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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calstate Dems involuntarily commit the innocent and let homeless psycho killers run free

Two days ago, An elderly woman was murdered in front of her sister and onlookers on LA's metro gold line station in Little Tokyo. The station, recently opened a year ago under the new gold line extension into east LA now has its first big incident. An insane drug addicted and mentally ill homeless woman is now in custody for committing the murder.

The killer, a woman named Jackkqueline Pogue committed the offense has a long history of mental illness not to mention an even longer criminal history. She had been thrown out of just about every shelter and welfare housing in the city (which is surprisingly not uncommon given that these shelters and other facilities turn a blind eye to drug use and crime) and had a history of roaming LA's metro stations and trains panhandling and causing trouble.

Under California law including a newly expanded version of the LPS act, she was supposed to have been placed in involuntary commitment, institutionalized for a short period and then required to take medication and attend peer counseling.

That never happened.

In fact at least a year previous she assaulted an elderly man at Pershing square station and a Hispanic woman on the metro red line at Hollywood and Vine. The police did nothing. In fact on LAPD officer commented that nothing could be done anyway since she was mentally ill therefore she would get off easy. That still is no excuse. A woman is now dead thanks to their neglect. This should never have happened.

But the innocent are punished still...

This of course brings me to yet another tragedy. This week or maybe next when I get to it, I intend to publish an article on my blog and elsewhere about a high school graduate who was ready to start her adult life only to have it taken away from her by the state of California and mental health professionals.

Melinda Lee, The granddaughter of Chinese refugees who fled Mao Tse Tung's communist upheaval in China to Taiwan, then America and whose parents wound up embracing him had her whole life ahead of her when all of a sudden it was snatched away just a month after she graduated from High School. This woman had her whole life ahead of her... not anymore.

Melinda was forced into involuntary psychiatric commitment by her parents because according to them, she was awkward and peculiar. Doctors labeled her as having Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental social retardation that is also said to be related to autism. Doctors claimed she didn't fit in and was incapable of becoming an independent adult. All of this was conjecture and hear say. They based it on lies by the parents as well as their own biased opinions just because she was said to be nerdy.

Plenty of kids who are nerdy go on to accomplish great things! Think about people like Bill Gates for example. But no. Liberals want the government to butt in. To that end they make up a stupid disorder and then the government comes in, cancels the God given rights of our constitution and forces them to go through things THEIR way. As a result, poverty and disaster which is what always can be expected evertime government is in control.

Melinda had her whole future destroyed. She was not harmful to herself or anyone, she was an A student, she was a bright intelligent young woman ready to enter the world but instead she had that taken from her. In the coming week You will learn more about how liberalism destroyed her.

Meanwhile Jack Pogue gets to sleep on the streets of skid row, she gets thrown out of every shelter and SRO in the city, she goes around making trouble and nobody does anything! Add to this, California gives away several hundred dollars of your taxes to these people like Pogue for doing no work and they spend it on drugs. It all comes down to her killing an innocent old lady at a train station and only then is she arrested and detained. Unlike Melinda and others who are detained because liberals hate freedom and hate successful people.

Now of course I expect more debates to surface about terminating more of our God given liberties in the name of safety against mentally ill criminals. This despite as I mention already in a previous article Laws to that end already and always have existed, even if Hogue wasn't violent, the fact that she is mentally ill, homeless and unable to care for herself would have been enough for the state o come in and place her in the least restrictive setting possible. This as opposed to Nancy Pelosi putting Melinda Lee in an institution and drugging her into oblivion not to mention Nate Tseglin, a high school student who was institutionalized for being ostracized at school and because his parents were anti communist Russian refugees. Tseglin had a bright future but was drugged into oblivion and now suffers brain damage all thanks to Orange County Liberals.

Until we eject the liberals from the 3 branches of government and from the state assembly in California and other states, we will continue to suffer. So will innocent victims like melinda Lee and Nate Tseglin, and so will the victims and loved ones of violent psychotic homeless.


Anonymous said...

So... When do we hear about Melinda Lee and her Maoist parents? Hm?

Anonymous said...

God have mercy... Liberals use psychiatry to ruin lives. It needs to be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

Poor Melinda, Poor California. This is all the fault of the Democrats. They lock up the innocent while supporting crime. We need to murder all the democrat politicians and the traitors that vote them in.