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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Response from liberal fascists and from a patriot on Jesse Kaplan suicide

Yesterday We did a story on Jesse Kaplan a boy with Asperger's syndrome who was forcibly neutered and sterilized for being bullied at a California school by liberals. We got three emails: Two from Liberals one from New York the other from somewhere else and the other from an American in California.

This first from the liberal in New York. It was received on Email from one Danny Buchstanes of Long Island. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED THERE IN ARE THOSE OF ALL NEW YORK DEMOCRATS AND ALL LIBERALS.

I read your article and I have to agree that some people should not have children. We have ten billion people on earth and not enough room. Jesse was diagnosed by a doctor in good standing with a mental illness that did not come from bullying but one that was genetic and should not be permitted to have children. It was right for the government to sterilize him. I believe that the school should have done to protect people with special needs like him but he shouldn't procreate. It appears that the doctor is right because his mother sounds like she has Asperger's syndrome too. Asperger's people tend to be crazy and vote republican since they believe everything Fox news says so they should be castrated. I have 7 grown children and if I found out one of them was mentally ill like this Kaplan kid or like his mother I'd do what I can to make sure they don't have children. And yes the government is correct all the time. The are experts and the people who work for our government and us are experts. The government is us. We are not wrong and our government is never wrong. You are wrong Mr. ball and you are the reason we suffer. I will report this to our government.

See everyone? Liberals are stupid fascists.

Now for the other guy. Who responded with an email:

I went to Independence High School and I remember Jesse Kaplan. This guy had issues He would slobber in class, he picked his nose and ate the boogers and was twitchy. And no it wasn't because of meds. I was on meds at the time too and I didn't have that problem. This kind of person was wide open for an attack by bullies. He should have gone to a special school for people with special needs and given proper medication and treatment. No one has the right to reproduce in this country. By the way your whole website is full of S**t. You sound like you have mental problems too. I don't believe that you run a small business I believe you live in a group home somewhere and have delusions and hear voices. You republicans make me sick. You want to lower taxes, the deficit and end welfare but you want to allow retards to give birth to more retards and more morons like you. No wonder because they'll just vote republican like you idiot. BURN IN HELL!

Again this is how all liberals behave.

Now here's one from a patriotic American from Maine.

Thank you for writing that Brian. I feel so sorry for Rita and her family. My grandson was almost proscribed that same drug for bipolar. We disagreed with the diagnosis. He's 15 and at an age when puberty makes kids wild. In my time this would be normal but liberals want to make a cookie cutter society where everyone thinks the same. They wanted him on Risperdal. We told them no. Were Catholic this drug will make him impotent. They lied and said it wouldn't and that people with disabilities shouldn't have children anyway. We pulled him out of the school and we homeschool him now. This happened in Biddeford High School. They are so horrible. We waste all our money on these people and they cheat us and make everything worse. Thank you again for all you've done.



NYCYankee said...

Okay look I am from New York City and I am a Democrat and I don't know where you come off trying to portray me as a Nazi just because some idiot like this Danny guy shows up and makes a stupid comment. It sounds like Jesse was not dealt with in a fair manner. Not everyone with Asperger's syndrome is an idiots. In fact they're geniuses. I think it was wrong to castrate him. Anyway I believe the government should regulate who gets to have children and who doesn't I think only qualified parents should. I mean go to Wal-Mart or look up people who shop at Wal-Mart in places like Florida and you'll see what I mean. This douche bag Danny Buchestanes if he is who he says he is obviously should be sterilized. He has 7 children and will castrate them at a whim because he doesn't like how they think. That is sick.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a pro-choicer.

Anonymous said...

The idiot says, Jesse was diagnosed by a doctor in good standing. Excuse me but how do you know about his standing if you are all the way in New York? And how are doctors and government employees always right?

Anonymous said...

Love what that New York Nazi said. He'd castrate his children if he thought they were mentally ill. Basically that means if they don't vote like him or think like him he will cut off their balls. That is very, very tolerant of liberals. HA!

See this is how far psychiatry has gone. If you don't agree 1000% with liberals you are mentally ill you deserve to lose everything and be castrated. What happened to if it feels good do it? What happened to dissent is patriotic or having an open mind.

Mickeydago said...


mainestategop said...

@NYCYankee Base on your biased criteria a lot of liberals would be part of that statistic too. The thing about Hitler socialism is that it always comes back like a boomerang on liberals. Just like it did on the SA. The same can be said for all other forms of socialism

mainestategop said...

@mickeydago well yeah that's what you get for trusting the government. The whole city and even most of the state is a soviet dictatorship. Its a hell of a bad town I tell you what.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny! Why is the government always right? If it is why did the USSR collapse?

Anonymous said...

Liberals are all bullies. Liberals also support Nazism and forced sterilization not because they are concerned for humanity but they want to stop people who don't think like them reproducing.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatry needs to be outlawed. It is socialist, abusive and racist. A teenager in puberty is not like a grown man. Neither is a rambuncous child.