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Friday, December 12, 2014

Israeli teachers are armed and the children are safe. American schools are gun free and unsafe

Why liberal communist Democrats support illegal immigration

The following is from and EMAIL I got

amnesty (SEE: “comprehensive immigration reform”) for their members’ veteran illegals who can’t move on but have learned English the lay of the land—and want your job; and, no change in lax border enforcement so they can then recruit another generation of frightened, tractable, hardworking/non-complaining, low-paid slaves—to take your kid’s job. In other words, they have no desire to “fix our broken immigration system”, none at al. They’re just shucking us when they say that. “We’ve gotta fix our broken immigration system!” They want amnesty, period. They like things just the way they are (except for wanting amnesty) at least for another ten or twenty years when we will have twice as many demanding the same damned `reform’. (And if you believe the figure “12 million,” I’ve got a bridge for sale ...) In sum, this why we’re at an impasse with these rats. All Americans ask is that our southwestern border be secured first, then we can talk `reform’, maybe; and this isn’t unreasonable considering the problem. They flatly refuse to defend our borders from invasion: they want more wave of illegals. And more `reform’ in the future. So to hell with that, and to hell with them! ANd Guess what else Liberal elites give big bucks to keep cheap labor crashing into the United States. They want the middle class begging... Liberal elites also make ‘student loans’ and raise tuition - with the biggest joke on the middle class at the end... The best jobs go to ‘immigrants’... they work cheaper and ask for less... You're ‘graduate’? Out of luck. Liberal elites dumbed down colleges so they could pull in more students - kids who couldn't read their diplomas... That made the value of a US college degree closer to what a high school diploma used to be... while charging 50 times as much... Liberal elites - destroy the middle class ... I sure Hope the Unions take note. But lets face it... Citizens have no incentive to work, the welfare state provides them with big screen TV’s, cell phones and food stamps, all part of the engineered decline of America.

It may be a rant folks but the message is clear to all. Illegal immigration has become a problem. In fact the few jobs that have been created by Barack Hussein Obama are basically low wage jobs and almost all of them have been sucked up by the illegal aliens. This problem isn't just in the Southwest its here in America even up in Maine. The government doesn't want to do anything and the liberals don't want anyone to neither.

Oh BTW these illegal refuse also suck up welfare benefits too.
With its current leadership The US chamber of commerce is now in charge of crony capitalism. ANYTHING they support or advocate is WRONG by its very nature

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