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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chef Ramsay, animal rights activists, envirowackos and communists want to mess up your kitchen and control your food.

In an article I posted on my blog and expanded on freerepublic I mentioned that Chef Gordon Ramsay demanded that government establish dietary standards and force people to eat what THEY thought was best and to punish them through taxes and other means. In particular he attacked parents of obese children. Many of these children in fact suffer from other problems genetic or organic that lead to their obesity.

For those unfamiliar, Gordon Ramsay is a world class chef and celebrity known for outbursts and a short temper as well as a filthy mouth. Lately he has also begun to show political clout demanding that government become every one's head chef. A politician running your kitchen essentially.

This mentality that government should control our food has also come out even more elsewhere from the liberal media. Time Magazine for example advocated government control over farms to curtail meat production and to focus more on organic growing. It decried meat production as unsanitary harmful and a cause of global warming and that we must go vegetarian for the sake of the environment.

I have come across similar arguments in other news sites and even in magazines. The articles reeked of animal rights activism and the myth of global warming. Environmentalists and their political allies want to butt into your kitchen and dictate what you can eat and when. The biggest arguments used involves the environment and global warming. The articles claimed that producing meat produces greenhouse gas not only from the animals themselves but in cooking them as well. Calls ranging from heavy taxes on meat to mandates for organic farming.

While it is true that some of the livestock in America could be raised and bred better, the solutions exclaimed by liberals would only make matters worse. Mandates for organic farming and raising taxes would lead to rising costs for food. Time Magazine even admitted that such policies meant we would have to sacrifice and tighten our budget for the sake of cows and the environment since organic food is more expensive. Not only that, environmental controls proposed all because of the unproven theory of global warming would cause food costs to jump even higher. Even the price for non organic food would jump.

The New York Times featured a similar article by MARK BITTMAN using similar slogans. Not only that comparing American meat consumption to oil consumption. Bittman, a vegan portrayed the American meat industry in a negative light. Not only that exaggerating the energy cost of meat as well that the fecal waste is bad for the environment and even COOKING IS BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! In other words, simply BBQing a steak on your Weber is ruining the earth's ecosphere! NUTS!

The impact of following the environmental gurus and the socialists is worse than can be imagined. While wealthier countries would be eating less the 3rd world impact would be much worse. In fact the majority of starvation going on in the world whether in Indonesia or in Africa can be attributed to environmentalism. Children in Africa starve because they are not allowed to use pesticides to kill locusts that eat much of their crops. Not only that, many are dying from malaria infected mosquito's. Then there's the animal rights activism in India that has lead to over a third of lost food from rats and insects. In addition, Brazil and other countries are preventing grazing and planting for the sake of the rain forest. While it can be said that the loss of the rain forest is not so good, the policy of halting grazing and planting all together is even worse. That's not all. This as well as government subsidies for ethanol and synthesized fuels (Which liberals whine still create global warming.) Has inflated food prices in the third world.

The United Nations and the liberals however don't want to hear about it. In fact they want even more controls over our food supply. Controls that are eerily similar to what happened in Russia and China in the last century. This was when Stalin launched is 5 year plan to seize farm land and establish state control over food and when Mao did something similar with is great leap forward which converted farm land into industrial zones. All in all the 5 year plan was a five year failure and the Great leap forward was a great leap backward. Scores of millions died of famine and millions more were killed for resisting or suspecting of resisting. That and Both Mao And Stalin scapegoated others to deflect blame and had them killed. This has always resulted when the state controls food. But Liberals don't care. they want more control.

And it is already happening right now EVEN IN THE UNITED STATES. For the past century, American farmers many of whom used to be independent have lost their independence and even their farms. Big corporations have also used this opportunity thanks to support from big government to create an unopposed monopoly which if it continues could bottle neck the supply and inflate prices. Farms have also been under attack from massive local and federal regulations and taxes. Then there's health regulations. Bans against trans fat foods for example which may or may not be good for you. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have also used the new Obama care mandate and their power grip to regulate food as well.

According to Worldnetdaily commentator Bob Unruh, Obama and Democrats passed several bills that would also ban salt in food (Even though new evidence proves it might not be that bad for you.) And have passed through the house a bill that would set up new fees and regulations that would bankrupt farms, supermarket chains and suppliers creating a food shortage and higher costs. H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 Would set up unnecessary unsound regulations that would regulate your food based on unscientific health findings. It could lead to a catastrophe similar to the famine in the Ukraine during the 1930s. All because of the false theory of global warming and for the sake of animal rights.

Other food regulations have cropped up quietly. For example Santa Clarita California is banning toys in fast food meals and Michelle Obama under her own liberal guilt is establishing a child hood obesity task force that wants to tax deserts. Not only that Democrats want the FCC to ban advertisements for meat and what they consider to be junk food.The liberal socialists are just getting started and already it looks as though America will be going hungry for sure. All for the sake of animal welfare, and so called global warming.

In light of these facts it shows once more, government doesn't know what's best. Especially in light of farming and nutrition. But the communist Democrats don't want to hear about it. It looks as though we will see famine here in America. Something unheard of till now all because of government regulation.


Anonymous said...

ITs already happening. In fact ever noticed how you can't by a double cheeseburger or even a ordinary cheese burger from McD's for a dollar anymore? Thank Obama Pelosi and the Democrats for that one.

Anonymous said...

Now it costs a dollar to buy a cheeseburger at McDs. When Bush was president and we didn't have this liberal nonsense things were better. THANKS ALOT GORDON! DONKEY!!