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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Socialist security's rep payee program abuses the poor and cons them out of their money.

The Representative payee program is a tool used by liberals in the Social security apparatus to steal your money. According to leftists it is designed for people who are unable to manage their money due to a medical condition or mental illness. The program takes the power of managing their pensions out of their hands. The Beneficiary is appointed a rep payee who takes over the management of the pension. The Payee is supposed to use the money to pay for the victim's er... Beneficiary's well being. Rent, food, recreation, medicine ETC are all the payee's responsibility.

Under the payee program the person's entire life, lifestyle, life quality, health and existence is in the hand of a third party. Just as it was in German under Hitler and socialism or The USSR with the people who trusted their government. Every time it has happened disaster. So not surprisingly it is a disaster for the beneficiary.

Statistics by government watchdogs and legal aid show that an overwhelming 96% of all recipients of social security or SSI who are assigned payees will suffer some form of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation by their payees. The majority of these abuses are caused by payees not related to the victim and who work for services connected to the welfare state.

This tragedy is only made worse by the fact that so many of these people are not really disabled. They were branded disabled by doctors who wanted kickbacks from the government and by abusive relatives who want them to fail and brand them disabled either to take away their property or to stop them from living normal lives.

These poor innocent people are then taken from their ideal existence of work and contentment to exploitation and slavery by the government and the liberals who run it.

Payee services like Crosspoint services in Danville Illinois are notorious for misusing and abusing pensions of their victims who are appointed by the state. Crosspoint calls itself a corporation. But so does taxpayer funded PBS another corporation funded entirely by other people's money. Crosspoint operates under the auspices of the State of Illinois and Department of Health and Human Services which approves of its abuses. Very little have been done to hold them accountable and it has mostly been up to legal aid and private attorneys who hold some sympathy for the victims.

Even so it is difficult to get services like Crosspoint to do their jobs. and hold them accountable. there is a delay in court action and delays in indictments of payees. This encourages abusers further as most funding for our justice system is diverted to government pay and welfare. Justice delayed is justice not served.

Here is what the organization says about itself:

Crosspoint’s Vision is that all people should have every opportunity to realize their highest possible level for a productive and healthy life in their community.  It is Crosspoint’s mission to provide quality human services in a competent and reliable fashion to individuals, families, and the community.

What Nikolai Lenin said as well...

Brie D'laney of Champaign Illinois underwent a two year battle against Crosspoint when they abused her father's pension. Jorgi D'laney was a retired factory worker and welder who had amassed enough pension in Social security to live comfortably in his twilight years. He would also receive over eleven hundred a month in addition to his account.

But despite being responsible all his life Social security decided to appoint the money to Payees at Crosspoint. "They never gave us an explanation why they did this" Brie said in a phone interview. "We couldn't understand it. Dad was not a gambler, he hardly drank and he never used illegal narcotics or even smoked tobacco. But when we spoke to the social security representative she just commented that they felt it was a necessary precaution. Why I asked and she said that it was their prerogative to assign payees if necessary."

Social security gave no explanation ofor why Jorgi needed a payee or why they felt he was money management incompetent. Brie contacted her family attorney who immediately arranged a court hearing to object to the assignment of a payee and to find answers. The hearing came sixty days after the payee was assigned. By this time Jorgi was in serious trouble. He had not worked in 3 years and he had to move in with his son since he no longer had money to pay for his home. The hearing added to the painful wait.

The at the hearing despite no evidence finding Jorgi money management incompetent the judge and jury decided in favor of social security and denied the D'laney's greivence. According to Brie it was their word against a lifetime of success and accomplishment.

"Social security claimed that my dad was not fit to take care of it because he had deteriorated from age and that his mind wasn't what it used to be and they even pointed out that just because he no longer had enough money to care for himself and was living with my Brother In Decatur. I didn't quite get it. I told them he had no money because he had been out of work for 3 years while these pencil pushers sat on their hands and did nothing and that if the money was given to dad nothing would happen. We told them we would keep an eye on him and that this whole thing wasn't necessary. He's okay he just needs help. He needs his money and pension."

But the jurors didn't buy it. They simply sided against Jorgi and sided against Justice and America for communism. The judge refused to overturn the verdict pointing out that it was for Jorgi's own good and that his difficulty was his fault.

"We were devastated. The judge didn't even know what really went on or what happened. He just made up his own conclusions and decided he was too stupid to manage his money just because he was out of money. HE HELD OUT! HE HELD ON FOR THREE YEARS WHILE WE ALL WAITED FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND THEY LET HIM DOWN! AND NOW HE'S PUNISHED BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO THEIR JOB!"

Brie's brother Anthony was also devastated. "I had always been taught we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but we didn't have that happen with dad. Its not his fault. He has no more money. Social security should have issued the pension we did all we could with lawyers and everything. If they just give him the money there would be no problem but I guess if there were no problem the government wouldn't get paid as much and have reason to exist so they create them..."

Jorgi was assigned a payee at Crossroads. From the beginning the Payee mismanaged his funds. Jorgi's lifestyle deteriorated going from living in a two floor house in the suburbs to a poor violent neighborhood in Champaign called Garden village in an apartment populated by criminals and addicts. Jorgi was mugged on two occasions and on two more occasions his apartment was burglarized. Among the stolen items was his deceased wife's jewelry and an old painting that belonged to his grandfather. The payee would not let him move from the apartment and Jorgi went back to his son's house.

BRIE: We couldn't understand why they would put him in a place like that? He has a ton of money and they just put him in the worst place possible in the middle of the hood! The payee didn't even replace valuables and stuff that got stolen! We had to do it ourselves!

Crossroads also plundered most of the back pay and pension belonging to Jorgi. It took two years to undo the damage and another two years to recover the money they owed but Jorgi died of natural causes first. Crossroads policy is to close case and liquidate the pension when the beneficiary dies. This is illegal but many payees stall to keep most of the money. In the end Jorgi's family only got 7,500$ back from Crossroads. They had to settle.

Many are even less fortunate. Amanda Irving of Tulare California was the victim of a payee. She had bipolar and although she was on her meds and found to be money management capable she was assigned a payee. An Attorney in Los Angeles who charged 50% of her back pay owed to her and charged a third of her SSI check. Amanda soon became homeless as a result and spent 2 years on the streets and went through 3 different payees before finally earning her pension and being able to manage it. She lost nearly all her back pay and money that she was owed though.

Payees caught abusing their client's money are required to pay it back. If they can't Social security must pay it back. Usually they don't do this and often times victims and their families settle for less. The government and the Democratic liberals again undermining life and the American dream through communism.

Laura Washington of Omaha Nebraska also went through a rough time. mentally ill, a survivor of incest and abuse in her native St Louis she moved to Omaha near where her Aunt lived. Laura found support from the Christian community she lived in. She spent a year homeless In St Louis and in Chicago before her Aunt invited her to Omaha to help her and another year to that there.

She says, "I spent a year there in Omaha at Francis house and my Aunt would help me. I tried to get SSI cause I really couldn't hold down any work except folding sheets at motels in Bluffs or in Papillion. I was all praise the lord I am laying claim in the name of Jesus! I am gonna get my pension!"

But all did not turn out well. "I couldn't believe what happened!" She wept. "Just when we were out of the woods after seeing doctors and having to go through endless paper work and trying to get them my forms and my medical records from Saint Lou and Chicago after all this just when I had it going this had to happen!"

Despite all her records showing her capable of managing money, Laura was ordered to have a payee. The state of Nebraska had only one payee service available at the time and it abused her. Laura at times got no money for her needs or desires and had to rely on charity. She remained homeless until another year later in 2011 when she moved to Denver where her older brother became her payee. To this day the government will not let her manage her own money.

This is the other tragedy of payee abuse. Private charities are forced to once again pick of the slack of the failing do nothing socialist government.

In conclusion we see that one must never entrust one's life or lively hood to the government. We are told as children to take anything from strangers or don't talk to strangers. So why would we entrust our lives into one just because he or she works for the government on either a municipal state or federal level???????

In fact we should tell our children DONT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. I warn my children when they are old enough to understand to beware of the government as well as strangers. The government is much much worse and can do much more damage.


Anonymous said...

Every time in history a third party takes over someone's quality of life its has always had a negative result. The third party whether it is a guardian or rep payee will never be punished for their failure to care for their ward/beneficiary. They just want to do their 8 hours then leave.

That's what happened to me when I was homeless on SSI. My payee wouldn't buy me a motel room even though there was $6300 in retro active. She only gave me $40 a week in allowance because I was homeless. It was winter it was snowing and she didn't want to help. It was 11pm at night snowing and raining hard and I tried calling her 20 times and couldn't reach her. All I got was an answering machine. I went to the hospital and told them what happened that my payee abused my money and they let me sleep in the waiting room for awhile. But I had to leave around 3:30 because they didn't want me there. Out in the cold I had to shelter in a doorway. When I called her again in the morning all soaked asking for help she's all. "What the hell are you doing leaving all these messages on my machine for? You need to take responsibility for yourself!" But I am disabled and have no money and she's payee so she needs to be responsible. But she kept acting like its my fault. This went on for almost another year before I finally got to manage my money but it took another year to get my retro active funds plus the money that was unused from the previous year. They wouldn't give me more SSI after that for 6 months since I was over the limit. Nobody there cared about me. Only my brother and my attorney cared about me. Not even my doctor or parents.

Anonymous said...

The government cant even manage its own budget how can we trust them to balance our own check books?

DuanefromMaine said...

Hold on there Brian. The concept of property comes from the state. It doesn't come from god. These groups that abuse wards beneficiaries so on you don't mention that they're private corporations not government. These are private corporations that in some states have no strings attached to them and that bribe government. In new England like here in Maine they are accountable. There was an incident here where a ward got abused and Augusta made them give back the money. The law says they're supposed to give back the money if they abuse it. Private sector don't say that, wall street don't say that not even churches. The law says that. And if the law is not being enforced then something's wrong with the government its persona non-gratias whatever. Anarchy is the result. The same thing with payees. The state is responsible. But these private corporations that run this scam don't have that policy. Social security is required to reimburse the money. Also from the state treasury.

mainestategop said...

They are not private corporations. They are corporations established by the government. Just like The corporations of public broadcasting which runs communist PBS and NPR.

And I am aware of those cases. The people who got screwed had to wait nearly a year sometimes even longer to get their money back while they suffered horribly. Justice delayed is justice not served. Without faith and fear of God the state is unaccountable and corrupt.

Those states where the payee services have no strings are liberal or pseudo-conservative. New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and Connecticut are the worst. Texas and Alabama are also not far behind

Anonymous said...

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mainestategop said...

Yeah, essentially the more the left whines, the more popular I become. You should've seen us when we first started. The left at the time almost had a monopoly on YT and elsewhere. When we broke the monopoly they swore, cussed up a storm and acted like full blown 2 year olds having temper tantrums.

The more the left bullys, the more the left whines, the better we become. Mike Voris even brought this up.