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Monday, April 19, 2010

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Starbucks sticks to its guns, Colorado Freedom haters throw fit

Starbucks Coffee shops recently told liberalnazis and socialist moon bats throughout America to blow it out their noses when confronted over not banning firearms in its stores. Gun control activists have quietly been going door to door in major city businesses demanding that they make their stores gun free. Those that do not comply face threats of boycotts and harassment buy the gun grabbing haters.

This is an easy task in liberal cities or concerning companies run by leftists such as those in California. California Pizza Kitchen and Peet's Coffee and Tea are two companies that have changed their rules to ban guns after gun control activists disrupted business. Sadly, 2nd amendment activists were no where to be found while the left began violating constitutional liberty yet again.

Starbucks fortunately has not caved into the pressure. However Denver Brown Shirts seizing the moment (the 11th anniversary of Columbine High School shooting) To do what it does best, shrill, lie and make trouble. In the name of the 13 students murdered in a school that was already supposed to be a gun free zone, liberals protested outside Starbucks demanding that it change its policy and follow suit by forbidding its customers to carry firearms while inside. No word if criminals will show any regard the way Harris and Klebold did in 1999.

Among The protesters, Marilee Posavec, a member of the local Communist party chapter an avowed Marxist who is president of the local chapter of Million Mom March and Brady Campaign, which fights to outlaw the 2nd amendment and force Americans everywhere to be unarmed and defenseless. Mary Kershner is a nurse who also opposes the 2nd amendment Had this to say:"I used to hold a lot of meetings at Starbucks, but the idea that I might be at risk worries me. I will choose a gun-free place,"

Here's an idea, how about Columbine High school which is and always has been a gun free zone! If that doesn't work, try Venezuela or China. You'd feel right at home there.

“It’s not just in high schools that we see bullies in action!” said Tom Mauser, a gun control advocate who is the father of a student who was killed at Columbine. (Gee, haven't learned a Dang thing haven't we?) “We now have grown-up gun extremists trying to bully Starbucks into accepting behavior that most Americans consider unnecessary and dangerous!”

Most Americans think owning and carrying guns for self defense is dangerous?! Well excuse me Mr Mauzer whatever, but recent polls even coming from the left wing media show that the majority of Americans are against bans on lawful use of firearms. Even if the vast majority of Americans did have the mind set of a 6 year old like you do, that doesn't mean they can have it their way. America is a Republic not a Democracy based on the dictatorship of the majority.

And speaking of Columbine, it should be noted that the two assailants violated over 16 different bans on guns. Didn't stop them from getting weapons only a member of the LAPD SWAT team can possess, Banning guns on school grounds didn't stop Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from walking in and shooting up their classmates and as for bullying, as mentioned before it is filthy anti American smart mouths like you who are bullying Main street USA into giving up its liberty and becoming unarmed war zones vulnerable to gang bangers and terrorists!

In a related report it was mentioned that Colorado law makers have decided to indefinitely expand the instacheck program which would make it difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase guns and as one activist put it “adds one more level of bureaucracy and puts the government in front of citizens.” Not only this it costs 1.7 million dollars and it does not work. The Denver daily news and a few other local media outlets however disregarded this and portrayed the counter protesters and gun rights activists as harassers and hecklers. Not only that they brought up the Virginia Tech massacre as well as Columbine.

Colorado, once a bastion of American liberty has been under assault the past several decades from an influx of California residents fleeing their home states socialist anti business policies and planting roots in the Rocky mountain state. While many of them brought their businesses and hundreds and thousands of much needed jobs and development, they sadly brought with them their Marxist viewpoints which has had a negative impact on the state. Its a phenomenon known as Cali fornication. It has also had nasty effects in States such as Nebraska, Arizona and New Hampshire. I'll bring it up in a future article.

In the meantime this gun owning American will put its money in Star Bucks, a safe establishment and leave California Pizza Kitchen and the rest be. The last thing I want is to walk into a liberal pizzaria unarmed while some felon comes in to rob everyone.