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Sunday, October 21, 2012

refuting oldfartrants allegations

Hey everyone I thought Id post this concerning allegations that have made headways regarding allegations by oldfartrants about me and my associates. I had heard that a friend of mine the rev. Machias Houlton was imprisoned in Germany. Well I went there and tried to find out info there but Mac wasn't there. I dont know what happened. His wife told me about it. Mac's real name is lost to me. In fact I met him in person probably once. He goes on the internet preaching. He also preaches in real life. Well Oldfart began to press me and threaten to spread lies if I didint claim that he was never there after a friend of his supposidly didnt find him. He also threaten to spread lies about my business and maybe even reveal my address. I explained that my yt accounts WERE real. Most of them left however. Only illinoislibertarian2 is around. Lo and behold Mac Didnt really go to jail but he got blocked by oldfartpants. Me too. Rhodeislandpatriot is also wandering. I also heard that Biddefordgop started a new account as a white supremacist. He also made light of my involvment with Lee Doren, Alec and other groups. Groups fighting against anti capitalist anti american marxist thugs. Lee Doren has also gotten some flack. I pointed out that yes I did meet him but he doesnt remember. Apparently Oldfart got him to go after me too. I don't know what the deal is. As for my fellow bloggers, these are people I have met who are libertarian who are fed up with the government letting them down. Many of them are in poverty and the government is thwarting them from getting out of poverty all because of marxism and government control. Now and again I help them out. But according to oldfartrants and his henchmen turnofffox and zangarozen2 I am bribing them to go against their best interets. OH REALLY! As opposed to taxing nearly all of what little they earn to pay the bums in the projects? As opposed to preventing new jobs with government communist controls? And then he has the GAL to compare me to Goebeles when he tries to shut my network down and ban my video and have me suspended for 2 weeks. Oldfartrants is an atheist and communist who wants the government to pay for his retirement at the expense of the workers. He wants the government to rule over us like in the liberal USSR. He also wants to make it illegal to teach religion. I have a video about it I will post in awhile. Check it out. At any rate I have been doing very little lately concerning my blog and YT account. I have been preoccupied with raising my tot and paying for my house. Not much new to talk about. Obama ruining america and so on. Mitt Romney blah blah blah. Then theres that nerd Illinoislibertard who got me banned from FR for a year and some other stuff. Thats all for now. Check back later.


Anonymous said...

utubekookdetector made some good vidoes about that marxist thug.

Starsandstripes4ever said...

I dont think it helps to have all these different accounts with GOP patriot ETC at the end. It appears to be sock puppets. Why did you do it? And another thing why do you have homeless people blogging for you?

mainestategop said...

FIrst regarding my buddyaccounts with gop patriot libertarian and the state, I began recruiting friends and they wanted in and I decided why not have gop or whatever at the end of the screennames. It was to tell the world that there were still god fearing americans who would fight back against liberal tyranny. This was early on back in 2008 09 10 11 et al.

Also many people I met were formerly middle class and made homeless because of Obama and democrats and the governments policies that promote unemployment and homelessness

THey were already libertarian (No thanks to Obama) and I helped them out to encourage them. I met quite a few of them. Seataclibertarian for instance, he had an apartment then lost it. There's also minnesotastategop aka the reverend Machias Houlton *SIGH* big mistake there. ANd there were umpteen others.

But don't listen to oldfartrants. Hes a communist. He hates America and in the end Obama is going to send him to a deathpanel and Department of health & human services will either render his corpse as fertilizer, animal feed or just burn it.

Anonymous said...

Hey what's the deal with that sex offender who was homeless in LA? Illinoislibertarian2 Daniel Tucker?

mainestategop said...

Some homeless guy. Daniel Diamond Tucker said he was released from jail for some bum rap concerning the IRS and his radio station in Chicago.

Then While supping with a lawyer friend of mine in Concord I talked about him and he said his story was fishy... Then he did some digging around in this guy's story...

TRUTH: He is a sex offender from Mississippi. Arrested in OC for soliciting sex from a boy online. Sentenced to 8 years he was released on the streets of skid row.

I also discovered that he was the son of a Ku Klux Klansman and that he was a racist.

Calstategop and I suppose DeaconKyle spilled the beans about him to turnofffox and oldfartrants after cal defected to the left and NittwittMitt.

All he did was make cartoons that eventually became dull and senseless about liberals being racists. (even though he was one)

Anonymous said...

old fart rants has a history of making bizarre comments