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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Stock Market and Financial Market Explained in Cartoon

Its old but it explains the fundamentals nicely.


Anonymous said...

If anything this proves that privatizing social security is the way to go. Even if the arguments are true which they aren't the stock market is the best place for retirement.

Then again it could be a problem for baby boomers. What to do when all they do is sell sell sell sell for retirement.

mainestategop said...

You are absolutely right. But this thing about the baby boomer problem I disagree. The stocks will gradually decline but it will enable the younger generation who are just starting out to participate and purchase since they don't have as much money at this time as their elders. They can get started early and The price of stock will gradually go back up. Not only this low wage workers can participate and the stocks go up up up and up. It should be done slowly and gradually so the stock doesn't go down too fast thereby depriving elders of all their savings.

Wheras under socialist stupidity ER I mean social security the baby boomers leave work grab all they can and the whole system fall apart and deflates. The young no longer have anything to retire on and have to work longer.

To make matters worse all this abortion and this abhorrence to having children is making matters worse. There is no replenishing of the human population. In Europe they import illiterate peasants and savages who contribute nothing. Most of them don't invest or work they just mooch or rob.