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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well no not really. I no longer live in Maine which IS hell. But New Hampshire is on its way to becoming like them thanks to an influx of Democrats from the surrounding communist bloc states.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liberals attempt to rewrite history on the Boston Tea Party

In yet another attempt to assault the tea party movement, the left has a new weapon up its sleeve. A weapon its predecessors in totalitarian countries such as liberal Germany and liberal China have used frequently. Revisionist history. In this case it concerns an event in American history. the Boston Tea party. A revolt by colonists where a merchant ship carrying tea from the British East India company was seized and its cargo dumped overboard. This was all due to unjust taxation by British Parliament thousands of miles away. Taxation without representation as our founders put it which was considered an act of tyranny.

But not according to liberal historians. According to the far left these patriots were NOT protesting against unjust taxes but were protesting a TAX CUT. That's right! You heard that correctly, the revolutionary war, the tea party, ETC. were because those capitalist stooges in Britain voted to cut every one's taxes rather than spread the wealth around for the greater good.


The founding fathers evidently weren't very much those old white slave owning liberty loving capitalist dogs the liberals make them out to be. They were commie pinkos who wanted to take things away from you for the greater good.

This is history to a liberal...

But let us go back to the real world. What really did happen. What is it that the leftists leave out?

Well to start with what happened was it was NOT a tax cut that parliament voted for. More of a tax shift. This is by the way a very cunning tactic used by liberals in many places when trying to pacify blue collar and other Democrats who worry about heavy tax burdens effecting the economy and their standard of living. In Maine where I am originally from, Governor Baldaci The Bolshevik tyrant that has run our state to the ground for a decade used this tactic frequently. He would cut Income taxes while raising sales taxes and other taxes or at times tax cut here and tax hike elsewhere. The leftist media would then cover it up act like there was no shift while making ad hominem attacks on capitalists who opposed it.

Barack Obama has done the same thing. His economic plan to raise taxes while letting Bush's teeny tiny tax cuts expire is called a tax cut for middle class families. In reality no one's taxes are being cut. They are in fact being raised and the big companies WILL pass the buck to those of us the consumers.

The same tactic was used to attack Bush when he attempted his tax cuts. In reality what happened was Democrat legislatures in state and city levels hiked taxes cancelling out Bush's tax cuts. Only Middle American states with low taxes and smaller governments enjoyed any prosperity during the last decade. Sadly, the liberal dominated media turned THAT around and covered THAT up.

But getting back on topic, British parliament Did exactly that. Tax shift. NOT Tax cut. You see it all started when a gigantic conglomerate called The British East India company reported that its revenues and profits were in deep decline. This primarily due to competition from smaller shipping companies. The company riled up parliament with fears of economic hardships if it did not do anything to help.

Well, just like big companies in our time, the British East India Company HAD bought off much of Parliament. Not to mention, the house of lords. So that along with cries of the sky is falling helped make it possible for Parliament to pass the Tea act which GAVE The British East India company a special exemption on tariffs and duties for shipping. Not only that, a tax cut.

This act for all intensive purposes was a precursor to a favorite pass time of liberals called corporate welfare as well as Keynsianism.

According to Supporters, it would drive down costs of tea all while discouraging smugglers. Just like how stealing 800 billion from overburdened taxpayers was supposed to be helpful to OUR economy. Both were lies.

In reality, the tea act was harmful to local shipping companies which were NOT exempt from these fees and taxes and faced bankruptcy. In those days Bankruptcy also usually meant imprisonment for many years in a debtors prison or forced service in The army or Navy. The price of tea meanwhile remained the same all while The British East India company wallowed in cash.

At the same time Parliament dramatically increased policing of smuggling and forbade colonists to buy any other tea except from the British East India Company. Overall, the result was an ACTUAL TAX INCREASE on the most basic of items of some 50-60%. So, no, it really wasn't a tax cut that the colonists were protesting. More over it was the opposite. That and corporate welfare.


These words were uttered by our forefathers more than 2 centuries ago first by the reverend Jonathan Mayhew then by Patrick Henry and James Otis. These were words that were the spark for revolution against an unjust ungodly and tyrannical government thousands of miles away that imposed the will of a tiny aristocratic oligarchy who ruled without consent of the governed.

To Liberal socialist Democrats, especially the royal aristocratic elite in congress and the Senate those words are considered the uttering of right wing nuts and racists. The ideas of individualism, free speech, economic liberty freedom of religion the right to bear arms ETC. these are all abhorred by liberal democrats whose stranglehold of power is kept enforced by a population of sloths, addicts, and those who view wealth and prosperity as a form of theft and liberty and freedom a form of white supremacy and racism.

Today the tyrannical government our forefathers fought against lies not thousands of miles and a continent away but on our own shores in Washington and in our state capitols and city halls. A government that takes away the fruits of our blood sweat and tears and gives it away to sloths, drug addicts, felons and corporate cheats just to name a few. Along with government employees who make millions with the backing of unionist thugs and blackmailers. Our government punishes success and initiative and targets the innocent while giving mercy and compassion to the under serving who if pampered will continue to be a cancerous growth to our nation.