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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jon Lovitz Slams Obama and Occupy

Funny as hell! This guy voted for him and regreted it. Hollywood is defecting from communism! HALLELUJAH!

America freedom to fascism

This is a must watch documentary for all patriots! learn how the IRS and the Fed ruin innocent lives. MORE TO COME STAY TUNED!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lee Doren Refutes gun control allegations by Cenk Yuger of Young Turks

Eugenics castration of undesirables is coming (LUPRON PROTOCOL)

The Lupron Protocol is a conspiracy by liberals to castrate those they hate. American patriots and others by labeling them with mental illness and mental disorders. Most popularly Autism and Aspergers which as I mentioned in previous posts doesn't really exist. Here you can read about The Geiers, liberal Nazi doctors that castrated innocent boys for not fitting it and punishing others. There will be more coming up.

Lepage keeps governorship liberals vow revenge

Lepage has retained his seat as governor of Maine. In a state run by communists and left wing GOpers who hate America and capitalism he has a long battle ahead. Although there have been a few gains the gains are very very few indeed. Liberals and their union thug allies have fought hard to keep jobs out of Maine and keep taxes high. Thanks to unions and thanks to the Maine bums that live off the system and help the unions Maine has posted few gains. Maine is still among the worst for jobs and prosperity and Maine has no freedom. Things have gotten worse. The SEIU the Dems and the communists will do everything they can to make maine voters miserable in retaliation and demand that more of the workers money go to the hands of lazy bums and even lazier government workers. Its not enough. Maine residents who still love America need to fight against the liberals the same way the communist occupy wallstreet bums did 3 years ago only more aggresively. Fight back AMERICA! Fight BACK MAINE! TAKE BACK YOUR STATE TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!

Gop victories are bitter sweet at best but upliting

The Gop's victories are great to hear about but remember that they are still susceptible to special interest groups and others who want to bribe them and get them to go against what real americans want. We need to ride them hard and not let up. Demand from every GOP politician that they obey the constitution and fight against Obama Biden and Pelosi and their evil policies that have ruined America. Hey! Even if they are on our side we should still remind them of why we voted for them! It will encourage them. Let them know were for them. Give them heart and courage to stand up against the lobbies and the special interest groups that intimidate them and tempt them to go against what America stands for. The battle has just begun. We won one victory we need to keep fighting!