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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Video Exposes the Nazism of the Occupy movement (Occupy pogrom against Jews)

BEHOLD! LIBERALISM IN ALL ITS GLORY! In summer of 2011 occupy Oakland perhaps one of the most violent of the occupy bum movements in the country launched a violent attack on Jews in the Oakland area. Members of the white supremacist group Storm Front took part. After Police arrested the hooligan liberal Nazis involved members of Occupy converged on police and began attacking while changing anti-Semitic slogans and yelling "DIE K**E!" Later after being dispersed with Tear Gas and Flash grenades the mob returned to their camp where they sang the German national Anthem. I spoke to people who were in Oakland at the time and they told me that during the time they occupied 14th and broadway the mob frequently had members of Stormfront and Nation of Islam blaming Jews for the bank problems and capitalism. Nazi graffiti was on the honey buckets and in addition to pictures of Che and Hugo Chavez there were pictures of Hitler and several racist activists.

Everything the liberals accuse the tea party of being this is what occupy is. In addition I received similar reports from a friend in Occupy LA. Portapotties contained swastikas and web addresses to white supremacist websites.

The Marxist socialists and National Socialists have finally decided to put their differences aside and go to war against their common enemy. The United States of America and capitalism. This video proves once and for all that liberalism is morally bankrupt.


Mickeydago said...

I remember watching this video yesterday coming home from Lent service and I just couldn't believe it. I vaguely remember before the video was over I was using loads of profanity enough to make a sailor blush. I had to go back to church and confess to father and do penance so I forgot to comment.

But my God I can't belive it! I know these psychos did a lot of rioting in Oakland but I had no idea that Stormfront and these Nazis were that much involved!

Anonymous said...

HOLY s**T! Are you serious?! I can't believe these frigging liberals are allowed to get away with doing this and that the media WILL NOT REPORT IT!!!

I hate all liberals. Its true. The Liberals are Nazis. We need to get rid of these scum. Throw them out of our communities send them to North Korea! LIBERAL FASCIST SCUM!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to popular belief originating from Anti-Semitic anti-communists, Jews actually are not anti-capitalist but are the major pioneers of capitalism and business. To quote one 19th century French liberal politican, there can be no socialism without anti-Semitism. Jew hatred is the cornerstone of every left wing movement in America. Not just Hitler's German version of Socialism or Stalin's version in Germany but all of them. If there are Jews involved they are self hating Jews that hate themselves and their own religion. This is why the Democrats are attacking Israel and why Occupy engages in violence against banks and against all Jews. Socialism is a morally bankrupt system that benefits only evil. Evil thrives on it so they attack the chosen of G-d for this reason.

mainestategop said...

Oh yes! I know people who used to be liberals and who have been to occupy. They allow them to spew jew hating propaganda all over the place.

So what church do you go to?

MickeyDago said...

I go to Peter Paul Cathedral in Providence Rhode Island! We are the most Catholic state in America but we also are one of the most liberal and not surprisingly have the highest rate of mental illness in the country. I already knew this for a fact since me and my wife volunteer for groups that work with mentally ill adults like Amistad.

Are you Catholic Brian?

mainestategop said...

My wife and I consider ourselves evangelicals. Still I don't think it matters as long as your church is grounded in the bible and Jesus' teachings. This who Jack T Chick right wing crap is divisive and makes all Christians look bad. We got to get together and set things straight with the world.

Anonymous said...

I would never have believed that liberalism and Nazism are one if it weren't for this video and if I hadn't been to Occupy Portland. This is sick! The Nazis recruiting at OWS and supporting them! I hate the banks too but not al of them are Jewish! I know Jews. What about all these liberals making trouble! Jobs? Its not about Jobs!? THEY DONT WANT TO WORK! THEY ARE EITHER LAZY OR CANT WORK!