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Monday, March 30, 2015

Eugenics not about preserving humanity but about political control

This is a response to a lot of comments I've been getting and I think it needs to be let out. The whole reason liberals support birth control and abortion and support eugenics isn't because of overpopulation or because of preserving the genome from undesirables but because of politics and political correctness.

As you've seen we've talked about sterilization of Risperdal and I am going to go into detail I believe about Lupron protocol and we talked about liberal fascination with Hitler's policies.

Liberals simply want to sterilize people because they don't think like them, because they don't vote socialist and because they are in the way of public funds for communist programs like welfare, social security government labor pensions and so on.

Think about it. A responsible young man like Jesse Kaplan cannot have children because he's bullied but a 16 year old slut in Chicago can have 8 children by several men and not have to work. These children in turn are not raised and raise havoc.

But that means more Democrats, more socialists and a bigger mess for the government meaning justification for more taxes more government and more lazy bums in government.

Third worlders have many many children. Liberals don't complain. Africa, India, China and so on have exploding populations and many of these people are more omral religious decent than many americans by comparison.

None the less they can immigrate vote Democrat and be exploited by the state just like the Welfare queens. And so what if they are more moral than Democrats? When all is said and done they are still going to vote Democrat since they are uneducated and have no diploma or degree.

Liberal celebrities like the Kardashians have big families but while some may nit pick nothing is done. Hollywood celebs are good Democrats and vote Democrat and encourage our youth to vote democrat. They can even poison our youth with immorality so they become sluts with bastards or criminals so our government can once more rob then taxpayer and create socialism.

But when it comes to genuine americans no. They need to be discouraged from having children. Children we are told by our liberal betters are a nuisance. They cost too much and they smell.  But say nothing about welfare whores and their bastards.

The reason for eugenics, for socialism and mental health is to shame and punish those who don't think like them. Who don't hold to their Godless immorality. Who are not immoral deviant and evil. The same with Hitler and the Nazis. The National socialists. True liberals if ever there were. The German socialist were the most immoral and evil people there were. Drug addicts, transsexuals, homosexuals, insane, racist God hating Jew hating bigots. They blew themselves up as champions of purity and morality. Sure enough that was a falsehood.

To top it all off, some of them were really of Jewish descent. Conservative Jews tell me that these are what are known as Anti-semetic Jews. Self Hating Jews as they are popularly known.


Liberals are masters of immorality. There is no one more twisted sick or evil than a liberal. Michael Savage put it best that liberalism is a mental disease. But he underexagerated. There perhaps is no word In the lexicon to describe the fundamentals of a liberal. They killed 6 million Jews, they cause both world wars, they oppose God, they oppose faith, morals and oppose life itself. The eugenics movement and its desire to castrate and destroy the ability to create life for those who would make fine parents. As America becomes liberal and embraces eugenics so too do we go downhill fast. America had a good 200+ year run but now time is up as America ejects God and good and life while embracing death and evil.

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Boston Joe said...

Okay. First Jesse Kaplan was unintentionally sterilized. Risperdal at that time was not known to cause these problems. We didn't know till 2002 that Risperdal leads to gynocomastia like what happened to one Autistic kid who got d cup breasts and also some people shouldn't have children if they're not responsible. People like Kim Kardashian or these welfare moms should have their tubes tied until they can have children. We had a case like this in Boston with a schizophrenic who got knocked up and who's parents wanted to abort the child and tie her tubes. She's out of her mind and sometimes Schizophrenia can be hereditary. So its a good idea to prevent birth temporarily to stop problem children being messed up by parents who are messed up. Thankfully the courts in Boston let them do it.

Why is it not immoral to allow immoral people to have children and abuse them? Why is that not bad? And when is the government trying to stop healthy normal people from having children? That doesn't make any sense!