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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Democrats will never be left wing enough for the communists

In an article written in the conservative Tribune here The communist party it is alleged uses the Democratic party as a vehicle to advance communism. Here's some excerpts:

Remember those Thanksgiving dinners when your slightly unhinged uncle would have one too many glasses of wine and start loudly declaring that the Democratic Party was the tool of the communists, until even the dyed-in-the-wool Republicans were walking out of the dining room?

In an article titled, “A radical third party? I agree!” CPUSA chairman John Batchell wrote, “At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda.”

Therefore, since “the Democratic Party is also home to labor, African Americans, Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young people, and a wide range of social and democratic movements,” they’re the appropriate vehicle to work with Meanwhile, the Republicans “consists of extreme right-wing elements including the Tea Party, white supremacists, social conservatives, right-wing evangelicals, climate deniers, anti-reproductive rights groups, etc.”

Here's the thing, that was taken out of context. In Reality while it is true that the CPUSA has had nice relations with the Democrats over the years they will never be good enough. The article this came from is called:“A radical third party? I agree!” It is also the title of a speech given at recent party lectures

The left in recent years has had a bit off a fuddy duddy with the Dems since the Obama messiah was elected. Thinking that our first black president would be the one to finally outlaw the constitution and all its freedoms thereof.

The stupid liberals don't seem to realize that this is what happens under communism and that their president has been well... successful! So much for workers utopia! Obama might not be Lenin or Robert Mugabe but he and the Democrats along with left wing GOPers have successfully made America more and more like Zimbabwe and Russia.

But that still isn't good enough for the left and the communist party. Occupy wall street was created largely due to the fact that Obama's four year plan was getting rocky and that in spite of having full control of the house and senate AND the oval office for 2 years nothing got done.

This is because the Dems along with the GOP and Occupy for the most part are in the pocket of the wealthy and the elite. This includes the unions, the bankers, the CEOS, the billionaires and so on. Marxism has been quite useful in advancing corporate prophets by squelching small businesses with higher taxes higher fees and a bigger crappier government. Yeah they had to pay small portions of their vast wealth but its worth it! HEY COMMRADE! GOT A BULLET TO BITE ON?

The CPUSA fail to realize that their failed system never helped the workers in history and only benefited the elite. The old elite may be killed off in the revolution and the purge but a new one comes in with a vengeance and with all those capitalist freedoms gone if any, they are much more powerful and the workers worse off.

But they either don't see that or they do and the Democrats just aren't doing enough damage to freedom. Thanks to liberals who are the useful idiots of communists Americans enjoy fewer freedoms then their forefathers. there is almost no recourse if any and the government  oppresses the people's rights. The poor Americans are in a bad predicament but what do liberals do? They blame the victim or they blame the GOP. the ones who ought to be fighting against the government but cavort to it.

The CPUSA sees that the political party system their useful idiot comrades the liberals have saddled us with isn't working. They see that the only way to achieve total domination and the eradication of freedom civil liberties and human rights is to form a third party. It shouldn't be to difficult. Just lure all the parasites, moochers deviants and uneducated riff-raff into their ballots and promise more handouts for them. Also they can lure in the uneducated minorities play victim and get them to join in with cries of racism and promising freebies and special treatment. If done right next elections could be very interesting

For us however it is a different story. We definitely need a third party to get the GOP back on track or to just dump it. Getting this done will be difficult. Most Americans would rather stubbornly cling to what they got instead of follow us and take risks to start a new movement that will restore our freedom. Will we have a third party or will we need a second American revolution?

Whatever the case, make no mistake, we're better dead than red.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No strings attatched homes for the homeless attatches a bigger price

This is a response that I guess I should have written about long ago but didn't. Back in 2010 the providence Phoenix suggested that the way to solve homelessness in the state of Rhode Island was to simply give the homeless their own homes with no strings attached. As I wrote in the commentary section of the Phoenix this is a bad idea. I will explain why.

First of those of you not familiar with the New England area the Phoenix is a leftist magazine that is distributed around Boston, Portland Maine and Providence Rhode Island. The whole thing's is a lot like Pravda advocating left wing causes like higher taxes higher spending communism gun control that sort of thing. It should come to no one's surprise that they would advocate soaking the working man and anyone with so much as an acre of property to pay for homes for bums that they can have with no conditions attached whatsoever.

Anyways its a bad idea because like I juxtaposed already it is extremely expensive and these people would not have any conditions they had to follow to get a free place to sleep, party drink, shoot up, have sex with random partners and not have to work. New England and much of the North East are already taxed to death to pay for corrupt government and failing communist programs like Romney care and for immigrants legal and illegal who take away jobs and commit most of the crime. We also pay up our noses to pay for single mom sluts and 28 year old grandmothers who have babies just to get welfare and not have to work and then there are these career homeless bums who hate the idea of working and just get money so they don't have to do anything.

That's not all. This plan has already been tried and failed in many, many places all over America. Boston Massachusetts, New York City and Los Angeles in particular. George W Bush also supported this insane police under the community reinvestment act using Fannie Mae Money. Portland Maine also did this. It was a disaster. The free homes were motel rooms or SRO or Single room occupancies. Crappy little rooms that were filthy and infested with bugs of every kind.

The tenants also used their rooms as fronts for illegal activity. In Boston Mass & Portland Maine they were used as meth labs.  Women and transsexuals would prostitute and use their rooms to bed their johns instead of going through the trouble of finding a motel room. On and on. But worst of all, the reason it failed most of all is the fact that there were no strings attached. They never bothered to clean or maintain their rooms. (some of them were beyond cleaning anyway.) they simply let it get out of hand and the superintendents would also let it go out of hand as well.

In the end Boston axed much of its funding and threw many of the bums out. In Portland Maine, transients living in Motels had to maintain their rooms and were required to either work or be in Job training and perform community service. In New York and LA, free housing is still given freely. Government workers even helped get people labeled disabled so they didn't have to do community work so that they in turn can get paid for keeping more and more bums on the welfare plantation.

These people need to stop using drugs and alcohol and get their act together and get a job. As for the teeny tiny minority of homeless who are on the streets because of a crisis or disability, it should be the responsibility of Christian charities and the community to lend them a hand not the corrupt ineffective government. Mentally ill homeless need to be connected to outpatient services and given the help they need to get on their feet.

In conclusion the government can never ever solve the problems of poverty and homelessness. Only the private sector, the charity sector and religion can end it. Government always follows the same failed policies of rewarding bad behavior, robbing the haves to pay for the have nots and condoning lazy brute behavior as natural and relative. Christian charities promote self esteem responsibility, hope, righteousness, ethics, virtues, sobriety and living management. They do so out of love with no strings attached while the government attaches many strings from higher and higher taxes to crooked and clumsy government.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Eugenics in Plain Sight (criminalizing normal behavior and bad laws)



但《宪法》的一个政府一旦更改自由,永远不可能恢复。 自由一旦失去,是永远失去了。

《宪法》的基础上引入了知识这些原则的人之间,并激发他们的自觉与尊严成为自由人日报;一个一般性仿真,使良好的幽默、交际能力、良好的服务态度和良好道德被一般。 该高地的情感激励,这样的一个政府,使一般人勇敢和进取的。 这种雄心壮志的启发,这使他们清醒,勤劳、俭朴。



有一个只有上帝主持联合国的命运,谁还会抬起朋友为我们争战。 这场战斗,主席先生,是的,不仅仅是强;它的警惕和积极的,勇敢的。


现在我把所有我的房产,我的家庭。 有一件事我希望我可以给他们,这就是基督教的。 如果他们有,我没有给他们一个先令也会丰富;如果他们没有这一点,我所赐给他们的所有世界,他们就会很差。

My new email address and Google+ account

I forgot to mention this early on. My newest email is and I have a google+ account FYI.

mainestategop is coming back to the internet real soon

Hey! I've gotten some time set up and some plans made for articles. I have been setting up accounts on different forums. I have been trying to get my account on Freerepublic re-opened but its not hopeful. I have not heard back from Jim Robinson.

However I am looking to open an account on liberty post. In addition my articles will be seen on Newsvine, on conservative's forum, on many other places just to name a few. I would like to also see about getting on worldnetdaily but that is difficult. Never mind. At any rate were making a comeback.

And it looks like Despite my long hiatus people have still flocked to my old posts. Since 2011 when I stopped blogging to focus on raising my child and building my business nearly ten thousand viewers came to my blog. I even had 11 new followers. I rarely posted usually just some comments, a youtube video here and there and so on. But I was amazed by so many fans I built up. It's a blessing.

So, I am more inclined than ever to make a comeback. And I intend to expand out further. I am thrilled by the support I've gotten. And yes folks I still have liberals regularly shout at me and yell at me. I moderate my comments on my Blog and I have quite a few angry stupid liberals mostly high school dropouts and drug addicts who hate me and they are gonna hate me more. that in itself is refreshing and invigorating to hear angry liberals.

Stay tuned, Mainestategop is coming back!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Greetings to our Hungarian friends! Üdvözlet a magyar barátaink!!

This post is really more of a shout out a greeting to viewers in Hungary. In recent months while my blog has been dormant I have discovered on my BlogSpot dashboard that many of my older articles particularly on the history of Communism in Europe and America have been widely read by the Hungarian people. Up until a year ago the Majority of foreign viewers who have read my Blog came from The United Kingdom and Canada with quite a few other viewrs from Quatar, France, Germany and Russia but in the past four or five months it looks like over 5000 people from Hungary have come to my blog to read it. I am sure that doesn't include at least a thousand other people of Hungarian ethnicity who have viewed me while living in Western Europe Canada and The United States of America.

Well to my new viewers (and past viewers) of Hungarian descent hello and welcome to my blog. I started this blog as a way of expressing as well as venting out my views on politics economics and religion. I live in Portsmouth New Hampshire near Pease with my Wife and 2 children I am a small business owner and I am a libertarian conservative. I use this blog not only as a form of expression or an outlet to let out my feelings but to attack communist liberal values that are undermining this great nation and to talk about what made it great in the first place. Hungary I remember was a soviet bloc country in the cold war so I am sure you all know first hand what I am talking about. Anyway thank you for your support and encouragement You are welcome here and you are welcome in America. God Bless.

And now for those not familiar to English. (and I apologize if the translation is poor)

Nos, hogy az új nézők (és múlt nézők) magyar származású Üdvözlünk a blogomban. Én elkezdtem ezt a blogot, mint egy kifejezési módja, valamint szellőztető ki a véleményemet a politika a gazdaság és a vallás. Élek Portsmouth New Hampshire közelében Pease feleségemmel és 2 gyermek vagyok egy kis üzlet tulajdonosa, és én vagyok a libertariánus konzervatív. Én ezt a blogot nem csak a kifejezési formát vagy aljzatba, hogy hagyja el az érzéseimet, de támadni kommunista liberális értékeket, amelyek aláássák ez a nagy nemzet, és beszélni, hogy mi tette nagyszerű az első helyen. Hungary Emlékszem volt szovjet blokk ország a hidegháború, így biztos vagyok benne, mindannyian tudjuk, első kézből, amit beszélek. Különben is köszönöm a támogatást és bátorítást Szeretettel várjuk itt, és szívesen Amerikában. Isten áldja.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Banjoreno or the song from Monty Python's Brian Islam and Brucie

I am posting this by request from a colleague. Remember that old sketch from monty python about Brian Islam and Brucie? It was a Terry Gilliam cartoon that featured a cutout of Boxers John Sullivan and Jake Kilrain dancing to an old tune, a train song from the 20s to be precise. The tune was an oldie called Banjoreno. Made in Chicago by Victor records in the nineteen twenties. Roaring 20s if you prefer. It faded from memory until Monty Python's flying circus came up with it for its sketch. HERE IS THE ORIGINAL SONG


Here is the sketch which plays a shortened version of banjoreno