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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

rules for comments

first of all, no foul language. Sometimes filters mistakenly filter out some of our posts because of it. Second of all liberals who make really really goofy racist comments, you wont see it published so don't try and get a reaction. Third, no conservatives posting as liberals. No. If you do I will know and keep it off. Let the liberals come and spew their left wing Nazis propaganda on their own once school is let out. Fourth, no ads, no java and all links and java scripts will be checked for viruses. Anyone caught posting a link to viruses or Trojans will be reported to proper law enforcement. All suspicious posts and links will be deleted Finally behave. Don't act like a liberal. Remember, you're a grown up and a responsible adult so act like one. OKAY! With that in mind feast your eyes on the candy below!


MickeyDago said...

I guess that's why my other comments don't show up. I try to stuff it in but those liberals make it so &#%$ hard!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah good to know. Everytime someone yells it up and leaves cursing and profanity even if they paraphrase it internet filters can it. The filters also are selective. They always target the websites that have conservatives and pro-freedom stuff and leave the communists liberals and other immoral people alone to curse and shrill. Also I find that words like liberal fascism can be banned sometimes under hate speech because of the word fascism. It doesn't matter if its anti-Nazi sometimes the word Nazi warrents it being filtered. Public libraries and even internet at truckstops like TA Travel center have this a lot.