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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jobless victims to be banned froom traveling (liberals want economic berlin walls)

As jobs continue to vanish in Democratic states with high living costs and taxes, low tax, low regulation small government states, the kind libtards claim is bad to live are thriving. Why? Because unlike most states like Maine New Jersey New York Massachusetts and Rhode Island which pass crushing regulations against new jobs and new business along with taxes that are usually forced on the consumer, states such as Texas, Kansas, Georgia and New Hampshire are gaining those lost jobs and skilled workers that flee over the borders. These states have low taxes and allow businesses to make their own decisions and to decide how to run things. With it comes new taxable revenue and infrastructure.

As business and jobs evacuate liberal lands, so with it goes those who have lost everything due to the recession. Its not new. In the 1930s, the homeless and those who became destitute fled westward to states where new jobs could be found. California, then a conservative state that opposed Marxism was a thriving state that in spite of the great depression enjoyed a high standard of living. People went west to these and other locations.

Today in the new depression, the exodus is happening in liberal states. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Michigan are experiencing a net migration loss and states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa are seeing an influx of jobless seeking work. The loss is devastating to a state already hard pressed by unfair taxation by liberals, and now that taxable base that has been squeezed dry is running across borders to places that still have some semblance of economic free markets with it, those trying to regain the American dream.

What are Communist democrats to do? Government intervention is what. Soviet style.

Liberal Democrats want a ban on travel and moving. Either that or to make it more difficult. In the 70s 80s and 90s Liberals tried to do this with those taking children out of dangerous urban schools. Liberals wanted legislation to force children of other races to go to schools with different races and to punish them if they left or took them out. The plan was a disaster. Bright young students in middle class communities went to the ghettos with gangs metal detectors and drugs while urbanized youth went to these clean safe schools and turned them into war zones.

Of Course when the schools fell apart, the parents would just move to a different neighborhood with a different school system and in turn bring with them what ever urban behaviors the kids have. This happened frequently in Southerns New Hampshire during the 90s. Kids from Boston and New York came New Hampshire and brought with them, their criminal mentalities and urban ghetto ways and spread it around like a virus. Not only gang bangers, neo nazi skin heads also came along too. Minority students suffered the most.

Liberals have tried and failed to prevent parents from pulling their kids out of failed liberal schools just as they have failed to discourage people from pulling out of liberal states to New Hampshire. Its no wonder that tolls on roads going to NH have cost more and more.?

Well Liberals in the past decade have come up with a new plan. Ban the poor homeless jobless people from leaving and starting over in an American state that still has resemblance to America. How? many ways... One way that has become popular in states such as Maine, Massachusetts and California is to claim that simply being unemployed and homeless is the victim's fault and that it is a sign of severe mental illness.

Its amazing that liberals consider conservatives to be miserly and that we all label homeless people as undeserving. Which explains why I volunteered at the homeless shelter in Bangor and why my new business in New Hampshire regularly donate to Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission and a similar establishments in Portsmouth Derry and Nashua. HMPH! One charge I have heard from liberals is that the conservatives blame them for their poverty. Meanwhile liberals do what they accuse us of doing and not only that, take steps to keep them from getting out of poverty in the process.

At least we don't spend other people's money fighting poverty much less keep them from advancing.

But getting back on topic, liberals are using a crisis situation to blame the victim and that its somehow their fault. They cant get a job because they have poor social skills or that they are somehow unintelligent and incapable of making their own decisions. Therefore government must step in and control them like robots. NOTE: Liberals consider everyone incapable of making any decision regardless of any diagnosis or IQ. Only the government is supposed to do that.

Since they are incompetent they shouldn't be allowed to move to Texas or New Hampshire to get a job. Those places after all do not have the kind of taxpayer funded social programs that liberals love and want us to believe actually work so you must stay put and let the government take care of everything. Meanwhile, your savings start to go down, you lose your home, you are in a shelter or a tent city and more and more jobs continue to sail over the border without you. But its no ones fault but yours. Why? You are incompetent. Why? You have no job. That's why you are incompetent.

This frightening scenario was thought only possible in totalitarian countries, the prevention of free movement for the peasant classes. Well its coming here to America my friends, not only for the poor peasants, but for struggling middle class as well.

So far these incidents have been very rare and have not shown up on the news but as the economy gets worse and as more people pull up roots and take with them their skills and their businesses, we'll be hearing more of it.

Greg Wilson, a former resident of Bangor Maine was one rare and unlucky victim. Upon graduating from high school, he was unable to find employment for 2 years when he finally got a job at McDonald's. That job lasted for only one year. His parents, both flaming liberals got the idea that their son must be mentally ill since it took him that long to land a job. (NOTE:This was going on in 2002, during the height of the recession when he was out of work. Not only that but we had an influx of Somalis Russians and Mexicans taking away most of the jobs.) Things went well for Greg and he was soon promoted to crew trainer but business at MCd's was slowing down due to the recession and he and many other employees had their hours cut. With with this and continued economic decline throughout the state, he had plans to leave and settle down in New Hampshire.

But the parents became hostile to Greg and forced him through physical and psychological intimidation to go to outpatient mental health services at Acadia Hospital. The Dr. David Bear a psychologist and a professor at UMass in Boston was assigned to Greg's case. He was declared mentally unfit with a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism similar to what Dustin Hoffman's character the Rainman suffered. He was also said to have no job skills or social skills. This came about not from blood tests or Neurological scans or MRI's or anything. It came about from an interview with the parents. They even claimed that Greg didn't know how to tie his shoes or fasten buttons. An utter lie and complete lie since he wore crew shoes and the uniforms were button uniforms. They would have fired him if that had been the case!

Sadly based on hearsay and false rumors, Greg was deemed incompetent. His parents abuse caused him to lose composure at his job and fall back. He was soon fired afterwards. To make matters worse, his parents took away his money from his bank account to force him to sign up for SSI. It didn't end there, Greg's father gained power of attorney over his son and used it to forbid him to leave Maine. According to one of the Doctors at Acadia, it was a bad idea to leave Maine and live in New Hampshire because of the following reasons:

1. He would no longer be supported by his parents (YEAH RIGHT!)

2. New Hampshire has inadequate social programs for (supposedly) mentally ill mentally retarded individuals such as Greg. He needed to stay in Maine which has the programs.

3. Maine has lots and lots of wonderful programs and supports for Greg! (Tell that to homeless people in Maine who have been on the streets for over a year!)

4. The economy in Maine is fine, there is nothing wrong, its really Greg's fault he was and now is unemployed. (NOTE: During this time, Paper Mills all over Maine were shutting down due to excessive taxation, environmental regulations and out of control unions. The large Mill at Milinocket for example closed down turning the city into a wasteland, the mill in Bucksport laid off 5000 workers, the mill in Old Town went under and when it was bought off by a Canadian company only a fraction of its workforce was regained. As of writing this, most of Maine's factories and mills have shut down due to liberalism. The Doctors at Acadia must be the ones who are retarded to think that the Economy is fine.)

5. There is no reason for Greg to make such a big move over to another state. He should stay in Bangor. (YEAH! Tell that to small business owners who are packing up and going as far away as Texas to get away from Maine! Tell that also to the thousands of young people who are leaving the state every year to go to New Hampshire because there are no more work opportunities to be had for them. Tell it also to the millions of people in California who got fed up with what liberals did to their state and made an exodus to Oregon, Nebraska, Colorado, New Hampshire and Texas.)

The Doctors at Acadia forced Greg to go through a mental health plan that was heavily restrictive. Not only was he forbidden to move out of state, he couldn't even leave the Bangor area! He was also forced into a group home for adults with mental retardation and autism. In addition he was forced to go to all these different programs. The Ticket to work program, an ineffective job program that had a success rate of less than 10%, he was forced to apply for SSI, he was forced to go to community adult MHMR services and to go to follow up appointments with Acadia and a Human services worker based at Dorthia Dix Hospital.

He spent a year trapped in Maine like a prisoner in the Iron Curtain. He was employed only once at that time to a temporary job position. It lasted only for 2 weeks. The programs Greg was assigned to failed him every time and made no progress to getting him a good paying job or a home of his own. But staff at several of the programs began to question Greg's diagnosis. He was after all employed in the past, he wasn't a danger to himself or others, the evaluations relied too heavily on allegations by the parents and not biological evidence not only that, the state's economy was falling over around them.

Greg had applied to different legal aid groups to undue the damage and win back his liberty but Maine suffered from a shortage of legal aid. He did succeed in getting money to hire a lawyer at the Maine Bar association by panhandling and recycling. With further aid from the MCLU Greg was able to undo the power of attorney by his father and move to New Hampshire. Sadly, the damage had already been done...

Greg's credit rating had been harmed by his father through forced visitations with Acadia. He owed the hospital 8000$ and Mainecare, a free health care service refused to pay it. In addition, he was unsuccessful in leaving SSI. He only got 500$ a month. Not enough to live off of. And his money from McDonalds was also gone. To make matters worse, a lot of employers refused to hire Greg since he was getting social security money. They perceived that he was incompetent and unfit to work despite trying to explain it. When he got to New Hampshire, Greg stayed at a homeless shelter in Manchester for nearly a year trying to rebuild his shattered life. He was hired again by McDonald's but it was only part time. He shares a small apartment with a friend from the shelter in Derry.

Greg is not the only one to suffer this injustice. In Wasco California, George Burnham was also struggling to find work. California not only suffers from an economy that is assaulted at every level from heavy taxation and fees to massive regulations, California is also infested with millions of illegal aliens who work for below average pay under the table at jobs someone like George could be doing. His parents were also liberal and ignoring Kern Counties economic wasteland and all the Mexicans that were grabbing the few jobs left, went after their son. Like Greg, George was branded as incompetent. His doctors claimed he had bipolar and bad skills.

Not only this, the doctors claimed he was deeply disturbed because of his libertarian convictions. The doctor, white liberal and his assistant, a Mexican claimed he suffered from paranoid delusions about government taking liberty and that communism was behind America's ills. An exaggeration. The doctor forced George into involuntary commitment. George wanted to leave Kern and go live in another state. He had read of how 5000 jobs were being outsourced from California to Colorado and Nebraska and thought of moving to one of those places. Instead he was forbidden under an involuntary commitment order. He ended up on Skid Row Los Angeles for 3 years as a result of government meddling. He is still homeless.

Involuntary commitment isn't the only thing liberals use to coerce their hapless victims into a government plan. A plan which is almost certain to fail. Probation is another method. When GOP traitor Mitt Romney Passed Massachusetts' unjust and unconstitutional health care mandate requiring that all residents purchase expensive and ineffective health care, that wouldn't cover them anyway or be fined, many residents fled the state. To prevent it, Democrat activists thought of a brilliant strategy, probation. Memos were given to police chiefs and district attorneys throughout the state advising them to seek long probation periods for those with large enough incomes to keep them from leaving. Attempts were made using this to cite business owners for what should be petty violations of small regulations.

One businessman who tried to leave the state was cited for a minor infraction involving supposedly unpaid fees, another over parking tickets. Thankfully these deterrents were unsuccessful. Yet still, liberals used involuntary commitment to force residents to stay in the state. Florida is another place where this has become common and involved the Use of the Baker Act, an unconstitutional Orwellian piece of legislation used to lock up innocent people and then force them on involuntary commitments to keep them from leaving the state and even to confiscate their home and assets and dump them on the street.

The act of preventing travel or to punish travel is not uncommon in totalitarian countries. In Marxism it is also common. One of the planks for the Communist Manifesto calls for confiscating the property and assets of emigrants who try to leave or rebel against the system. Liberals disregard the Constitution but love Marx's planks. While these occurrences are still rare they ARE becoming more common especially in New England.

Monday, August 2, 2010



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IM BACK! YES! I got married 2 months ago and have spent the past couple of months on honeymoon not to mention working on my business. I HAVE kept up with things elsewhere but have neglected the blog. There is a lot I want to share.

First, it turns out some liberalfascist goons hacked into my youtube account and deleted most of my videos. This should serve as proof of the nazilike tendencies of liberals. They hate our freedom and want us badly to become another despotic regime under their failed marxian system.

Second, I am now on Twitter, face book and have posted some comments recently on Huffington post, the leftist news forum. I have also been on Mark Fiore's website challenging the marxists there on their views.

Third, I have several articles planned out such as dealing with the Obama administrations failing on the BP oil spill, a liberal plot to use the spill to seize BP assets in a nazilike fashion and to do the same to others in order to bring about state property. Also I have articles detailing guardian abuse in Illinois, Obama's home state and one of the most socialistic. As well as SSi scaming and pilfering and the economic downturn we have been facing since Obama's election.