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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've decided to call it quits for my blog for now. I have a family and business to run, a baby to care for and other things happening. I WILL be coming back probably. Feel free to comment. I will get around to moderating in good time.


Anonymous said...

1. I'm gonna need you to get the fuck out of America if you think it's so shitty. I don't understand someone who would live someplace if they're constantly badmouthing it. It's like marrying a woman you hate, there's no fucking point and people are going to consider you a douche bag and a danger to the female.
2. I see you live in NH. If you live in Maine, or within New England, please contact me and I will GLADLY come and have a wondrous debate with you ;) stop fucking bad mouthing my homestate. Seriously, I knew FEW people who complain about Maine(aside from that it's boring). I can nearly guarantee you've never been to Maine or met anyone that lives there. Oh are we commies because we sneered at you when you didn't tip us? Because we care about the fishermen and give them tax breaks? Because we care about the environment, which is the reason people COME TO OUR STATE? Yeah, a BUNCH more people come to Maine to vacation than NH, why? Maine has a beautiful reputation. Why the fuck are you bashing it? I seriously dare you to say this to my face, to a Maine fisherman, or really any Mainer. But you won't. Probably because you're too terrified. Feel free to give me your email and we can set up a nice little chat :)

mainestategop said...

See everyone? We told you liberals were like this. WHAAAAAA!! YOU BAD MOUTH MY STATE YOU MEAN MEAN CONSERVATIVE WHAAAAA!!

Its you leftists who need to get out of america. This is our country not yours. We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and values not bolshevik ones. Yes I left Maine. And Love of country does not require love of government.

Your homestate? Not surprised. Your attitude betrays it so...

I HAVE lived in Maine. I would doubt YOU have if your temperment and demeanor wasn't so shitty.

more people come to Maine to vacation than NH

Not as many as used too though.

which is the reason people COME TO OUR STATE?

Nice to visit but not a nice place to live.

That is... Unless your a freeloader.

please contact me and I will GLADLY come and have a wondrous debate with you ;)

A LIBERAL DEBATE!? Why bother? I see plenty of liberal debates on hiphop websites! A debate? Like the debate between Jim Gilcrest and the Criminaliens and their supporters @ Columbia university. HMMM... Well... You post your comments anonymously I see your not serious.

I would be happy to do a civil debate with you if you have the guts.

JessefromFresno said...


1. No one said America is shitty. Just the parts that are liberal. You liberals are the only ones who hate america. YOU should leave. Go move to the Netherlands or Denmark or those other socilist hell holes you love so much.

2. I live in Fresno but Am From Texas. YOU should stop bad mouthing MY state. We do far better than Maine and the other blustates when it comes to jobs. BTW I know that your tourist economy is faltering because of sales taxes. I've been up there before. What a mess.

JessefromFresno said...


You're coming back right? Also I heard you got banned from FR. That true?

mainestategop said...

YES! I will come by now and again. I got an article I need to put up now in fact concerning oldfart

Anonymous said...

HEY PIGSHIT! Maybe its YOU! Who should get out of our nation! Brian left Maine because liberal sobs like you ruined it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! Are you still going to be posting on this blog? And will my comments be uploaded?

Anonymous said...

Brian actually you've been on since 2008 not 2009. And hopefully you'll do more articles to expose liberal fraud.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Maine and moved out when I turned 18. I was born and raised in Bath, moved to Augusta when I was 12 and got the *&*#@ out of there once I turned 18! God was that hell or what! I now live in SC. People there are polite and classy while people in Maine have crappy attitudes are rude and just mean. But then again the state IS #2 in welfare recipients so that's no surprise. Lazy freeloaders and poor liberal white trash. The people who cal

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Brian. Make those libtards angry. Love your youtube channel BTW

Anonymous said...

SO why didn't the A$$ hat leave his contact information? Tell him I will debate him anytime. Liberals are all fascists and nazis. They are ruining America and need to be killed.