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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lepage keeps governorship liberals vow revenge

Lepage has retained his seat as governor of Maine. In a state run by communists and left wing GOpers who hate America and capitalism he has a long battle ahead. Although there have been a few gains the gains are very very few indeed. Liberals and their union thug allies have fought hard to keep jobs out of Maine and keep taxes high. Thanks to unions and thanks to the Maine bums that live off the system and help the unions Maine has posted few gains. Maine is still among the worst for jobs and prosperity and Maine has no freedom. Things have gotten worse. The SEIU the Dems and the communists will do everything they can to make maine voters miserable in retaliation and demand that more of the workers money go to the hands of lazy bums and even lazier government workers. Its not enough. Maine residents who still love America need to fight against the liberals the same way the communist occupy wallstreet bums did 3 years ago only more aggresively. Fight back AMERICA! Fight BACK MAINE! TAKE BACK YOUR STATE TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!

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Anonymous said...

Its those damn unions that are doing it. They're the reason Maine is this way and Government LePage can't get anything done. Were not getting better were getting worse all thanks to unionized POS.