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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Australia embraces Hitler style eugenics aims to sterilize undesirables

In Queensland Australia, a girl known as Lisa has desires to be independent and gainfully employed. She also would like to marry a nice man and have children. But her parents have other plans for her. What do those of us who are mothers and fathers desire for our children? We desire the same thing for our sons and daughters that Lisa wants for her self. We want our children to achieve their maximum potential. We want them to be given the sun the moon and the stars. A career, independence and self sufficiency, and possibly marriage and a family. As it is written in the good book Grandchildren are a crowning achievement.

But to liberals and liberal low lives like Lisa's parents they do not desire those things. According to Lisa's mother her one desire for her daughter before she dies is that she be permanently sterilized and unable to have children. This is because according to liberal doctors Lisa has Asperger's syndrome, a form of mental retardation related to autism. As for independence and a career, she prefers that she simply accept being poor and destitute living in a residential care apartment unemployed. Imagine a parent saying this is their only desire for their young one.

There would be a time one not as enlightened but none the less one where such a parent would be branded cruel and abusive. And they are cruel and abusive as is Lisa's liberal whore mother is. No job, not ever having children. Just being sterile barren and left in misery for life. This is what the majority of all liberals want for their young ones. So is it any wonder that our youth are becoming more out of touch and immoral? I mean just look no further than Occupy Wall street! But no one suggests that low life liberal scum be sterilized! OH NO! But if you think outside the box, look different, talk different have different beliefs or worse still believe in God, ETC. then you must be retarded! INFERIOR! NO! You must not have children!

So the liberals brand those not insane like they are insane. They then go to work destroying their gonads. Meanwhile there are thousands of women most of them teenagers who have illegitimate kids just so they can get on the welfare line. women who are mostly irresponsible and without any discretion But this isn't condemned since the government workers are paid more just so these sluts can have out of wedlock kids and get on the system. Free handouts for doing no work while government workers who do no work get paid for being stupid and lazy It is the same problem but much worse in Europe and Australia. The state confiscates money from the working man and pays it out to the lazy while castrating those who they dislike. People with far more potential then any liberal. But are branded as useless and worthless by them and are abused sterilized and left destitute. All assuredly for the greater good.

Eugenics is becoming big in Australia, Europe and some Asian countries like Singapore. Ordinary people like you and me are branded inferior and mutilated based on sound science but on opinion and social construct. Australia and Britain the biggest promoters of Eugenics currently.

In Australia forced sterilization is performed vigorously with the approval of the majority and the government. It starts out with a tribunal much like a death panel. An examination board that determines whether victims are sterilized for any small reason no matter how trivial. And with taxpayer funds the victim is humiliatingly sterilized. An example was a case study reported in Brisbane times of a girl known only as CEN. She was forcibly brought before the death panels against her will by her mother and relatives. CEN was brought by her mother because according to her she is stupid. Doctors declared that she suffered from Asperger's retardation and was incapable of social relationships and understanding children's needs. Also according to doctors she was unintelligent and was bizarre.

They could not correlate how she was bizarre and whether this was opinion or factual. Nonetheless doctors and the death panel concluded that it was a danger to society for her to be a mom. She was ordered by the tribunal to be sterilized. Doctors forced her to undergo an operation to tie off her tubes. The Melbourne times refused to report further on CEN's condition but human rights groups monitoring the case and who oppose this have reported that CEN's condition has deteriorated greatly since the forced operation. Her family is not supportive and even dislikes her for having Asperger's. A report from another doctor finds that the diagnosis was inaccurate and was based on false reports by relatives.

A violation of human rights

Very few human rights groups are fighting against Eugenics and Psychiatry which are connected to liberalism. The Roman Catholic church in Australia has taken a small roll in fighting against eugenics. However the Catholic church is small in Australia and Australia has become more and more secular in recent years.

The fact is that this IS a violation of human rights. The state or abusive relatives or as in this case both take a person an individual and mutilate and injure his or her body against their wishes. Perfectly healthy organs are removed or destroyed. This in itself is a violation of basic human rights. What is more frightening is that anyone can be branded disabled.

You see disabled and mentally ill are really social constructs. It is a biased view of how a society or individuals view another as functioning in society. 90% of all diagnosis of disability are not based on sound science and any scrap of evidence but molded on paradigms, opinions and prejudice.

The purpose of Eugenics and these sterilizations are not to protect the environment and society but are designed to wound and injure. It is not about the well being of the individual or even the well being of society but a political maneuver designed to punish those who do not conform to socialist regimentation. Eugenics and its evil sister psychiatry is designed to promote shame and humiliation on the victims for their class, race, religion, creed, ETC. and designed to eliminate children who will be raised in an environment that the state perceives will lead to dissension. To quote a communist tribunal in Europe, they do not want parallel societies.

A society that promotes immorality, godlessness, communism, homosexuality, pedophilia, abortion, eugenics, euthanasia and racism like that in Europe can not ever and refuses ever to co-exist with a society that is godly, pious, moral, upright, honorable, a society that promotes tradition, property, liberty life and freedom and the right to those before mentioned like what we once had in the United States before the ejected God.


Sarah Palin once likened Eugenics to man made global warming and evolution as being false. For that she was condemned and slandered by the liberal fascists that hate America and human life. They condemns and demean her for they have no defense for their evil paradigm. And its true! Eugenics is false science. So is climate change and evolution. So is it any wonder that liberals resort to Nazi fascism to defend the indefensible? There are many cases of parents that some would argue are unfit as parents who had children who were healthy productive citizens.

As for labels, it is wrong to accept them. Evil societies like those in Europe and the new liberal America force us to accept them because liberals want to bring down society and individuals. That is what labels are designed to do. Disability is but an artificial social construct a brand for those perceived as undesirable and unfit to be human beings and as people who are perceived as fully functional. Labels are but the means which liberals promote political and social tyranny and injustice.


Anonymous said...

What a sick evil woman. Her one desire for her child is to be rendered unable to procreate and be a slave to welfare and communism. Shame! Shame! Australia is just the pits! That's one country I wont go to visit ever.

Anonymous said...

And this is what I see a lot of these days. a lot of. They fob their kid on the welfare state and expect US to pay for their mistakes. They are just selling their child into slavery to be abused by liberal workers who don't care. And we pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Its not eugenics. They're only tying their tubes. Its a process that can be reversed providing they learn to be responsible. A child born to mentally unstable parents is not a healthy child with good prospects.

mainestategop said...

Who gets to decide who is defective and who isn't? All it takes is a doctor's signature and your rights are gone!

A lot of these diagnosis are based on rumors and lies. Its he said she said.

Anonymous said...

Good job Australia! Gotta keep the population low and keep morons from giving birth to more morons. We need this in America to stop the retarded and republicans who are all mentally ill and retarded from giving birth. Australia Europe and America need to do this more to keep the population low and healthy. No child should be forced to be born with bad genes to irresponsible stupid parents. I am from the south so I should know every one there is retarded and still believes there is a GAAAAWWWWWDD!!!

mainestategop said...

If we really did have eugenics there would be fewer and fewer Democrats. Think about that one.

Anonymous said...

You said it. Just aout every democrat I know is a low life. 100 years ago when these evil laws existed they would be neutered without anoher thought. I mean they murder their own children so yeah that's why there are fewer democrats.

Anonymous said...

If America collapses I was thinking of Going to Australia. Now that I read this article and did my own research on this I change my mind. Damn Kangaroo F***ers. They'll probably snip my balls off the minute I arrive at the Airport terminal. I think I'll go to Russia instead. Putin may be a red but at least he's a conservative Christian red. Russia is throwing out the homosexuals and degenerates an restoring religion and tradition while America jettisons her Christian faith and family values for a feel good do it culture.