
F*** That! That's a lie its really higher than that! Obama is trying his best he needs more time! Im gonna kick the Mother [whole string of expletives] tea baggers in the [expletive] and kill them all! America is now becoming liberal and these [expletives] are being unpatriotic and unamerican! They need to be sent to nazi Germany where they belong!

Well to make a long story short he kept ranting and cursing about how America is now liberal like the Europeans, the constitution was obsolete and that the original founders of America were white trash. (Yes folks, he did say that the founding fathers were literally rich white trash) and that anyone who doesn't conform to the new paradigm taking over our constitutional and free republic is not an American and unfit to live. He then cursed cursed cursed and said that he was going to kill all the tea partiers.

Now you libtards who troll my blog and my posts are all probably saying that this guy is not a real member of the agenda project and that oh, we aren't like that at all...

Make no mistake ladies in gentlemen, this boy represents the views of the Agenda project and what the Democrats REALLY want for America in the back of their twisted skulls. This along with embracing Agenda project is why they are likely to lose the elections this year and why they will probably lose elections for the next hundred years. Assuming that is they didn't push our economy beyond the brink yet.

A libertarian response to the agenda project and the Democrat agenda

I came across An interesting website that sums up the stupidity of The liberals and the agenda project. Here for your pleasure is excerpts of this website:

Americans want to know why the economy is doing so poorly ...

... and all the Democrats can come up with is F Tea?

Americans want to know why unemployment is still 9.5%, even though the Democrats promised that, if we just let them pass the "stimulus" bill, unemployment would be about 7.4% by now ...

... and all the Democrats can come up with is F Tea?

Americans want to know why the Democrats promised that Obamacare would "bend the cost curve" and yet even the government's own chief Medicare actuary, Richard S. Foster, now states that this was a lie, saying: "the financial projections shown in this report for Medicare do not represent a reasonable expectation for actual program operations in either the short range (as a result of the unsustainable reductions in physician payment rates) or the long range (because of the strong likelihood that the statutory reductions in price updates for most categories of Medicare provider services will not be viable)" ...

... and all the Democrats can come up with is F Tea?

Americans want to know why President Obama and his family take endless vacations to places like Spain and Martha's Vinyard, on the taxpayers' dollar, when ordinary Americans are having to tell their kids that they can't even afford to go to the local waterpark ...

... and all the Democrats can come up with is Well you get the idea.

Some Truths About Democrats, Progressives, and liberals in general

The following are some general observations about Democrats, Progressives and liberals in general, and the fundamental fallacies that render them ipso facto unfit to govern:

They have confused causation and correlation, either intentionally or not, and believe, without any evidence whatsoever, that global warming (which does appear to be occurring) is caused solely by the activities of human beings. As a matter of basic logic, correlation does not imply causation, as demonstrated by a simple example: there is a strong correlation between your alarm clock ringing and the Sun rising; however, there is no causation, in either direction. That is, the ringing of your alarm clock does not cause the Sun to rise, and conversely, the rising of the Sun does not cause your alarm clock to ring. There is nothing more than simple correlation between the two events, a correlation established through the independent agency of the makers of your alarm clock.
They do not understand basic economics, of the sort that even a normal five year-old understands. To wit: (1) if you pay somebody for not doing something, you will get less of that something (in parenting circles, this is more commonly known as bribing your five year-old to behave him- or her-self); (2) if you make something more expensive, you will get less of it; and (3) there is no such thing as a free lunch.
They adhere to a false economy regarding the differences between for-profit businesses on the one hand and non-profits and government agencies on the other. They implicitly (sometimes explicitly) assume that the profit made by a for-profit business is in addition to the strict costs of production for a particular good, and draw the false conclusion that "profit" is therefore inherently evil because it constitutes an unjustified taking from the purchasers, or more often, the workers who produce, said good. The false economy consists in this: they fail to take into account all of the costs of production that every for-profit business must of necessity take into account, including the costs of paying for the non-profit or government agency employees who would be involved in producing that good, including managerial, supervisory, and general office staff, if for-profits were banned from doing so, as well as the larger overhead costs of government, including the costs of collecting revenue and the costs of supporting a legislature to enact the laws that are used to seize industries from private for-profit businesses and to enact the comprehensive codes of regulation that inevitably arise in a vain attempt to replace the discipline that the market achieves without the need for much more than courts and sheriffs who enforce property rights and contract rights.

In short, they compare apples to oranges when they assert that for-profit businesses are engaged in some evil act of using and abusing their fellow-men, and once the costs that they ignore are taken into account, it generally becomes reasonably obvious to most that non-profits and government agencies are woefully incapable of producing goods at a lower cost to the consumer than are private for-profit businesses.
They adhere to views of human nature and political theory that are fundamentally incoherent. Those views can be summed up as follows: the ordinary individual human being is not very good at making rational decisions regarding his or her own best interests; therefore it is the obligation of the Government to take from each individual the power or capacity to make decisions regarding his or her own best interests and to confer that decision-making power on "trained experts," bureaucrats who will, it is supposed, govern solely in the public interest and in each case with a rational view to the best interests of each individual involved in the matter at hand.

That these are fundamentally incoherent views of human nature and political theory is most easily demonstrated: if we grant that individual human beings are not very good at making rational decisions about their own best interests, given that each individual has the most incentive to pay attention to their own circumstances, then how is it a solution to that problem if we simply replace one fallible individual with another - the so-called "trained expert" bureaucrat - who, in addition to suffering from precisely the same lack of rational decision-making skills, lacks the proper incentive to look after the best interests of the individuals over whom that bureaucrat rules because he or she has no skin in the game, and who also has his or her own personal, subjective interests that will inevitably factor into a decision as to which they are irrelevant, namely, the best interests of the individual(s) over whom that bureaucrat rules.

For those of you interested there is some merchandise for sale similar to what the agenda project sells catered for conservatives.

So there you have it folks. The stupidity of liberalism. They have dominated congress since 2006, and the rest since 2008 they have wrecked our country, our economy, and our defense. This is the price of depending on your government. And they will force you to...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top ten reasons why liberals are worse than conservatives

I Came across a liberal article today that was steeped in total and utter ignorance "Top ten Reasons why liberals are better than conservatives." HAH! After two years of Obama and the Democrats, you must be blind not to see the fallacy of this statement. Add to this the trashing of our constitutional rights by Democrats for decades.

With this in Mind, I decided to refute it with something of my own. Why Liberals are really WORSE than Conservatives. BTW, this guy claims to be centrist. He certainly is not.

10) Liberals prefer to be sensitive to the issues of various groups of people, while conservatives deride sensitivity as “political correctness.” (“Macaca,” anyone?)

Political correctness is in reality cultural Marxism. Its used by liberals to silence opposing views about certain aberrations found in cultures groups and ideas. An example is Militant Islam. It is illegal in Liberal Europe to criticize Islam because that is hate speech. Ironically it is not illegal for Muslims to advocate killing non Muslims.

9) Conservatives prefer cutting taxes on the wealthy even if it creates deficits. Liberals believe in paying for what you spend.

Liberals like Obama in the mean time just spend spend spend spend. Real conservative cut taxes AND spending.

8)Conservatives prefer to thumb their noses at the rest of the world. Liberals remember that America is the leader of a community of nations.

Pointing out how the values and beliefs of other nations create more problems as opposed to the judeo Christian morals we were founded on is not thumbing our noses. Europeans have been attacking us since our founding in order to discredit our constitutional and Christian philosophies as opposed to their views of absolutionism.

7) Conservatives prefer to shoot first and ask questions later. Liberals prefer to ponder the long-term consequences of their actions before using force..

Liberals never considered the consequences of gun control, speech codes, high taxes and regulations then and despite the fact they failed still wont consider it.

6) Conservatism cares most about what is best for the individual, and is therefore inherently a selfish philosophy. Liberalism cares most about what’s best for society and the environment as a whole.

In other words, it is selfish to allow John Q Taxpayer to have the right to decide how to run his business and his household and keep what he has earned but not selfish for society to grab away his money property and what he owns, boss him around in running his business and as a result cause him and his family to become homeless and destitute. Neither is it selfish for 51% to oppress the other 49% for whatever reason even deciding that they no longer have the right to live. This is Socialism. This group mentality of taking away other people's property and redistributing it IS completely selfish and disrespectful.

For a few examples, Zimbabwe Africa and its policy of confiscating land for the greater good, An attempt by liberals to limit personal rights of those who no longer want to live in a blue state for economic reasons And using government programs to confiscate money from society's weakest Individuals who are elderly or disabled. Using SSI among other things.

This is why liberalism creates poverty and fails everywhere. Because rights to own property and rights of the individual are not respected. This By the way is one of the foundations of fascism. Individualism as opposed to collectivism is the opposite of selfishness.

5) Conservatives prefer to prey on the environment for the sake of industry. Liberals understand that without a healthy planet and environment there can BE no industry.

Well there's nothing necessarily wrong with that but the environmentalists tend to put the welfare of weeds bugs and owls over the welfare of human beings and their jobs. A healthy planet is useless if you are starving, unemployed and sick from preventable diseases like malaria.

4) Conservatives want to legislate morality to other people who may not share their views. Liberals prefer to live and let live.

This is totally outrageous. First of all Liberals Never in history want to live and let live. Just look at the examples above to see why. Liberals want the government to decide what's best for us and every time in history that has happened it has failed. Conservatives meanwhile are legislating morality that is sensible and respects the rights of the individual.

3) Conservatives believe that majority rules. Liberals understand that the Bill of Rights was crafted to protect minorities from the predations of majorities.

This is Backwards. Its liberals who want the majority to decide whats best. remember all that talk he just gave us about how individualism is selfish as opposed to collectivism?

2) For conservatives, religion and politics are like bread and butter. For liberals, they are like oil and water.

Real conservatives don't want to merge religion and government but to keep religion completely separate is a bad idea. If there is no supreme being then there is no absolutes and if there are no absolutes then there is no law or morality. This can explain why we have so much crime and corruption.

And the top reason in my mind why conservatism is backwards and Luddite:

1) Conservatives prefer looking to the past for guidance on solving today’s problems. Liberals understand that times change and often require new approaches to problems not envisioned by our forefathers.

Which can be summed with this. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But suddenly that is now luddite. the values our founders gave us work. The few changes made to the constitution since were based on the same founding principles. Up until recently when liberals began taking over.

The Author should thank people like us for not going off the cliff like all the other nations like in Europe which as a result of ignoring Judeo Christian principles in favor of socialism suffered from wars, famines, holocausts and tyrannical governments. If not for Conservatives he would be in a sweatshop, in a gas chamber or lined up against the wall facing a firing squad. All I might add "for the good of society" just like he himself preaches.

On top of that he adds something else

I also can’t help but toss in one last one for the sake of humor:

0.5) Have you ever known anyone “hip” who was a conservative?

Ad hominem. Hollywood is controlled by Marxists. celebrities that come out in favor of the values of liberty and freedom like Kirk Cameron, Charlton Heston, Carrie Prejean ETC do so usually at the end of their careers or at their own peril and by doing so brings an end to it. Liberals by their nature are the biggest discriminators in the country. Even hillbilly racists in Jim Crow south were as ill tempered or abhorrent as Hollywood leftists.

So there you have it. Another example of the foolishness and vanity of liberalism.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Liberals plan to control nation's food supply and starve the homeless and disabled

In previous articles I brought up how liberals want the state to control the worlds food supply. Liberals believe that the private sector should not have a say in growing distributing and selling food. The state along with one world communist government should only have a say in those matters.

Of course any student of history can see where that has lead, from food shortages and blights in the middle ages thanks to feudalism to hundreds of millions dying under communist made food shortages in Ukraine and China.

Farms and grocery stores are not the only things liberals want to come under the monopoly control of the state. The very act of giving someone food, a crust of bread, a morsel, what have you, outside government supervision is considered abhorrent by liberals. Only the state and those authorized by the state should do that. Even if the person is needy.

In cities around America such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Dallas, Portland Oregon, Miami, Austin, Portland Maine, Seattle, Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit and New York, cities that have large homeless and needy populations (thanks to liberals and their sadistic nazist worldview) there have been clamp downs by the police, the department of health and city council against charities and citizens that distribute food to the needy.

Groups like Food not bombs, the salvation army, local churches ETC have come under the heavy foot of BIG government. This has been felt horribly in Orlando, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The government wants to ban the sale or free giving of food to those deemed eligible for government assistance. (Yet don't get it)

Under the auspices of hygiene and the environment, liberals want to make it a crime to give food to the homeless and those with little or no income and require that only the government may give them food. To further discourage this, liberals have used ineffective bureaucracy by forcing charities to pay hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars to obtain a government permit to hand out food. In addition harassment by the police has taken place.

In Los Angeles, the liberal LAPD with help from busy bodies at city hall have moved through Skid Row and south Central LA harassing and discouraging the giving of food. Feedings were commonplace at the time. Charities even ordinary citizens would show up and provide used clothing, food and hygiene kits to LA's poorest and most downtrodden. The Liberals at city hall want to put an end to that and make sure that the only place they will be getting food or anything is at state run/regulated missions or the welfare office.

Food not bombs was harassed last month by LAPD officers accompanied by a government worker outside the Union Mission. The Worker and the officer attempted to shut down the feeding and warned volunteers that feeding the poor and giving them clothing promoted drug addition, littering and that they needed an expensive health permit. Another charity was also harassed. None of the caved in thankfully and no one was arrested.

Sadly there have been successful attempts by liberal Busy bodies to shut down feeding. A group of UCLA students attempted to serve soup to transients living near Washington Blvd and were prevented by LAPD officers who used bullying tactics. The group caved and repacked their van and moved on. Not before LAPD officers dumped the soup out on the pavement.

A group of Korean missionaries who regularly serve coffee and donuts on 6th and Crocker also faced harassment and were deterred from serving one day by police officers who followed them and stopped their van just in sight of a line full of hungry people, many of whom had been waiting over an hour. The missionaries were bullied and threatened with a citation if they did not move on. They did and several poor individuals, many of whom do NOT get benefits of any kind including food stamps did not get to eat breakfast that day because of liberals and the LAPD.

Similar instances have taken place in other cities like the ones mentioned above. At times feedings have been shut down due to liberal meddling by Department of health and local gestapo. Never mind that many of these people do not get benefits and sleep out in the streets.

And Here, is the crux of the problem, the government, the very government that wants these poor people to depend solely on them often times turns them away and tells them to go die somewhere instead of so much as giving them benefits.

Statistics show that in Los Angeles county, over 70% of transients, many of whom are disabled are not getting any kind of benefits including food stamps despite being eligible. The same story is played out throughout America's cities. Food stamps, SSI, TANF and other services are denied and the poor are turned away. All while selfish and lazy government employees waste your taxes. Most of the time, able bodied drug addicts are put ahead of those truly in need.

The consequences

Shutting down feedings and forcing the poor to rely exclusively on the government for assistance not only costs taxpayers more money, it often times does not work and creates ripple effects throughout the community.

In Dallas Texas for example, the city council meddled with feedings and shut them down saying it would be better if the poor rely on welfare. The city also shut down a non profit shelter because of its religious views. The result... Dallas experienced Higher crime, more homelessness and more drug addictions. Homelessness did not budge an inch.Las Vegas and Orlando also attempted the same thing by shutting down feedings. This fueled crime by creating a desperate situation and created a greater dependence on government.

The liberal agenda: Mass starvation and totalitarian control.

The real agenda of liberals behind this is not compassion but control over your food and when or whether you can eat. Liberals will have us believe that food is a right not a privilege but fail to mention who gives that right? Their answer is the state which all must bow down to and obey or Your a racist! But the state as it always has can always take away what it can give. It often happens.

We saw this first hand in Russia and China in the past century. Both countries cast off religion and morality and the ideas of free markets liberty and the right to decide for one's self. (of course at the time they had very little freedom or liberty to begin with anyway making it easier.)

The state took control of food and production and distribution became centralized in the hands of a few. It was the will of the people the liberals said. Food is a right, and because of this, hundreds of millions perished.

In Germany under Hitler's national socialists, food was withheld from those the state deemed unworthy. That is, those who were not considered full blooded Aryans and opposed the state. This also included those who could not contribute labor or taxes for government projects as well as government pay stubs. The German Socialists initiated the barbaric T4 program. First they used starvation by denying food to patients in mental hospitals who were considered inferior by the state's opinion. Thousands died of starvation in mental hospitals and work camps. Later they resorted to gassing with carbon monoxide.

Liberal socialists in America are doing the exact same thing their predecessors did in Germany, the USSR, China, Cambodia and elsewhere by making it a crime to distribute food to the poor and the weak and by funneling the masses into a bureaucratic nightmare where the power of life and death is given at the hands of case workers, government administrators and others. If you can't work, if you are homeless, if you can't contribute taxes and most of all, if you don't contribute votes for the Democrats in exchange, you don't eat.

Not only do liberals deny food stamps SSI and others, they deny health care. America already has Universal health care in most of America despite what liberals want you to believe. In Maine for example there is Mainecare and it frequently turns away those who need it. In Massachusetts and California the same thing also happens. Free clinics on La's Skid row also turn away people.

Now that we have Obamacare, expect to see more poor and elderly being pushed aside for illegal aliens, drug addicts and singles with illegitimate children who make up Obama and the Democrat's voting base. It looks as though Sarah Palin's theory of death panels might not be as far fetched as the left would have us believe. the NHS in Britain also deny's life saving care to its poor and weak. In the Netherlands Euthanasia is being practiced to kill weak and sick babies who are just being born. In Communist Venezuela and Cuba, doctors deny healthcare to babies with down syndrome. And to make Socialized medicine look good, they downplay casualties and cook the books. After all they were weak and inferior anyway.

Food is always a weapon of socialism. If the government can give it to you it can take it away. A government that is powerful enough to give you your rights can terminate them and a government with that much power also has the ability to kill you at anytime it wants.

Alternatives and how conservative cities deal with it

There are of course better ways to solve all of these allegations made by police and the health department. For one thing cheaper permit costs wouldn't hurt. In addition requiring clean up after wards by the volunteers. Also by placing and regularly emptying garbage cans. Instead of collectively punishing every needy person, simply cite and fine those who litter.

It can work and it does in more Conservative communities where Judeo Christian values are entrenched. One good example is Omaha Nebraska. the city of Omaha is regarded as one of the ten most generous cities in the country. 50% of the population volunteers in some kind of mercy work. The city is overwhelmingly religious with Catholics just barely outnumbering Evangelicals. The city has two privately run shelters that provide laundry clothing food shelter and other services to the homeless and those struggling.

There are also regular feedings at the park downtown near the library. St Timothy's Lutheran church regularly distributes sandwiches and food not bombs also comes by weekly. Angels on wheels, a ministry that routinely serves the needy also comes by and holds BBQ cook outs and distributes shoes clothes and hygiene kits. Permit costs are sensible and everyone is civilized almost all the time. The volunteers also clean up afterwards making sure that everything is tidy like before. This is what civilization looks like. this is what happens when the teachings of Abraham, Mosses and Christ are applied in our society. But the liberals despise this...

To be continued...

Skid Row's homeless as well as the homeless in many other urban areas of the USA and Europe face this debacle everyday whenever liberalism comes to town. Whether its food stamps SSI, health care whatever. Its a sick agenda.

Next time you'll learn about how liberals are not only taking over the distribution of food but homeless shelters as well. You will learn what goes on in shelters in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and elsewhere when the state has the power over who gets a bed or not and the kind of people who run these shelters.


Well no not really. I no longer live in Maine which IS hell. But New Hampshire is on its way to becoming like them thanks to an influx of Democrats from the surrounding communist bloc states.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liberals attempt to rewrite history on the Boston Tea Party

In yet another attempt to assault the tea party movement, the left has a new weapon up its sleeve. A weapon its predecessors in totalitarian countries such as liberal Germany and liberal China have used frequently. Revisionist history. In this case it concerns an event in American history. the Boston Tea party. A revolt by colonists where a merchant ship carrying tea from the British East India company was seized and its cargo dumped overboard. This was all due to unjust taxation by British Parliament thousands of miles away. Taxation without representation as our founders put it which was considered an act of tyranny.

But not according to liberal historians. According to the far left these patriots were NOT protesting against unjust taxes but were protesting a TAX CUT. That's right! You heard that correctly, the revolutionary war, the tea party, ETC. were because those capitalist stooges in Britain voted to cut every one's taxes rather than spread the wealth around for the greater good.


The founding fathers evidently weren't very much those old white slave owning liberty loving capitalist dogs the liberals make them out to be. They were commie pinkos who wanted to take things away from you for the greater good.

This is history to a liberal...

But let us go back to the real world. What really did happen. What is it that the leftists leave out?

Well to start with what happened was it was NOT a tax cut that parliament voted for. More of a tax shift. This is by the way a very cunning tactic used by liberals in many places when trying to pacify blue collar and other Democrats who worry about heavy tax burdens effecting the economy and their standard of living. In Maine where I am originally from, Governor Baldaci The Bolshevik tyrant that has run our state to the ground for a decade used this tactic frequently. He would cut Income taxes while raising sales taxes and other taxes or at times tax cut here and tax hike elsewhere. The leftist media would then cover it up act like there was no shift while making ad hominem attacks on capitalists who opposed it.

Barack Obama has done the same thing. His economic plan to raise taxes while letting Bush's teeny tiny tax cuts expire is called a tax cut for middle class families. In reality no one's taxes are being cut. They are in fact being raised and the big companies WILL pass the buck to those of us the consumers.

The same tactic was used to attack Bush when he attempted his tax cuts. In reality what happened was Democrat legislatures in state and city levels hiked taxes cancelling out Bush's tax cuts. Only Middle American states with low taxes and smaller governments enjoyed any prosperity during the last decade. Sadly, the liberal dominated media turned THAT around and covered THAT up.

But getting back on topic, British parliament Did exactly that. Tax shift. NOT Tax cut. You see it all started when a gigantic conglomerate called The British East India company reported that its revenues and profits were in deep decline. This primarily due to competition from smaller shipping companies. The company riled up parliament with fears of economic hardships if it did not do anything to help.

Well, just like big companies in our time, the British East India Company HAD bought off much of Parliament. Not to mention, the house of lords. So that along with cries of the sky is falling helped make it possible for Parliament to pass the Tea act which GAVE The British East India company a special exemption on tariffs and duties for shipping. Not only that, a tax cut.

This act for all intensive purposes was a precursor to a favorite pass time of liberals called corporate welfare as well as Keynsianism.

According to Supporters, it would drive down costs of tea all while discouraging smugglers. Just like how stealing 800 billion from overburdened taxpayers was supposed to be helpful to OUR economy. Both were lies.

In reality, the tea act was harmful to local shipping companies which were NOT exempt from these fees and taxes and faced bankruptcy. In those days Bankruptcy also usually meant imprisonment for many years in a debtors prison or forced service in The army or Navy. The price of tea meanwhile remained the same all while The British East India company wallowed in cash.

At the same time Parliament dramatically increased policing of smuggling and forbade colonists to buy any other tea except from the British East India Company. Overall, the result was an ACTUAL TAX INCREASE on the most basic of items of some 50-60%. So, no, it really wasn't a tax cut that the colonists were protesting. More over it was the opposite. That and corporate welfare.


These words were uttered by our forefathers more than 2 centuries ago first by the reverend Jonathan Mayhew then by Patrick Henry and James Otis. These were words that were the spark for revolution against an unjust ungodly and tyrannical government thousands of miles away that imposed the will of a tiny aristocratic oligarchy who ruled without consent of the governed.

To Liberal socialist Democrats, especially the royal aristocratic elite in congress and the Senate those words are considered the uttering of right wing nuts and racists. The ideas of individualism, free speech, economic liberty freedom of religion the right to bear arms ETC. these are all abhorred by liberal democrats whose stranglehold of power is kept enforced by a population of sloths, addicts, and those who view wealth and prosperity as a form of theft and liberty and freedom a form of white supremacy and racism.

Today the tyrannical government our forefathers fought against lies not thousands of miles and a continent away but on our own shores in Washington and in our state capitols and city halls. A government that takes away the fruits of our blood sweat and tears and gives it away to sloths, drug addicts, felons and corporate cheats just to name a few. Along with government employees who make millions with the backing of unionist thugs and blackmailers. Our government punishes success and initiative and targets the innocent while giving mercy and compassion to the under serving who if pampered will continue to be a cancerous growth to our nation.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Socialist take over of psychiatry

I have been away for 3-4 months from my blog and I had a lot of articles I wanted to publish. For one, The anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty was around that time and a friend of mine who is a historical scholar was going to help write an interesting article about mutiny and include some facts about Captain William Bligh and the bounty crew that is not generally known. He would cut away some of the fiction and non fiction that sadly has seeped in thanks to popular fiction and Hollywood influence.

I was also going to discuss the so called theory about death panels and how sure enough, Obama care will be rationing medicine and denying life saving treatment to people who are perceived as being useless and a social burden. Also, I was going to show more articles about SSI scams against about the collapse of Social security and California liberals invading free states with their failed Marxist policies that ruined their home state.

However I felt compelled to bring up an issue I have been taken to task about which concerns psychiatry. In a lot of my articles I have written about abuses involving the mental health system. I have been accused of being a Scientologist even by those in conservative forums for my attacks against psychiatry.

Well let me be frank, I am not an opponent of psychiatry. I do not deny that mental illness exists, ETC I certainly am not a scientologist.


I am against psychiatrists making up disorders and diseases out of thin air without physical proof. At the APA for example they simply take a vote and boom! The illness exists.

I am against psychiatrists using traits and distinctions that have nothing to do with mental state and nothing to do with anything neurological. Some psychiatrists diagnose people as mentally defective simply because they were victims of persecution or because of religious or political beliefs.

With that in mind I want to point out that as I detest such diagnosing of mental illness on such absurd grounds, what is even more absurd is that such diagnosis OF a mental illness that freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the constitution should be suspended for such as person diagnosed.

It is the later that I and others who have been involved in the anti-psychiatry movement have been most concerned about. Those of you who have followed my blog for the past two plus years are aware of atrocities that have resulted from abuse at the hands of mental health officials. SSI scamming, guardian abuse being the worst of these atrocities. Not to mention defending abusive relatives.

With that in mind, these same individuals most of whom are perfectly healthy and productive members of society are persecuted by leftist doctors while those who are truly in need of treatment and intervention are ignored.

Just a few months ago I took a trip to Los Angeles, one of the homeless capitols of the country. (California in of itself is a homeless capitol. A testament to the welfare state and illegal immigration.) While there were plenty of people who were out on the streets because they were down on their luck, I noticed many of them were visibly demented and deranged. Downtown I saw homeless people who were talking to themselves and invisible people (in English AND Spanish.)

I noticed a man who had white and red make up with crosses on his face who was singing and shouting Christian hymns and oldies. He looked like a clown. I saw an old woman who was cursing on the side walk. In Hollywood, I saw crackheads and other insane people. I recalled an incident in Modesto where a woman who was living independently was declared bipolar, sterilized and had her assets confiscated not to mention similar cases. Surprisingly, these doctors left skid row and the Streets of LA Hollywood and elsewhere untouched.

Men and women who are a threat to themselves and others, who are clearly incapable of caring or feeding themselves, who are living on the streets are ignored. Elderly and ordinary citizens however are targets of communist minded psychiatrists who are after their assets and property isolating, medicated and robbing them then dumping them on the streets.

Psychiatry itself is not the problem. The problem is the socialist worldview that has crept into the practice for over a century; the abhorrence of property rights and the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in its place a collectivist dictatorship run either by a single tyrant or multiple tyrants elected or otherwise or a tyranny of 51% or more of people who are childish, selfish and naive. Here is were Rob Hubbard and the Scientology church fails in finding the errors of psychiatry. It is not psychiatry itself but socialism.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jobless victims to be banned froom traveling (liberals want economic berlin walls)

As jobs continue to vanish in Democratic states with high living costs and taxes, low tax, low regulation small government states, the kind libtards claim is bad to live are thriving. Why? Because unlike most states like Maine New Jersey New York Massachusetts and Rhode Island which pass crushing regulations against new jobs and new business along with taxes that are usually forced on the consumer, states such as Texas, Kansas, Georgia and New Hampshire are gaining those lost jobs and skilled workers that flee over the borders. These states have low taxes and allow businesses to make their own decisions and to decide how to run things. With it comes new taxable revenue and infrastructure.

As business and jobs evacuate liberal lands, so with it goes those who have lost everything due to the recession. Its not new. In the 1930s, the homeless and those who became destitute fled westward to states where new jobs could be found. California, then a conservative state that opposed Marxism was a thriving state that in spite of the great depression enjoyed a high standard of living. People went west to these and other locations.

Today in the new depression, the exodus is happening in liberal states. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Michigan are experiencing a net migration loss and states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa are seeing an influx of jobless seeking work. The loss is devastating to a state already hard pressed by unfair taxation by liberals, and now that taxable base that has been squeezed dry is running across borders to places that still have some semblance of economic free markets with it, those trying to regain the American dream.

What are Communist democrats to do? Government intervention is what. Soviet style.

Liberal Democrats want a ban on travel and moving. Either that or to make it more difficult. In the 70s 80s and 90s Liberals tried to do this with those taking children out of dangerous urban schools. Liberals wanted legislation to force children of other races to go to schools with different races and to punish them if they left or took them out. The plan was a disaster. Bright young students in middle class communities went to the ghettos with gangs metal detectors and drugs while urbanized youth went to these clean safe schools and turned them into war zones.

Of Course when the schools fell apart, the parents would just move to a different neighborhood with a different school system and in turn bring with them what ever urban behaviors the kids have. This happened frequently in Southerns New Hampshire during the 90s. Kids from Boston and New York came New Hampshire and brought with them, their criminal mentalities and urban ghetto ways and spread it around like a virus. Not only gang bangers, neo nazi skin heads also came along too. Minority students suffered the most.

Liberals have tried and failed to prevent parents from pulling their kids out of failed liberal schools just as they have failed to discourage people from pulling out of liberal states to New Hampshire. Its no wonder that tolls on roads going to NH have cost more and more.?

Well Liberals in the past decade have come up with a new plan. Ban the poor homeless jobless people from leaving and starting over in an American state that still has resemblance to America. How? many ways... One way that has become popular in states such as Maine, Massachusetts and California is to claim that simply being unemployed and homeless is the victim's fault and that it is a sign of severe mental illness.

Its amazing that liberals consider conservatives to be miserly and that we all label homeless people as undeserving. Which explains why I volunteered at the homeless shelter in Bangor and why my new business in New Hampshire regularly donate to Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission and a similar establishments in Portsmouth Derry and Nashua. HMPH! One charge I have heard from liberals is that the conservatives blame them for their poverty. Meanwhile liberals do what they accuse us of doing and not only that, take steps to keep them from getting out of poverty in the process.

At least we don't spend other people's money fighting poverty much less keep them from advancing.

But getting back on topic, liberals are using a crisis situation to blame the victim and that its somehow their fault. They cant get a job because they have poor social skills or that they are somehow unintelligent and incapable of making their own decisions. Therefore government must step in and control them like robots. NOTE: Liberals consider everyone incapable of making any decision regardless of any diagnosis or IQ. Only the government is supposed to do that.

Since they are incompetent they shouldn't be allowed to move to Texas or New Hampshire to get a job. Those places after all do not have the kind of taxpayer funded social programs that liberals love and want us to believe actually work so you must stay put and let the government take care of everything. Meanwhile, your savings start to go down, you lose your home, you are in a shelter or a tent city and more and more jobs continue to sail over the border without you. But its no ones fault but yours. Why? You are incompetent. Why? You have no job. That's why you are incompetent.

This frightening scenario was thought only possible in totalitarian countries, the prevention of free movement for the peasant classes. Well its coming here to America my friends, not only for the poor peasants, but for struggling middle class as well.

So far these incidents have been very rare and have not shown up on the news but as the economy gets worse and as more people pull up roots and take with them their skills and their businesses, we'll be hearing more of it.

Greg Wilson, a former resident of Bangor Maine was one rare and unlucky victim. Upon graduating from high school, he was unable to find employment for 2 years when he finally got a job at McDonald's. That job lasted for only one year. His parents, both flaming liberals got the idea that their son must be mentally ill since it took him that long to land a job. (NOTE:This was going on in 2002, during the height of the recession when he was out of work. Not only that but we had an influx of Somalis Russians and Mexicans taking away most of the jobs.) Things went well for Greg and he was soon promoted to crew trainer but business at MCd's was slowing down due to the recession and he and many other employees had their hours cut. With with this and continued economic decline throughout the state, he had plans to leave and settle down in New Hampshire.

But the parents became hostile to Greg and forced him through physical and psychological intimidation to go to outpatient mental health services at Acadia Hospital. The Dr. David Bear a psychologist and a professor at UMass in Boston was assigned to Greg's case. He was declared mentally unfit with a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism similar to what Dustin Hoffman's character the Rainman suffered. He was also said to have no job skills or social skills. This came about not from blood tests or Neurological scans or MRI's or anything. It came about from an interview with the parents. They even claimed that Greg didn't know how to tie his shoes or fasten buttons. An utter lie and complete lie since he wore crew shoes and the uniforms were button uniforms. They would have fired him if that had been the case!

Sadly based on hearsay and false rumors, Greg was deemed incompetent. His parents abuse caused him to lose composure at his job and fall back. He was soon fired afterwards. To make matters worse, his parents took away his money from his bank account to force him to sign up for SSI. It didn't end there, Greg's father gained power of attorney over his son and used it to forbid him to leave Maine. According to one of the Doctors at Acadia, it was a bad idea to leave Maine and live in New Hampshire because of the following reasons:

1. He would no longer be supported by his parents (YEAH RIGHT!)

2. New Hampshire has inadequate social programs for (supposedly) mentally ill mentally retarded individuals such as Greg. He needed to stay in Maine which has the programs.

3. Maine has lots and lots of wonderful programs and supports for Greg! (Tell that to homeless people in Maine who have been on the streets for over a year!)

4. The economy in Maine is fine, there is nothing wrong, its really Greg's fault he was and now is unemployed. (NOTE: During this time, Paper Mills all over Maine were shutting down due to excessive taxation, environmental regulations and out of control unions. The large Mill at Milinocket for example closed down turning the city into a wasteland, the mill in Bucksport laid off 5000 workers, the mill in Old Town went under and when it was bought off by a Canadian company only a fraction of its workforce was regained. As of writing this, most of Maine's factories and mills have shut down due to liberalism. The Doctors at Acadia must be the ones who are retarded to think that the Economy is fine.)

5. There is no reason for Greg to make such a big move over to another state. He should stay in Bangor. (YEAH! Tell that to small business owners who are packing up and going as far away as Texas to get away from Maine! Tell that also to the thousands of young people who are leaving the state every year to go to New Hampshire because there are no more work opportunities to be had for them. Tell it also to the millions of people in California who got fed up with what liberals did to their state and made an exodus to Oregon, Nebraska, Colorado, New Hampshire and Texas.)

The Doctors at Acadia forced Greg to go through a mental health plan that was heavily restrictive. Not only was he forbidden to move out of state, he couldn't even leave the Bangor area! He was also forced into a group home for adults with mental retardation and autism. In addition he was forced to go to all these different programs. The Ticket to work program, an ineffective job program that had a success rate of less than 10%, he was forced to apply for SSI, he was forced to go to community adult MHMR services and to go to follow up appointments with Acadia and a Human services worker based at Dorthia Dix Hospital.

He spent a year trapped in Maine like a prisoner in the Iron Curtain. He was employed only once at that time to a temporary job position. It lasted only for 2 weeks. The programs Greg was assigned to failed him every time and made no progress to getting him a good paying job or a home of his own. But staff at several of the programs began to question Greg's diagnosis. He was after all employed in the past, he wasn't a danger to himself or others, the evaluations relied too heavily on allegations by the parents and not biological evidence not only that, the state's economy was falling over around them.

Greg had applied to different legal aid groups to undue the damage and win back his liberty but Maine suffered from a shortage of legal aid. He did succeed in getting money to hire a lawyer at the Maine Bar association by panhandling and recycling. With further aid from the MCLU Greg was able to undo the power of attorney by his father and move to New Hampshire. Sadly, the damage had already been done...

Greg's credit rating had been harmed by his father through forced visitations with Acadia. He owed the hospital 8000$ and Mainecare, a free health care service refused to pay it. In addition, he was unsuccessful in leaving SSI. He only got 500$ a month. Not enough to live off of. And his money from McDonalds was also gone. To make matters worse, a lot of employers refused to hire Greg since he was getting social security money. They perceived that he was incompetent and unfit to work despite trying to explain it. When he got to New Hampshire, Greg stayed at a homeless shelter in Manchester for nearly a year trying to rebuild his shattered life. He was hired again by McDonald's but it was only part time. He shares a small apartment with a friend from the shelter in Derry.

Greg is not the only one to suffer this injustice. In Wasco California, George Burnham was also struggling to find work. California not only suffers from an economy that is assaulted at every level from heavy taxation and fees to massive regulations, California is also infested with millions of illegal aliens who work for below average pay under the table at jobs someone like George could be doing. His parents were also liberal and ignoring Kern Counties economic wasteland and all the Mexicans that were grabbing the few jobs left, went after their son. Like Greg, George was branded as incompetent. His doctors claimed he had bipolar and bad skills.

Not only this, the doctors claimed he was deeply disturbed because of his libertarian convictions. The doctor, white liberal and his assistant, a Mexican claimed he suffered from paranoid delusions about government taking liberty and that communism was behind America's ills. An exaggeration. The doctor forced George into involuntary commitment. George wanted to leave Kern and go live in another state. He had read of how 5000 jobs were being outsourced from California to Colorado and Nebraska and thought of moving to one of those places. Instead he was forbidden under an involuntary commitment order. He ended up on Skid Row Los Angeles for 3 years as a result of government meddling. He is still homeless.

Involuntary commitment isn't the only thing liberals use to coerce their hapless victims into a government plan. A plan which is almost certain to fail. Probation is another method. When GOP traitor Mitt Romney Passed Massachusetts' unjust and unconstitutional health care mandate requiring that all residents purchase expensive and ineffective health care, that wouldn't cover them anyway or be fined, many residents fled the state. To prevent it, Democrat activists thought of a brilliant strategy, probation. Memos were given to police chiefs and district attorneys throughout the state advising them to seek long probation periods for those with large enough incomes to keep them from leaving. Attempts were made using this to cite business owners for what should be petty violations of small regulations.

One businessman who tried to leave the state was cited for a minor infraction involving supposedly unpaid fees, another over parking tickets. Thankfully these deterrents were unsuccessful. Yet still, liberals used involuntary commitment to force residents to stay in the state. Florida is another place where this has become common and involved the Use of the Baker Act, an unconstitutional Orwellian piece of legislation used to lock up innocent people and then force them on involuntary commitments to keep them from leaving the state and even to confiscate their home and assets and dump them on the street.

The act of preventing travel or to punish travel is not uncommon in totalitarian countries. In Marxism it is also common. One of the planks for the Communist Manifesto calls for confiscating the property and assets of emigrants who try to leave or rebel against the system. Liberals disregard the Constitution but love Marx's planks. While these occurrences are still rare they ARE becoming more common especially in New England.