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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Universal Basic Income(free money for life coming soon)

The above title should say it all. It is a currently unheard of social program but one that will become widely known just like Social security and Universal health care. The Universal Basic Income is essentially getting free money for life with no strings attached. ABSOLUTELY NONE! It is already beginning to take hold in New Zealand and is being contemplated (not surprisingly) by that Communist liberal utopia that Democrats want us to emulate, the European Union.

According to websites such as basic and similar websites advocating the implementation of UBI, everyone would receive somewhere between six hundred to a thousand a month simply for doing no work. They even go as far as saying that no strings would be attached to it, that even drug addicts, the severely mentally ill and slackers would get it and could spend it any way they feel. It is designed to replace social security and unemployment insurance.

So let that sink in for a moment. The liberals are already gouging us to pay for welfare handouts to single moms with litters and crack addicts in housing projects who refuse to work. The government despite claiming to require work for some of them turns a blind eye and even helps them get out of work in some cases. We are also being gouged of our savings and the fruits of our labor to pay for free health care for people who are poor, most of whom either are poor by choice or because they made bad decisions.

Now, as if that were bad enough we are now going to pay to have 300 million Americans get free money for the rest of their lives and expect hard working Americans to subsidize it. WE ALREADY PAY FOR FOOD STAMPS WELFARE ETC AND ALL THIS GIANT GOVERNMENT AND NOW THEY EXPECT US TO PAY UP OUR NOSE EVEN MORE TO GIVE IT TO EVERYONE!

What's more there are no strings attached. (so they say) You wont have to get a job or quit being an alcoholic or drug addict. One Australian who wrote about this even argued that even pot heads and drinkers should get it regardless. Also people who have questionable difficulty managing money such as the severely mentally ill, people who spend their money foolishly should get it without strings attached.

What on earth are these liberals thinking? Do they think that if we give them free healtcare, free housing, free food, free this and free that and a handout of six hundred to a thousand dollars a month that they will want to hold a job? That they will be responsible? Do we seriously believe that if we give them all this money that they will start a business, produce, innovate or do anything but lay about?

Well that's the problem with liberals. They don't think through the consequences of the actions of socialism. We ARE seeing at this moment the failure of government regulations, how aspiring entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with all the hoops and barriers they must jump over just to start a small business and wind up going on welfare instead. Waiting 5 hours in line for food stamps and welfare and filling out triplicate forms is easier than waiting a year for government to approve your business and pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees afterwards.

The welfare state instead of a safety net is more of a hammock. One that I might add is flimsy and wont support and hold up very well. Why go to college study hard and work hard if you can live in public housing and get food stamps? After all, in the end the government will probably ban you from working, steal your money, close your business ETC and why work hard all your life if the government can take it away?

So now the liberal socialists will simplify it. A free handout. a few hundred a month, maybe a thousand and expect everything to be okay. Yeah, they think people are going to invest in a college education or small business and work.

But the truth of the matter is that it is not a free handout. Nothing is free and to say that there will be no strings attached is a mistake. For whenever you deal with the government, there is always, strings attached, not to mention chains. As I mentioned before... Liberals never think through the consequences of their actions. This is why their ideologies fail every time they are implemented.

So suppose we implement Universal Basic income here. Questions:Who is in charge of handing it out? Will the Social security administration handle that task the way they handle SSI? Who decides how much we get? What if the government takes it away from us? What if government requires something in return later on? Will the amount go up and down? Suppose I take a job at McDonald's? Will my UBI be deducted? If so whats the point of working? What happens if it is misused? Will there be a representative payee program like with SSI and disability? What if the payee abuses it? What if government does nothing about it? What if drug addicts and mentally ill still get it while healthy people are given abusive payees?

Another even better question? Can we afford to pay every American a UBI? No doubt taxes will have to be raised and spending on the military will have to be cut off. I also expect liberals will use eminent domain, asset forfeiture, SSI scamming and other underhanded socialist tricks to seize money from those who toil their whole lives to pay for it.

But if we simply use reason and logic and think through and remember our history especially the past 100 years of history, we can come up with the answers very easily. In fact I'm going to give a few of them right now...

First of all, we cannot afford it. Even if we tax the wealthiest Americans 80% or even 90% of their incomes we couldn't afford it. To top it off, since it will take away the incentive to work, invest and innovate, you wont see anymore people working and paying taxes. To top it off, liberals will begin working their way painfully from top to bottom like they do in states like Maine and New Jersey. In Maine for instance, liberals have scared off all their businesses with high taxes and regulations and it is the poorest state in the Northeast and 3rd poorest in the country. It is also the worst state for jobs.

To top it all off it has the most regressive tax system in America. One of the highest sales and income tax burdens especially on the middle class and working poor, pay roll taxes ETC. Democrats in that state argued "oh! We all have to sacrifice for the greater good!" The greater good of course meaning totalitarian statism and socialist domination.

The same will happen nation wide. I expect liberals to tax to death even the middle class and raise sales taxes to the same level as the Europeans, meaning sales taxes of 25% or 30% to the dollar especially on necessities. This will further destroy the incentive to work and innovate, it will destroy the incentive to create jobs for businesses that still exist barely. Its like I told one liberal on YouTube. If the government can soak the rich, they can soak the homeless even more. They do in Maine.

To answer the other questions, yes there will be strings attached. If the government has that much power to give you free money and health care for life it can take it away from you for any reason it can fathom such as being too old, too sick, too weak or being disabled and unable to work. So that pretty much means you don't contribute. You become what liberals in the early 20th century used to term, useless eaters. The state will either kill you or leave you to starve to death.

Also the UBI can be used to coerce loyalty. Are you a tea party member? Do you vote for candidates or measures that oppose socialism and the glorious liberal communist state? No more money for you! Not only that we will ban you from working! It can happen easily friends. As for the Australian's viewpoint that even the very wild and crazy and addicts can have it with no strings attached, well its doubtful.

Eventually if such a program is implemented, there will be incidents of severely impaired individuals getting the money but not using it for needs instead say donating it to the flat earth society or buying scrap metal to build a magic toaster that can travel in time, not to mention incidents of people overdosing or causing criminal mischief. With that the representative payee program will no doubt be used for that purpose.

The Representative Payee program in truth is a liberal conspiracy to steal your benefits and waste them. Payees are allowed to charge up to 40$ out of your benefits if you have one.(Devastating if you only get 400$ a month.)Often times, people who are perfectly capable of managing money are given payees and people who aren't are left alone. The overwhelming majority of those who have them are abused and wind up worse off then ever.

Those of you who have read my blog over the years are familiar with stories of liberals confiscating entire estates and destroying jobs to force innocent people into poverty and misery. Throughout America thousands of Americans who once were employed and independent had our liberal government come in, take away their money, job, home and belongings, put guardians and payees in charge and dump them on the streets. I intend to go into more detail about the representative payee program and how it is misused and abused and how it is clumsy and further proof of socialism's failure later on.


The UBI or Universal Basic Income is yet another scam, another failed initiative and another dream in that liberal fantasy that communism is better than capitalism and that taxpayer funded politicians and government employees are more better at deciding things then we are. That the state is God and it alone dictates how are lives are run. We have already seen that burst like a soap bubble with the demise of the USSR, the abuse corruption and waste of Social Security and guardian abuse not to mention the loss of freedom.

Liberals still cling to that fantasy and brainwash our children in public schools each day to embrace that fantasy. It doesn't work. It never truly will work. UBI if it is implemented will still vindicate those who support free markets and individual freedom and responsibility should it come to our shores as universal health care already has.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Democrat controlled states brace for job loss and higher taxes

Barack Hussein Obama has been pitching the congress for tax hikes to compensate for our national debt problems. John Boehner and the tea party congress despite howling slanderous rhetoric from the liberal dominated media blaming them for government spending gone awry have been correct to resist these efforts and even more accurate in calling them jobs killing taxes. Obama and the liberals don't seem to comprehend that by raising taxes you will put more businesses to death and cause more jobs to be lost, hence, people who paid taxes into the system are now taking out of the system as welfare recipients.

Obama in a press conference had the further audacity to parrot the false liberal mantra that corporations pay the least taxes in history and contribute nothing. HOGWASH! Obama only brings up Federal taxes and doesn't include all the fees, red tape, restrictions ETC. that one must jump through just to get things going. He also doesn't mention state AND local taxes as well as local laws rules and fees that one must pay and all the hoops to go through just to build something or create a single job.

When you total it all up, our business system in America, big and small, (in particular small business, the backbone of our economy and job sector.) Has never before in history been under assault. This is because liberal Democrats despise the private sector and despise independence. They want the government to hold a monopoly on all jobs and sources of income. They want YOU and I to be slaves to the government and bow down and grovel before the legislature just to get a job and a pay check. Government knows better.

Which can probably explain why the failed bailout plan is costing somewhere between 200k and a million dollars just to create a single low paying job. With that much money the private sector could pay out handfuls of those same jobs even better paying jobs. But liberals want the state to be in control instead of there being prosperity. To make matters worse, Democrats in most states have circumvented GOP efforts and have raised sales and other taxes and fees. These are generally regressive taxes that hurt the poor, the very people liberals falsely claim to support.

The situation is even more bleak in Liberal controlled states. In particular California, Vermont, New Jersey, Maine, New York and The state of Washington. In California, efforts are underway to raise taxes, cut benefits from those whose jobs were taken away by socialism and illegal aliens and to take away the independence of the industrial city of Vernon.

The city of Vernon which has a population of 100 is located in South Central Los Angeles. Its only residents live in a public housing building and it includes a few homeless who sometimes work odd jobs in the area. 44,000 people commute to Vernon each day to work in this safe haven from socialism. But the safe haven is cracking.

Vernon recently suffered a set back after a scandal involving corruption. City officials just like in Bell were responsible for pilfering the city treasury. This of course is nothing new whenever you depend on the government for a hand out. But liberals always want more communism as a solution for communism's failures.

Since the seventies, California liberals have tried to take away Vernon's independent status so that Los Angeles Democrats can sink their fangs into its prospering businesses. Now with the corruption scandal they might have good excuse and its sending shock waves throughout LA county.

Governor Rick Perry and other red state governors have already reached out to struggling Californians, giving comparisons of their business models to California's. Its nothing new. We've been through this before but liberals just whine and caterwaul that they are weaseling out of their obligations to pay their fair share to illegal aliens and lazy crack addicts on welfare who won't work. A more accurate view, They are weaseling out of the liberal demand to dig their own graves which liberals expect of all of us.

California leftists have already begun a campaign to punish businesses that try and leave the state. A friend of mine from Santa Barbara told me how he was in La La Land and was driving through Little Tokyo and came across billboards showing the state of Texas Lassoing the state of California and squeezing money out of it and redirecting to a website on how to save Vernon jobs.

Well liberals have their own plan. A retro active tax that would kick in if the business closed down and reopened in another state which would just all together kill the jobs benefiting absolutely no one. You create welfare recipients and more people who take from the treasury instead of putting it in. At least these ones are trying to work despite half a decade of leftist policy.

Other than that there is the usual plan, tax and tax again. Spend and spend again to create more government jobs. Never mind that for every job the state creates, handfuls disappear.

In the state of Vermont which probably May be even more left wing than California in some aspects, the state legislature has approved a so called universal health care plan. this plan is very eerily similar to the one the traitor Mitt Romney created. This will no doubt cost the already cash strapped state more than it can handle. Vermont was recently branded by several top economic think tanks including sperlings, moody's economy and Forbes as one of the worst states to conduct business. One can only fathom how they expect to pay for all this with their tax base gone. Then again Do liberals ever expect to owe anything in the end? Something to consider in light of the current debt crisis.

My former home state of Maine is in the troubles too. It is the worst state in America for jobs and has the 2nd or 3rd largest tax burden in the country. In addition public sector unions and communist agitators hold the state hostage. It has the largest state government and is among the poorest states in the nation. But even though they finally got a republican in Augusta, Governor LePage is fighting an uphill battle against overpaid government workers who want the state to continue its enslavement under communist oppression.

The terrible economy and bankrupt treasury have made it easy to cut back pensions but his move to remove a pro union mural and demands to test welfare bums for drugs are starting to create backlash. What happened in Wisconsin and Indiana could possibly happen in Augusta. If it does my hope is for the tea party to mobilize and demonstrate to Mainers just what really caused our bad economy.

And of course red states like Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Colorado continue to become a powerhouse for jobs and prosperity while blue states continue to bleed. The liberals continue to go into denial however. The Daily Kos for instance used phony job numbers to downplay the Texas miracle and many of them are actually GET THIS comparing Texas to China! HOW CAN YOU COMPARE TEXAS WITH CHINA! The State of Texas is a free state! The government wont confiscate your bank account, steal your property or limit your freedom for any reason! The constitution is applicable there! You might as well as compare New Hampshire to Maine or California while were at it. But that wont apply if you live in Austin or El Paso.


A friend of mine from New Hampshire was telling me this story. His High School Biology teacher had a fish tank with clown fish and anemone. The clown fish swim in the anemone to avoid predators and lure them to it to be eaten. Well the clown fish that was sold to him by this pet shop owner were sick and defective and were eaten by the anemone. The next morning when he showed up he saw the anemone was full. He brought it immediately to the pet shop and argued to the owner about what had happen. The pet shop owner denied everything even as the anemone began spiting up scales and bones.

The anemone clearly ate the clown fish but the owner argued and argued and they got into a shouting match. In the end he called the police and had the teacher escorted out of the pet shop. This is what we are seeing with liberals. The tax system and economic policies of Obama and the Democrats on federal and local levels are destroying jobs and Democrats continue to blame Bush, (even though he's been gone the past 3 years and Pelosi has been in charge these past 5)the tea party and EVEN THE UNEMPLOYED! You heard that right! If you remember my previous articles about SSI and so on one of the reasons liberals do this is to cover up the failure of government, a trait possessed by liberal totalitarian countries throughout history.

All this while government continues to fail and jobs continue to vanish or fly over to Texas and Middle America and government tightens its fist around our economy. With this in mind we must demand that our congressmen not raise taxes to solve the debt problem.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Does Trial by Jury no longer work?

I've meant to write about this for sometime but the recent verdict with Casey Anthony was what brought me into writing it. This incident is disgusting and shows that the jury trial, which was considered an important right and cornerstone in our nation's founding HAS been undermined. It shows how far we have drifted from our Christian values and the philosophical values of our godly founders who gave us this great nation.

My view of why this happened can be summed up by Rush Limbaugh who pointed to the so called pro-choice movement that advocates legal murder for babies...

"You know, what I don't understand about it is they're [the media] all card-carrying liberals. When does the death of a child bother them? I've never seen them get so upset over the death of a child... if they want to feel better, they should imagine that Casey Anthony had an abortion instead:

"You people in the media, if you really, really think she is guilty and you want to feel better about this just tell yourselves that she waited a couple of years to get an abortion and then you'll feel better."

"Abortion is brutal, [it's] never characterized that way and the reason it is brutal is because there is an element of truth of it. I just wanted to put it out there. Pure and simple, nothing more."

Well as you can imagine the liberals and their pro infanticide allies in planned parenthood weren't happy about that remark. But its truthful. In fact I take it several steps ahead. The Jury simply acquitted Casey Anthony because to them its not murder to take the life of a child that has either not yet been born or has been socialized and conformed to the liberal Marxist paradigm that dominates western culture and is eating it through. To that Jury, Caylee Anthony was just a slab of meat. An Animal at best. Not socialised, not conformed to the ways and whims of the liberal way and therefore did not have a right to live.

In fact as I heard one man put it, had Caylee Anthony still been a fetus and even if her mother Casey had confessed and enjoyed murdering her, the media and liberals all around the world would hail her as a hero the same way they view The murderers of Terri Schiavo. None the less Caylee was not yet indoctrinated and socialized into European liberal soviet values, nor was she old enough. She was therefore expendable.

With that we must look into why our founders and why men of great wisdom in days of yore looked to Trial by Jury as a necessity. In the olden days it was perceived by our founders and those who influenced them that trial by jury was a necessary check against corrupt verdicts by judges who could easily be bribed.

In Merry Old England For instance in a lot of the trials that took place in the Bailey, defendants were for the most part considered guilty until proven innocent, given no public defense and who fate lay within the hands of a judge who at times was open to bribery, prejudice and corruption. Though during the English civil war and other times in history There were juries but they were just as corrupt, staffed by handpicked individuals who were simply yes men nothing more.

Couple of notes, if you want to see a traditional version of British justice awry for yourself or read about it I highly recommend reading two novels by Bernard Cornwell. A Crowning Mercy and The Gallows Thief. Recommended to me by a friend which I read and enjoyed.

The founders wanted for our nation to embrace the notion that the defendant in civil and criminal issues was innocent until proven guilty. To make sure that there were no issues, the defendant was given chances for an appeal, a public defender well versed in the law and of course a jury made of up the defendant's peers who after hearing evidence and testimony and then debating and discussing it amongst themselves would come to their own conclusions based on unbiased study reach a verdict into his guilt or innocence.

For awhile this worked. Remember that during this time we were still a Christian nation. We were still a nation that was founded AND STILL GROUNDED on Judeo Christian
principles, case in point, that it was a mortal sin to lie under oath, that liars would be bared from the kingdom of heaven and jurors debated the defendant's fate under the fear of a just God who would rend his OWN verdicts on those jurors depending on how they came to this conclusion.

To that end many states forbade Atheists to testify under oath before God since they did not believe in God and therefore absolute morals, Witnesses and others swore an oath on a bible and our universities and colleges were men studied law were Christian and devout. So much so that at times they make Liberty University and Bob Jones look like Child's play. It was here that the justice system in America got its start. A system which at first was superior to any other with respects towards accused and accuser, victim and suspect. Jurors themselves who came from pious backgrounds also affected. They knew that their souls were to be judged on their decisions.

However as we have gradually moved away from that over the two hundred thirty plus something years since our founding and have cast aside our Judeo Christian values, we no longer have morality. For the most part we either don't believe in the existence of God or that if he did he couldn't care less. The last century in particular saw some heinous incidents of injustice which show how unjust we have become but that justice and decency are only possible in a society that is pious and religious both inward and outwardly. Inwardly in Particular.

Both their hands are equally skilled at doing evil! Officials and judges alike demand bribes. The people with influence get what they want, and together they scheme to twist justice. Micah 7:3

Jurors today just like judges and lawyers generally don't care about what almighty God says about fairness and just rewards or what will become of them for their doings, and not surprisingly has fueled the deterioration of our nation. Below are a few good examples that Jury trials are no longer effective. Bear in mind though for I leave you the reader to formulate your own conclusions.

Medgar evans murder trial (Ghosts of Mississippi)

The Trial of Byron De La Beckwith For the Murder of Medgar Evans which was immortalized in the Movie Ghost's of Mississippi is a good place to start. At that time in our nation's history particularly in the south, lynchings became common place. In such instances, blacks who were accused of a crime could expect no sympathy and face a white judge and jury and were usually considered guilty. Then again most didn't make it that far and were simply put to death by angry Mobs.

Blacks who found themselves victims such as the family of Civil Rights leader Medgar Evans also from these same white judge and juries were denied justice. Their persecutors found not guilty through a series of mistrials. It was in such and such an incident that the killer of Medgar Evans was released and was lionized by the Democratic liberals of Mississippi as a hero to white nationalism. It wasn't until the 80s that Byron De La Beckwith was finally found guilty by a more mixed jury.

Investigations into civil rights murders and Klan related crimes by the Democratic party and the Klan were usually undermined by the biased government. Proving yet again it doesn't deserve our trust. Another incident with the Greensboro massacre also showed this when jurors acquitted the Klan of bombing a labor march.

Rodney King verdict

The Rodney King Verdict is a shining example of just how bad our juror system has become. Most of us are old enough to remember the beating that took place. King was pulled over for committing an offense and the LAPD proceeded to relentlessly and excessively beat him. By coincidence this was all caught on camera. It turns out this is common place in Los Angeles even today and more so under Former Police Chief Darly F Gates, who aside from being a leftist who advocated tough restrictions on guns, braged about killing black suspects during the 80s.

Despite overwhelming video evidence, a jury based in Simi Valley in Ventura County found the LAPD officers involved in his beating not guilty. Ensuing riots and racial incidents exploded soon afterwards throughout LA county. Even Conservatives like The Bush Family and others were shocked by this verdict.

I did some research of my own before writing over the past year and I discovered that race actually didn't have much to do with the Jury's verdict. It turns out Ventura County in particular Simi Valley is a popular residence for Police officers from Surrounding counties. Law enforcement personnel commute as far north as Santa Barbara, East to Bakersfield and many are in the LAPD. No doubt a lot of the jurors were relatives or sympathetic to law enforcement. In addition at that time crime was very high in LA and other cities and Many whites fled to Ventura in particular Simi Valley. Not to difficult to connect that these jurors had sympathy only for the officers.

So, it should come to no surprise that the Jury was tainted and little was done. In the end the Federal government intervened and put a leash on the LAPD which did nothing to lower crime or brutality despite passing the Christopher Commission reforms and other reforms that failed. As I mentioned in my last article government is the source of the problem and therefore a poor solution.

Also in the beating of truck driver Reginald Denny by Black rioters and gang bangers, jurors at HIS trial paid back the favor by acquitting Denny's attackers.

OJ Simpson Trail

This brings me to another notorious Los Angeles trial. The OJ Simpson Murder case in 1995 of OJ's wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Despite overwhelming evidence that showed OJ to be guilty including DNA evidence jurors acquitted him. This was brought on mostly by the liberal media which 24/7 endlessly painted the trial in racial terms. Supposedly Mark Fuhrman was a racist who planted evidence on OJ, this was a racist conspiracy ETC.

Well, we later learned that wasn't the case although when Fuhrman claimed he never used the N-word in over a decade THAT was a lie which in the end cost him his job and a prison sentence for perjury. Still the damage was done thanks to remarks by Fuhrman. In My Opinion if Fuhrman concealed whatever racial biases supposed by him, the jury probably would have convicted him. Even though the majority of Americans believed him guilty, jurors were no doubt intimidated by fears of being labeled a racist by the media if convicted.

None the less OJ Simpson's days are numbered. His conviction of robbery in Las Vegas will put him away perhaps for the rest of his days. While some call this justice finally served, the facts behind the murder will remain a mystery for ages.

Nicholas "Fat Nick" Minucci

I plan to do a full article on this subject but this is yet another shining example of how juries in America are tainted with racial and ideological bigotry. Nichoals Minucci AKA Fat Nick was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending himself from an armed robber. It turns out the robber was a black criminal who openly admitted to being in Nick's home neighborhood of Howard Beach for the purpose of stealing a car.

He was never charged with intent to carjacking or with trying to rob Minucci. Instead he was exonerated and to make matters worse, his victim Minucci was charged with assault and even claimed that it was racially inspired! To make matters worse, the liberal press went on an unprecedented rampage of lies and distortions. The New York Nazi Times, The east coast's own "ministry of truth" never once mentioned fact in the case. Never once did they let him have a say. Instead they tarred and feathered Fat Nick as a racist and a white supremacist bigot.

Other fake news such as The Call, which was run by the black supremacist Nation of Islam branded Nick a racist and never once mentioned self defense. Oh by the way there was one columnist for the New York times who did mention it but said that it was wrong.

The trial of Fat Nick itself was outrageous. Nick was not given a jury of peers but a multi ethnic jury, and the prosecution also broke the law by using sealed juvenile records against him. It turned out that when he was 15 he had been involved in a stupid prank against a sikh temple involving a paint gun incident. Well sad to say this took place just after 9/11 which did not look good for Nicholas. It didn't take long for the jury to come back with a guilty verdict. Instead of serving 20 years Nick was sentenced to 7. Its probably the only good outcome if any at all.

But you don't have to be white to have this happen to you. In Suffolk county on Long Island New York a black man named John White who's home was besieged by five drunken and drug addled white nationalists armed with sicks and knives making racial slurs and screaming threats dared violated the liberal view that Americans have no right to defend themselves and must therefore rely on law enforcement which is either over stretched or lazy. John White shot the men outside who were trespassing.

According to the castle doctrine John White was in the right to open fire on them when they were openly making threats in plain view. At least that would've been the case in places such as Texas. But New York liberals are against both the right of defense and property ownership. (unless that person or thing is property of the state in which only the state can commit abuses.) To make matters worse, Suffolk county has a history of being a hotbed of racism. John White was found guilty by a jury of white liberals and sentenced to 24 years in prison. The sentence was later reduced and later White was freed.

Still Liberals and local media criticized the fanfare given by the trial. Some of this content included attacks against property rights and gun rights as well as racially charged vitriol. Still, even left wing groups like the International Communist league which surprisingly does support gun rights were shocked that a man like white could go to jail for practicing a basic constitutional and human right. In the end the tables were turned and the opponents of self defense got scorched in return.

Emaline HighTower

In the state of Massachusetts in 2006, Emaline HighTower, a recent high school graduate who had plans to attend university and seek a career either as an architect or a lawyer. Her plans for her future were horribly and tragically dashed to bits by the State of Massachusetts which regarded her as mentally incompetent. Why? Because Emaline HighTower was diagnosed by a doctor with having Asperger's syndrome and Bipolar disorder. The diagnosis of Asperger's came about because she was teased and ostracised at school and even disliked by teachers. The Bipolar label came from school transcripts that said that she argued frequently with teachers. But they fail to mention that the arguments came as a result of the teachers refusing to do their jobs, help her or prevent persecution against her that distracted her from learning.

One other thing that psychiatrists ignored was that she was a bright young woman with a b average (could have been better had the school done its job and enforced rules against harassment and so on.) and that she had been employed after school and during the summer. She was saving money to go to University or College. She was also a councilor at a summer camp for foster children. But they omitted that and claimed that she was mentally retarded and had no social skills, was disorganized and disheveled.

In addition the doctors claimed she had poor judgement because of two reasons, 1. She was deciding whether or not to become and architect or lawyer. They claimed that by not deciding one at the bat she was incompetent. I have heard the same thing happen to a friend of mine who had the same allegation made because he told a doctor in one appointment a year previous he wanted to become a sous chef while in another one months later he wanted to become and arc-welder. Well, maybe its not the patient who is out of line and in need of better judgment.

Emaline's parents also were not very supportive either. Although they were loving and caring at first, they were not pleased with how things were going for her in High School. In fact they blamed her for why they and they school failed to bring her up properly. Despite making many accomplishments they had no problem with throwing that away. They, along with Emaline's guidance counselor decided to force her into the mental health system.

Emaline's parents also made things worse by making her emotionally stirred up during a couple of evaluation sessions at the outpatient clinic they forced her to go to. They forced her by legally taking possession of her bank account and savings and threatening to get rid of it if she didn't obey. On the day of one appointment her father assaulted her and called her a stupid good for nothing. She arrived at the doctors emotionally wound up and they said they wanted the doctors to see what she was like. The doctors ignored allegations of blackmail and abuse by the parents and instead suggested that she has emotional problems and needed to see a therapist for distress tolerance training. The doctors ignored what had happened.

emaline was forced to take powerful Psychotropic meds that caused her to feel weak and sluggish other times making her feel agitated. Meds such as seroquel, Risperdal and Prozac which she would be proscribed made her feel worse. She was unable to hold onto her job and was fired, she had a car accident and instead of pointing to the meds as the source of the problems, doctors blamed her saying her bipolar would not let her work anymore. REALLY?

Despite threats parents with advice from the doctors decided to get rid of her money and property. Doctors declared that despite a glowing resume and a relationship with a High School sweetheart and the two being awarded during the prom as most likely to marry, she would never be able to work and marry. Doctors even claimed she should have her tubes tied so she wouldn't pass her supposed mental illness of Aspergers and bipolar on to her offspring. Just like Hitler's Eugenics.

There was another reason why as well. At the time, Governor Mitt Romney had just signed in the socialist Massachusetts health care bill into law requiring residents to purchase health insurance or pay a 1000$ fine. She was ordered to have her entire assets taken away so she could qualify for free health care benefits.

Before they could do anything however, Emaline rented a car with money she could procure and attempted to flee to New Hampshire. Her parents called the police and claimed she was going to New Hampshire to commit suicide. It lead to a high speed pursuit on I-95 by the Massachusetts state police and the Rockingham county sheriff. She was blocked off at the toll both near Seabrook and fled on foot but was caught. She was then taken to a local hospital. Despite protests doctors concluded it would be best for her to be confined to the state of Massachusetts. She was taken from the Hospital in Exeter by ambulance to Solomon Mental health center and discharged into the custody of her parents.

An involuntary commitment hearing was soon underway. Emaline was defended by a legal aid since her money was gone and it was a jury hearing. Despite pleas by Emaline and an empassioned plea by her legal aid jurors took little time in declaring Emaline mentally incompitent and approving her for involuntary commitment and emergency guardianship under her parents. The jurors were made up primarily of white liberals who later commented that it is for her own good that she be forced to participate in programs and forgo a career or university to do so. One juror commented that She looked peculiar and unusual and that she felt someone like her would benefit being cared for by the state rather than go on her own.

The judge was in full agreement. Emaline remembered that human to cockroach look given to her by the judge who stated that she was in flat out denial of her disability and that she was an irresponsible woman. She needed to take responsibility for her mental illness, remain in Massachusetts and participate in programs that are designed to help her. When she tried to speak up the judge threatned to hold her in contempt of court and lock her away for a long time in an institution. The judge stated she was not right in the head based on the opinions of experts and that the state in its infallible judgement was in agreement.

Under the conditions of her commitment and guardianship, she was forbiddent to leave the state, she was forced to take meds that made her weak and sick, she was forbiddent to work at certain jobs or attend university. This did not matter because with a psychiatric record and no money to attend university she couldn't get thsoe jobs and to make matters worse, Romneycare drove most of the jobs out of the state anyway. From that point on she was unemployed and never worked again. She was also forced to reside in a group home in Topsfield Massachusetts for mentally challenged adults. She was the only one there who could dress herself and feed herself. In 2009 she took her own life when attendants at the group home werent looking by running away and sliting her wrists in the woods.

Emaline could have been a taxpayer, a contributor, that would also lead to MORE jobs even but a liberal jury and judge decided that the state knew better and that control is preferable to prosperity. Emaline once had a career, a boyfriend, self respect, self esteem, dignity, freedom. But liberals hate those things and they had to go.

Final thoughts and conclusion

Trial by jury is one of the most important facets of a constitutional and free society. It is a neccesary check against tyranny and against injustices but only when done right. Jurors must be educated, skilled, and must have excellent judgement. The jurors must put aside their biases personal and political and focus only on the issue of guilt or innocenece in a criminal or civil trial. Jurors must also have in possesion morality and virtue. Add to this, they must be good citizens. Liberals unfortunately are incapable of morality and patriotism and cannot be good citizens.

In order for our justice system to become a model standard once more, we must become a moral and godly nation once more. We must cast aside liberalism and godlessness and embrace a higher standard of inspired absolutes. Furthermore we need to stop letting the state dictate to us what is best.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Privatizing the police will lower crime and prevent brutality

This is going to be politically correct and albeit offensive to some but tax payer funded police DOES NOT WORK. Like other positions in government there is no incentive that exists for employees to do good most in fact tag along for free handouts from the taxpayers. Add to this liberal communists in power expect us to be solely dependent on them for assistance. Our founding fathers NEVER expected us to be fully dependent on them. This is one of the reasons we have the 2nd amendment.

The other thing is that government control means more of an attachment and bias in favor of special interests in this case wealthy white taxpayers in gated communities who they will be more concerned about rather than law abiding poor minorities with no access to guns.

But by privatizing them (bear in mind I do not intend to 100% privatize them) By putting companies in charge and requiring they compete means that there will be motive and incentive to do their jobs instead of ignoring us and being lazy.

In addition payment will depend on formulas and statistics on population and crime. The lower the crime in large cities, the higher the pay. Also penalties will be assigned for violating protocol and practicing discrimination and brutality.

With that in mind let us go now the root causes of crime. Gun control and a loss of morality. It is important that first we end gun control. No matter what the law says criminals will always have guns so we should make it easier for law abiding citizens to have them.

Then there must be a return to our Judeo-Christian principles which made this a great nation. People need to realize that they are accountable to a supreme being who will reward a hundred fold for what they have done in this life. As Mitt Romney put it, the increase in crime and government tyranny is a response to a loss of morality which is necessary for our nation to remain free and open.

Now I know what you're thinking... What about blackwater security? What about the interests of the private company? Make no mistake there WILL be regulations and there still will be government control over the police but the government will not have as much of a hand and the private companies that aid in contracting law enforcement will be confined to proper boundaries. Also they cannot be owned and management will change hands regularly

This is just an idea I'm playing with but make no bones about it while a government funded police force is constitutional it is not to be totally relied on and until we are willing to stop the political correctness society will continue to suffer.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Commenting enabled (though moderated)

You are now once again able to comment on my articles. Though it will be moderated. This is because 2 years ago an insane man two insane men in fact spammed my blog, one with crazy rhetoric the other with Japanese/Chinese adverts. So enjoy! I still insist you use freerepublic to comment since that is where I spend most of my time.

Ed Schultz:Americans have no right to defend themselves.

Hey everyone this is my first article in over six months, before I get to todays topic I want to update all my fans and readers on what has been going on.

First of all as you know I have been focusing mainly on my vlog on youtube also called mainestategop and on starting a new libertarian organization based on the tyranny response team which I and many friends of mine are members. The organization is called the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets. Were hoping to hold a convention next year either in Concord or Portsmouth. You dont have to be a current or former resident of NE to join however, membership however is exclusive mainly to those of us who monitor and confront liberal fascists online and in the public square. Still we invite you to tag along and help out.

Second, I have been getting complaints from my Catholic friends and viewers about some of my friends on YT posting anti catholic rhetoric mostly from Jack T Chick and others. Well I have taken The Reverend Machias Houlton AKA minnesotastategop to task over that and have curtailed all that unnecesary stuff.

With that in mind my organization is adding three new channels that cater mostly to Catholics. One is provaticanus who is a priest FROM THE VATICAN CITY He has an excellent channel which features lessons cartoons and documentaries unfortunately they are mostly in Italian and Latin. the second channel, I think is called notredamesanctus features documentaries and lessons in english pertaining the Catholic faith. Another channel is from a friend of mine who used to work for me but started his own business in Salem NH and is starting his own multimedia website. I dont have the screen name but check back and we'll see.

On a related note we have three new members from the Seattle Tacoma metro area. washingtonstategop Seattlepatriot and seataclibertarian. They'll be showing up soon.

Ed Schultz hates seld defense rights

With that I want to talk about what Ed Schultz and remarks he made concerning Neal Boortz. Neal Boortz made remarks on his radio show that many found how shall I say politically incorrect and off the edge. But given that his home city of Atlanta Georgia is one of the most violent cities in America its understandable.

Boortz urged viewers to purchase guns and litter the streets of Atlanta with the bodies of "urban thugs! YO!"

This town is starting to look like a garbage heap. And we got too damn many urban thugs, yo, ruining the quality of life for everybody. And I'll tell you what it's gonna take. You people, you are - you need to have a gun. You need to have training. You need to know how to use that gun. You need to get a permit to carry that gun. And you do in fact need to carry that gun and we need to see some dead thugs littering the landscape in Atlanta. We need to see the next guy that tries to carjack you shot dead right where he stands. We need more dead thugs in this city.

It didnt take long for the freedom hating liberal media to edit his remarks out of context and portray Boortz in a negative light. For starters The young Turks a pro marxist anti american news show on youtube and on radio whose host Cenk Yugur works for MSNBC claimed that Boortz urged his listeners to kill black people.

REALLY?! Where did he say that?! No mention but according to Cenk the tones pretty much said he did. Never mind that nowhere did he say the word black. Plenty of white criminals in Atlanta who deserve to be shot and killed. The Atlanta Child stalker for instance who during the 80s murdered black children and who is believed to be still at large and really a white racist.

Media matters and Ed Schultz lead the attack against Boortz for bravely calling on listeners to excersise their 2nd amendment rights. But Schultz who opposes the 2nd amendment had this to say:

Now Boortz in my opinion in my analysis is he was advocating murder in the streets of Atlanta. Now this guy reaches 4 million listners and I guarantee you Boortz was not thinking of white thugs when he was listing to Hip Hop radio...

Oh? You mean like Eminem who wanted to rape his mom and murder his ex wife?

Boortz no doubt in my opinion reckless stupid and a racist but hes never going to have to apologize... well you heard the tape! Conservatives they're not embarased by Boortz not at all they give him awards!

Afterwards He launched into a diatrabe about the shooting of Giffords by a lunatic who liberals allege was influence by talk radio, despite a lack of evidence and despite the fact that he had once burned the American Flag and listed Mein Kempf and the communist manifesto as his favorite books. Books that advocate liberal principles I might add. He further claimed that the airwaves belong to the people and that as such people should demand that Boortz be taken off the air.

The point is, we cannot be judge, jury, and executioners by shooting someone with a gun when they appear to be a thug, and jack us for our car. We must not take the law into our own hands and instead we must report the incident to the police department and let law enforcement handle it.

Mr. Boortz, should have encouraged people to work with law enforcement when being car jacked instead of encouraging people to take up guns, getting permits, and receiving training to possibly have the streets of Atlanta littered with dead thugs.

Well... Lets evaluate. Atlanta, Despite being in a red state is a liberal city. Like other liberal cities, guns are regulated and the police are lazy and don't care. And concerning racism the vast majority of crime victims in Atlanta are poor african americans. Unlike whites like Schultz they dont get to live in gated communities with security guards and alarms or body guards. they have to rely on the police which doesnt care especially about blacks who are too poor to pay taxes to their salaries.

The truth is that Boortz love him hate him is spot on. Schultz will never have to live in the ghetto or fear for his life while walking the streets at night. He is clueless if he believes that the government cares. It only care about itself.


I have decided to go back to working on my blog after requests from both my Wife and my viewers. So, We'll get to it.