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Monday, February 16, 2015

California liberals still support eugenics and forced sterilizations (liberals are nazis)

Liberals in California are still up to their old tricks like back in the fifties and the 1900s. In the United States and most of Europe during the early 20th century, eugenics was very popular but its applications were not well known to all and it was not known to a few good meaning souls that it was dangerous and draconian. Many states passed laws requiring forced sterilizations of so called "undesirables" including anyone believed to be or was mentally ill, the disabled, epileptics, children in poverty, racial minorities in particular native Americans Indians and anyone with a criminal history.

The most notorious was Carrie Buck. A woman who was impregnated from a rape. Because she was poor and a rape victim and because her mother had been convicted of prostitution many years earlier the state of Virginia ordered her to appear before a death panel that ruled that she was feeble minded. She was ordered to be forcibly sterilized. The decision was upheld by the liberal fascist judge Oliver Wendell Holmes. Buck lived and died in poverty because of her ordeal.

The state of California was one of the more notorious states and had one of the highest rates of forced sterilizations. Children in orphanages, reformatories, who were in poverty or of different race were mostly singed out. This was all approved of by the liberals who were and still are all Nazis. Case in point, the California state legislature's refusal to pay reparations to forced sterilization victims.

Conservative North Carolina on the other hand has paid over fifty-thousand dollars each to victims of forced sterilization. Conservative republicans are apologizing and paying restitution to victims of Nazi eugenics policies while liberal Democrats in California tell them to go stick their head in a barrel of crap. Proof that conservatives are on the right side of history and that liberals are not.

But there is worse in this. In California and in other liberal enclaves of fascism like Maryland, Illinois, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts, forced sterilization and castration of those deemed by liberals as undesirables still continues in secret.

Psychiatrists, teachers, social workers and other treasonous fifth column Marxist filth in California at the behest of Democrats have begun a regiment of forced sterilizations using their practices as fronts for the new eugenics movement. The key is to get them while they are young. The weapon against the freedom to procreate: Psychotropic drugs and forced psychiatric commitment.

Children and youth as young as 10 are proscribed powerful meds that can cause impotence and erectile disfunction as well as lead to lazy or defective sperm and eggs. Drugs such as Risperdal, Depekote, Haldol, Zyprexa and others are over proscribed intentionally to children who doctors and school faculty view as worthless undesirables either because of their race, that they are victims of bullying or because they think or look differently. Other times it is a personal grudge. These poor victims are drugged up and most will lose their ability to have children all because of liberals.

Risperdal is one of the most commonly used to forcibly sterilize "undesirables" by liberal democrats. Risperdal is marketed by Johnson and Johnson and is supposedly used as an anti-psychotic mostly for treating Bipolar disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia. However a growing number of those being proscribed Risperdal do not have any of those things. They mostly have Asperger's syndrome and the majority of these victims are children.

Asperger's syndrome we are told is a high functioning form of autism. Reality: Doctors cannot make up their minds whether Asperger's syndrome is mental retardation or mental illness or both. One thing they are certain of however, those with Asperger's (or aspies as they are known as) are not high functioning. At least they aren't treated that way.

In our previous articles we discussed Asperger's Syndrome and how being diagnosed with it has lead to homelessness, loss of employment, abuse and lost of personal freedoms. In particular the case of Nate Tseglin, a straight A student who was incarcerated in an institution in Orange county and forcibly drugged into oblivion as well as the case of Emmaline Hightower of Massachusetts who despite having a job and apartment as well as other nice things was labeled an Asperger retard simply because she was bullied and because her abusive family lied to doctors. With help from a left wing judge and liberal jury she was condemned as being an Aspie incapable of functioning. Her belongings and her bank account was forcibly taken away from her and her job was lost and her home was lost. Emmaline was also forcibly drugged up to the point where she could not complete tasks or function normally and was institutionalized then placed in a group home where she later commit suicide.

Asperger's syndrome diagnosis is based on the most trivial and outrageous of things. Among them are failing to socialize with peers. In other words victims of bullying at school. The bullies didn't fail the victim did. Other reasons include being unable to find employment during a socialist recession like the one Obama gave us or having something like a stamp collection. These days liberals will diagnose with Asperger's anyone they don't like for any reason. And then your rights are gone.

These are the things the left wants for all of us. The left hates freedom the left hates prosperity the left hates families the left hates anything that is good for us while making up lies that its good for us to be government to be sterilized or put trees spotted owls and rats over the welfare of humans. No surprise.

It was the left in the United Sates and Great Britain that gave life to the Eugenics movement in America. The castration and depravation of freedom, justice, dignity and humanity of victims of liberalism. It was this that propelled the left in Germany and Japan into power with a liberal socialist named Adolf Hitler at the helm. over 50 million people many civilians would die because of Eugenics all because of liberals.

Next up we will feature testimony of a mother of a forced sterilization victim in California who was castrated with Risperdal for being bullied in school and because socialism failed again. We will also talk more about the lie that is Asperger's syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Really? They still do that? Isn't that illegal?

Anonymous said...

It is illegal but liberals always use loopholes to get around constitutional freedom and undermine America and make everyone's life so hard. This Risperdal drug for instance is one of the ways they do this.

Duane from Maine said...

Its illegal to sterilize someone for being disabled or mentally ill. Those drugs aren't intented for sterilization. The proscription Risperdal they give you is only a fraction of what they give to castrate child molesters in prison. According to the FDA only one in one hundred thousand get impotent but they are entitled to compensation. Other drugs are like the too. The overwhelming majority of those who get proscribed these meds to do not develop any problems like impotence. You are more likely to get erectile dysfunction from something like diabetes or smoking or from something else unrealeted then from psychotropic medication. If they want to stop someone from having children they really wanted to do this they could have done it by now.

Still I do believe that some people should not have children if they are not responsible or just plain evil. They should have their tubes tied up. That'll work wonders. They should only castrate sex offenders and only if they really are guilty without a doubt.

mainestategop said...

Who are you to tell someone they can't have children? Liberals like you allow 16 yr old sluts to have bastards and I have to pay for it with taxes for welfare but a boy who was bullied can't? And yes those drugs do cause health problems. They cause impotence, brain damage, alzhimers, cancer, joint deterioration, blindness, deafness, all kinds of problems especially if they are taken long term. Mental illness doesn't necessarily exist. The problem 99 times out of 100 is someone who was not brought up the right way or has been brain damaged in an accident. Liberals are doing this so hospitals and the government can make money off our backs.

Anonymous said...

They still haven't paid restitution for victims of Eugenics.

Every other state except California and one other has.