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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kelly thomas beating and Mainestategop twitter hacked

I've been compelled to do an article about the Kelly Thomas beating. I mentioned this off and on on YouTube and a few other places and it turns out that although as I have stated it proves that liberalism is the same as fascism that didn't stop some liberal from smearing me and my website.

It turns out this beast broke into my twitter account and has been posting on twitter and various websites, myself posting the following abhorrent comment:

Kelly Thomas was nothing but a psychotic Criminal bum and parasite who leeched off taxpayers and was a nuisance. If you’ve lived in big cities you know the mentally ill have no place in our communities.


THE FACTS: Kelly Thomas had a violent criminal record
Kelly Thomas received SSI (homeless SSI bums are responsible for 1/3 of all crime in the US, 45% of crime in the state of CA. SSI and Social security. Are responsible for 2/3 of our national debt and 40% of unemployment due to higher taxes on business.)
Kelly Thomas was addicted to drugs and used his SSI to use marijuana and Crystal Meth
Kelly Thomas was arrested outside a Coffee Shop in Fullerton while panhandling and shouting derogatory curses at customers and passers by. When police arrived and questioned him, he was incoherent and belligerent and began attacking the cops who after tackling him to the ground took him to custody. He tested positive for Crack. Unfortunately he was released without being charged thanks to manipulation by Jew Communist attorneys who accused police of brutality.
Kelly Thomas was always belligerent towards police and When he was arrested he assaulted the cops with a Rusty nail and caused broken bones.
According to liberal media, Officer Cincenelli lost his from a shooting while working for the LAPD. A Lie. In fact, Kelly Thomas Gouged out Officer Cicinelli’s eye with his nail.


Well, anyone who has been to my blog frequently knows that I have never said those things that I am in fact a supporter of homeless people and that homelessness in truth is because of the loss of freedoms and rights such as private property rights, the right to seek work without hindrance ETC. Social security and its sharing of information doesn't help that very much Id like to add.

Also look at some of the inaccuracies, first of all two officers not all six were on trial, Officer Cicinelli's eye was lost before he worked for the city of Fullerton while working for the LAPD and further these two other inaccuracies: Kelly Thomas was not violent. His only violent act was when he was 17 and assaulted his grandfather which in turn lead to his diagnosis and finally this thing that mentally ill recipients of SSI are violent. NO! Matter of fact it is rare for them to be violent, and furthermore they are actually more likely to be victims.

If you've seen my blog I have actually chronicled how liberals are using ssi to force innocent people into homelessness. I have written about these things time and time again. Do I come across as someone who would hate on the mentally ill and/or homeless people? Its thanks to liberalism not people like me that these people suffer and are now second class.

I have also been to various forums condemning this incident, on one forum, an idiot like the one who hacked my twitter account said that Kelly Thomas was at fault and I condemned him and pointed out that his solutions for ending homeless would in fact worsen homelessness and lead to atrocities and abuse.

As for the hacker, I'm already at work trying to rectify the situation. I'm posting this article on twitter and getting the word out that mainestategop has off and on supported the rights of homeless and mentally ill that are under siege by liberals.

One last thing, I will say that I am outraged that the FBI and Fullerton DA will not release the video of the beating that took place. This is proof that we cannot trust our government and that our government is our worst enemy.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that what those police officers did was wrong we need to step back and ask why was Kelly Thomas homeless?

When looking at both sides, it turns out Thomas was not completely in the clear. He resisted arrest and there is a possibility that he DID have a violent history. It remains to ask why the DA will not reveal the video at the bus station's security camera to the public. Could they be hiding something?

As for your other remarks, while I agree that not all mentally ill are violent and that many can be productive contributing members of society who can live a full life, (My nephew is Bi-polar and lives in a group home with others like him while working at rite aid under supportive employment) many of them ARE violent and are unable to live in the community even with supports.

The real cause of homelessness is because of the closure of mental institutions that once cared for them along with a welfare system that rewards laziness and a system of laws and regulations that prevents the creation of housing and jobs such as minimum wage, housing codes, zoning laws ETC.

On top of that, the mentally ill are no longer placed under involuntary commitment. There was once a time where Kelly Thomas would have either been indefinetely locked away for his own safety or released into boarding care on the condition he regularly see a psychiatrist and take his meds. refusal to take meds can result in commitment and holding. We dont do that anymore thanks to the ACLU communists and CCHR scientoligists.

Not everyone qualifies for constitutional rights. Some have childlike mindsets and need to be controled. I know as a libertarian you have spoken against those especially with regard to a friend of yours who was wrongfuly commited but just throwing the baby out with the bath water ISNT the answer. We need to reform the system and reopen the mental hospitals and require that those not able to care for themselves be treated involuntarily.

The blame should lie with Ron Thomas for letting his father live on the streets without treatment and for letting him leave the boarding care home he stayed at. If It were up to me I'd have a bench warrent served on him and I would even lie to the police that he assaulted me in order to get him treatment.

As for the rest of the homeless, they need to either work or they get nothing.

American Patriot said...

To anonymous:

Your remarks are baseless and narrow. A very very tiny minority of mentally ill make up the violent. There is no rationale to lock people away indefinitely who have not commited a crime. Psychiatry is unchristian and unamerican. Innocent people for to long have been labled with sicknesses they really dont have. CCHR are doing humanity are service by keeping these filthy tyrants in check.

Also I was deeply troubled that your remarks that not everyone qualifies for constitutional rights. Based on that thinking any one of us can have them taken.

We all qualify for constitutional rights. We all have them when we are born. The state has no business infringing on them.

Your blaming Kelly and Ron Thomas is like blaming a rape victim for her rape.

The only guilty party is the pig police officers. They need to be convicted and executed for murder one.

Anonymous said...

OMFG!! THose liberal punks should be arrested and gang raped in prison for hacking! That was disgusting what they made you say or I guess what they made everyone think you said. Liberals are 5th columnist traitors who need to be deported to Russia. They cannot debate or argue or defend their views. All they can do is be violent and murder people.

Joey D'angelo said...

Shit. That sucks! And I still can't believe the stupid bastards accquited them!

Anonymous said...

Officer Ramos and Cincinelli were Acquitted! OMFG! They should be killed!