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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Catholic church Builder of civilization

A Catholic colleague of mine asked me to put this on my blog. It's a series on EWTN that shows that the early church rather than suppress science actually promoted it! The episodes show that the church was responsible for the sciences and for modern civil liberties amongst the many accomplishments of medieval monks priests and bishops. You wont hear about this on PBS on Jack Chick's crazy tracts. The Catholic Church - Builder of Civilization,


Austerity is always the result of socialism

Just want to recap on my previous article and yes I know I've been away, I have another child and have been busy. The fact is that Austerity is always the result of taxes and government control. The government cannot create wealth it can only take it and put it in the hands of the have nots (unionized bums, crack addicts, single teenage moms)At the same time it sucks that wealth out of the private sector. Adding this to tight government restrictions on individual rights and business rights leads to loss of jobs and profit and in turn a drying up of the tax base less incomes more poverty and soon the government cannot support anymore. So now in addition to a loss of jobs freedom and wealth there are now no longer any programs or supports or handouts. This also leads to crime and death. The government is the enemy of business and wealth. Socialism fails every time it is put in practice because as Margaret Thatcher beautifully put it you eventually run out of other people's money. This is austerity in a nutshell. You run out of other people's money. And what about those evil mean nasty rich white folks the left shills about? They are sitting pretty thanks to corporate welfare, outsourcing and by passing the buck on the consumers to compensate for taxes and regulations. There is only one cure for austerity. An end to taxation and regulation an end to unfair rules that do not do good and an end to all restrictions on individual liberty.