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Friday, April 10, 2015

Diversity revenge

Take a look at the videos below. This is an example of why immigration is harmful. We have too many people flooding into Europe and America with different values and immorality. They come in bring their gods their idols their problems and refuse to assimilate. Every week in Europe there is a riot started by immigrants. Usually its Muslims. This will hit America soon. BTW sorry if I posted too many videos to those with not enough bandwidth. Also I do not support Brother Nathanael.


Mickeydago said...

Oh god! I remember that character! He used to dance around the streets of Boston many years ago. He's from there! I used to like him a lot before he started preaching hatred against the Jews. This is one crazy psycho path. I wonder if he's ever been hospitalized?

mainestategop said...

He was. His Abbot decided he wasn't good enough to be a monk so they threw him out. He protested had a fit so police were called to remove him. He was put in the psyche ward in Denver and diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. He's no longer a monk. He used to be homeless in Colorado, New York and Boston but now lives in an apartment in Frisco Colorado there abouts I think. He still dances around on the streets making an ass of himself in the Colorado areas in front of the tourists. He's like an attraction.

I should write about him.

Anonymous said...

This stuff happens more and more in Europe and its already going on in New York City and in Los Angeles and San Diego.