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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Catholic church Builder of civilization

A Catholic colleague of mine asked me to put this on my blog. It's a series on EWTN that shows that the early church rather than suppress science actually promoted it! The episodes show that the church was responsible for the sciences and for modern civil liberties amongst the many accomplishments of medieval monks priests and bishops. You wont hear about this on PBS on Jack Chick's crazy tracts. The Catholic Church - Builder of Civilization,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up Brian! I always wanted To see the looks of the faces of these secularists who try to make up nonsense about the church. Lo and behold its hogwash! The catholic church in its primacy was responsible for civilization

Um... Could you maybe fix up the format a bit? The videos are out of line. Maybe you should just use the video with the playlist?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up Brain. This is a blessing. Western civilization owes an infinite gratitude to mother church for its creation. Everything from arts science human rights personal liberty property prosperity economics ad nauseum came from the Christian faith.