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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Privatizing the police will lower crime and prevent brutality

This is going to be politically correct and albeit offensive to some but tax payer funded police DOES NOT WORK. Like other positions in government there is no incentive that exists for employees to do good most in fact tag along for free handouts from the taxpayers. Add to this liberal communists in power expect us to be solely dependent on them for assistance. Our founding fathers NEVER expected us to be fully dependent on them. This is one of the reasons we have the 2nd amendment.

The other thing is that government control means more of an attachment and bias in favor of special interests in this case wealthy white taxpayers in gated communities who they will be more concerned about rather than law abiding poor minorities with no access to guns.

But by privatizing them (bear in mind I do not intend to 100% privatize them) By putting companies in charge and requiring they compete means that there will be motive and incentive to do their jobs instead of ignoring us and being lazy.

In addition payment will depend on formulas and statistics on population and crime. The lower the crime in large cities, the higher the pay. Also penalties will be assigned for violating protocol and practicing discrimination and brutality.

With that in mind let us go now the root causes of crime. Gun control and a loss of morality. It is important that first we end gun control. No matter what the law says criminals will always have guns so we should make it easier for law abiding citizens to have them.

Then there must be a return to our Judeo-Christian principles which made this a great nation. People need to realize that they are accountable to a supreme being who will reward a hundred fold for what they have done in this life. As Mitt Romney put it, the increase in crime and government tyranny is a response to a loss of morality which is necessary for our nation to remain free and open.

Now I know what you're thinking... What about blackwater security? What about the interests of the private company? Make no mistake there WILL be regulations and there still will be government control over the police but the government will not have as much of a hand and the private companies that aid in contracting law enforcement will be confined to proper boundaries. Also they cannot be owned and management will change hands regularly

This is just an idea I'm playing with but make no bones about it while a government funded police force is constitutional it is not to be totally relied on and until we are willing to stop the political correctness society will continue to suffer.

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