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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Obama to seize the internet and implement censor ship

Read all about it here but to make it short it looks like Obama has had enough of the first amendment and since the internet is all about openness, giving every view a place at the table for everyone to discuss and since the internet is all about expression art freedom liberty education awareness and communicating the truth and free thought well.... Liberals have had just about enough of all they can take. So Obama is now about to pull the plug on the internet in his quest to give liberals the national socialist dictatorship they always wanted. Socialism liberalism racism and every other worthless ism can never compete in free thought. Everyone eventually sees that it is useless and worthless. So liberals who love those things will do everything to shut up their opponents.


DuanefromMaine said...

Listen this isn't about Obama. He's just taking orders from above. the big corporations want to limit our choices so they can make profit. As a liberal I only want the government to go after people pushing child porn and bomb making info. I want the government to also keep the big companies from deciding what I can choose while the government allows me to make more choices just as long as its legal.

Boston Joe said...

They've been talking about this for years and still nothing happened. I think Obama should have the government nonetheless supervise the internet for anarchy groups terrorists child pornographers and criminals. Someone has to step in or the corporations will come in and monopolize the whole thing like with Sopa