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Monday, August 2, 2010



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IM BACK! YES! I got married 2 months ago and have spent the past couple of months on honeymoon not to mention working on my business. I HAVE kept up with things elsewhere but have neglected the blog. There is a lot I want to share.

First, it turns out some liberalfascist goons hacked into my youtube account and deleted most of my videos. This should serve as proof of the nazilike tendencies of liberals. They hate our freedom and want us badly to become another despotic regime under their failed marxian system.

Second, I am now on Twitter, face book and have posted some comments recently on Huffington post, the leftist news forum. I have also been on Mark Fiore's website challenging the marxists there on their views.

Third, I have several articles planned out such as dealing with the Obama administrations failing on the BP oil spill, a liberal plot to use the spill to seize BP assets in a nazilike fashion and to do the same to others in order to bring about state property. Also I have articles detailing guardian abuse in Illinois, Obama's home state and one of the most socialistic. As well as SSi scaming and pilfering and the economic downturn we have been facing since Obama's election.