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Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet King Joe - 1949 cartoon on benefits of capitalism


mickeydago said...

King Joe reminds me of my dad. And My Great great Grandpa was like his.

This was made in a time when corporations were many and they execs were patriotic responsible people. When a job only required a diploma.

those were the days.

Now... The jobs are gone, College grads and HS grads are in the same boat as drop-outs.

mainestategop said...

There were many many corporations back then instead of a few now. Competition is good for consumers and the economy.

But unfortunately the polices of FDR Harry S. And Ike caught up with us. They put a 90% tax on corporations, they regulated everything, even though the 50s were the time of the red scare our government was becoming more and more like the Kremlin. Very few like Mccarthy saw this but failed to stop it.

by the end of the sixties jobs disappeared and finally to make it worse, Teddy the Hutt opened the immigration flood gates to turd world peasant freedom haters who took the few jobs left for almost nothing and voted more and more in favor of socialism.

Add to this stagnation inflation and all these recessions worsened the problems.

We used to be the most industrious and richest nation in the world now were an ampty shell and trillions in debt. America Is now nothing but a godless socialist dictatorship. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

@mickeydago The reason working men like Joe and your pop had it good then is because of the Union movement. That and progressive policies of the 50s. Only a tiny minority of people were red baiting lunatic fringe nuts. They were loud but few. America did tax corporations 90% instead of almost nothing now and though we didn't have a welfare state we did have jobs and we did have progress. Then along came Goldwater Nixon and everything went to hell. The taxes dropped and CEOS got around unions by outsourcing or lowering production and even downsizing labor force. Too many people were out of work so they criminalized the homeless like some places like California did in the 30s during the depression and used them as prison labor. Then in the 80s Reagan let them go to Mexico and companies like GM sent away the jobs and wiped out the upper Midwest and Mid-east US. It was because of progress and socialist subsidies and Social security not to mention a tax system that put the rich in their places and kept them there that gave us such a nice standard of living.

The GOP will not rest until all welfare is gone child labor returns and finally raid the last piggy bank. Our social security funds. We need to throw out the GOP and the right wing nuts and get America back where it belongs. We neeed a revolt bigger than Occupy bigger than the hippie movement.

mainestategop said...

WRONG! If anything the unions contributed to the problem. What used to be a movement to collectively bargain employers became and extortion racket. Twinkies can't be made anymore thanks to unions in Canada shutting down factories. Nixon was a socialist. He supported price controls and bigger government. GOLDWATER?! WHAT DID HE DO? He opposed those policies!

The real reason is because new machines and technology increased productivity and wages.