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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Liberals plan to control nation's food supply and starve the homeless and disabled

In previous articles I brought up how liberals want the state to control the worlds food supply. Liberals believe that the private sector should not have a say in growing distributing and selling food. The state along with one world communist government should only have a say in those matters.

Of course any student of history can see where that has lead, from food shortages and blights in the middle ages thanks to feudalism to hundreds of millions dying under communist made food shortages in Ukraine and China.

Farms and grocery stores are not the only things liberals want to come under the monopoly control of the state. The very act of giving someone food, a crust of bread, a morsel, what have you, outside government supervision is considered abhorrent by liberals. Only the state and those authorized by the state should do that. Even if the person is needy.

In cities around America such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Dallas, Portland Oregon, Miami, Austin, Portland Maine, Seattle, Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit and New York, cities that have large homeless and needy populations (thanks to liberals and their sadistic nazist worldview) there have been clamp downs by the police, the department of health and city council against charities and citizens that distribute food to the needy.

Groups like Food not bombs, the salvation army, local churches ETC have come under the heavy foot of BIG government. This has been felt horribly in Orlando, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The government wants to ban the sale or free giving of food to those deemed eligible for government assistance. (Yet don't get it)

Under the auspices of hygiene and the environment, liberals want to make it a crime to give food to the homeless and those with little or no income and require that only the government may give them food. To further discourage this, liberals have used ineffective bureaucracy by forcing charities to pay hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars to obtain a government permit to hand out food. In addition harassment by the police has taken place.

In Los Angeles, the liberal LAPD with help from busy bodies at city hall have moved through Skid Row and south Central LA harassing and discouraging the giving of food. Feedings were commonplace at the time. Charities even ordinary citizens would show up and provide used clothing, food and hygiene kits to LA's poorest and most downtrodden. The Liberals at city hall want to put an end to that and make sure that the only place they will be getting food or anything is at state run/regulated missions or the welfare office.

Food not bombs was harassed last month by LAPD officers accompanied by a government worker outside the Union Mission. The Worker and the officer attempted to shut down the feeding and warned volunteers that feeding the poor and giving them clothing promoted drug addition, littering and that they needed an expensive health permit. Another charity was also harassed. None of the caved in thankfully and no one was arrested.

Sadly there have been successful attempts by liberal Busy bodies to shut down feeding. A group of UCLA students attempted to serve soup to transients living near Washington Blvd and were prevented by LAPD officers who used bullying tactics. The group caved and repacked their van and moved on. Not before LAPD officers dumped the soup out on the pavement.

A group of Korean missionaries who regularly serve coffee and donuts on 6th and Crocker also faced harassment and were deterred from serving one day by police officers who followed them and stopped their van just in sight of a line full of hungry people, many of whom had been waiting over an hour. The missionaries were bullied and threatened with a citation if they did not move on. They did and several poor individuals, many of whom do NOT get benefits of any kind including food stamps did not get to eat breakfast that day because of liberals and the LAPD.

Similar instances have taken place in other cities like the ones mentioned above. At times feedings have been shut down due to liberal meddling by Department of health and local gestapo. Never mind that many of these people do not get benefits and sleep out in the streets.

And Here, is the crux of the problem, the government, the very government that wants these poor people to depend solely on them often times turns them away and tells them to go die somewhere instead of so much as giving them benefits.

Statistics show that in Los Angeles county, over 70% of transients, many of whom are disabled are not getting any kind of benefits including food stamps despite being eligible. The same story is played out throughout America's cities. Food stamps, SSI, TANF and other services are denied and the poor are turned away. All while selfish and lazy government employees waste your taxes. Most of the time, able bodied drug addicts are put ahead of those truly in need.

The consequences

Shutting down feedings and forcing the poor to rely exclusively on the government for assistance not only costs taxpayers more money, it often times does not work and creates ripple effects throughout the community.

In Dallas Texas for example, the city council meddled with feedings and shut them down saying it would be better if the poor rely on welfare. The city also shut down a non profit shelter because of its religious views. The result... Dallas experienced Higher crime, more homelessness and more drug addictions. Homelessness did not budge an inch.Las Vegas and Orlando also attempted the same thing by shutting down feedings. This fueled crime by creating a desperate situation and created a greater dependence on government.

The liberal agenda: Mass starvation and totalitarian control.

The real agenda of liberals behind this is not compassion but control over your food and when or whether you can eat. Liberals will have us believe that food is a right not a privilege but fail to mention who gives that right? Their answer is the state which all must bow down to and obey or Your a racist! But the state as it always has can always take away what it can give. It often happens.

We saw this first hand in Russia and China in the past century. Both countries cast off religion and morality and the ideas of free markets liberty and the right to decide for one's self. (of course at the time they had very little freedom or liberty to begin with anyway making it easier.)

The state took control of food and production and distribution became centralized in the hands of a few. It was the will of the people the liberals said. Food is a right, and because of this, hundreds of millions perished.

In Germany under Hitler's national socialists, food was withheld from those the state deemed unworthy. That is, those who were not considered full blooded Aryans and opposed the state. This also included those who could not contribute labor or taxes for government projects as well as government pay stubs. The German Socialists initiated the barbaric T4 program. First they used starvation by denying food to patients in mental hospitals who were considered inferior by the state's opinion. Thousands died of starvation in mental hospitals and work camps. Later they resorted to gassing with carbon monoxide.

Liberal socialists in America are doing the exact same thing their predecessors did in Germany, the USSR, China, Cambodia and elsewhere by making it a crime to distribute food to the poor and the weak and by funneling the masses into a bureaucratic nightmare where the power of life and death is given at the hands of case workers, government administrators and others. If you can't work, if you are homeless, if you can't contribute taxes and most of all, if you don't contribute votes for the Democrats in exchange, you don't eat.

Not only do liberals deny food stamps SSI and others, they deny health care. America already has Universal health care in most of America despite what liberals want you to believe. In Maine for example there is Mainecare and it frequently turns away those who need it. In Massachusetts and California the same thing also happens. Free clinics on La's Skid row also turn away people.

Now that we have Obamacare, expect to see more poor and elderly being pushed aside for illegal aliens, drug addicts and singles with illegitimate children who make up Obama and the Democrat's voting base. It looks as though Sarah Palin's theory of death panels might not be as far fetched as the left would have us believe. the NHS in Britain also deny's life saving care to its poor and weak. In the Netherlands Euthanasia is being practiced to kill weak and sick babies who are just being born. In Communist Venezuela and Cuba, doctors deny healthcare to babies with down syndrome. And to make Socialized medicine look good, they downplay casualties and cook the books. After all they were weak and inferior anyway.

Food is always a weapon of socialism. If the government can give it to you it can take it away. A government that is powerful enough to give you your rights can terminate them and a government with that much power also has the ability to kill you at anytime it wants.

Alternatives and how conservative cities deal with it

There are of course better ways to solve all of these allegations made by police and the health department. For one thing cheaper permit costs wouldn't hurt. In addition requiring clean up after wards by the volunteers. Also by placing and regularly emptying garbage cans. Instead of collectively punishing every needy person, simply cite and fine those who litter.

It can work and it does in more Conservative communities where Judeo Christian values are entrenched. One good example is Omaha Nebraska. the city of Omaha is regarded as one of the ten most generous cities in the country. 50% of the population volunteers in some kind of mercy work. The city is overwhelmingly religious with Catholics just barely outnumbering Evangelicals. The city has two privately run shelters that provide laundry clothing food shelter and other services to the homeless and those struggling.

There are also regular feedings at the park downtown near the library. St Timothy's Lutheran church regularly distributes sandwiches and food not bombs also comes by weekly. Angels on wheels, a ministry that routinely serves the needy also comes by and holds BBQ cook outs and distributes shoes clothes and hygiene kits. Permit costs are sensible and everyone is civilized almost all the time. The volunteers also clean up afterwards making sure that everything is tidy like before. This is what civilization looks like. this is what happens when the teachings of Abraham, Mosses and Christ are applied in our society. But the liberals despise this...

To be continued...

Skid Row's homeless as well as the homeless in many other urban areas of the USA and Europe face this debacle everyday whenever liberalism comes to town. Whether its food stamps SSI, health care whatever. Its a sick agenda.

Next time you'll learn about how liberals are not only taking over the distribution of food but homeless shelters as well. You will learn what goes on in shelters in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and elsewhere when the state has the power over who gets a bed or not and the kind of people who run these shelters.

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Anonymous said...

Homelessness in this country is artificialy created. It is governemtn getting involved and establishing zoning laws and permits. Before that we never had a homeless problem in this country. We didnt even have all this welfarism BS either.