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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homeschooling--How to Start

Homeschooling--How to Start This is good whether or not you're a Catholic



Anonymous said...

Homeschoolers are all retards and socially awkward nerds. They need to be punished and the children put in foster homes and public school to learn to be human beings.

mainestategop said...

Homeschoolers are 3 years ahead of libtards like you.

and the children put in foster homes and public school to learn to be human beings.

I guess you've never been to schools in Chicago?

Boston Joe said...

I support banning homeschooling for a lot of reasons. First of all I have seen what happens to homeschooled kids. They are social retards and are screw ups. I had a co-worker who was homeschooled in a conservative catholic family in Maine and all he did was talk about jesus and religion and he couldn't take criticism very well. The only other things he talked about were his older brother who was his only friend I guess since he was cooped up at home and he talked about Nintendo. He couldn't take criticism he wasn't good at working with teams of other workers and he always was solitary. We tried to get rid of it long ago but couldn't because the fanatics and the right wing didn't want to.

Parents can choose where they send their children. there's parochial school, charter school, public school, private schools all over Boston and Massachusetts but homeschooling is no good. Even if its true they're 3 years ahead which I doubt personally its not worth not having a right mind and social skills. Cuz they're not going to make it in High society.

Anonymous said...

The reason homeschoolers are ahead of public school kids is because America's education system is so broken that even home educated nut jobs can do better. In Europe these kids couldn't stand a chance.

ben said...

Ah just like the Nazis. Hitler also opposed homeschooling for the same reasons. Liberals don't want people who don't think like them so they kill them or sterilize them.

Hey BostonJoe, If you hate homeschooling go live in Germany or North Korea.