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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lukewarm Catholics


mickeydago said...

yeah that's new England cathoics for ya! Rhode Island my home state is the most catholic in the country yet most of them are using condoms and living like the world. We're also a blue state btw. That says something. I wonder if there is a place in America that actually follows the catholic tenents in the south or in middle America? Do you know?

mainestategop said...

Yeah. Omaha Nebraska and Kansas City were rated as having the highest attendance of mass in the country. KC is mostly Protestant but Omaha has a growing thriving catholic community. Over half the pop. is catholic and a little over half the pop. volunteers in humanitarian services. This is especially necessary since Union pacific rail has its HQ there and there are a lot of hobos who use it as a whistle stop while travelling.

Omaha Ne is definitely the place to go if you're looking for good conservative catholic stuff. The only other place I know of is around the rural areas of the great lakes. I know because a friend of mine used to live in Omaha.