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Saturday, November 6, 2010

New 2010 rankings on states best for business and careers (guess who's last)

Forbes Magazine recently released its annual statistics on best states for business and careers for 2010. In this tough economy and when looking for a place with good employment, it is a useful tool. The statistics were compiled by several business organizations including Moody's Polling Corporate Real Estate Pacific Research Institute Tax Foundation Sperling's Best Places Better Government Association Census Bureau SBA FBI Dept. of Education and of course Forbes.

Both Private and public sectors came together and compiled this listing. The criteria used included the following: educational attainment, net migration, projected population growth, regulatory and tort climate, incentives, government integrity, transportation and bond ratings job income and gross state product growth as well as unemployment and presence of big companies, projected job, income and gross state product growth as well as business openings/closings and venture capital investments. The quality of schools, health, crime, cost of living and poverty rates were also included.

Those of you who are familiar with the listing on forbes as well as those who have read it on my blog will see some familiar faces both at the top and bottom of the list. Below is the ratings. The numbers on the left are current ranks, the right ones are last years rankings:

1 3 Utah
2 1 Virginia
3 5 North Carolina
4 4 Colorado
5 2 Washington
6 10 Oregon
7 8 Texas
8 6 Georgia
9 9 Nebraska
10 15 Kansas
11 7 North Dakota
12 11 Idaho
13 14 Iowa
14 12 Maryland
15 17 Minnesota
16 34 Massachusetts
17 16 South Dakota
18 29 Missouri
19 19 New Hampshire
20 21 Delaware
21 32 New York
22 23 Tennessee
23 36 Arizona
24 13 Montana
25 28 Alabama
26 18 Florida
27 22 Wyoming
28 31 Nevada
29 30 Indiana
30 33 Pennsylvania
31 43 Kentucky
32 26 Arkansas
33 20 Oklahoma
34 25 South Carolina
35 27 New Mexico
36 35 Connecticut
37 24 Illinois
38 37 Ohio
39 38 California
40 45 New Jersey
41 46 West Virginia
42 42 Alaska
43 48 Wisconsin
44 44 Louisiana
45 47 Vermont
46 39 Hawaii
47 49 Michigan
48 40 Mississippi
49 50 Rhode Island
50 41 Maine

The state of Utah beat Virginia out as best state for business. Salt Lake City and the rest of Mormon Country in particular the city of Provo have enjoyed a great deal of economic prosperity. Virginia's decline was probably due to the lost of manufacturing jobs along with upticks in violent crime in Richmond. Utah, with its pro capitalist business climate and strong foundations of moral, family and religious values were no doubt essential in its climb to the top. Say what you want about Mormon beliefs in general, its emphasis of family values without a doubt made this possible.

And just like in previous years, low tax small government republican conservative states such as Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Carolina ETC. have retained the top ten despite shrills from socialist Democrats that those are bad states with no taxes or programs for lazy slackers. Minnesota, Washington state and Oregon were the only Democrat states to remain on top. Don't expect it to last much longer.

The free state of New Hampshire remains at 19 near the bottom of the upper bracket due to an influx of communist Democrats fleeing the messes they made in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island New York, California and elsewhere. They brought their anti freedom anti business beliefs with them and put them to practice, pulling The Free state downhill.

Surprisingly, The Peoples Socialist republic of Massachusetts made a steady climb up due to reforms by counter revolutionaries no doubt. All they need to do now is chuck out the unconstitutional insurance mandate and all will be well.

At the bottom of the list as always were the liberal states. All those states where liberal mantras of government knows best, for the children and for the greater good (always at the expense of your children and their greater good BTW) are put in practice and were liberty and freedom are disdained as racist Nazism, where socialism is all that's allowed and where your rights don't matter. Alaska is the only state of any kind of conservatism at the bottom. California which has embraced the European model is close to the bottom 10.

Not surprisingly the State of Maine which also embraces European leanings was dead last, bumping Rhode Island, another model of Europeanism in America off. Mississippi, long considered worst state in the union was behind that followed by the Europeanized state of Michigan which was the home state of Michael Moore.

Maine's decline is no doubt due to voter initiatives from Democrats asking for more taxing spending and borrowing. The value of the dollar has declined greatly in the state that has close to the biggest tax burden not to mention largest government administration in the nation due to constant borrowing to keep the mega beast alive. That, and demands by Maine's immoral majority to allow illegal aliens to vote, raise property taxes and the defeat of the Tabor (tax payer bill of rights) amendment last year for the 2nd time. Add to this, a lack of welfare reform and generous handouts to teenage moms with litters and dope fiends.

In addition, a growing number of gangs especially around the Portland Metro area, a massive increase in homelessness, even new taxes against vacationers such as what to do with your row boat!!

There is hope for Maine. The recent elections of republicans have given Maine and opportunity to come out of its hell hole and return the the traditional values of America and the free market. Let us hope and pray that this so. Its up to us to make sure our newly elected republican leaders have a backbone to stand for their convictions of freedom liberty and free markets against the tyranny of the socialist left.

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