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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Socialist take over of psychiatry

I have been away for 3-4 months from my blog and I had a lot of articles I wanted to publish. For one, The anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty was around that time and a friend of mine who is a historical scholar was going to help write an interesting article about mutiny and include some facts about Captain William Bligh and the bounty crew that is not generally known. He would cut away some of the fiction and non fiction that sadly has seeped in thanks to popular fiction and Hollywood influence.

I was also going to discuss the so called theory about death panels and how sure enough, Obama care will be rationing medicine and denying life saving treatment to people who are perceived as being useless and a social burden. Also, I was going to show more articles about SSI scams against about the collapse of Social security and California liberals invading free states with their failed Marxist policies that ruined their home state.

However I felt compelled to bring up an issue I have been taken to task about which concerns psychiatry. In a lot of my articles I have written about abuses involving the mental health system. I have been accused of being a Scientologist even by those in conservative forums for my attacks against psychiatry.

Well let me be frank, I am not an opponent of psychiatry. I do not deny that mental illness exists, ETC I certainly am not a scientologist.


I am against psychiatrists making up disorders and diseases out of thin air without physical proof. At the APA for example they simply take a vote and boom! The illness exists.

I am against psychiatrists using traits and distinctions that have nothing to do with mental state and nothing to do with anything neurological. Some psychiatrists diagnose people as mentally defective simply because they were victims of persecution or because of religious or political beliefs.

With that in mind I want to point out that as I detest such diagnosing of mental illness on such absurd grounds, what is even more absurd is that such diagnosis OF a mental illness that freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the constitution should be suspended for such as person diagnosed.

It is the later that I and others who have been involved in the anti-psychiatry movement have been most concerned about. Those of you who have followed my blog for the past two plus years are aware of atrocities that have resulted from abuse at the hands of mental health officials. SSI scamming, guardian abuse being the worst of these atrocities. Not to mention defending abusive relatives.

With that in mind, these same individuals most of whom are perfectly healthy and productive members of society are persecuted by leftist doctors while those who are truly in need of treatment and intervention are ignored.

Just a few months ago I took a trip to Los Angeles, one of the homeless capitols of the country. (California in of itself is a homeless capitol. A testament to the welfare state and illegal immigration.) While there were plenty of people who were out on the streets because they were down on their luck, I noticed many of them were visibly demented and deranged. Downtown I saw homeless people who were talking to themselves and invisible people (in English AND Spanish.)

I noticed a man who had white and red make up with crosses on his face who was singing and shouting Christian hymns and oldies. He looked like a clown. I saw an old woman who was cursing on the side walk. In Hollywood, I saw crackheads and other insane people. I recalled an incident in Modesto where a woman who was living independently was declared bipolar, sterilized and had her assets confiscated not to mention similar cases. Surprisingly, these doctors left skid row and the Streets of LA Hollywood and elsewhere untouched.

Men and women who are a threat to themselves and others, who are clearly incapable of caring or feeding themselves, who are living on the streets are ignored. Elderly and ordinary citizens however are targets of communist minded psychiatrists who are after their assets and property isolating, medicated and robbing them then dumping them on the streets.

Psychiatry itself is not the problem. The problem is the socialist worldview that has crept into the practice for over a century; the abhorrence of property rights and the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and in its place a collectivist dictatorship run either by a single tyrant or multiple tyrants elected or otherwise or a tyranny of 51% or more of people who are childish, selfish and naive. Here is were Rob Hubbard and the Scientology church fails in finding the errors of psychiatry. It is not psychiatry itself but socialism.